Have you seen it? Catch our vaccine bus ad outside the #Pfizer building in NYC. Take a pic of yourself with it using the hashtag #AskPharma- Let’s call on Pfizer and GSK to lower the price of pneumonia vaccines to $5.00 per child for all developing countries. 

Nearly 1 million children worldwide die each year due to pneumonia. Pfizer & GSK have made a total of $26 billion in sales off the pneumonia vaccine. It now costs 68x more to fully immunize a child now than it did in 2001. It’s time to give all kids A Fair Shot. 

2013 La Smilla Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG

Just chillin’ with my Gavi. Lemon, ripe pears, golden apples, and lemon drops on the nose. Much the same on the palate with the addition of some apricot. Nice zingy acidity. With a Gavi, you can never expect a whole lot, but this is a nice little tipple for hanging out with friends or watching TV. 

3/5 bones



12.5% abv

Gavi (Piedmont), ITALY

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In honour of ‪#‎RedNoseDay‬, a program of ‪#‎ComicRelief‬, here is me sporting mine. It is also a personal tribute to ‪#‎RobinWilliams‬ and ‪#‎PatchAdams‬. Special thanks to ‪#‎Walgreens‬.

 Red Nose Day is about having fun and changing lives, transforming the lives of children in poverty through charities like ‪#‎BoysAndGirlsClub‬, ‪#‎CharityWater‬, ‪#‎ChildrensHeathFund‬, ‪#‎FeedingAmerica‬, ‪#‎Gavi‬, ‪#‎TheGlobalFund‬, ‪#‎Lift‬, ‪#‎Oxfam‬, ‪#‎SaveTheChildren‬, and ‪#‎UnitedWay‬.

For more information and ways to get involved, visit or tune into ‪#‎NBC‬ for the Red Nose Day special tonight, 21 May. Check your local listings.

MSF Access: Dear GAVI Campaign

The ‘Decade of Vaccines,’ the global vaccination initiative for the next ten years, is estimated to cost US$57 billion, with more than half going to pay for the vaccines themselves. In 2001, it cost $1.37 to fully vaccinate a child against six diseases. While 11 vaccines are included in today’s vaccines package, the total price has risen to $38.80, largely because two expensive new vaccines – against pneumococcal disease and rotavirus – have been added, which make up three-quarters of that cost. They are only produced by Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Merck. Newer vaccines are significantly more expensive: vaccinating a child against measles costs $0.25, while protecting a child against pneumococcal diseases costs, at best, $21.

Help MSF and send GAVI a message on Twitter asking for them to open up their lower prices to non-governmental organisations and humanitarian actors like MSF now.


All Time Low - 11/21/15 - Philadelphia, PA.

“Never underestimate a girls love for her favorite band. Never think even for a minute that she wont defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes the band her favorite; it’s the guys, the gals, the fans, the people of whom which she has interacted with thanks to the band. That band might have saved her life, or just made her smile every day. That band has never broke her heart, and have yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music.”

I have a lot of feelings about last night, and I want to share them with everyone. Last night, I saw All Time Low for the 4th time with two of my best friends. Last night, All Time Low lost one of their best friends after a fight with cancer.

The show was different than anything I’ve ever experienced before. Neck Deep and Sleeping with Sirens put on great shows, and then suddenly there was a long, long delay. Then a member of All Time Low’s crew came out telling us that the band would be preforming, but that their set was delayed due to a personal reason. He asked that we give them all of our love, because they were going to need it when they got up on stage. A half hour after their set was supposed to start, a good portion of the arena had cleared out.

Satellites started, and we could all tell it was off. The key was wrong, Alex’s voice trembled and cracked. But we lost it anyway, because that’s what you do when your favorite band comes on. The curtain dropped, and everything changed. The entire show was something else. There was so much love and admiration and excitement in the room. It was so different from any other All Time Low show I’ve ever been to; there was minimal banter and playfullness. It was a show that was purely music, and love for music. It was fans screaming every word to every song to show a band how much they mean to us. They didn’t have to come out and play the show after receiving the news that Gavi passed away, but they did anyway. Because they didn’t want to let us down and because it’s what they think Gavi would have wanted. The entire crowd recognized that, and we did our best to not let them down by giving our hearts and souls back to them in the only way we know how; singing along loudly and proudly. Taking over for them when they needed or asked us to. Screaming and clapping and cheering them on because they mean so much to us.

I don’t think I’ll ever experience a show like last night again. It made me appreciate All Time Low and how much they give us so much more than I ever thought I’d be able to. You boys mean the world to us. I can only hope that we help you as much as you help us.

I am so, so sorry for their loss. I can’t begin to imagine their pain, and I admire them so much for putting on the kind of show they did last night. Fly high and rest easy, Gavi. I know you’re as proud of them as I am, if not more.


MSF Access: Dear GAVI Campaign

“Urgent action is needed to address the skyrocketing price to vaccinate a child, which has risen by 2,700 percent over the last decade,” said Dr. Manica Balasegaram, Executive Director of MSF’s Access Campaign. “Countries where we work will lose their donor support to pay for vaccines soon, and will have to decide which killer diseases they can and can’t afford to protect their children against.”

Help MSF, send GAVI a message on Twitter asking for them to open up their lower prices to non-governmental organisations and humanitarian actors like MSF now.


I never thought a celebrities death would affect me, but Gavi’s passing has me in tears. Gavi wasn’t just a celebrity, but an amazing pianist, friend and most of all a great human being. All Stirlingites tonight have lost a bit of themselves, because Gavi played just as much of a role as Lindsey, or Drew for the Stirlingite army.
May you rest in peace Gavi, play some great music for God up there.

so, basically what I got from that conversation Jude and Connor had in Jude’s bedroom was that Connor is only with Daria because his dad likes the fact that he has a “girlfriend”. I noticed how that word was emphasized by Jude and then Connor looking away after he said it. It’s obvious to me Jude is the person Connor wants to be with.

What I think will happen next week is that Connor being shot will make Connor’s dad real angry and he might put the blame on Jude instead of Daria and Taylor because they are “girls” and he probably won’t think they could think of something like breaking into someone’s house and drinking. This will cause Connor’s dad banding Connor and Jude to ever be friends again. It would make sense for Jude’s line of “losing a friend” cause we know Gavin is signed on for season 3, so Connor is not going to die….


I was just in a mood to make a multi ship post.

As I said earlier, I like only those pairings, that make sense in canon. Because I like what is natural.

NaruHina and Clois I ship the most among all fictional couples. NaruHina, Clois, IchiHime, GrUvia and NaLu are my Top 5. Everything what goes below I just like to overwatch their development, but don’t ship as much as my Top 5.

NaruHina and SasuSaku arts by

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