gave up on this shortly after finishing their faces


Authors Note: I came up with this idea when I was watching Criminal Minds and wondering what it would be like reading lines with Matthew Gray Gubler if he needed your help. I hope you enjoy. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Smut and Fluff

The flames from the oddly but well-constructed fireplace danced as I stared at my book. The words floating off above me as I imagined the characters coming to life. The little things that helped when it came to screenwriting. Matthew walked in holding his script for another episode of Criminal Minds but didn’t say anything. He sat down on the end of the sofa, grabbed my legs and sprawled them across his lap.

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Devil May Care

Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: None?

Words: 901

Request From Anon: Can I request a Lucifer x reader fic? They’ve been together since he was thrown in the cage but no one can know because she’s an angel and hunters find out and hunt her down to kill her so Lucifer makes the Winchesters save her

First time doing Lucifer…..I was a little scared. Enjoy you guys!

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As I approach my college graduation day, ironically on the date of my grandmothers passing, I keep thinking of the “last message” I had with her before she passed away. While I don’t think this was the last interaction I had with her, it’s the last good one I had with. My grandmother had gotten very sick. Before she passed, she lost her ability to speak. We were never sure what she could understand, but I like to think she knew exactly what happened during this conversation. 

My grandparents had helped significantly for me to attend my first semester of college. They gave me the final amount of money I needed, two days before tuition was due, two days before all my classes got dropped. Right around the time she passed, I was finishing up my freshmen year of college. The last interaction I had with my grandmom, we told her I finished my first year and it was all because of her. She got the biggest smile on her face. It may not have been words, but it was the last message (good one at least) I received from her. She passed away in hospice care shortly after. She waited till we were all out of the room to pass. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and think about the last smile I gave her.