gave up on yo weird hands

calum is in front of your shared bathroom, facing the mirror and running his fingers on his chin. calum noticed that his light stubble was gone thicker by now. so he grabbed the shaving cream and his razor and exited the room. calum finds you laying on your bed with a magazine on your hand, reading peacefully. “babe do you think that i should shave my stubble?” his question making you turn to look up at him, rubbing his chin. you grinned and closed your book placing it in your nightstand. “oh my god, my baby boy is a man now. i can’t believe you can grow a stubble” putting your hand on your chest pretending you’re surprised. “oh shut up, (Y/N)” he smiled at you, shaking his head. “hmmm yes, you should shave it” you walked towards him and cupped his face. running your fingers along his chin. “they’re rough against my palm” he looked down at you and placed his hands on the curvature of your waist. “baby, you should shave it for me” you smirked up at him and ruffle his hair “sit yo ass back down” you mimicked him and laugh loudly. the sound of your laugh making him laugh along with you. he sat on the bed and pats his lap, asking you to sit on it. “come here baby” and pulled you sit. your legs on either side of him and resting his hands on your thighs. “shaving cream and razor, please?” he gave you the things that you need and work on it. you put a little amount of shaving cream on his chin to his jaw. “it feel so weird, why” he suddenly spoke and you shush him. “do not speak cal, you’ll eat it” he nods his head and being the little shit of him he wipe some on your face and laughed throwing his head back. “CALUM HOOD” you whined and crossed your arms “okay okay babe, I’m sorry you’re just so adorable when you’re concentrated” and winked at you and you can’t help but pull your lips in a smile “alright calum, lets continue” after a minute of giggles and play fighting. and a series of “ow (Y/N) that hurts, be gentle just like what I did to you when we’re in bed” “calum thomas if you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll make you suffer” “ooooh begging for me” and punching his arm for making your cheeks heat up. “done!!!” you say happily and wipe the cream off of his face with wet wipes. “calum you look absolutely flawless” you said, brushing your nose together and wrapping your arms around his neck and kiss him all over his face. he grabbed your face and chuckle at you “thank you baby girl, I’ll eat you out for hours for that and shower you with love. I love you” and laid you down on the bed and lets just say he fulfilled what he said earlier