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Logan: everyone, would you mind telling me what color my boyfriend’s shirt is?

Thomas: gray?

Talyn: his shirt is gray

Joan: yeah. gray

Patton: it’s gray-et..

Logan: don’t. Virgil?

Virgil: it’s gray. What’s the point of this?

Logan: alright. Now, Roman. Tell our friends what color you think your shirt is?


Roman: dark white

an open letter to my body:

dear eyes,
i’m sorry.
i’m sorry for thinking that the deep brown curious hue of your essence was every anything less than magical.
i’m sorry that my entire life your every cell has worked to let me see the beauty in the world, and all I’ve ever done is put you down.
and they say that you never know how beautiful brown eyes are until you’ve loved someone who has them,
but I should’ve loved myself first.
and for that I am sorry.

dear hair,
i’m sorry.
i’m sorry for every time I resented the way you refuse to stay put, for believing that the best way to love you was to tame you.
i’m sorry for every time I drew hatred from your tangled tendencies, for every time I wanted to chop you down with an axe simply so that you were out of the way.
you are the part of me that dances in the wind, the part of me that grows fiercely and unapologetically.
and they say that if you love something you should leave it wild.
i’m sorry for not leaving you wild.

dear breasts,
i’m sorry.
i’m sorry because you and I have fought a long, hard battle to get to where we are today.
i’m sorry for all the times I wished you were bigger, smaller, less saggy, more perky, more even, less loud.
you are the very essence of my womanhood, something that is fierce and tender and strong and brave and everything I take pride in.
i’m so sorry I ever treated you like anything less.

dear shoulders,
i’m sorry.
i’m sorry that I hid you behind long sleeves and shame for all these years.
i’m sorry that something as small and insignificant as acne could make me forget your worth.
i’m sorry for every time i stood with you hunched over instead of standing tall with pride, because the scars that you carry are constellations,
and you are as big and ethereal as the sky.

dear thighs,
i’m sorry.
i’m sorry for believing that you carried too much weight, that you were ever too large to be beautiful or sexy or wanted.
you are a mountain landscape,
protecting the valley inside with all your might and standing strong in the face of hurricanes.
you are so much more than I ever gave you credit for, and I should have wanted you all along.

dear feet,
i’m sorry.
i’m sorry for thinking you are anything less than resilient.
you have carried me to every point in my life, every up and down.
you have picked me up from every failure and the depths of hell itself.
you have never given up, even when I thought that I might.
you have stepped on glass and walked through fire to get me to where I am today, and I am forever grateful.

dear tummy,
I am so, so sorry.
i am sorry and ashamed for all the nights I cried myself to sleep because I thought you were not good enough,
I am sorry for every time I compared you, beat you down, sucked you in, tried to hide you.
I am sorry for every single time I even considered starving you.
you are where I felt the butterflies of my first love.
you expand when my voice needs to be heard.
you are the powerhouse that keeps me going, and I have treated you so, so, cruelly.
i’m sorry.

dear voice,
i am sorry.
i am sorry for all the times I let myself buy into the preconceived notion that you are not worth listening to.
i am sorry for every time i silenced you instead of letting you speak.
i am sorry for not singing more, speaking louder, yelling, screaming.
I am sorry that I ever thought I needed to hide you under my curtain of my fear of not being accepted.
you are powerful, and brave, and worth listening to.
you do not deserve to be caged, and I am sorry.

dear body,
i am sorry.
your every cell, every second of every minute of every day goes into keeping me alive.
you have loved me so well and so deeply, and I have been so blind to your worth.

I will never be able to repay you,

but I will start by choosing to love you.

Anything For You

Me? A sucker for the wedding trope.
Hope you guys like this one though <3

Title: Anything For You
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter is your date to a wedding and all your relatives love him. Just one issue: you’re not actually dating.
Word Count: 1,640
Warnings: None
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @kindnesswins @melconnor2007 @mcheung0314

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           "Y/N,“ Peter coughs as you tighten his tie. "Chill.”

           "Sorry,“ you say quickly, loosening the knot just a bit.

           He gives you a good-natured smile, adjusting the collar of his shirt a bit. Staring in the mirror, Peter fixes up a few other aspects of his appearance as you watch.

           "Thanks for being my date to this thing,” you tell him. You’ve already expressed your appreciation to him multiple times, but you still felt the obligation to say it.

           Peter’s adjusting a few strands of his hair as you speak. He looks at you in the reflection of the mirror and gives you a reassuring smile.

           "It’s no problem,“ he insists, shoving his hands in his pocket. "Anything for my best friend. Besides, I couldn’t let you suffer through the ceremony alone.”

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Between otherworldly Creatures II pt.1

taehyung x reader, jimin x reader

genre: contents of smut, fuckboy!taehyung, fratboy!jimin, dirty ‘truth or dare’

word count: 9.2k

Originally posted by ktedits

Two stunning guys toyed with your head as you planned to get your friend hooked up with her crush at a party, but the game ‘truth or dare’ heated things up between the two boys and yourself. It shouldn’t take too long ere you had to decide between an angel and a demon.

Your legs were worn out, sweat pooling on your forehead while you followed your new friend to the showers of the gym. Her name was Tara and you met her two month ago as you stepped into the class of your first seminar in your college. You were on the same page with the skinny girl the moment you first spoke to her and from then on you even changed apartments to move in with the red head. She was kind of your anchor as you were new to your city, no friends, – especially your male bestie Jungkook – no family, just you and a big suitcase with the most important stuff from home. It was an exhausting but exciting time in your life and thanks to Tara it was more exciting than exhausting.

“The workout was lit, y/n”, Tara said while starting the sprinkler of the shower. “I think I lost five pounds the last weeks thanks to you. And Tae can bet his nice little ass that I will catch him next week at his party!”

You laughed, tired bones following her motions as you also let the hot water flow down your figure. “You have a nice body and if he doesn’t fall for you right away then he is blind and dumb”, you told her, wiggling your eyebrows at her. Four weeks ago you dragged her to the gym to lose some pounds. You felt at peace in your body now, but Tara brought you at the verge every time as she knew that this weekend her crush, Taehyung, throw a fratparty with some colleagues. She was all over him and he didn’t even know how she felt. Tara knew him through her brother, Jimin, but the picture of her being Jimin’s innocent little sister never left his mind, so she told you. But this weekend should change their relationship. In the last two month you obtained a close friendship, never leaving each other for more than a few hours, even though she didn’t want to show you pictures of her crush. She got really shy if you asked her about him, but this party would satisfy your curiosity.

“Be my wingman, y/n. No pussy is allowed to reach him this night”, she said pointing her painted nail in your direction. “And what’s most important bring lubricant and condoms!”

Confusion traced your features while you shampooed your hair. “For what do you need lubrication?”

“Y/n. I had many guys and if I want to bond Tae I have to offer him more than boring, monotonous sex, if you know what I mean.”

You shook your head, a small giggle falling from your wet lips. Tara was some levels above you, a kinky girl no guy could withstand. Why haven’t you guessed that she had some intense plans for that night? It was typical as you had seen many things over the last eight weeks of your cohabitation. From threesomes, over anal in the living room to deafening moans out of her bedroom, you have seen it all, mostly unintentional and awkward. But you got advice on many subjects from her and living with Tara never got boring.

“Got it. Let’s make this night yours Tara”, grinning you splashed some water in her direction to which she laughed, taking her revenge.

“I’m sorry to say this y/n, but if you want someone to notice you, you should change this grandma panties. Now”, Tara reprimanded you as she tried to peal you out of your underwear. “Why do you even have something like this?”

You two girls laughed as you stood half naked in front of your friend. She judged your outfit and both, your cute blouse and the underwear were rejected as Tara lay her eyes on them. You on the other side found your outfit fit for the occasion before the red haired girl left your bedroom. Seconds later she came back, a shiny silver crop top and tight black skirt in her manicured hands.

“Show me your wardrobe. Do you own at least some nice dessous?”, she asked, handing you her clothes. “My friends are no party pooper with no sense of fashion, y/n.”

Tara was exaggerating as it was Taehyung’s party and she wanted it to be perfect, for herself and for you. The last days you told her how long it had been since someone fucked you and after that it was the second thing she wanted to make sure happened this night. Yes, you wanted to get laid, too, but on your own pace, with your own style and so on.

“Try this and get dressed while I do my make-up”, Tara reached for some white, lacy underwear that looked so fucking innocent. “No guy can refuse a girl who looks chaste but is actually dirty.”

With doubts you took the undergarment, changing in it as Tara left your room. Her clothes fit you well, the crop top playing around your upper curves while your stomach was showing. The skirt was short, there was no other words to describe it rather than black, short, revealing, tight. Every important part was covered with fabric, but you felt kind of naked as it was not the style you went with usually. Your hair and make-up you did for yourself, not wanting to look like the baddest bitch if Tara did it for you. The thought alone made your skin tingle, because the last time she ran riot on your skin she used so much make-up that you pealed it off after the night.

“I definitely approve, y/n. You look hot!”, Tara came into your room half an hour later, seeing how far you were to going out. “I bet my brother will like you. A lot.”

You rolled your eyes at her statement. It was not the first time Tara mentioned that her brother was the perfect match for you as he was no playboy and had a compassionate, caring heart. Unfortunately you never saw a picture of him nor had you ever met him personally as to why you never toyed with the idea of fucking him. Even though Tara said that nobody was better than her brother – she was family – you knew which guys she liked and if playboy number one got her attentiveness then her brother’s character had to be close to his. And on top they were best friends and that made your decision glass clear. No Jimin, never Taehyung.

“You look pretty..nasty, to be honest”, you declared, looking at her chosen outfit. Well, she had taste – at least sometimes – but today her attire contained a tight, red, low-cut, shoulder free dress which was so short that you could make out the dark fabric of her thong. It was more than you gave her credit for, but if she wanted to succeed with the plan she imposed, it was for the best to go as slutty as possible.

“That’s what I wanted to hear. To be honest, y/n, I think Tae won’t be able to maintain a proper relationship, so my plan is to just get some good fucks out of it”, she sighed, painting her lips in dark red, completing her outfit.

The way was far shorter than you imagined as the cab held in front of a huge house, loud music roaring through the open windows and several dozen people storming the entrance. You were more than content that it was your destination, the fratparty thrown by Taehyung and his friends. You got off of the cab, pulling your skirt down with pain and misery. Oh, the night would be long, you felt it in your bones. Tara took your hand as you walked reluctantly behind her, glancing at the many people inside the house.

“Step number one is to find some alcohol to drown”, she said, leading you through different kinds of masses. “Step two is to find out where Tae is, and Jimin of course.” She winked at you, but you just scoffed at her words.

Tara left you for a moment in the centre of the house while she looked where to find the burning liquid. Therefore you had some time to scan the room of familiar faces, but the guys and girls which were present were all strangers. Most boys already drunk, checking out the dancing girls whom rhythmically moved to the loud music while flirting with some dudes whom had the courage to talk to them. To your disappointment was the clientele of guys not what Tara had promised you. Drunken guys, sweating and staggering could be seen at every frathouse, but Tara assured you that thanks to the host nearly all guys were absolute hot and willing. Everything you witnessed was the complete opposite, greasy and easy to catch. And here you stood, dressed up, too sober and not amused, but as long as Tara got what she wanted, you didn’t want to block her path.

“Ah, y/n! I’m back”, Tara walked in your direction, catching every male’s glance in the room as she tiptoed in her high heels, moving along to the beat. “It took so long because some guys were persistent in flirting with me. Annoying folk.”

Thanking you took the red cup from her hand, taking a large gulp immediately as to why the alcohol burned your throat. Coughing you turned to Tara who avoided your view innocently.

“Holy shit, Tara. What did you give me?”

“Just a little vodka with some coke”, she grinned, scanning the room from the corner you stood in.

“I don’t wanna get wasted tonight. At least not at the beginning”, you scoffed at her before you drowned the drink fully. It was exactly what you needed and after this you had plenty of time until you were thirsty again. The liquid courage was more than helpful to relax your stiffened limbs.

“It’s time for the next step, y/n”, she announced, throwing her empty cup into the bin bag next to her. “Look out for a tall guy, hair mostly fallen on his forehead and certainly talking to some shorter guy”, she advised you before she turned on her heel. “I will be looking for them upstairs, you have to search in the living room, okay? And message me if you found someone who might match to my description!”

You definitely would send her a message, but her description was so meek that you did not know who you were even looking for. Sorry for Tara you just danced your way through the living room before you sat down next to some guys on the couch. They were talking, their backs turned away from you as you snatched another drink, sipping tardily on it to disperse your boredom while slightly bouncing to the beat. Your eyes transited through the masses which danced around you, making you move to the music as well, just seated. Everything was quite fine as you still tried to find Tara’s crush until the guys next to you made an uproar, twitching in their seats while laughing out loud. Your eyebrows furrowed you giggled lightly at their boyish manners before the guy next to you fell back, bumping into your side.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dud-”, he turned around, seeing that you were not part of their group while he apologized, a box smile on his handsome face till he saw you. And the first time this night your attention was caught by someone. He had soft hair that fell into his forehead, big chocolate colored eyes with extremely long eyelashes. His lips were from a dark pink hue, contrasting to his tanned, flawless skin and the light shirt he wore. He was nearly glowing. You saw his box smile as he turned towards you, narrowing his eyes in a rush of..shyness? You couldn’t fathom his expression.

“It’s okay, nothing happened anyway”, you reassured the guy, smiling at him with pearly teeth as you crossed your legs in front of him. Unluckily your skirt slid further up, revealing far more skin than you wanted to. His big, dark eyes followed your motion, cocking up his hidden eyebrows. He was seemingly interest now.

“Even though, I should apologize decently to such a stunning girl”, his voice was low as he turned his whole body into a straight position, facing you completely by now.

Should you be flirting right now? You promised Tara to concentrate on her request and after you helped her you were ‘allowed’ to find someone for yourself. But the utterly attractive guy next to you made this task a lot more difficult.

“And I’m sorry to reject you so bluntly, but I don’t have time right now”, you said, avoiding his gaze that checked you out from top to toe. “Maybe some other time.”

“I see no reason why you would be so busy. Or do you wait for your fuck buddy?”, he pulled his hidden eyebrows up again, tilting his head to look you in your face. “Not that it would be a hindrance though.”

You giggled, he was so rude and had absolutely no shame, did he? The few sentences you exchanged said a lot more about his personality than others revealed in hours.

“Just to your information, I don’t have a ‘fuck buddy’, but I have a personal matter I have to take care of first. So fuck off for a while, will you?”, your voice was sweet, but laced with annoyance.

“But I don’t want to 'fuck off’. How can someone leave you right next to me anyway? You look too hot for me to let you alone”, he said, his voice an octave darker. “And to be honest, I’m not the guy to talk around the bush. I think you’re just my type and I bet I’m yours.”

Heat rushed to your cheeks at his words. Were you that predictable? Your head shot towards the guy beside you. He casually supported his head with his hand as he leaned against the rest of the couch you sat on. His dark eyes sparkling with interest, looking you straight in yours before he traced his view down your body. You felt very intimidated, sort of naked under his stare and began to squirm on your spot.

“Let me tell you this. Every guy in this house will tell you cheesy lines about how beautiful you look tonight, how pretty your face is or how he cares only about personality. But with me you get honesty. I won’t tell you anything to get into your panties. I will tell you straight what I want. And right now it is you”, he shrugged his wide shoulders, leaning further to you just to whisper the last phrase in your ear.

Goosebumps formed on your arms at his naughty words. You met many guys that were quite straightforward but never once had someone told you that he wanted to fuck you as bluntly as this guy did. But you liked it, kind of.

“Your little talk is nice and so on, but I really am distracted right now”, you sighed in all honesty. It was one thing that you wanted to help Tara, but it was another to finally meet someone who brought your blood to boil with his words.

“Time for a quickie then?”

You laughed at him and he showed his box smile again, perfect teeth showing in your direction.

“See, I’m making you laugh. That’s a good sign. But my question was serious”, grinning he nodded as to why you giggled slightly.

Okay, despite his blunt offer was he very charming and kind of cute, you had to admit. You really thought about just going for a round in the next free room, biting on your bottom lip. “I concede, you are a funny guy, but today I’m not in the mood”, you said as you looked him in his brown eyes, an apologizing smile on your pink lips. You shouldn’t do it, despite wanting him.

Pouting he leaned back again, crossing his arms in front of his broad chest. “How about you give me your number as an apology?”

You contemplated for a while, but fast you decided to give him your phone and in exchange you got his. “I call you if I want some sort of company.”

He shot you a lopsided grin, eyes getting darker as lust filled them. “I’m down for anything, so don’t be shy to message me anytime. By the way, what it your-”

“Oh, Tae! What a coincidence to see you around!”, an all too familiar voice was heard from next to you. Confusion lacing your expression as you saw that Tara stood beside you, smiling suggestively. Just then it hit you like a truck. Tara addressed the guy next to you, not anyone. The guy who you gave your number and was so deliciously checking you out. The same guy whose box smile you found cute and whose words made you laugh and a little aroused.

“Hey, Tara. Long time no see”, Taehyung smiled at her, clearly annoyed for her interference as he was interrupted before he could ask you for your name. If she came only a minute later you could’ve rejected him. Had you known that it was him, the guy the both of you were here for.

“How’ve you been lately?”, silently she motioned for you to slide further to the armrest of the couch so her body fit between Taehyung and you. Slowly you did as she asked you before you shot a glaring glance towards the handsome guy. If  you would’ve know that he’s Tara’s crush you would’ve immediately stopped every try of his and certainly you would’ve never given him your number in the first place.

“The usual”, he simply answered. “And you? I heard you visit the college since two month.”

She laughed softly, laying her hand on his knee. “Jimin must’ve told you. Yeah, college is nice. But before we go in this is my friend y/n.” Tara motioned to you.

“Ah yeah I-”

“Nice to meet you”, you interrupted him hastily, shaking your head a 'no’ at his next words. The boy understood immediately, a knowing smirk laying on his pretty lips.

“Pleasure is mine, y/n. I’m Taehyung”, he leaned over Tara, whose cheeks were tinged in red at his sudden motion, to shake your hand. He remained a little too long in this position while ginning at you, an amused expression behind his eyes.

“Have you seen Jimin? About an hour ago did he leave”, Taehyung said, never leaving your gaze as he sat back. “He might wanna see you.” You were sure to hear the feeling of stress in his voice, wanting for Tara to leave him alone with you.

But the girl next to you crossed her legs as you did before, her dress revealing everything she wore underneath. You poked her, but a hiss signalled for you to go away. You cleared your throat, standing up while pushing your skirt down, again. “I’m heading for the bathroom.”

A small, faked protest left Tara’s lips ere she winked you, returning her entire attention to Taehyung who followed you with his eyes, an evil smirk plastered on his pink lips. You might be fun.

The false excuse you used brought you into the kitchen of the frathouse, lots of alcoholic drinks around you. And you needed that for what was supposed to come.

TaeTae: Are we on the same page here?

You: ?

Was he texting you right now, while sitting next to Tara? He couldn’t be serious, she was all over him and he should appreciate that! And why did he write 'TaeTae’? Such a child. Although you thought that, a small smile crawled onto your lips.

TaeTae: You’re a sneaky little girl, y/n. Do you think I’m blind? So, Tara isn’t allowed to know that I wanna fuck you?

Your heart sank to the bottom at his text. How did he know? You hadn’t given him the credit to be that keen. But Tara is your friend and you should do everything possible to turn the tables around again. Therefore you just wrote one last message before deleting his number.

You: Listen. I’m not the least bit interested anymore. You are too greasy for me and Tara has nothing to do with that.

It was the right decision, you had promised her that no other pussy was allowed to reach him. You included. Your phone vibrated as another message was sent to you, but instead of reading it, you pressed the delete button a second time. Sighing you leaned against the kitchen counter, not even daring to take another cup as you grabbed a bottle of alcohol and took a deep gulp. The liquid burned its way down, making you shudder ere you set it up at your lips again.

“Slow down there!”, a melodious voice rung to you ears, whereas you took the bottle down. A mean remark lay on your tongue as you turned to the stranger, but was stuck at his appearance. It was a guy a few years older than you – maybe Taehyung’s age – and he looked incredibly attractive. He had tanned, golden like skin, a toned body, maybe one that was sculptured by the gods, under his tight dark shirt, ripped, light jeans, wearing a reversed snap-back his hair sticking out on the backside. His almond shaped eyes were crinkled as he flashed you his smile, a crooked front tooth showing through his plump lips. You swallowed the remaining liquid you had in your mouth, the guy leaning next to you.

“Rough night, huh?”, he asked, taking the bottle in his hands. “I can tell you a thing or two about it.”

Perplexed you looked at him as he ingested the last drops of the bottle in one go. Certainly you drank because you were shook about Taehyung and Tara, but what might be the case for someone so good looking to drown his thoughts in alcohol?

“No, just a little complicated”, you laughed shyly, rubbing your bare arms. “Just playing the wingman for my friend. And by luck the guy tried to hook up with me before she came.” You didn’t know why you told him that, but now that it was said you felt a little lighter.

“Sounds pretty bad. I got dumped right now, so let’s toast to being lonely”, his voice sounded cheerful but you could hear the sourness in it and saw the bitterness in his eyes.

His situation was worse than yours. A little flirt was okay, but getting dumped was something on another level, not even worth comparing. You turned in his direction, leaning in further.

“Let me be blunt, but you are the hottest guy in this fucking house and you won’t be long alone. Forget whoever makes you feel like shit. Trust me, every damn girl will chase you in no time, me included!” Maybe it was all the alcohol in your blood or whatever, but you blurted this nonsense a few centimetres in front of his face. To your reassurance did he giggle, a sound that delighted your mood. His eyes were dark brown you discovered as you leaned in too close, well if you would’ve been sober. But you weren’t.

“It’s the nicest shit I heard all night”, he hyped your drunken speech with opening another bottle of the burning liquid. “I’m a lucky bastard to meet someone like you right now.” His fingers were covered with several rings on each hand, handing you the newly unclosed flask. You just nodded as you took a sip, never once leaving the boy next to you with your eyes. Was he the catch of the night? Two hot guys in half an hour were more than you hoped for. He represented the substitute for Taehyung, you thought.

“Before I forget. I’m y/n”, you introduced yourself, a little late, but better late than having the same situation as before. Your hand reached for his and as the guy smiled at you again, you felt your heart race a little.

“Lovely name, y/n”, he still held your hand, staring into your eyes. “My name is Jimin.”

And here it was again. A cursed day? Did something other worldly wanted to test your nerves? Of course it was Jimin, Tara’s brother and Taehyung’s best friend. Therefore a loud laugh escaped you, not believing how the night took its turns. First and foremost did you tell him about the friend you was here with, someone who wanted to fuck you and especially that this friend wanted to hook up with the said guy.

“I didn’t expect that reaction, but I like it”, he also laughed, only the reason a little differently. Then you pulled your hand away, the warmth of his hand making you nervous. “So, that friend of yours is now fucking another dude, leaving you all alone in a kitchen full of alcohol?” He cocked his dark eyebrows up, crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest.

“I’m not sure if this is the case right now, but here I am, standing next to you with a full bottle of booze”, you held up the flask, tilting your head, a grin on your pink painted lips. “Call it fate or whatever, but let’s share this before I get bored again.”

Jimin shook his head, a hand over his plump lips as he tried to look composed. But despite his tries did the quiet laugh fell from his lips. “I can’t guarantee that I’m the best company for your plans right now.”

The pretty boy reached for the bottle, but before he snatched it away you dragged it teasingly to your chest. “Not here, Jimin.” He looked at you with wide eyes, his plump mouth agape at your words. “You guys just think with your dicks, huh. I meant to go outside or wherever.”

“Ah, yeah, that’s what I thought about, too”, he didn’t even try to hide his embarrassment, scratching his neck before he headed out of the kitchen. Behind him you giggled, finding his flustered state really cute.

Jimin guided you through the moving mass of guests, past the living room, to the door of the terrace. The summer night was chilly, but the spirits spread warmth around your half naked torso. Outside sat several couples, looking at the stars or making out while Jimin motioned for you to sit next to him on the stairs which led to the garden of the frathouse.

“Wanna talk about the girl that dumped you?”, after a few silent minutes you asked him this question, sipping on the bottle. Your hands were wrapped around it, holding onto the flask as you waited for him to answer you.

“I don’t think it’s a story for a party night. Maybe some other time”, he rejected your offer, gaze across the dark garden. “I’m such a party pooper, aren’t I?”

You patted his arm, trying to sooth his mood. “It happens to everyone. What about playing some games inside after we finished our tasty liquor?” With a shy smile you wagged the bottle, wiggling your eyebrows as his face lightened up again. Then he grabbed the flask, taking a strong slug before he wiped away some droplets from his wet, rose mouth. You followed his movement and found it very arousing as his thumb glided across his plump bottom lip.

He coughed slightly, looking away from you around the terrace. Flustered from your starring you avoided your gaze as well, swallowing the knot of awkwardness. The minutes past by as you just sat next to each other, everyone thinking about their own life and what the future might bring, nibbling on the hole of the flagon after each other until it was nearly empty.

“That’s what I needed”, Jimin declared, stretching his toned body. “Thanks, y/n.”

“Don’t thank me, I liked your company, too, Jimin”, you responded, a sweet smile playing on your lips. The boy next to you shot you an unreadable glance before his plump lips turned upwards as well.

“Time went by too fast for my liking”, Jimin suddenly admitted, a small sigh leaving his pretty mouth. “But we should go inside. My best friend is hosting the guests all alone and to be honest I don’t trust him if there are tits in the same room.”

How right he was, you thought. You stood up yourself, adjusting your clothes ere you made your way back in the house. Loud music drone against you as you opened the door of the terrace. Without a second thought you turned around to grab Jimin’s hand, you were clearly tipsy.

“I might lose you”, you just said, winking at his flustered state. He was really something. It didn’t took you long to find Tara next to Taehyung in the corridor, a few other people around them. She didn’t succeed, did she? You knew that there was something odd as you stepped closer, Jimin still holding onto your hand.

“Oh, y/n! That was a long stay in the bathroom”, she waved you to join the group, but her eyes flew to the boy you held onto. A grin spread across her red lips, seeing how the both of you held hands. “And who is that? My lost brother is alive”, her high voice made the little group laugh while greeting the two of you. A swift movement let you pull your hand away from Jimin’s while hugging your best friend shortly. The expression on his face petrified. Was everything alright with him?

“How’s step three going?”, you whispered in her ear, your eyes leaving the pretty boy beside you.

“Not so good. Plan B, y/n”, she hissed before letting you go. Tara was so immersed in getting Taehyung that she did not even ask why you and her brother came from the same direction, holding each others hand.

Plan B included the most daring game drunk people shouldn’t play. Firstly because someone always fucked up the rules. Lastly because you knew that the boys were dick listening dorks whom wanted to get every chance of seeing a girl naked. But the biggest hindrance was the boy with the big, brown eyes who licked his lips the moment he lay eyes on you again. Taehyung. And a little bit Jimin, but he didn’t make you as nervous and squirming under his eyes as his best friend did.

“Okay guys, this party is nice and so on, but something really goes slow. To spice things up a little let’s play a game”, Tara suggested, the group of eight listening to her.

After discussing where you wanted to play, you followed Jimin, Taehyung and your friend Tara upstairs to an empty bedroom to play truth or dare.

Beside you on the floor sat Tara and another girl whose name was Rose. Next to Tara was here brother Jimin, sitting in a cross-legged position. He hadn’t said a word since you arrived at the small group of his friends, for your liking a bit suspicious, but you didn’t know why exactly. The bed in front of you was lined with Taehyung, their friends Namjoon, Hoseok and Nora. Before you went upstairs someone had the idea to grab some bottles of booze out of the kitchen, so now you all sat in a kind of circle, handing out the flasks and played truth or dare.

“Jimin, I always thought that Tara had a dirty mind, but playing truth or dare with Tae is another form of naughtiness”, Nora said, laughing at the boy next to Tara, who wasn’t that amused by that fact.

“I’m an adult now, so shut up, will you? Let’s get started”, Tara smiled at the girl with hatred in her eyes but an amazing smile on her lips. There was definitely something behind her reaction, you thought and couldn’t wait to adept that story.

“Anyone wanna start?”, Taehyung’s dark voices sounded through the room, a smirk playing on his lips while he supported his position with hands next to his sides. “No one? Okay then, Namjoon truth or dare?” The tanned boy didn’t leave anyone the chance to answer his question ere he directed his voice to the tall guy next to him. And your friend was right as she told you that Taehyung’s and Jimin’s friends all were hot guys, and so were Namjoon and his buddy Hoseok.

Namjoon thought a bit – he seemed to know Taehyung’s kinks – before he took 'truth’.

“Oh, come on, how boring”, Taehyung rolled his eyes, nudging his friends arm. “If you had to snog one person in the room, who would it be?” Okay, that was a tame question, but it had to start like that in order to get to the good ones.

“Sorry, Jimin, but I definitely take Tara for that one”, Namjoon said, an apologetic look at her brother who just shrugged at him.

“I don’t care as long as you don’t fuck her in front of me, do what you want with her”, Jimin laughed a little, pushing his sister who was shocked at his words. “Go on, Joons.”

The tall guy turned towards Tara, who took dare and had to prank a number Namjoon chose in her phone. It was so freaking funny as she had to call her ex-boyfriend and hadn’t you interfered it would have ended in phone sex! It was a really good one, but as time passed the questions got more intimate and the dares got to the level to which Nora already had to strip, Hoseok had to give you a lap dance – this boy could move, holy shit – and Taehyung had to send a nude to the contact in his phone chosen by Tara, and of course she sent it to herself, you had to coax her into showing it to you – the curiosity overwhelming. Luckily only simple tasks were asked from you until your friend turned towards you, her next question chosen with hidden thought.

“Truth or dare, y/n”, she smiled evilly and you had a fore-bonding what would come next, but you took 'dare’ anyway, 'truth’ was not as thrilling, not when you were drunk.

“Oh, y/n. Tara’s stare is insane, why playing with fire?”, Hoseok grinned, showing his perfect teeth.

You shrugged your shoulders at the boy with the dark curls, where would be the fun otherwise? Nervously you leaned back on your hands, waiting for the red haired girl to tell you what to do.

“Kiss Jimin all around his down-low area, not his dick”, Tara wiggled her brows while excited shouts filled the room. “Go on, Honey. You’re goody-two-shoes tonight and need to enjoy this.”

Wide brown eyes looked at you as you stood up, Namjoon and Hoseok making way for Jimin to sit down on the bed. He just stared down at you as you took his hand to squeeze it lightly, kneeling in front of him. Next to the handsome boy sat Taehyung, excitement on his features as his view landed on your flushed face in between Jimin’s legs.

“Don’t come in your pants, Jiminie”, Taehyung nudged his friend in the side, but Jimin was seemingly nervous for what was going to happen. His face was tinged in pink, his brown eyes wide and his hands sweaty as he fell back on his elbows, looking down to you. With slightly trembling hands you opened his jeans, pulling them and his boxers so far down that you already saw the shaft oh his semi-hard cock. At the sight in front of you, you were strangely aroused, feeling all eyes on you as you lowered you head down to press a delicate kiss on the shadow above his dick. The stubbles of his shaved lap tickled you as you left one kiss after the other on his solid skin.

“Look at her and think how her pretty little mouth is so near your dick”, Taehyung whispered, never letting you go with his eyes. Your gaze shot towards him while you slowly left wet kisses along Jimin’s down-low area. Every time your lips got closer to his dick, you felt how his member twitched inside his pants, turning you on as you followed both boys at the same time. Jimin for his expressions as you trailed a path around his shadow and Taehyung to see his reaction while getting dangerously near Jimin’s shaft. The nagging feeling of all eyes on your back intensified as Jimin’s plump lips escaped a low whimper which he tried to hide under the palm of his hand. Heat rushed double in your face as you pulled away, looking up at Tara. It was embarrassing for Jimin if he started to enjoy it a little too much, you thought. And so was it for you, because if it would go on you weren’t sure to what Taehyung would animate you with his comments. You played some rounds of truth or dare over the years, some even more perverted, but right now it felt so intimate kissing his lap while feeling the content tightening of his jeans under your mouth.

“I think that’s enough”, she looked at you with an unknown expression, her eyes watching the boys’ faces as you stood up, your hands on your cheeks ere you sat down next to your friend again. Jimin cleared his throat, pulling his jeans back up before he made his way to his previous position.

“Jimin, you’re pretty hard right now”, Taehyung teased, grinning down the lap of the boy with the reversed snap back.

“You would be too if a girl would do it for you”, Jimin spat, narrowing his eyes shyly, his rings covered hands trying to hide the prominent bulge in his pants.

“I fucking am, dude”, Taehyung chuckled lowly, his eyes changing between his lap and his friend. To that Jimin looked up, a small grin on his full, rose lips.

“Before you show us what is in your jeans, let’s continue”, Rose said, shifting next to you. “Who do you choose, y/n?”

Your view traced the faces as you contemplated which person should do a task next. Definitely not Jimin, you thought ere you stopped at Taehyung’s figure. It was already a few rounds past that it was his turn.

“Tae, truth or dare”, you asked innocently, the pink hue of your cheeks slowly fading after your dare.

The boy smirked down at you, scratching his neck. Tara whispered something to you while you waited for the tanned guy to choose: “Say something with me. The more perverted the better!”

“Truth”, his dark voice filled the room. You expected him to take the opposite, but okay, there would be some questions you wanted to ask him. Unfortunately you promised to help your friend and therefore you asked him about her.

“Would you fuck Tara?”, you blurred out, a pleased smile plastered on Tara’s pretty face. Only Jimin wasn’t that happy at your question, straightening himself, a glare shot in Taehyung’s direction. He just sighed, shaking his head at this question.

“Y/n, you underestimate me. I would fuck every damn girl that is at least a little hot or willing, or both. But Tara is like a little sister to me”, he stated, pointing at your friend. “Tonight she looks stunning, but how weird is it to sleep with my best friend’s sister? If I fuck it up our friendship is ruined.”

Silence filled the room after his statement. It wasn’t the expected answer, neither for you and absolutely not for Tara who stiffened at Taehyung’s honest words. You could see how offended she was, but a plastered fake smile on her red lips hushed it up while she nodded in agreement.

“I’m totally on the same page, Tae”, she said, her cheeks utterly red. “It’s your turn to nominate someone.” As fast as possible did she try to change the subject, too hurt by his blunt honesty. Even if he was her brother’s best friend, didn’t she mean something to him? Or was it just toying with her mind, every briefly glance of his just fake?

You saw that her mood changed after that and with some little naughty dares Tara was back to her old self, less screaming but at least more cheerful. It must have been hard for her since she had a crush on Tae for a few years now, and getting rejected like this by him. Luckily she drowned several gulps of booze as to why she couldn’t concentrate on him anymore.

Time passed by as your group held their stomachs from laughter, the 'truths’ getting very private and some funny 'dares’ were distributed. Jimin had to slap Namjoon for full five minutes, Hoseok should unwrap a candy with his tongue – but failed – and Rose had the task to take off her undies in front of you before she should gift it to the first person she saw outside the room.

“Well, y/n, I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven”, Rose grinned at you, after her task you had laughed like crazy and now she wanted to revenge you for that. “With him.” Her digit pointed to Taehyung, a surprised expression on his handsome face. Jimin and Tara also stared at Rose for her request, but you didn’t mind.

“Seven minutes? No problem”, you shrugged your shoulders.

Tae just chuckled at your words. Seven minutes were enough for him to make you shout his name, he thought boastful. The rest of the group walked out of the room going downstairs for a change, Tara looking at you, fathomless.

“Try asking him further about me, y/n! I owe you one”, she hastily said, walking past you in her short red dress. Sure, what else would you do anyway, you thought while closing the door after Tara left.

“Here we are again, y/n. Just you and me, for seven long minutes”, the way too good-looking guy said, leaning his tall body against the wall next to the door. “Why don’t you come here so I can show you what seven minutes can do?”

His voice was lower than before, eyes narrowed to your legs while he bit down on his rose bottom lip. He definitely was hot, but forbidden territory, even though his hungry eyes were taking your clothes off. Lord, give me strength!

“I better go as far away from you as possible”, you grinned at him, making your way back to the bed. “I already told you that I’m not interested anymore. I heard from your reputation, Taehyung.” It was a bluff, but everything you actually heard about him was that he was a player, toying with as many girl as he can, at the same time. Therefore you absolutely didn’t know why Tara was all over him. Who knows, maybe he had plans after this party as well?

“That!”, he stepped towards you, only saying this word before he fell down on the mattress. “The reason you don’t want me anymore, it’s what you heard about me, right? Or maybe Tara?” Taehyung cocked his bushy eyebrows up, a move he did often. “First you are trying to push me away, then you even showed interest while giving me your phone number and now after your friend showed up, you suddenly lost it all? Suspicious, y/n, very unlikely for someone who drooled over me.”

“Drooled over you?”, you exploded. When did you do that? “Your ego is too big, Taehyung. For real, just having a pretty face and nice body won’t get you anywhere.”

The boy slid his hand over you knee as to why you flinched, glaring at him. He was so confident in his actions, not the least bit afraid of being rejected. And to be honest he had no reason to be afraid anyway! If Tara wasn’t there you would have fucked him, from the moment he showed you his box smile, but it wasn’t the case so you refrained from doing that.

“Don’t worry about that, y/n. I know you think I’m hot and I can guarantee you, it’ll be worth your while if you just take things as they come. Seven minutes in heaven are for make-out sessions, dry humping or blow jobs, not for bitching around.”, he stated, closing the distance that separated your bodies further.

“Seriously, Tae, you’re too persistent for my liking”, you shook your head, but didn’t go away, neither from his try to close the separation nor from his big, soft hand on your knee.

“Oh, what’s your liking then? Jimin?”, he asked, leaning his shoulder against your own. “The good boys make your knees weak then? I can be very good, if you want me to”, he whispered in your ear, goosebumps forming on your arms. “No wonder you nearly blew him up without touching him.” Taehyung laughed, tracing your thigh up to the hem of your black skirt. Even if he offered you to be 'a good boy’, you doubted that he fulfilled this duty with his whole being. He wasn’t a sub, definitely not. Maybe he liked to switch some times, but mostly he would be the dominant one. You on the other side was content with both, loving how men made you scream their names, loving to hear whimpers of the one you pleasured.

“Jimin is hot, so are you, but it was just part of the game”, you said weakly, feeling how your composure crinkled under his firm touches. “And tell me who wouldn’t like being touched like this?”

“You got a point, y/n”, the tanned boy responded, smiling down at you, a hidden meaning behind it.

You began to squirm under his hand, the actions from before still turning your tipsy mind on. Therefore you inhaled loudly, the boy next to you making you more nervous by the minutes. Why was he so charming with his dark, round eyes and his glowing skin, that felt undoubtedly warm and soft on your own.

“I’m curious, please tell me, am I that bad of a catch?”, his voice was not as teasing as before while asking you, a little concern tracing through. “It’s the last time I will ask you. You lost all interest in hooking up with me? Now and in the future?”

The answer should be clear by now, but you hesitated. Tara was your friend and way more worth than a hook up. Hot guys could be found everywhere, Taehyung just the icing of them all.

“Listen, I would fuck you, right now”, you sighed as to why Tae’s features lightened up, getting closer to you. “But you were right, okay? It’s because of Tara. She wants you and I just was her wingman, no pussy allowed to reach you and neither am I.” Your confession was blurted out as fast as possible, finally able to say what you wanted made your heart a little less heavy.

Taehyung’s glance told you that he already new that. “As I said, I’m not blind and on all counts not dumb, y/n. Jimin and I are best friends since middle school, Tara tried everything over the years. Today was just more extreme, but I can assure you that I won’t lay a hand on her. My friendship to Jimin is more important to me than a fast fuck.”

You listened to his explanation, and ascertained that you stood in the same position as Taehyung. He wanted to sleep with Tara, but his bromance stood in his path. You on the other hand wanted to hook up with Taehyung, but he was the crush of your friend. Giggles fell from your lips at that insight.

“See, our situations are on the same page, Taehyung”, you tapped on his jeans covered knee, smiling soothingly at him. “We have one minute left, let’s not talk about hooking up with each other anymore.”

The tanned, handsome guy nodded agreeing before he fished his phone out of his pocket.

“I set a timer, but just relax for the bit time we have left”, his voice was just a whisper as he lay his phone on his lap, the time ticking from sixty seconds downwards.

A smile turned your pink lips upwards, watching his actions while brushing your hair behind your ear. What could happen in fifty seconds?

“Normally, I let the girl go down on me immediately if I’m the lucky one, but why are you so stubborn? I don’t even dare to kiss you”, Taehyung smiled at you with his box smile, eyes crinkled as a low chuckle left his aesthetic lips. Your voice attuned with his, leaning into him until your lips were only a few centimetres apart.

“Thirty seconds, Taehyung. Nothing more than a kiss”, you whispered, breath tickling his wet mouth as he stared at yours.

You had barely vocalized your thought as Tae cupped your face in his beautiful, strong hands. A moment later he closed his eyes, pressing his soft lips straight on yours not wasting the little time you had. Tae’s lips felt so utterly delicious on yours, the kiss tasting like alcohol and mint whereas his strong, manly cologne fogged your senses. Slowly, tasting his sweet lips you two moved into each others kiss while you grabbed his shoulders, looking for support as he deepened the osculation, tracing his tongue around your bottom lip. Right as you wanted to let him in your mouth, a strange sound reached your ears. The time was up. Taehyung didn’t pull away as he pressed his lips heavily on yours before you pushed him tardily from you, a smacking sound filling the small room.

“I think I’m addicted, y/n. Don’t leave me hanging now”, the beautiful guy whined, so close to you that you were afraid to jump on him again. Thirty seconds were enough for you to want more of him. Therefore you just cleared your throat, controlling the heat that was rushing to your cheeks.

“It was nice and so on, but that’s all we will ever do, Taehyung”, abruptly you stood up, separating you two as you walked to the door, opening it and stepping out.

“Is messaging you okay?”, Tae shouted after you, seemingly frustrated that you left him without another word.

“Let’s find out”, you grinned over your shoulder, taking your swollen bottom lip between your teeth. He sat on the bed, legs spread wide as he licked his wet lips, tasting the remains of your lips. “See you, Tae.”

With that you rushed down, the confidence that evolved from the adrenalin in your blood vanishing. God, he was so utterly hot, charming and so fucking handsome. How were you supposed to say 'no’ the next time you met him? You had to make sure that it didn’t happen again, not as long as Tara was after him. Kissing him as part of the game was one thing you found okay, but nothing more. Never again.

“Y/n! We’re here”, Hoseok shouted over the music, waving as he smiled at you, the sun going up. “Where’s Tae?”

You scratched you neck, stuttering over your next words: “I guess upstairs. But I think the party is over for me tonight. I drank too much. Where are Tara and Jimin?” Namjoon, Nora, Rose and Hoseok stood in the middle of the vivid living room, no trace of your friend and her brother.

“Jimin wanted to draw the lines with her again. It seems she has a thing for his best friend and Jimin hates it”, the smiling boy declared, nodding towards the door of the terrace.

“That’s shit”, you just said before you told him you wanted to go home again. “I’m collecting Tara, so maybe we see each other some time.”

“We definitely will”, Hoseok winked at you, a hidden meaning behind his action, but at that time you didn’t know what the future had planned for you.

You wriggled your body through the dancing mass, reaching for the door-handle of the terrace as you saw Tara and Jimin speaking to each other. Well, it was more as if Jimin spoke and Tara pouted while listening. “Just promise me that even if you end up fucking, as a couple or whatever the fuck you want to, don’t ruin my friendship to him. If he hurts you, it’s is your problem, got it? You know how he is”, anger laced Jimin’s calm voice as he warned his sister. “And now go home, you drank a lot.”

You coughed slightly to get their attention. Both heads shot in your direction at the interruption.

“I-I just wanted to say that I’m leaving. I’m too drunk to continue partying tonight”, you stuttered as Jimin’s gaze landed on you. His dark eyes softening at your figure while patting his sister on her shoulder.

“Do me a favour and take her with you, will you?”, Jimin smiled at you, touching your arm as he walked past you. “I owe you one, y/n.”

“Sure. I’m coming back to this phrase”, you smiled shyly at him, taking your phone out ere you handed it to him. “Maybe I could contact you some time.”

Jimin grinned at your action, but took it and typed into the keys happily. “It’s just fair after you gave me a hard time back upstairs”, he whispered next to your ear, so Tara couldn’t catch his words. Jimin was completely different from his best friend, because these harmless words left his tanned skin in a hue of dark pink.

“Was a pleasure, Jimin”, you chuckled, looking up in his angelic face before Tara impatiently grabbed your arm, tugging you away from her brother.

“If I don’t get a dick, then you neither”, she snorted, pulling you after her as she stormed to the entrance of the frathouse. You looked back over your shoulder to see Jimin standing on the same spot, waving at you, his phone in his hand. It was a signal for you not to forget to message him.

Outside you told your friend everything you and Taehyung talked about and did upstairs – except for the kiss. “Y/n, thanks for the night even though it wasn’t as planned, but I have another idea to finally get Taehyung in my panties.”

Long weeks lay ahead while Tara and you climbed onto the back-seat of the cab that brought you home.

“A lot of Spanish speaking indigenous people of Mexico always tend to say to me, "I see you writing & speaking Nahuatl. I wish I spoke, Nahuatl, too!”
But what they don’t know is that MOST of us, more so us that were raised in pueblos, ejidos, little villages, we already speak Nahuatl, at least a large list of words we use daily are actually Nahuatl words. 
What happened is that when the Spaniards forced our ancestors to speak Spanish (or Castellano/Castilian), and prohibited us from speaking Zapotec, Mixtli, Nahuatl, Maya, etc., our people had no choice, as captives, but to speak Spanish, but in secret they still spoke their indigenous tongue among each other.
Our ancestors believed that it was very important to speak our tongue (regardless what tongue it is, as long as it’s indigenous to you) and that is why they continued speaking it, even if with time it watered down some, the fact remains that our ancestors passed it on.
A lot of us that were born, and raised in, or by parents raised in villages, pueblitos, ejidos, we are speaking Nahuatl meanwhile we speak Spanish. 
Don’t believe me? I’m going to write down a few words for you in Nahuatl, and you’ll be shocked as to how you thought you were speaking Spanish, but in reality you were speaking Nahuatl:

Aguacate - Ahuacatl
Camote - Camotli
Chayote - Chayotli
Chapopote - Chapopotli
Chipotli - Xipotli
Coyote - Coyotl
Atole - Atolli
Cacahuate - Tlacucahuatl 
Elote -Elotl
Huarache - Kwarachi
Jicama - Xicamatl
Mescal - Mexcalli
Guajolote - Wuehxolotl
Comal - Comalli
Chiquito - Tzitz Quit (pronounced Chiqui)
Mecate - Mecatl
Popote - Popotl
Pozole - Potzolli
Papalote - Papalotl
Mole - Molli
Milpa - Milpa
Mezquite - Mizquitl
Jitomate - Xictomatl
Chocolate - Xocolatl

These are just a few that we use on a daily basis, but most of what we say is really Nahuatl, at times Zapotec, Mixtli, and other Native tongues, and that’s why when you go to Spain, or even attend a school in Mexico, you might even fail a Spanish class because, We speak Nahuatl mixed with some Spanish, and we owe all thanks to our ancestors that were so dedicated in passing down our tongue. 
I hope that empowered you, and gave you pride as well!“ - credit to (Ricardo Ignacio) 

Are you really this stupid?

I used to work as a CSR for a gas and electric company. I still work for the business but not within customer service because customers are literally the stupidest people I’ve ever encountered. Once, a woman called and asked if we could credit her bill. After a lot of arguing, she got her way. We gave her like $30 of her bill. The bitch really asked, “well if you gave me a credit why does my bill say $200?” So I’m like ?? “You’re looking at your balance online right? It should’ve updated.”

This. Woman. Meant. Her. Paper. Bill.
She really wanted to know why the numbers on her paper bill hadn’t changed if we just applied a credit.

So….here are my totally non-canonical interpretations of the characters from the wonderful book “Every Heart a Doorway.” 

Tor released a free download of the book and I had not the slightest inkling of what it was about. I really enjoyed it( That may be a mild understatement. It was one of those books that leave you satisfied and then the plot and it’s characters haunt you and you’re slowly forced to realize it had a lot more impact than you originally gave it credit for and you go and reread it and look for all the hidden clues and hunger for more). All that being said, I really enjoyed the characters. McGuire describes them in such a way that their personalities really instruct their appearance. I couldn’t help but sketch out my visions of them.  I highly recommend reading this book and I’m excited to read Seanan Mcguire’s other books! 

Expect much more fanart of this series.  

P.S it would mean everything to me if @seananmcguire saw this. 

Helping Hand P4

Summary: Who knew that being saved by spiderman would start a blossoming friendship… or maybe something more?


inspired by this song. <— Give it a listen as you read!

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 6k+ (I got way too carried away)

Warning(s)?: NSFW, SMUTYY SMUTTT!!! Swearing, Oral (male on female) 

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Helping Hand

The rest of the school day went by without a hitch. After the bell went signalling Gym class was over you scurried out of there so fast before could have time to catch up to you. You went to your locker, grabbing and putting away textbooks before setting off to your next period. 

“Y/N!” Oh god not now. You halted your movements and slowly began to turn around. 

“What do you want flash?” You said, saying his name with distaste. He strolled up by your side and smirked.

“Well it’s nice to see you to Pudding” Ahh! You hated that nickname, like seriously, pudding? 

“I’ve got a class to get to-” You begin to say while moving before he blocked your path. You rolled your eyes and sighed.

“Why in such a rush? Don’t you want to spend some time with me?” He asks cockily. No, actually, I’d rather watch paint dry. 

“I thought I’ve made that clear months ago but yes, I don’t” You state with a sigh, moving around him. 

“You know this whole playing hard to get thing only makes me want you more!” He calls out to you. You continued walking away, just giving him the bird as you rounded the corner. Gah It was annoying when the boy just couldn’t take a hint. I knew his true intentions, he was a player, as soon as he got into my pants he will be gone. Like he was never even there. 

Of course you being you weren’t watching where you were going as you crashed into another body. You slowly sunk to your knees to collect your belongings that managed to leaves your arms during the collision. 

“Im so sorry! I didn’t see you there-” The boy stopped rambling as you looked up at him. Funnily enough this was the guy in gym class, the one who seemed to be friends with.. Peter.

“No it’s okay, I should have paid attention to where I was going” You say with a small smile. He returns it.

“Oh yeah, names Ned by the way” He stated happily, sticking his hand out for you to shake. You were kind of amused at just how happy this boy looked but decided not to laugh thinking it may offend him. You gently took his hand in your and shook. 

“Y/N” You state with a smile. 

“Y-y-eah I know who you are-” He clears his throat and momentarily looks to the ground. 

“I mean… your friends with Liz right?” He asked flustered. You couldn’t help but to laugh slightly at his state. 

“Yeah I am” you respond. You begin to walk around him before you hear him speak up. 

“Y/N?” he called out. You spun around and smile. 

“Yes?” You asked. 

“Umm…” He says almost nervously, scratching the back of his head. You just stood there, holding your books close to your chest with a questioning glance.

“C-c-ould you maybe help me with my biology homework?” He asked. Umm… okay. 

“I mean your tutor right?” He asked. I slowly nod my head, wondering how he knew that. The only people who knew that where the ones you were tutoring and a few teachers who would assign you to tutor someone, they gave you extra credit in return of course.

“Yeah.. how did you know that?” You asked curiously. He glanced down to the ground for a second before looking back up at you. 

“I’m kind of.. f-failling..” He speaks out. For some reason you could feel like he was lying to you but you didn’t say anything. 

“Umm.. okay.. well I’m free this afternoon, last period?” I asked up, I always had last period free cause they were often my tutoring lessons. 

“Yeah that’d be great!” He says almost too happily. You resist the urge to give him a funny look and smile.

“Meet me in the fiction section in the library okay?” You ask. He nods his head in response happily and almost skips away. You shake your head letting out a small laugh before continuing off to class, groaning cause you knew you were going to be late.

#Peter’s pov

I kept my back pressed against the wall, listening in to the conversation. I waited patiently until I saw Ned round the corner with a smile on his face.

“What did I say? Man in the chair..” He begins with a laugh. I shake my head and sigh. 

“I could hear your heartbeat from here” I state. He looks up at me wide eyed before lightly smacking my arm. 

“Your not supposed to do that! It’s creepy and so not cool” He says walking past me. I let out a chuckle before following him. 

“Do you know how hard it is to lie to a hot girl?” he asks out. Trust me Ned… I know. 

#Y/N’s pov

It was end of the day (for you) thank god. You made your way to the cafeteria to get some food before making your way over towards the library. You greeted the librarian before heading over towards the fiction section, pulling out a chair at one of the deserted tables and began to eat quietly. You popped your books and accessories onto the table and opened up your biology book from Sophomore year, beginning to read over your notes as you ate. 

You always loved to tutor in the library because it was the quietest spot and more often than not.. teenager free. You began to hang out in the library during your freshman year, borrowing books upon books that eventually you had a pile so big you couldn’t carry them. That’s when you began talking with the librarian, offering for you to come in during your free time to read and study or whatever. You immediately agreed, almost coming in up to three times a day. 

When you were free you would also pop in and if you were bored to see if there was anything to do. You would help yourself to the books on the returned pile and would begin to put them back on the shelves in their respective places. 

You heard the door open and close and finished your bite of food. You began to pack up your food and put it away, moving the books closer to you so you could get started. 

“Hey Ned.. I only have half an hour today but I was thinking we can still get some work done and organise another time lat-” You spoke, cutting yourself off as you raised your head. 

“Ter” You finished, gulping. Your eyes widen as you took in Peter in front of you. He wasn’t Ned.. 

“Where’s Ned?” You ask, managing to keep your nerves out of your voice. 

“H-h-e went home” He stutters out, walking around to sit in the chair opposite you. You advert your gaze and began to pack up your books. 

“Well them I’m going to head-” You began to say before being cut off. 

“Wait”. You really didn’t want to. There was such urgency in his tone that it almost made you decide to stat and wait but you didn’t. You packed up the rest of your things and stood up. 

“Look Peter your a genius, you obviously don’t need my tutoring” You said, not meaning for it to come out rude even though it kinda did. You ignored it and grabbed your things in your arms holding them against your chest. You turned around and began to walk away. 

“Wait, Y/N please” he almost begs. You stop in your spot as you see the librarian glance towards you guys with a curious glance. You turn back around with furrowed eyebrows. Then it clicked.

“I was never going to tutor Ned was I?” You ask out almost hurt. He drops his head shamefully and shakes his head. He sighs. 

“Great. It’s one thing to make a fool out of me once but twice?” You ask, feeling hurt. You weren’t too sure why you were feeling hurt but you were.

“I’m sorry, look I’ve been trying to talk to you but you’ve been dodging me” He says. 

“Yeah and for good reason” You reply. He doesn’t disagree. You knew this whole thing wasn’t his fault, in fact it was yours but you were too hurt. You turned around and began to walk away.

“Look can we please just talk?” he asks, raising his voice slightly. This earned both of you a death glare from the librarian. You turned around, this time feeling anger pool up. 

“I don’t want to talk Peter!” You whisper harshly taking him back. His eyes widen in surprise.

“Fool me once shame on you but fool me twice… ” You trailed off. 

“Shame on me” You finished before turning around and began towards the exit. This time you didn’t hear any objections from the boy you like so you left, the sound of the door closing signalling that you had indeed left.

~Early evening

You couldn’t stop your hands from shaking while you were trying to complete you math homework. It annoyed you to no end. You groaned and smacked your head against the table resulting for a headache to form. You reach your hand up to your forehead and sighed, leaving you chair and your room to get some ice from downstairs. You walked over to the freezer and grabbed a pack of peas out seeing you couldn’t find any ice. You turned around and sighed when you saw your dad busying around the house, grabbing his coat.

“Where are you going?” You asked softly, your headache now pounding. He stops and looks up to you. 

“Just work buisness honey, nothing to worry about” Though his tone suggested otherwise. You turned your head into the living room to see flickering lights from the television. You walked over and stood in front of the tv before your father had a chance to turn it off. 

You gasped. 

“D-d-ad what is that?” you asked out in a shaky voice. You pointed to the screen slightly scared at what you were seeing. In fact if your mind wasn’t playing tricks on you, you think you saw a… Dinosaur? In New York City?

You turned to face your dad just as he turned the tv off.

“Your not seriously going out there are you?” I ask worriedly. 

“It’s my job sweets” He says as he pulls his coat and and leaves a soft kiss on my forehead. You try not to wince. He turned around and began to walk towards the front door. 

“You mother is working overtime tonight at the hospital so don’t leave the house okay? not till I get back” He says as he opens the front door. You rush over to him, giving him a quick hug. 

“Be safe.. Please” You whispered as you gave him one last squeeze. He squeezed you back and sighed.

“Of course I always am.. Love you” he says sweetly before closing the door after him. 

“Love you too” you murmur knowing he wouldn’t be able to hear you. You raced back over into  the lounge room and turned the tv back on. It was a live cast of what was going down on the bridge. You sat the remote down and raced up into your room to grab your laptop and phone (which your parents replaced after you said you lost your other one). They were angry and decided to ground you and give you a month of chores before they replace the old one with a new one. 

Grabbing the laptop and phone firmly in your arms you ran back down stairs and went into the living room. You put your phone down on the table and sat on the lounge, quickly opening up your laptop. You glanced over your shoulder to see your dads laptop still open but the screen blank. Good. Typing in your password you began to sift through your files until you found one about your dad, well, more specifically how to hack into his laptop through your own. You taught yourself how to do this when you were 12, you were bored one day and was really curious as to why he never let you on his laptop so you decided to play around a bit, hacking into his software. Surprisingly it wasn’t that hard seeing the government only had one back up security check which with one click of the button could be wiped if necessary. You didn’t of course, just disabled it long enough for you to get in and get out without being caught. 

Your phone vibrated from the table. You put the laptop beside you before reaching for your phone seeing a message pop up. 

~Party tonight at mine, wanna come? xo -Liz

You quickly replied with a ‘busy’ text before putting your phone back down, reaching for you laptop to listen into the police call guide. 

“Suspect heading north towards Brooklyn, all units proceed with caution I repeat, proceed with caution” You heard one of the offices speak through the line. 

The line went quite for a few minutes.

“Hold your fire!” You could hear your dads voice speak into the line. You anxiously raised a hand to your mouth, biting your nails. 

“What was that?” You heard of the policeman say. 

“Sir he seems to be tied down with some sort of.. webbing?” Oh god… Peter. You quickly scramble for your phone and unlocked it, clicking on the contact icon. 

“If you see him swinging… don’t hold your fire” At this sentence your stomach dropped. They were going to shoot him?! You dropped your phone and went back onto your laptop and quickly set up a microphone headset to also join the conversation.

“Don’t shoot” Was all you spoke calmly. You could hear a few muffled responses, wondering who was that before your father spoke. 

“Y/N? Get off the line!” He says angrily. 

“Please dad.. don’t shoot him” You spoke, this time shakily. You reached for your phone again and pulled up Peter’s contact which was named 'Bug Boy’ and began to type. 

~Leave the scene, he’s tied down. If you get caught they have the authority to shoot you -Y/N

Was all you type before nervously putting the phone down, waiting for a response. That was if he hasn’t been shot at already. Oh god.. what if he’s injured badly and can’t even walk? 

“Sir he’s headed east bound! It’s your call Chief” One of the policeman spoke through the line. You bit your nails, wanting to speak up but not knowing what exactly to say. You were shaking with worry and fear.

“..Open Fire” and that was all you heard before you could hear the sounds of guns firing in the background. You slammed your laptop shut and reached for your phone, hoping off the couch and rush into your bedroom. You pulled up Peter’s contact again and rang. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s escaped a gun showdown but you still worried. You never understood how dangerous what he does really was until situations like these. 

“Pick up Parker.. pick up” you spoke anxiously as you waited for a response. Nothing. You hung up and dialed again, letting it ring completely through. 


You spun around once you heard a crashing sound against your window. You walked over slowly and slit the window open, sticking your head out slightly to see below. Weird… There was nothing there. 

“Psst” You heard from above you and glanced up. Your eyes widen in shock when you see spidey on the wall above you, his back pressed against it and his mask half up his face. You quickly move away from the window letting him get inside. Once he was fully inside he closed the window carefully behind him, trying not to make a sound. You could feel tears begin to pool in your eyes from all the worrying and threw your arms around him as soon as he turned back around. You caught him off guard and he stumbled back a bit, his arms out to the side.

He was safe. 

“I’m okay Y/N” he says softly, slowly wrapping his arms around you too. You let a tear slip from onto your cheek before lowering your head into the crook of his neck. 

“They could of killed you” You spoke, your voice slightly being muffled through his suit. 

“I know” He spoke with a soft sigh. 

“You could have died” You spoke again. 

“.. I know” he responded. 

“Your a fucking idiot” You said seriously, with your face still buried in the side of his neck. He stiffened slightly feeling your warm breath against his neck. 

“I know” you didn’t want to laugh but you did. You lightly laughed before beginning to pull away. 

“I watched my dad leave in a hurry, putting on his coat and his gun holster” You begin, your arms still wrapped around his neck, your face only centimeters from his neck.

“What was it?” You asked nervously, finding the courage to finally look up at his face. He let out a breath before frowning. 

“A lizard” He replied honestly. A lizard? Lizards don’t grow to be that big. Seeing the confusion across your face he began to explain. 

“There was the corrupt scientist back at Oscorp, I use to visit once a week to help him with these trials, they were trails for limb difference, specifically how to naturally grow back a limb” Grow back a Limb? 

“He started experimenting on mice first then he found the right code, once he figured out the perfect DNA sequence he injected himself with the formula, not knowing of the side effects it would have” He spoke quietly. 

“And… what were the side effects?” you asked, already knowing the answer.

“He transformed himself into a giant lizard” You felt like you were about to faint. This was stuff out of horror movies, this stuff just didn’t happen in the real world. You froze up, just imagining the huge lizard like monster stomping down New York City, the amount of damage it would have caused. The chaos. 

“Y/N… Y/N-” You heard Peter call out before your whole world went black. 


You opened your eyes slowly, rolling over to realise you were in fact already in bed. How did you get here? You don’t remember going to bed. 

You slowly sat up, now feeling your forehead to realise your headache was now gone. Strange. You heard a few muffled grunts coming from your bathroom. You glanced over to see the door as closed. You quietly stepped out of your bed, slowly making your way over to the door. You slowly began to twist the door knob, wondering who the hell would be in your bathroom. You slowly opened the door ajar before flinging it open the rest of the way. 

“P-peter?” you ask. Standing in front of your bathroom sink, shirtless was Peter.. with scratch marks and dried up blood. You watched silently as he gently applied the alcohol to his cuts, him wincing once it came into contact with his skin. 

“Pass it here” You spoke, walking over towards him. You grabbed the cotton fabric from his hand and began to take over, him wincing again every once in a while. 

“Y-y-ou passed out earlier” He spoke up. 

“Yeah I know, it didn’t click as to what happened till I saw you, at first I thought someone had broken in” You spoke half heartedly letting out a soft chuckle as did he. Finishing with the first cut, you wrapped it up before moving on to the next one. Luckily this time he didn’t look to bad, in fact he was already healing up. 

“I forgot that you can heal” You say amazed and chuckle. Once you finished with the last cut you packed up your first aid kit, shoving it back into the cupboard. You grabbed the medical tape and began to tape the gauze a bit, making sure it would stick. You slowly brought your fingers and lightly grazed his skin, feeling him tense underneath you. 

“Sorry” you mutter out, assuming he was still sore from the injuries. But little did you know that wasn’t why he winced. In fact he couldn’t really feel the pain, it had simmered down to a dull ache. It wasn’t until your hand grazed his lower stomach, taping the last gauze shut before he knew why he was tensing up.

He was getting turned on. 

He shook his head getting rid of the cloudy thoughts and began to think about puppies. Anything to get his mind off of Y/N and her hands…. her hands which were still on his torso, double checking the patches to make sure they stuck. He kinda wish she did it harshly and not gently, she was unknowingly making it worse for him. He didn’t say anything, what could he say? 'Can you please stop patching me up cause your starting to give me a boner’. 

Y/N was too concentrated on his wounds to feel the tension in the air rise. He could swear his cheeks were warming up and the room began to grew at least 10 degrees warmer. Unfortunately his mind didn’t stick to helpless puppies but instead drifted back to earlier in the day, gym class. 


Just remembering the image of you squirming in your seat, clenching your thighs together could make him let go then and there. 

And god your smell..

It was so intoxicating he had to use all of his self control to make sure he didn’t take you then and there. He never behaved like this yet when he is around you.. it’s like all rational thoughts escape him.

Finishing up with the gauze, you grabbed a cloth and cleaned off the bits of blood he has missed. You notice how you could spot a few purple/blue bruises that were covering shoulder. He must have had a fall or something you assumed. Without realising you cleaned off the blood, leaned your head forwards and lightly pecked the exposed skin. Unknowingly sending fire to run through Peter’s body. He softly leaned his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of your lips on his body. He inhaled sharply, feeling your lips move over to the other bruise, softly kissing the area. He wanted to so badly run his fingers through you hair and pull you up, wanting to devour you like his life depended on it. 

You leaned forwards once more and left a soft kiss on the bruise in the crook of his neck. Unknowingly finding his weak spot. He lulled his head back further and moaned.

He moaned.

You immediately froze, only realizing what it was you were doing. You quickly retracted your lips from his skin and leaned back, grabbing the cloth and rinsing it under the cold water. Your hands immediately began to get clammy and you grew nervous. You were still close to him as you watched the cloth in the sink. 

But deep down you could feel knots beginning to form. You still couldn’t get over the fact that he moaned… he moaned at just you treating his wounds. You let a small smirk come across your face before quickly wiping it away.

You mustered up the courage to meet his gaze. You could feel the air growing tense around you. Blinking a few times, you looked him in the eye. 

His eyes have considerably darkened, almost to the point where his brown orbs were now almost black. That was weird, normally that only happens when. 

You froze once you felt something poking your thigh. You were confused at first before you started putting the pieces together. 

He was turned on. 

You bit your lips softly, feeling the room grow even warmer. 

“W-w-e should probably talk” You stutter out nervously, stepping away from him beginning to pretend nothing had happened. 

“Y-y-yeah” he stuttered, not so discretely trying to move his boner so it was less noticeable. But unfortunately that only caused your glance to flicker to his movements. You quickly looked away and closed your eyes.

“Are you… turned on?” You asked almost shocked. You couldn’t believe you were actually standing in the bathroom with a half naked Peter who was trying to hide his hard on. You were so glad you weren’t a boy, that way he wouldn’t be able to tell that were you also slightly turned on too. Wait…

“Aren’t you?” he responded back. You lowered your head. He took a step closer to you and kept coming closer till he was right in front of you. You weren’t sure where this sudden bravery from Peter was coming from but to say it wasn’t appealing would be a total lie. 

“I forgot that.. you can smell… things” You said, too embarrassed to say the actual word. 

“Like this morning..” You trailed off, not really wanting to continue but knowing it was going to come up sooner or later. 

“I’m s-s-orry” You stuttered out.

“Don’t be” he said, almost sounding a little hurt. You felt his hand cup your cheek, lifting your head slightly so he could look you in the eyes.

“I’m scared…” You trailed off, feeling vulnerable all over again. How did he do it? With one look or simple touch… he manage to make you weak at the knees. It angered you yet satisfied you at the same time, you weren’t sure to be mad and slap him across the face or to pull him closer. 

“Scared of what?” he asks softly, stepping closer while you began to take steps back. Soon enough you felt the wall pres into your back, signalling you couldn’t move any further. He took one step closer, your chest only centimeters apart. 

“H-how-” You breathing hitched. You followed with your eyes as he swallowed harshly, his granny’s apple moving in his neck. 

You closed your eyes and sighed, regretting the words that were about to come out of your mouth.

“How much I want you’' 

You didn’t hear a response. You felt your breathing quicken, your heart hammering inside your chest feeling like it was about to explode from anticipation. Why wasn’t he saying anything? You knew he was still there cause you could still feel his hand cupping your cheek, the other against the wall trapping you in between him and the wall. 

Fuck.. don’t do that’’ he says, his voice coming raspy. Without realising you had pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. His voice sent shivers through your spine, admittedly making your panties wetter. 

Do what?” you asked innocently, replaying on the events that happened not 24 hours ago. He grabbed your hips and roughly pushed you into the wall, his body now flushed against yours. You gasped once you felt his hard on poking your thigh again, this time alot firmer. 

Fuck… you have no idea what you do to me..” he says under his breath, his voice becoming more horse and raspy with lust.

Unintentionally you moaned after hearing the words fall from his lips. 

“Peter?” you ask softly, seeing your faces were inches from each other. He glanced up and looked into your eyes, his lust and love filled orbs reflecting off of your own. 

Show me” you spoke up, wanting to so badly know the effect you have on him. He didn’t have to be told twice. He leaned in fast and connected his lips with yours. He moved them against yours passionately you thought you were going to pass out again. You didn’t know someone could convey that much emotion through one kiss. 

Your wrapped your arms around his neck and brought him closer, feeling his body pressed against yours sending a wave of pleasure through to your core.

The kiss become more fast and needy, his tongue begging for entrance which you happily obliged. His tongue explored your mouth, both your tongues beginning to wrestle for dominance. His arms snaked around to your waist, squeezing slightly making you moan into his mouth. He took advantage of this and won dominance. 

“Jump” He commanded through the kiss hungrily. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist, running your fingers through his hair beginning to pull causing him to moan into your mouth. All the sounds he was making was doing wonders to your body, making you feel alive and on fire. He began to walk out of the bathroom and over to your bed. He let go of you legs and let you fall back onto your bed. He climbed on top of you and reattached his lips to yours, making his way down your neck, lightly sucking and nipping in different areas. You hands went up to his hair again and softly tugged urging him to continue. He continues towards the valley of your breast, dragging your top down your body. He quickly sat up, reaching for your top, helping you sit up to get rid of the piece of clothing. 

You weren’t sure where this dominant side of him came from but you were enjoying it all so much. He began kissing down your stomach, one hand on the bed holding his weight and the other on your hips, making sure they stayed still. Once he reached the waist band of you pants your hips bucked involuntarily. 

“Patience babygirl” he said hoarsely. The way the nickname rolled off of his tongue made you moan. You obeyed, trying to keep your hips still. 

He began pull down your pants, you lifting your hips so he could easily slide them down your thighs. You groaned in annoyance and sat up, reached down and cupped his face with both your hands. You began kissing him passionately and hungrily, wanting and needing more. You pulled him back with you so he was back on top of you. He pulled away.

“The amount of things I wanna do to you…” He moaned. You ran yours hands up and down his torso while beginning to kiss his neck, probably leaving a few hickies here and there. 

“I-i’m supposed to be showing y-y-ou” he stuttered out as he was too lost in your kisses. You ignored him and continued your attack across his skin. 

“Sorry but patience isn’t really my forte.. love” You replied before roughly connecting your lips back with his. In one swift movement you managed to flip the both of you over so now you were straddling his waist. You left his lips and continued to kiss down his torso. You softly began to grind your hips into his, creating some sort of friction to help relieve the ache between your legs.

“Fuck” he moaned and threw his head back as you made your way down to his pants. You began to unbutton them, pulling them down from the waist band. He sat up a bit and helped in taking his pants off, leaving him in just his boxers. You crawled back up and reattached your lips with his. You began to grind against his boxers, feeling his cock twitch from underneath you. 

“If you keep doing that I’m not going to last much longer” he says through his heavy breathing. You stopped grinding and pulled him up and began to kiss him again. Only this kiss was different. There was another emotion coming through this time. 


He pulled away and tried to control his rapid breathing. He reached behind your back and fingered the clasp of your bra, unhooking it and freeing your boobs from their hold. He stared in amazment and aww, starting to make you feel self conscious. You begin to lift your hands to cover yourself up before he stops you. 

“Never.. ever cover your beauty up” He says in aww and love, loving every inch of your body. Every curve, your skin, the bumps and even the stretch marks that covered your hips and breasts. He leaned forwards and connected his lips with your left nipple, lightly sucking causing you to roll your head back and moan. You swore your panties were officially drenched by now. You felt him move your fingers down to your covered core and placed them there. You began to grind your hips against his hand, needing to relieve the tension building. He moved your panties to the side before sliding a finger inside you, beginning to pump slowly. You moaned at the new feeling and rocked your hips against his hand.

“Just like that babygirl” he whispers along your skin, continuing to grind against his hand. Gosh how the hell was he so good with his fingers? Has he done this before?

“I pay attention in sex ed” He says, obviously hearing you say that out loud. He began to insert a second finger, losening you up a bit more. His fingers lightly gazing your walls before they made your way towards your clit. Unknowingly you clenched against his fingers and moaned. You could begin to feel the butterflies in your lower region and the knot grow tighter. You moans became more consistent and your breathing became more frantic. 

“Fuck.. I’m close” You moan out, continuing to grind against his hand as they worked they’re magic over your core. You continued grinding as you felt the knot begin to un tie, your hips speeding up and your eyes falling closed, enjoying the feeling of euphoria begin to wash over you like a tidal wave. 

“Yes… right there Peter!” you moaned out loudly, not bothering to hold back anymore. With one last slight pinch of your nub you came undone. You continued to ride out your orgasm as he continued to work your nub, making it last for as long as possible. The sounds of your juices hitting against your walls and his fingers making you moan.

He slowly began to pull his fingers out and brought them up to his lips. You could see them glisten with your cum as he popped them into his mouth and sucked his fingers clean. You moaned at the simple action, watching with your eyes. 

“What would you like princess?” he asked, his arms wrapping around your waist. you bit your lip and grinded your core against his thigh.

“You.. I need you inside me” You begged. He obeyed and held you firmly by the hips, flipping you onto your back and him on top of you. He reached for your panties as your lips connected in a heated kiss. He pulled them away and over your thighs, now leaving you completely bare. Your hands made there way down to his boxer fronts, you began to palm him through the thin fabric earning throaty moans from him. 

You could feel his precum lightly soak his boxers, you tucked your fingers into the waistband and pulled them over his hips and down his legs, he used his legs to discard the last piece of clothing before pushing you further into the bed. You reached out to you side table and dug around for a condom packet which you kept from sex ed. 

You pulled away and brought the packaging up to your mouth and tore it open with your teeth. Your hands reach down to begin to slide the condom over his length. Gosh he was big. 

He reattached his lips to yours. Once you rolled it on the whole length you lightly pulled on his cock, making him mover closer towards where you needed him. He pulled back slightly out of breath, briefly stilling his movements.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks seriously, not wanting to go further if you weren’t comfortable. You nod your head and lean up to kiss his neck.

“I’m sure” you replied. That was all he needed as he began to guide his cock in front of your entrance. He slowly began to push himself in, letting you adjust to his size. You groaned in pain slightly feeling yourself widen to accommodate his length. He stilled his movement but you bucked your hips slightly letting him know to continue.

Once he was fully in he stayed still, waiting for you to adjust. You wriggled slightly causing your walls to clench around him causing him to moan. 

“Keep doing that and I’m really not going to last much long-” He got off by you clenching your walls around him again. He moaned your name this time. The sound of your name rolling of his tongue bringing shivers to your spine. You began to rock your hips. His hips fell in sync with yours, slow at first then slowly beginning to speed up. He dipped his head into the crook of your neck as you could feel his hot breath fanning over your neck. You tilted your head back and wrapped your legs around his waist, managing to let him to go deeper into you. He thrusted harder, moaning with each thrust, loving the feeling.

“Fuck I’m close” he moaned into your neck.

“So am I baby keep going” you moaned back feeling the familiar know beginning to tighten. You closed your eyes slowly as you felt your walls begin to clench all on their own, making you reach your release sooner than expected. One more thrust and you felt him reach his high, moaning your name into your hair as he came into his condom. He slowed down his thrusting, riding out both of your orgasms. 

Slowly and shakily he began to pull out, you moan at the lose of contact once he does. You open your eyes and Peter lifts his head up from your neck. You stare into his eyes and reach for his face, pulling him down into a kiss. You feel him shake from above you, his arms wobbling from the sides. You let your tongue massage his lips and slip through, exploring his mouth once before pulling away. He opened his eyes and stared at you in aww. He became quite flustered.

“W-w-wow” He stuttered, completely amazed at what had just happened. Your nod your head biting your lip with a smile. 

He reached to wipe a few strands of hair from your face as he stares at you lovingly.

“Fuck I’m so in love with you” He didn’t mean to let it slip but he didn’t regret it. It was true. He loved you, with every fiber in his body. You smiled and bit your lip feeling over the moon. 

'I love you too“ and with that you brought his lips back to yours.


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A/N: First Smut… Yay or Nah? ??

Breaking your Rule

GOT7 Jinyoung x Reader
Genre: Smut/ Angst / Fluff
Warning: Explicit and Swear words
Word Count: 12k+

Summary: You had your rules. No dating or hooking up with any of your brother’s friends and that included housemates. You learned your lesson from the last time you were burned. But you saw no harm in flirting with his housemate Jinyoung and keeping up the sexual repartee.

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anonymous asked:

hello!!!! can i request a smut/ fluff (or fluff only if ya don't do smut) where min yoongi's girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body since she is wearing tight clothes (she normally wears loose + her body type is curvyish so larger chest + ass and a bit of tummy chub)& ppl r staring @her (but she thinks its negative) and as yoongi gets jealous and goes down on her she gets super insecure + they do it for the first time with lights on and she doesn't want him to see her stretch marks. TY!!


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“You look fine love, please stop looking at yourself.” Yoongi called out opening the bathroom door. Jutting out your lower lip you looked over at him, the black lace dress that hugged your frame made you feel self-conscious. You looked into the mirror one more, the lace hugging your arms in a long sheer sleeve. The black dress was in two parts, a darker black part was like a body suit hugging your body, the top layer was lace and long sleeved giving you a modest but sexy look. The dress rose around your neck to resemble something of a choker. Your hair was up in loose curls pinned together in a loose fitted bun with a few end strands falling into your eyes and framing your face. Your makeup was light around your base, the eyeshadow was something light to contrast against your face, and your lips were decorated with a light red lipstick. Yoongi chuckled letting his eyes roam over you starting at your feet. The black pumps you had on always seemed to make your legs stand out, his eyes continued upward looking over your plump thighs, how they pressed together, up towards your plump bottom that he knew looked so good but it was covered up sadly. He took notice of your little tummy that you hated, the main topic of discussion was your weight, but he didn’t understand you were beautiful in every way and he wished you would notice what you mean to him. He wasn’t with you for just your looks, it was your heart, your mind, your sexy aura. He just wanted you to know what you did to him, you were different from many other girls, and there was something about you that he couldn’t find anywhere else. You were his rock whenever he needed to be held down, and he was going to give you up because you couldn’t always see your worth, he was there to make it better and help you out along the way how you did him.

He let a deep chuckle slip past his reddened lips. Looking around he slipped inside of the bathroom, wrapping his arms around your waist as his eyes trailed up to your breast and your face that was staring back at him. The slight hint of the dampness there he pressed a soft kiss against your temple as he smiled at you humming.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful. If I didn’t think so, I would have never encouraged you to get that dress or to come with me today. I want you to be confident okay? You’re my girl, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.” He vowed kissing your left ear as he squeezed you close to him humming.

You were grateful for him, Yoongi had helped you calm down and take deep breaths. He grabbed at your hand making a joke about how you needed to get out before someone came in and caught you. He led you out of the bathroom and down the hallway going back into the restaurant you were both enjoying a date in sitting down with you across the table from him. A lot of people had been staring at you, and you didn’t think it was necessarily a good thing, but in Yoongi’s eyes it was different.

He had seen how those men looked at you, the first thing their eyes went to were your thighs, and then upwards. It infuriated him that you were being stared at like that, and he hated the looks that people gave him afterwards sizing him up and judging him. He bit on his bottom lip trying to keep his anger from spilling out but he would be glad to leave. Of course, you got some glares and looks from other women but he shrugged it off. He didn’t want them, he was never one to judge based on looks. You had been so shy around him and thinking that he wouldn’t fall for you that it drew him in more. He was in love with everything about you from the tiniest baby hair on the top of your head to your biggest toe on your foot. The thought alone made a goofy grin break out on his face as he tilted his head becoming a love-struck kid with a crush.

“What, Min Yoongi?” You asked with a nose wrinkle and a soft smile.

“Did you just call my full name?” He asked you softly, the tone he used made you straighten up as your face heated a few shades, stuttering over your words you tried to explain and Yoongi more than amused he sat back in his seat with that cocky ass smirk crossing his hands together in front of him.

“I. No. See what happened, I just. I wasn’t trying to mean nothing by it. It just sounded really good coming off my tongue.” You fidgeted trying to finish your food as you squirmed lightly in front of him, the dress tickling the middle of your thighs as you wriggled.

“Oh, is that so? Just like when you moan it then huh?” He asked causing you to almost choke on a piece of the fish you had, the smirk that was on his lips became wider as he tucked his lip between his teeth. He blew a kiss at you going back to his food the both of you eating in silence until you were both done.

Yoongi paid for the tab, he gripped at your hand pulling you out of the restaurant and waited for a cab as he held your hand, that is where it seemed to go downhill from there. People passing by gave you looks, and in your mind, everyone that was looking were judging you. Yoongi could tell you had self-doubt and he hated it so much. His anger started to slowly boil over, he could see it too. Some yes, they did judge you but the others, that looked at you with unspeakable thoughts of want. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with how angry he was becoming. You were his, and you were never going to be anyone else’s because he wasn’t going to let you. Jerking you forward lightly, he pulled you into the cab holding onto you as he looked out of the window barking at the driver where to go. He knew he was acting out, but in the midst of all of this he was annoyed, upset and he wanted to shake sense into you. He was holding himself together, a poised expression covering his burning fire that was inside of him. When you got home he would make sure you knew it, he wouldn’t stop until you knew that you were beautiful, and loved. He was going to make sure you only remembered him and what he could do for you. His mind roamed with endless thoughts of what he could do to you, a tiny smirk ghosting on his lips as he got lost in his thoughts.

Arriving to your place, Yoongi paid for the fair, pulling you gently out of the cab he walked with you towards your apartment since he didn’t want to go back to the dorms today. Knowing the guys would be in, he wanted to make sure no one interrupted his plans with you. Yoongi grabbed at your keys unlocking your door, and you sat there wondering idly why he had been so distance, you knew he had to revolve around you and feeling guilty for not being able to hold yourself up you beat yourself up, escaping to your cruel thoughts that only harmed you and never helped you. Once you were inside, you took off your heels, and Yoongi took off his shoes as well and loosened his tie. You were about to walk past him but Yoongi gripped at your waist pushing you against the wall. His hand on your waist, he leaned close to you, slowly he inched, his breath cascading on your features and fanning your face as he continued to lean close. The world seemed to stop around you two, his eyes fluttered close slowly and his lips met yours causing your own eyes to shut. His lips pressed against yours with want and need. Each searing kiss left you breathless and clinging onto him to get more. His hands moved to trap your body against his. Yoongi could feel something spark inside of him, holding you close like this, feeling your hands come up his broad chest to tangle into his soft black locks. It was driving him on edge. He let his hands go down farther slowly, flicking across your bottom lip for entrance and when you gave it to him he slowly let his tongue enter into your mouth, his tongue roaming your mouth, over the insides of your jaw and the roof of your mouth. His tongue took the time to roam over your tongue and teeth, the kiss becoming sloppy somewhat but neither of you cared. Yoongi sucked on your tongue, pulling the wet muscle into his mouth before he would pull back with a pop smiling down at you. He pulled back to pick you up bridal style knowing that you didn’t like it because you felt you were too heavy for him, when he was stronger than you gave him credit for. You wanted to tell him not to, but when he was in this mode you knew better than to go against his word. Yoongi placed you on your king-sized bed, turning on the light to shine in the darkened room, he walked towards you, helping you sit up so that he could slowly take your dress off as his lips met against yours again in a slow dance. You reached up, trying to find the light switch so that you could turn the light off. Yoongi noticing this stopped your hand and pulled back from you causing you to give a puzzled look.

“But we always do it with the lights off..” You said softly feeling unsure in yourself.

“Not today, I want to see you baby.” Yoongi stated reaching his hand down to comb through your wild locks, with his anger died out he just wanted to treat you like a queen and make you focus on only him.

“I don’t know Yoongi-“ You stated even more nervous and he shushed you humming.

“Either you will, or we won’t have sex at all until you’re ready.” Yoongi stood his ground giving you an ultimatum looking in your eyes. He waited you out staring at you letting you decide what you wanted to do. After some time, you sighed, nodding your head as you gave in.

“Okay..  We can try it.” You said softly. You knew you had so much to lose, in your mind anyways. What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if it repulsed him so much that he stopped? Yoongi didn’t leave you alone with your thoughts too much, he helped you stripped down slowly until you were laying on your back in nothing under him. He gave a soft smile, stepping back he stripped for you as well, creating a puddle of clothes on the floor he crawled on the bed spreading your legs wide. He started at the crook of your neck and going downwards he pressed multiple kisses and hickeys onto your body, marking you as his. Your skin throbbed at the places you were bitten at or sucked on, and he made sure that with every hickey he made you whimper in pleasure. His mouth descended to paint your breast with his love bites and he kissed over your stomach, moving your hands that tried to hide your stretch marks. Yoongi licked over your stretch marks kissing them and letting his fingers brush against him as he nuzzled your stomach trying to be cute. It caused you to laugh and cringe, his whole face lit up seeing you smile even if it cost him his manly imagine. He spread your legs wide, his tongue circling around your heat. He pressed soft kisses against your soaking wet pussy. He let his tongue flick out against your clit, wrapping his lips around it soon after he gave you a few harsh sucks letting his tongue flick up and down around the wet pert bud. His nose inhaled your essence causing his mouth to water more as he focused on getting you off.

He moved to shove his tongue inside of your heat as well, curving it and instantly finding your spot because it had been mapped out in his head. His fingers came up to thrust in and out of you while others brushed against your wet clit, he was stretching you out and getting you ready for him. The sounds of you crying out in pleasure and clutching the sheets above your head for him, made his blood rush south and he was becoming needier for you by the second. His tongue changed paces from quick to slow, building you up and tearing you down until you were a begging mess under you. He pulled back rubbing your clit with two fingers.

“Tell me you’re beautiful.” He stated and you looked at him like he had just offended you, he smirked lazily slowing his fingers down before plunging two inside of you working you up.

“I. Can’t do that.” You struggled to get out between your moans. Yoongi let his fingers scissor you at a relentless pace before he pulled them out and tapped your clit, bringing you down from your high only to plunge his fingers back inside of you.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked you as he repeated the same thing. You wanted to challenge him and see how long he would keep this up. First the lights now this? You shook your head thinking that if you could angle your hips you would make yourself cum. But Yoongi was smart giving you shallow thrusts and missing your spot completely teasing you and leaving you hanging at the same time.

“OKAY YOONGI! I’m beautiful!” You whined softly not liking the teasing game that he was playing with you.

“Good girl.” You cooed out removing his fingers from your heat. He sucked on his fingers as he moved to get between your legs aligning himself with your entrance. He kissed your lips slowly leaning over you as he sunk into your heat causing a moan to slip from both of your hips.

He held his hips steady letting you adjust to him, and once he felt you had, he started to slowly thrust in and out of you, letting you relish in the feeling of him stretching you. He was thick, and you loved it so much to feel it inside of you. Your hands moved down to grab at his hips and pull him closer, your eyes locking for a time as you took a deep breath. Yoongi leaned down to pepper your face in kisses gently chuckling at how needy you were being. He gripped at your hands with his gently moving them up above your head so that he could pick up the pace starting to slowly slam in and out of you. Your wet pussy wrapped around his walls, the juices sliding down from your slick folds onto his balls and the sheets under you. He shuddered enjoying the pleasure, hips meeting and rocking against one another. Your mind was going blank with just thoughts of him, his name rolling off your tongue as he fucked you slowly against the mattress. His speed picked up, drawing out with you looking so needy under him. He started to slam harshly into you causing the bed to shake as your hips met and touched one another. The sounds of your sex could be heard bouncing off the quiet wall, the room becoming hot as you grinded against each other on the sheets. Yoongi pressed his forehead against yours whispering a soft ‘I love you’ as he looked into your eyes. Freeing one of his hands he reached down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts helping to aid you.

“Yoongi- I’m going to cum.” You breathed out looking at him with water wetting your eyes from how good it felt.

“You know better.” He hissed in a deep voice leaning down to bite your bottom lip.

“Daddy can I please cum? Please daddy!” You begged as you felt your slick walls tightening around him, it wouldn’t be long and you knew it. Yoongi at first didn’t give in and listen to you, slamming his hips against yours pressing against your spot over and over again, but after seeing you convulse under him, he nodded his head burying his face in your neck. With the okay your eyes drifted shut as your hips snapped up to meet his pace, relishing in the feeling of him touching you and being inside of you, in no time you were cumming on his shaft spilling your essence out. Yoongi groaned biting on your soft flesh, giving you a few more pumps before he pulled out to stroke himself off letting it coat the lower part of your stomach. He hummed gently pausing above you to catch his breath.

Once he was calmed down he went to the bathroom to get a warm towel wiping you off with it. He made sure you were clean and put it into the dirty hamper moving to climb back on the bed and hold. Yoongi didn’t have to say much in the silence you knew that he loved you and he cared, so you stayed there in his arms letting him play in your hair until your eyelids were getting heavy and you were falling asleep.

Righteousness is for people who don’t know any better

Everyone knows Neil has an attitude problem, and that he says what he thinks. For example, in the first book when they take Neil to Eden’s:

“Drugs are stupid.“
“Ouch,” Andrew said with a cold smile. “That’s judgmental.”
“I’m not going to apologize for thinking you’re being idiotic.”
“Is your spine the spine of the righteous?” Andrew wondered. “Are you trying your best to step on my toes because you’re feeling the tragic weight of the holier than thou?”
“Righteousness is for people who don’t know any better.” 

What’s interesting about this is how (probably unintentionally) honest that last line is. Neil often doesn’t know any better, but that doesn’t stop him from running his mouth and meddling when he thinks he is right.

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Summary: Sam’s nightmares lead you in pursuit of a string of mysterious deaths in Michigan. You and Dean talk about what happened with Cassie and Dan.
Words: 3.1k+
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess (past Dean x Cassie, OMC x Reader)
Warnings: past infidelity, angst

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here 
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

You woke up with incessant knocking on your motel door. Your eyes opened and you squinted at the clock, seeing it was just past 3am.

Gently peeling Jessica’s arms from around you and grabbing the gun from under your mattress, you walked over to the door.

Pistol raised, you carefully opened the door to be met with-

“Don’t shoot,” Sam said, knowing that you’d be instinctively defensive. “We have to go.”

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Title: Extraterrestrial

Request: Omg can you do a josh x reader based of E.T by Katy perry I’m really feeling alien!josh TBH

Characters: Alien!Josh Dun x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, violence

A/N: It might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but it’ll make sense once you get into it.

Part 2
E.T. // Katy Perry

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I would like to use this as a continued point on my stance with reposting and stealing my art/comics. If I find my work anywhere without my permission (YouTube, Instagram, Amino, Facebook, Pinterest ect.) I will always report it for copyright violation and infringement! Sometimes I have left a message first for it to be removed, but since I’ve been ignored several times, and my patience for theft has grown thin, I will report without warning.

I don’t care if you aren’t making money on it, or if you said it didn’t belong to you, or even if you gave me credit (which is very rare). I did not get a request from you, or give my consent!!! I will not withdraw my claims ever! Even if you e-mail or message me and ask nicely. If you stole from me, I won’t go easy on you.

This YouTuber in particular took the comic ‘Shattered’ that has “No editing/reposting” ON THE IMAGES! So don’t act innocent and faultless when you are caught. If anyone is following me just to take my work and repost it, you should go immediately.

Stop. Stealing. Art.


Please please please do not steal or repost other people’s content.

Whether it’s an edit, a gif, fanart, fanfiction, whatever it may be do not steal it or claim it as your own. Do not repost it without the creator’s permission, and giving credit without informing them that you reposted their content is not okay. If they see that you reposted their art without their permission (whether you gave credit or not) and they ask you to take it down, please do so.

Creators work very hard on their content to share with the community, it takes a lot of time and effort, so please be respectful.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the content is stolen, especially for gifs and edits, but the easiest way to tell is by the signature. Most people put their username or signature in their content, usually in a corner in small writing or text so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you see that the username/signature in the content is different from the one that posted it, it’s likely that the content was reposted. You can also check the blog itself, it’s usually fairly easy to tell if it’s the original creator’s blog or if it’s someone that reposts other people’s work.

If you find that someone has reposted someone else’s content, do not reblog it. That only spreads the repost further for more people to see. Instead, you can send the person a message and politely tell them to take it down.

Creators work very hard to provide content for us, and I’m sure it must be hard for them to see their work reposted. Please be respectful, and do not steal, claim, or repost their content.

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oh man go wild with the daemon au, nurture it, do never stop because holy crap it's perfect ur perfect ily


(part one) (part two)

Andrew is waiting for Neil in the stairwell, Amaranth a silent shadow at his side. They’re mirrors of one another – her still for the first time Neil can remember, Andrew’s propped pose for once not put on.

Andrew has always been a deft hand at pretending to be sober while flirting with the crash of withdrawal, but Amaranth is no actress. This is unmistakeably something else, beyond the dull cast of Andrew’s face.

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I haven’t seen anything about this yet and I was very curious so I did a little research, but if something about this has been done already I apologize in advance!

What is Venus Retrograde?:

When Venus seems to be moving backwards, the planet isn’t actually moving backwards though, since to my knowledge none of the plants actually move backwards. Venus Retrograde happens every 18 months for about 40 days and last from July 25st until September 6th, but there is a shadow period until October 9th so try and be a little cautious until that time pasts. During Venus Retrograde, we evaluate who and what holds importance in our lives. Remember: At the end of retrograde you may have some regrets about the decisions you made because of the heightened perception takes place during this period. For example: A new person you meet during this time can seem better or worse than what you gave them credit for at first.

What NOT to do during Venus Retrograde:

Get married, start a new relationship, buy any expensive items, fix any broken relationships, or make any dramatic changes in areas of beauty.

What you SHOULD do during VR:

Create new budgets or financial plans and reflect on some of your current personal relationships (end bad relationships and hold onto good ones).

What signs are in VR?:

Virgo from July 25th until July 31st, during this time people may be more susceptible to criticizing others and paying attention to flaws.

Leo from July 31st until September 6th, this means the need for affection will be higher than usual and people can be more egoistical.

Who is affected the most by VR?:

Anyone with a strong Leo influence, sun/Venus in Taurus/Libra, and risings in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Gemini.


- Old relationship may pop up out of nowhere, possibly causing tension in current relationships. Also thoughts of what happened in the past can be a reoccurring theme in your mind.

- It can be hard to establish a good connection with a possible lover during this time so short flings may be favored during this time.

- During this time people can feel less superficial and be more in touch with their inner feelings, which helps with current relationships NOT new ones.

*Not a fact, but a quick tip* Have sometime to yourself, since this period can some distaste with the traits of some people you are close to.