Technicolor Tint -- Gavenjince

Gavin watches with eager eyes.

Curled up on the sofa with a book open in his lap, he pays no attention to the words on the page. Instead his gaze is focused on the flashes of colour reflected in Vince’s eyes as the older boy plays a video game. Gavin isn’t sure what it is, doesn’t care. He’s just mesmerised by the flickering in those blue irises.

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Constants and Variables: a GV drabble

There is a theory in science—not studied, not approved, not in any way considered valid or popular—where when you die, you do not move on to heaven or hell like most people believe nor do you reincarnate or just disappear completely. Instead, you wake up in a world where you didn’t. As simple as that. The killing gun was never fired, the wild animal never attacked, the fatal car crash never happened. While little facts change, otherwise things remain the same, and you have little or no memory of the actual event of death.

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