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Jeremy being the big fan of the Fakes he is, uses Halloween as his chance to cosplay as the other Crew members. Each costume practically consumes him, as he never breaks character until Halloween is over. His first Halloween with them, he dressed as Gavin because he knew he’d be the least upset with it. From the moment he walked out of his room with the self made Golden Boy outfit, everyone lost it. Relief washed over Jeremy as he subconsciously decided to dress up as his friends every year. The year after that he was Jack. She was touched, even though he went with a gender swap, because him being a girl was a bit hard. This year he can’t wait to be Michael so he can try to out rage the angry Lad. He has to wait to be Geoff so he can master the look of the man’s mustache and his disappointed demeanor. He saved Ryan for last because he wants to really get the character down so he can scare the rest of the Crew. The level of commitment the newest member has for these costume is the only thing that scares Ryan.

Domestic Freewood

A list of freewood ideas that I kept track of during many rambling sessions with Lauren (@cutehaywood)

I feel like Ryan would definitely do all the cooking but Gavin would be sitting on the counter asking him stupid questions the whole time. Whenever Ryan needed something out of the pantry behind Gavin, Gavin wouldn’t move unless Ryan gave him a little kiss. 

They do date night and go mini golfing and Gavin ends up winning but Ryan was just losing on purpose so he could se Gavin jump around all excited. They can never go back to the one mini golf place because Gavin tripped into the windmill during his excitement. 

They’re playing video games but Gavin just ends up falling asleep in Ryan’s lap with his head on his shoulder. So Ryan’s just playing with his arms wrapped around him. Maybe a cat is snuggling with them too. Gavin wakes up a little bit when the cat joins and just makes quiet happy noises.

They go on a really long road trip and they’re holding hands while Ryan drives and Gavin plays scrabble or word searches on his phone. And he keeps asking Ryan for big words, and like one like “something cute upon first sight but actually annoying” and Ryan’s like “you”. Eventually Gavin falls asleep why Ryan drives through the night but they’re still holding hands

While Ryan is out Gavin finds a box of his old stuff and there’s a letterman jacket and Gavin thinks it like an old 80s movie so he wears it and when Ryan gets home he’s like “Ryan I’m your cheerleader!”

Gavin also finds old modeling photos but Ryan tries to hide them because he feels bad about it now. Gavin just prints up all his photos he’s taken of Ryan laughing or smiling and writes little notes like “I like your laugh more than anyone’s in the world” or like “the 90s were overrated, plus I didn’t know you then so I love you more now” and then he puts them all over the house so Ryan can see them.

Gavin does film and photography and their house is filled with gorgeous candid shots of Ryan. And Ryan’s like “why am I the only one up on the walls, I want photos of you too” and Gavin is like “aww ry you can put up some of you want.” So the next day the house is filled with picture of Gavin laughing and smiling but there’s also a few of him making stupid faces.

Ryan’s working at home and Gavin steps into the house with a box and Ryan’s all like "whatcha got there bud” and he hears a shuffle and Gavin’s like “nothing it’s uhhh stuff for my camera” but then it meows. Ryan asks “you did not smuggle a cat into our house, right?” Gavin just responds with “but Ryannn, look at its little face I couldn’t just leave him. I’ll let you name him if you just let me keep him.” A few days later Gavin noticed a collar on the cat with the name tag "smuggle” on it.

Ryan changes the wifi to “will you marry me” and the password is yes but Gavin already knows that Ryan knows he’ll say yes so he tries typing in no and a little message that says “you prick” pops up.

Gavin hears Ryan talking to himself and starts to walk toward him until he realizes Ryan is talking to the cat like “I guess you’re not so bad, your other dad is kind of annoying but I understand why you like him, I like him too.”

Gavin steals Ryan’s dress shirt to run around in just his underwear and recreate the Risky Business dance scene. Ryan catches him sliding around and just quirks his eyebrow, but then the next day Ryan is in a shirt that’s super tight on him but not it a unflattering way, it’s just perfectly small. And Gavin is speechless when he turn the corner to see Ryan standing there as he reaches for something in his tiny shirt. 

Ryan just lifts gavin while he’s in a pile of blankets to take him to bed. He doesn’t realize the cat is in there too until it’s too late. 

They go camping and have a tent to watch the stars as they fall asleep. They’re in one sleeping bag all snuggly and Ryan reads Gavin to sleep. Ryan might flub a word and Gavin would sleepy giggle into his shoulder as he falls asleep.

Walking on the beach at night too, the moon on the water, holding hands and walking through the shallow water. But then they get in a sand fight until Ryan just grabs gavin and chucks him on his shoulder. They’re both giggling and Gavin is squeaking for Ryan to put him down so he pulls him so he’s cradling him in his arms and gives him a little kiss on the nose. Now Gavin says "I’m too tired to walk ry” so Ryan just carries Gavin back in his arms until they get to the campsite. Gavin gets quiet and sleepy too, so Ryan tries to keep him talking by asking what British words mean and trying to pronounce them in a British accent to make Gavin giggle.

Gavin knows a little Italian and Ryan tries to guess what he says, but he keeps guess stupid things like “I’m stupid? You’re stupid? uhh, you like cats? I don’t know what are you saying Gav.” Gavin is quietly laughing and just says "Ryan! I’m saying ‘you’re my absolute favorite’” and Ryan just blushes

Ryan wakes up in the morning before Gavin and doesn’t want to wake him but he cant move because Gavin is holding him so tight. He just starts playing with Gavin’s hair and whispering “I love you” to him until he sleepily opens his eyes to smile at Ryan.

Ryan uses Gavin as lifting weights but he lifts him while Gavin is working. He squaks as Ryan just keeps curling him, until Gavin starts giggling and gives him a peck on the cheek each time he lifts him to his face.

i scrapped what i was gonna answer the last ask with, but figured it should get its own post so enjoy

So imagine something like this: they’re on a deal. Some big important new dealer that Geoff has Michael and Ryan both back Gavin up. Gavin’s dressed in full Golden Boy attire, ready to spin his silver tongue and get them whatever it is they’re looking for. But the negotiation was a double cross, paid for by a rival crew. Gavin barely talks for two minutes before a gunshot cracks in the air and a hole appears in Gavin’s shoulder. He collapses with a strangled yell, blood seeping through his designer shirt, his shades fallen off and Michael and Ryan don’t even have to look at each other for the need of pure destruction to be agreed upon. They both stand over Gavin, ready to do whatever it takes to defend him until they can get him out of there, shooting down every person in site with vicious, terrifying accuracy until the whole crew is dead or fled.


Since I’ve been sent two similar prompts, I figured the writing gods were trying to tell me something. Not sure if it’s coincidence or fate, but it’s about time I finally try my hand at this story. Please enjoy :)

Jack takes one look at the dress, looks back up at Geoff, and says, “Absolutely fucking not.”

“C’mon, Jack.”

“Geoff, the guy’s sleazy. I’d put a bullet in him within ten seconds of meeting him.”

Jack had Geoff there; their target, who had so many aliases his real name has eluded even Gavin’s tech skills, had a smarmy smile and a wandering hand that should have been parted from his body a long time ago. Geoff feels bad for even asking Jack, but she’s the guy’s type. Alive and female.

“I told you she’d say no,” Gavin says from across the room, hanging off the couch upside down, watching CCTV footage on Geoff’s TV. “That man has been standing there, finger in his nose, for almost half an hour.”

“Why are you watching him?” Jack asks curiously, ignoring Geoff as he gestures to the dress, a pleading look in his eyes.

“Dunno, figured he’d do something else by now.” Gavin turns the TV off, flipping around so he’s sitting upright, clutching his head. “Probably shouldn’t have done that.”

Jack murmurs an agreement, turning her attention back to Geoff. “The answer is still no.”

“We need somebody to seduce the buyer…”

“Then one of you do it.”

“We would, but…” Geoff trails off, but they all understand perfectly. Ryan’s good looks and Gavin’s boyish charms weren’t going to catch this guy’s attention. Figures, one of the girls would be stuck doing this job.

With a heavy sigh, Geoff says, “I guess we could ask Lindsay…”

“I’ll do it,” Gavin announces, hopping to his feet.

“You’re a dude.”

“Well spotted.” He grins when Geoff glares at him. “I’ll have you know, I can pull off a dress. And heels. And makeup.”

“That was one time and you nearly died.”

I’ll do it,” Gavin repeats, brushing off Geoff’s concern, heading towards the door. “It’s not my first undercover job, Geoff. I can do this, you know.”

“I’ve never doubted your ability.” Geoff looks torn, but he knows they don’t have much choice, and Gavin is willing to do this job. “If you’re sure…”

“I am.”

Geoff sighs again, picking the dress up and carrying it across the room to Gavin. “Not sure this dress is going to fit you, buddy.”

“No worries,” Gavin responds, waving the dress away, “I have one in mind.”

Michael will never say it out loud, but Gavin looks good in a dress. The gold evening gown brings out his coloring, he seems to know his way around a pair of heels, and the light touch of makeup almost makes him forget Gavin is a dude. Almost.

And Michael realizes he’s been staring way too long.

“Shit, Gavin,” he comments, breaking eye contact, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Like what you see?” Gavin teases, laughing when Michael flips him off.

“Where’d you put your gun?” Jeremy walks around Gavin, studying him, tapping his chin. “Or any weapon for that matter?”

“It’s a bit rude, asking me those questions.”

“It’s a legit question!”

Gavin walks away from Jeremy, stopping next to Geoff, glancing over his shoulder at what little they had on their target. He’s disappointed he couldn’t find more, but any information is better than nothing.

“You ready for this?” Geoff asks for the fourth time, and Gavin sighs. “Okay, fine, you’re ready, but if things get heavy…”

“I’ve got it covered,” Gavin says confidently.

“But if they do…”

Gavin rolls his eyes, shaking his head, but he humors Geoff for the sake of shutting him up. “Michael and Jeremy will be posing as servants, Ryan’ll be lurking around acting like a party guest, and you and Jack will be parked down the street in a surveillance van. Am I missing anything?”

Begrudgingly, Geoff crosses his arms and mutters, “No.”

“I’ll be fine, Geoff. Don’t worry so much.”

For the most part, Gavin is fine. He waited until their target had a few drinks in him before approaching him, got him talking, learned more than he had through his extensive cyber research. He also got groped more than he’d have liked, which, he reminded himself, stopped any of the girls from getting groped, but it still didn’t mean he liked it.

He’s not sure when things went sour, but here he is, hiding behind an upturned table, firing a small .22 pistol. It had been the only weapon he could conceal in his thigh holster without giving away the fact that he’s armed.

He feels bad for women who have to do these types of things in fancy dress. His gown is hard to maneuver in and one of his heels snapped, he’s pretty sure there’s mascara in his eyes, and his wig kept obscuring his vision until he got so frustrated he ripped it off his head and threw it away.

The gunfight ends within moments of starting; the buyer screaming in pain from a shoulder wound, two of his goons dead, and a lot of panic. On their end, nobody ends up hurt too badly; a bullet grazing Ryan’s arm, and Jack’s face has a few cuts from when the chandelier fell, but it could have been worse.

They hightail it out of there when they hear sirens, but not before handcuffing the buyer to the stair railing (they got all they needed out of him and there’s no use wasting another bullet on him).

In the van, screeching around the corner, Gavin kicks his heels off, grabbing the extra set of clothes he had bought to change into, glancing over at Jeremy who’s been watching him for the better part of five minutes.


“Never, ever use a thigh holster again, dude. Just no.”

“What do you want me to use instead?”

“I don’t know. A purse. Women carry purses!”

“I know, but I couldn’t find one that matched this dress.”

“Just promise me, next time, use a purse.”

“I make no promises.”

I’ve always really loved how @whalehuntingboyfriends writes Geoff and Gavin’s relationship (even when it’s just platonic), but it’s especially awesome in ‘Where the Lost Go’.

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Mavin // Sleep // 7 Sentences

It’s in a quiet moment at half past three in the morning on a night Michael can’t sleep that he realises he loves Gavin.

There is the Gavin who dresses up in gold-threaded clothes, who smirks and saunters and charms his ass off, who is reckless and dangerous and trigger happy at the best of times. But then there is Michael’s Gavin. The Gavin who leaves his hair flat at home, who dresses in sweatpants and loves his cats, who makes flubs and refuses to own up to them, who makes the weirdest fucking noises but looks so cute when he laughs.

The Gavin who is curled up asleep next to him right now, looking relaxed and peaceful for the first time after a week-long stressful job. The Gavin who gave Michael a kiss before bed and told him he feels safe in his arms.

And this is the Gavin that Michael loves.

I used random generators to select a ship and a word prompt so I could do some more minifics for a warm up (2/?)

I had a dream last night that I was watching an episode of Play Pals where Michael and Gavin were playing a Scooby Doo game?? And Michael was dressed as Fred and Gavin was dressed as Shaggy and every time Gavin asked a question Michael would say “shut the fuck up, I’m Fred, I’m the leader, we do what I say” or “unless you sound exactly like Shaggy I’m not answering” and I can’t believe how badly I want this even though I don’t like Scooby Doo