gavin doherty dresses


hello all. my previous dress is for sale! it was first worn at the western Canadian oireachtas 2012 (november), made my Gavin Doherty. I’m 5'3-5'4. it’s a beautiful dress and looks awesome on stage! super light and easy to dance in :) the pictures are from north americans in 2013, in anaheim. please send me an email for details and REBLOG THIS please!!!! this dress needs a loving home and a loving dancer. (also this was my fav dress so pls be nice to it) 


Give yourself the greatest gift this Christmas: my very own gavin (which just so happens to be for sale)

$1100 OBO. I’m the second owner. I can even throw in the Eire Designs box if you want to pretend it’s brand new. Or try to convince the dancer you bought it for it’s new. Either way it’s a win.

There’s lots of let out (mostly in the waist) so if you eat too many Christmas cookies it will still fit. 

So merry christmas and please buy my dress I’m begging you


My dress is for sale! It was made by Gavin for Worlds in 2014 so it’s around a year and 3 months old. It has let down/out room in it and has tons of crystals on it. I’m 5'8 and was about 5'6 when I first got it. It would suit a tall/slim 14-17 year old who is around a size 2 in clothes. We are asking $1800 or best offer. Measurements are as follows (in inches):

Chest: 34
Waist: 31
Sleeve length: 24
Skirt length: 8 (at longest scallop part) 5 (at shortest part of scallop)
Bodice length: 23
Shoulder to waist: 18
Neck to waist: 20
Neck to shoulder: 4.75
Full dress length from shoulder (front): 31
Full dress length from shoulder (back): 31
Shoulder to shoulder across back: 13

Please reblog and spread the word!! Feel free to message me for any additional pics or info!