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REBORN’s new monthly art English translated, Fran as September’s character! (Open Image in new tab for Full Size!)

  © to Amano for the lovely art of Fran!

English Translation by @hikaru-sora, do not delete credit to the translator!

….so—I found my art on some random site ( I think it was??? similar to twitter?? someone was using it as an icon idk ) and like…I don’t know how I feel bout that

192. Lily borrowed James' invisibility cloak to wear to Petunias wedding. She snuck into the bridal room and placed a single lily with a card next Petunias huge, beautiful bridal bouquet, then went and sat in the chapel to watch the ceremony. As Petunia picked up her huge bouquet of roses she saw the card and the lily. It said "Congratulations Tuny. I love you". Petunia still couldn't bring herself to forgive her sister, but she walked down the aisle carrying the single lily.

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I had a 15 minute convo at the library over my choice to adopt an older child when the time comes instead of giving birth to a child.

Like apparently a 10 year old would be incapable of loving you. I’m like, have you ever worked around kids? I have had enough kids around me that basically cling to my leg, ask me for my blessing, talk to me for 30 minutes about all their school/family life and call me auntie.

Don’t tell me a 10 year old would be incapable of loving me. I’ll talk to the kid, cook meals, help with school, go out, play games together and try to maintain health. It might take time, patience, kindness and maybe some therapy, but an elementary school kid would totally like me.

I want no baby if I’m raising all by myself. And,moreover, older kids have a right to be safe too.

I’m just so annoyed at the myth that a kid won’t care for you unless it’s yours by blood.

The network wanted ‘The Lucille Ball Show’ and that made me furious because they only wanted to give Desi co-starring billing. I threatened to take it to another network. They relented and said, 'How about 'The Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Show?’ But again, he’d only have second billing and it just didn’t seem right. Finally someone came up with 'I Love Lucy,’ and my initial reaction was that critics might poke fun and say 'I Hate Lucy,’ but then I realized the people would know the 'I’ was Desi. That gave him first billing. And then, how could you go wrong with 'Love’ in the title? I decided to go with it - after exactly half a second.
—  Lucille Ball

are people SERIOUSLY angry at john boyega for saying finn/poe isn’t canon? while simultaneously praising oscar isaac for endorsing it when he did no such thing? his romance comment was a joke and it was about bb8, not finn! john boyega and oscar isaac are not writers on the film and have very little to no control over what goes on with their characters. they are not like harrison ford where they can just make demands saying “I want my character to die! oh and btw pay me 32 million bucks!”