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Eye to Eye (Ch.1)

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Genre: BodySwap!AU; Humor; Fluff

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings: Mildly Suggestive Content 

Synopsis: What happens when two rival coworkers get paired to create an advertising campaign together?  Could a freak accident help them see eye to eye?

      _____ took a deep breath as she pushed the boardroom doors open.  Feeling twelve pairs of eyes on her, she quickly made her way over to an empty seat.  ‘Note to self: no more skirts.  Slacks only,’ she thought to herself.  Shortly after, the door swung open to reveal the CEO of BigHit Ad Agency, Bang Sihyuk, and the room went silent as he sat down at the head of the table.  Everyone’s eyes drifted to the empty seat beside her and she glanced at the domineering man before them, only to see a look of pure irritation cross his face.  

     “Nice of you to join us, Mr. Park,” Sihyuk spoke monotonously as the tardy male gave him a charming smile.  “My apologies, Sir,” he began, running a hand through his blonde hair.  “I was finishing up some very important paperwork.” “Very well.  Have a seat and let’s get started.”  _____ rolled her eyes, knowing that if she had been the one to show up late, covering wouldn’t have been that easy.  Her blonde coworker took the seat next to her with a smirk and the meeting began. 

    After sitting through a seemingly endless power point about the facts and figures of the company’s sales that week, Sihyuk revealed the most important reason for the meeting.

     “The folders in front of you contain the creative brief from our newest client.  The company wants to make their most recent product more appealing to female consumers. They also want to take a more socially conscious approach.  I want all of you to take a few minutes to brainstorm and then you’ll throw out a few ideas and bounce them off of each other.  Got it?”  Everyone responded affirmatively and began to look through the brief.  “I miss anything important, Dollface?,” _____ heard a whisper from the left.  Without looking up, she responded, “I’ve told you countless times not to call me that, Jimin, and yes.  You missed that hickey on the side of your neck.”  “Paperwork got a little intense, I guess,” he chuckled, flipping through the folder absentmindedly.  

     “Alright. Time’s up.  Mr. Park, how about you start us off?”  “No problem, Sir,” he responded confidently.  Sitting up straight, he smoothed down the lapels of his jacket.  “Two words: Sex. Sells.”  _____ scoffed, rolling her eyes.  “But instead of scantily clad women, we just use scantily clad men.  Everyone’s always talking about equality, right?,” he continued.  “That is not what equality means,” she interjected.  “Excuse, me, Miss _____, but it is Mr. Park’s time to speak.”  “I’m sorry, Sir, but my colleague is extremely misguided.”  Before their employer could reply, Jimin politely stopped him.  “With all due respect, Sir, she may have a point.  She is the only woman here, after all. So, how about I let her take the floor?”  After thinking for a moment, the older man responded, “I’ll allow it.”   

     She turned to give Jimin an intense stare, eyes dark with anger.  “Enlighten us,” he encouraged, clearly amused and satisfied with himself for putting her on the spot.  “Well….As you all know…or maybe some of you don’t, which is probably why I’m even saying this,” Sihyuk cleared his throat, noticing that she was rambling.  

     “Sorry.  The history of advertising has been…particularly oppressive to women, often degrading and sexualizing them for the sake of selling to predominantly male audiences.  When women ask for equality in the industry, scantily clad men isn’t necessarily what we’re asking for.  We just want representation that portrays us as the multifaceted human beings we are.”

     “Absolutely inspiring, am I right?,” Jimin smirked, facetiously clapping slowly and earning another dirty look from _____.  Their coworkers snickered behind their hands, fighting the urge to join in like grade school children.  “Alright, that’s enough,” Sihyuk chuckled.  “I’ve made a decision.  Miss _____, I want you to take this account.”  “Really?  Thank you, Sir. I-”  “But you will be working with Mr. Park.”

     “What?,” both of them asked in unison.

     “You just couldn’t keep your mouth shut, could you?”  “If I’d known he was gonna pull some shit like that, I would’ve,” Jimin sneered as the two walked down the hall.  “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”  “Well, would you want to work with you?”  “Of course I would.  I’m more qualified than anyone else in this office and I’m-”  “Kind of a bitch,” he interrupted, opening the door to the staff lunch room and walking in.  “Yeah, well shit gets done when you’re a bitch,” she replied, walking in behind him.  

     “_____, we all know you’re just mad because I got that raise instead of you,” he stated nonchalantly as he poured himself a cup of coffee.  “And you’re just mad because I’m the only female employee that won’t sleep with you,” she chided, opening the fridge and scanning the shelves.   “You’re the only one I haven’t asked.  And there’s a reason for that.”  “The reason being I’d have HR on your ass faster than you could say—Wait, where’s my sandwich?,” she stopped short, noticing that the bag she had clearly labeled was gone.  

     “Just make another one.  I’m sure you’re great at making sandwiches,” another coworker joked from the other side of the room.  Standing up straight, she took one look at him before inhaling a deep breath and walking out, passing Jimin whose hand was covering his mouth to muffle his laughter.

   One thing’s for sure; she knew nobody touched the bottle of wine she kept in her desk.

     “No.  Absolutely not,” Jimin stated bluntly, loosening his tie.  “Well, do you have a better idea?”  “No, but I’m sure I could figure something out that wouldn’t bore the target audience to death.”  _____ sighed, closing her lap top and resting her elbow on her desk.  “Look, I don’t exactly like your taste either, but we have to agree on something or we’ll never get this done. It’s already been four days.”  “Calm down.  We’ve got plenty of time.  Why don’t you loosen up a bit to get the creative juices flowing?  Let’s crack open that bottle you keep in here.”  She gave him a questioning look, wondering how he knew she had a bottle of alcohol stashed there.  

    “Lucky guess,” he shrugged with a smirk.  “But I’ll take that expression as confirmation.”  “This is hardly appropriate,” she muttered as he opened her desk drawer and pulled out the wine.  “Live a little, Dollface,” teased, popping it open.  

    “Take it to the head!,” Jimin laughed, handing _____ the nearly empty bottle.  She chugged the last few sips before setting the bottle on the desk and laughing along with him.  “We could totally get fired for this.  Well, I could.  I doubt they’d fire you,” she hiccuped.  “There’s no way in hell they’d fire you, _____.  you’re the hardest working person in this place,” he said sincerely.  She leaned against her desk and looked up at him, clearly taken aback.  “You really think so?”  “Of course I do.  I mean…I know I talk a lot of shit, but this company would probably crash and burn without you,” he replied, moving closer with each word. She felt her face heat up, but chose to believe it was because of the alcohol.  

     Leaning over with both hands on the desk beside her, he looked into her eyes.  She took a deep breath as his face moved closer and closer.  “Jimin, I’m still not going to sleep with you.”  He stopped and moved back, raising his hands in defense of himself.  “_____, I wasn’t-”  “You were, but I refuse to become another office fuck buddy.  No matter how many nice things you say while you’re drunk, it doesn’t change the fact that you treat me like every other misogynist here does all the time.”  She grabbed her purse and began to pack up.  “Will you just listen to me for one second?,” he asked, irritation subtly lacing his tone.  “No.”  “Where are you going?”  “Home.  Lock the door on your way out,” she spoke quickly, dodging his hand as she left.  

     He sighed, running a hand through his hair as he sat down on the desk.  “Well, see you at the office party, I guess,” he mumbled to himself, picking up the bottle.  Realizing that it was empty, he threw it in the trash bin in frustration.  

     _____ hated everything about office parties except for the free alcohol.  She was one of only eight female employees, outnumbered by twenty-two men, which meant dodging drunk offers for sex.  

     “So, uh…what do you say?,” one of her coworkers whose name always escaped her asked, eyebrows high enough to meet his hairline.  “I say hell no,” she replied, grabbing another glass of champagne from a passing tray before walking away.  

     Looking around, she accidentally locked eyes with Jimin for the third time that night.  Before he could make his way over to her, she quickly made a beeline for the back door.  Figuring no one would find her there, she made her way up the stairs to the rooftop. Walking over to the metal railing, she leaned on it and took a deep breath.  

     “Alcohol and rooftops don’t seem like a good combination, y’know,” Jimin called out from behind her.  “What do you want from me?,” she groaned in response, turning to face him as the sky grew darker.  Clouds moved in as she felt anger grow inside of her.  “I just want to talk.”  He cautiously moved closer, being careful not to invade her personal space so he wouldn’t scare her off again.  “And what makes you think I owe you my time?”  “You don’t, so I’m asking you to spare some.  Please.”  “Fine, Jimin.  Let’s talk.  You wanna talk about how in addition to you, two more of our coworkers tried to make passes at me today?  Or maybe we could talk about the things I hear in the break room everyday.  How about we-”  

    “I get it, okay?,” he yelled.

    “No, you don’t!  You could never get it.”  

    “I can see how it would get annoying but honestly, what’s the big deal?” 

     A light drizzle began to fall, but quickly turned into a sideways storm as the two continued to argue.  Volume matching that of the thunder, they didn’t even bother moving from their spot on the roof.

     “The big deal is that I have three degrees and nobody takes me seriously around here! I work my ass off and half of you only think i’m here because of affirmative action or something!”

     “You’re exaggerating!,“ he replied almost arrogantly as he braced his hand on the railing.

     Before she could reply, a bolt of lightning struck the railing, sending shocking vibrations through their bodies as light flashed around them.  Then everything went black.

     Jimin woke up with a pounding headache, regretting all of the alcohol he had consumed the night before.   Fidgeting around a bit, he noticed that something felt different….That something was missing.  He pressed his hand further into his boxers before shooting up into a sitting position.  “My dick!  Where the fuck is my dick?!,” he screamed, suddenly being struck by the difference in his voice.  Shaky hands shot up to his throat and he noticed the absence of an Adam’s Apple.

    Before he even took a second to panic, his head whipped around to observe the strange room he was in.  With a million thoughts running through his head, he quickly stumbled out of bed and over to a nearby mirror.  “What the hell happened last night…?,” he whispered, gaping at his reflection in horror.  

Bad Influence

Karno x Reader

“Karno, this is so bad!” You giggled as he pulled you along by your hand to a discrete corner of the balcony at the mansion. You were a human, meaning that your relationship with Karno, a god, was practically forbidden. But you figured that if the other gods didn’t know what you two were doing, and if they couldn’t catch you two together, there was nothing wrong with that. “That’s what makes it even better, right?” He husked, gripping your hips and pulling you flush against him, kissing you slowly and deeply, savouring how your lips felt against his own. Your fingers tangled in his hair, and you moaned softly as his hands began to roam over your body, covering as much skin as they possibly could.

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Authors Note: I came up with this idea when I was watching Criminal Minds and wondering what it would be like reading lines with Matthew Gray Gubler if he needed your help. I hope you enjoy. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Smut and Fluff

The flames from the oddly but well-constructed fireplace danced as I stared at my book. The words floating off above me as I imagined the characters coming to life. The little things that helped when it came to screenwriting. Matthew walked in holding his script for another episode of Criminal Minds but didn’t say anything. He sat down on the end of the sofa, grabbed my legs and sprawled them across his lap.

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Request: warning nsfw (lemon)

WARNING: Not safe for work (there will be smut and it will be a lemon!!) AND: there will be more parts as I want to write every character as good as possible.
The Dragonslayers (Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, Rogue) are in heat and go absolutely crazy in bed, maybe even use Dragonforce.

In this part: Laxus

You have been on a mission for 3 weeks now and it’s been a very exhausting one. You just want to get home, eat something and cuddle up to your boyfriend. He sure is missing you but it’s never been so long that you two were seperated from eachother. You were kinda curisous what Laxus will do when you come back.
After a very long train ride and a 20 minutes walk you finally arrived at your apartment you share with Laxus since half a year. Entering the apartment, Laxus was sitting on the couch welcoming you with hug and…that was it, just a hug. Kinda confused you asked what he wants to eat, he made a few suggestions and you ended up making a stew. Totally in thoughts about why Laxus acted so weird and cold you didn’t notice Laxus coming closer to you. He hugged you from behind and clumsy how someone can be, you burned yourself on the stove. Shaking his head and smilimg a litle bit over your clumsyness he took your hand and turned on the faucet to cool the burn. With a deep red blush on your face and he turned your face to his and asked in his deep voice:“ how do you survive without me huh?” Blushing even harder you didn’t know what to say so your mouth just opened and closed like a fish. Laxus giggled and just started to kiss you. Even though he acted like he didn’t care that you got home, you could feel that he really is glad that you got back save. The kiss got hotter and you couldn’t feel the cold water on your finger anymore. Laxus turned off the faucet and picked you up, sitting you down on the kitchen counter. “We will take care of your hand later, now i have to take care of something much more important.” Laxus said in an even deeper voice now. Not a second after he finished that sentence, he layed you down on the kitchen counter and started to unbutton your bluse with a lot of patience. Everything got hotter, the air, his touches, his skin, his kisses and his god damn tongue licking and sucking on your neck. He was all over your body and it was the best. His shirt flew off a while ago and your pants followed soon after. When shit was about the get real he picked you up and turned you around, leaving you leaning over the kitchen counter. He hovered over you and kissed you whole back up to your neck and started making hickeys again. You couldn’t take it anymore so you begged him to finally take you. He didn’t had to answer, he just gave you what you wanted. He grapped your hips tight and did what he was oh so good at. You were literally screaming and tried to grab something to get some hold. As he noticed that he picked you up again now facing him and turned around. Laxus in front of you, the frige behind you. Wrapping your legs around his waist, Laxus continued moving his hips in a rapid pace. You both didn’t last long, everything was so intenste that you came with a loud scream scratching over Laxus arms. He finished shortly after. As some time passed and you got your breath back, you realized that it really was getting hot in here, like burning hot and it started to smell weird. Laxus seem to react faster as he screamed: “oh hell the stew is on fire!!” as the stew was happily standing in flames right beside you.

sorry for taking so long but these really need time but i promise i will do sting faster as most of you seem to like him ;)

A New Chapter (Dino Scenario)

Request: 23 Chan!!

23: “Uhh.. are you sure you wanna do this?”

I tried my best. You didn’t really specify what genre…

Type: Fluff(?)

Word Count: 1433

|| “Hurry up and put a shirt on.” You practically yelled at the boy. ||

Enjoy Lovely :)

“Chan! Chan!” You yelled as you jumped onto the boy’s back. He quickly grabbed a hold of you before you both would topple backwards. He turned to see you with a loving smile and you beamed back.

“Next time warn me if you’re gonna jump on my back.” He said jokingly. “Anyway, I’m guessing something big happened?” He asked, his head tilting to the side.

“I got in!” You yelled into his ear. “I made it!” You repeated, as you slid off his back and walked beside him. “I can’t believe I made it!” You turned to look at him and gave an excited smile, flapping the paper in his face. Skipping to stay in front of him.

“Wait (Y/n), what do you mean you made it?” Chan asked. He grabbed your wrist when he realized you didn’t hear him and he spun you around, “(Y/n), what do you mean you made it? Where did you make it?”

“I’ve been telling you about this all month. I applied for a university in the U.S. and I got accepted” You explained, giving a clueless smile.

“Oh,” he replied and let go of your hand he had grabbed. You continued your walk down the sidewalk and he just stood there, watching you leave him. “(Y/n) actually made it. Which means (Y/n) is going to leave me..” He concluded.

“Chan! Come on!” You yelled as you turned around. When you realized he hadn’t moved, you walked to him and grabbed his hand. “Did you zone out again Chan?” You asked with a giggle he thought was adorable.

The two of you reached the house in silence as you walked through the front door, “ (Y/n)? Chan?” You heard his mother yell. You smiled before walking into the living room to see your mother and his mother sitting on the couch, watching a drama. “Hi (Y/n), Where’s Chan?” His mother asked as soon as she saw you.

“I think he went to his room…” you replied, turning around to look behind you. “I’m gonna go find him..” you then said and walked off.

“Dinner will be soon! Don’t get too caught up in stuff!” Your mother called after you as you walked off. The two laughed and you smiled, knowing exactly what they were thinking. Silly mothers…

You walked up the stairs and turned towards his room. Swinging his door open, you saw him searching through his closet. You threw your backpack on the floor next to his and laid down on his bed, grabbing your phone from your pocket.

He turned around with a black shirt in his hands and laughed. You watched as he took off his shirt, the silky fabric sliding up his stomach with ease, a growing v line hidden behind the waistband of his boxers. “Like what you see?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. You rolled your eyes and looked back at your phone, continuing whatever you were doing before.

“Hurry up and put a shirt on.” You practically yelled at the boy.

“Why?” He asked in a teasing tone. “It’s my room, I can walk around half naked if I wanted to.” You raised your eyebrows at his last statement and he laughed. “I’m just joking, jeez tough crowd.”

Chan had finally put on his shirt and laid down next to you on his bed. Taking out his phone, he scrolled through his messages. He rolled over on his side, turning to face you as he tried to get comfortable. “Can you move over? You’re in the dead center of the bed.” You groaned and he sighed. “Seriously? Do I have to do this every time I want space on my own bed?” He asked and you nodded, giving a playful smile as you moved over on your own.

He thanked you before moving away from the edge of the bed and looked at you. “(Y/n)…” he began. You hummed in acknowledgement and he sat up to lean against his headboard and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Uh… are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked. You put your phone down and looked at him confused, unsure of what he meant. “I mean, are you sure you want to leave this place. The country you grew up in, the familiar streets you know like the back of your hand. Are you sure you wanna leave it all behind?” His voice began to grow serious and you knew he meant what he said.

You sat up like him and looked over with a small smile. “Chan, I know I’m going to be leaving behind all of this stuff, but that doesn’t mean I won’t remember it. Making new memories in a different country, while alone is a going to open a new chapter in my life. I knew what I was leaving behind when I applied.” You explained to him.

“But (Y/n) …” he whined softly. “You can’t leave me, not yet…”  he paused and went quiet for a moment, after a minute or two, he looked over at you and smiled.

“(Y/n), I’ll support and help you. You promised to support me with dancing, and I’ll do the same.” He turned his body towards you and trapped you beneath him. He gazed down on you as you looked up at him, pondering his next move.

“May I?” Chan asked as he lifted your chin gently, staring at your lips lovingly. You felt your heart beat faster and faster as he grew closer to you, the feeling of excitement and anxiety take over your actions. Nodding your head slowly, your lips met his in a tender kiss.

He pressed his lips harshly against yours, asking for an entrance you would never want to permit. You smiled, and daringly, he grabbed a hold of your waist and tipped you both over. He now laid on his back, your front pressed against his by the force of gravity. You felt him circle his arms around you, wanting to keep you there, wanting more of you.

His insistent lips began to part yours and you could feel yourself letting go. The constant feeling of his lips against yours evoked a feeling you had never felt before. And soon enough, you were kissing back.

He let go of you shortly, trying to sit back up without losing contact. You knotted your fists in his shirt as he grabbed you to pull you closer. His hands soon returning to their spot by your waist, locked to keep you in his arms. You pulled him closer to you, causing the boy to groan softly. Your hands let go of his shirt and found themselves wrapped around his neck, pulling him close whenever you felt him pull back a bit.

You pulled back from Chan, looking deep into his eyes. You were both panting heavily, blushing and embarrassed.

You then pulled away from him and leaned against the headboard. The room seemed to grow hot and how Chan was looking at you didn’t make it any better. He leaned forwards, moving slowly towards you.

A loud knock on the door sent Chan flying off the bed, scurrying to fix the scene. You laid back down on the bed and grabbed his laptop, quickly powering it on as you set it on your stomach. Chan slid across the floor, quickly grabbing his backpack he dumped the contents onto the floor beside him. He looked around for a random notebook or binder to pretend to study with.

The door opened shortly after and his mom peeped her head through, a small frown on her face. She soon brightened up when Chan looked up at her, you looked also, trying your best to hide the redness. “Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes. Finish what you guys were doing and head downstairs for dinner.” You both hummed in response and she left the room, giving Chan a very visible wink.

You both gave a loud sigh and he turned his head to look up at you. He gave you a daring smirk as he turned back to his work. Then he closed the binder and stood up to sit on the bed. Closing the laptop you had in front of you, he moved it to the side and sat beside you.

You sat up slowly and moved towards the edge of the bed. You gave him a chaste kiss before standing up, opening the door to join the adults’ downstairs for dinner. You quietly giggled as you saw his disappointed look in the hallway mirror. “Come on Chan, dinners’ ready.”

Devil May Care

Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: None?

Words: 901

Request From Anon: Can I request a Lucifer x reader fic? They’ve been together since he was thrown in the cage but no one can know because she’s an angel and hunters find out and hunt her down to kill her so Lucifer makes the Winchesters save her

First time doing Lucifer…..I was a little scared. Enjoy you guys!

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As I approach my college graduation day, ironically on the date of my grandmothers passing, I keep thinking of the “last message” I had with her before she passed away. While I don’t think this was the last interaction I had with her, it’s the last good one I had with. My grandmother had gotten very sick. Before she passed, she lost her ability to speak. We were never sure what she could understand, but I like to think she knew exactly what happened during this conversation. 

My grandparents had helped significantly for me to attend my first semester of college. They gave me the final amount of money I needed, two days before tuition was due, two days before all my classes got dropped. Right around the time she passed, I was finishing up my freshmen year of college. The last interaction I had with my grandmom, we told her I finished my first year and it was all because of her. She got the biggest smile on her face. It may not have been words, but it was the last message (good one at least) I received from her. She passed away in hospice care shortly after. She waited till we were all out of the room to pass. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and think about the last smile I gave her.