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I remember when I was getting out of school, I was like, ‘If they just gave me one shot. If they gave me the one shot, oh man, I know I can do it’. Then I got my first movie and it came and it went, and I was like, ‘If they just gave me one more shot, just another shot.’ Then I started getting work, and I realized it’s not about that. It’s not about the shot. It’s about work.

Noblesse Icebreaker

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How did you find out about Noblesse?: 

            A long, long time ago I saw this comic strip of Takeo letting his hair down, had a ‘Well hello there, handsome. Who might you be?’ moment. It took a lot of digging to find out that he was from Noblesse. Anyway, I give it a shot, read about 5 chapters, decided that it was crap and abandoned it.

            Fast forward some time, I saw it again in mangapark’s top picks (I don’t remember who was on the cover), and I gave it another shot. Truly, it took a whole lot of determination to stomach the first chapters because ugh... I don’t know what was worse: Franky’s curls, Rai’s annoying I’m-such-a-royalty-too-good-for-you attitude, M-21/M-24 cliché villain personalities, or the horribly stereotypical kids (the strong, main character one, the nerd one, the love interest, and the female side-kick). I almost dropped it again, but then came that chapter where M-24 is having a pain attack and, while taking the pills, he notices M-21 looking at him like a kicked puppy and OMG, that scene went straight for the kokoro.

Favorite character(s)? 

  • M-21: characters who’ve f_ _ked up and were given a chance to make up for their mistakes or characters who’ve been hurt/abused and are showed kindness and cared for are my weakness.
  • Frankenstein: I really like his clever/crazy/loyal personality. Also, bonus points for calling Dark Spear pet names.
  •  Raizel: I will never not love absurdly powerful beings getting blushy-blushy over the tiniest things.

Favorite scene(s)?

  • “My kids”
  • The moment that actually convinced me to continue reading Noblesse when M-24 is in pain and he has to take the pills and M-21 looks at him with such a helpless expression like T_T break my heart, won’t you?
  • M-21 playing DA-5 like a boss.
  • Any scene involving Raizel being completely amazed by the 21st century.
  • Raizel admitting that even he’s careful with Frankenstein’s things.
  • Frankenstein trolling Muzaka.
  • Tao and Takeo saying they’d rather die than have Raizel spend life-force on them.
  • Frankenstein trolling Gajutel and Ragar.
  • M-21 ‘attacking’ Kentas with a burger.

…I know there were more scenes, but my crappy memory refuses to help me right now -_-‘

Why are you still following it?

            Honestly, I have no idea :/

How do you like to spend time in the fandom? (“I liveblog the chapters”/ “I roleplay”/ “I draw fanart” / “I like to read fics” etc.)           

            Jack of all trades, master of none. I wrote some stuff, I drew some stuff, and I hosted some stuff. Hmm, I haven’t tried liveblogging or roleplaying yet…         

Do you have any ships and/or crackships that you’d like to share?

            Multishipping FTW!!! I’ll ship almost anything, but I gotta say that my faves are: M-21/Tao/Takeo, Frankenstein/Raizel, M-21/Kentas. I guess part of Noblesse’s appeal is that there’s no set ship and that leaves a lot of room for interpretation and freedom for people to ship whatever they want to ship.

I really want to talk to someone about:

            Uh, I dunno…

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Steve won Nancy back by inviting her over when his parents are out of town. Tells her to sit in the living room and a minute later comes sliding back into view on his socks in shades a dress shirt and boxers while lip syncing into a broom and recreating Risky Business for her she laughed and gave him another shot (happy v day)

This is adorable yes yes yes all about this Valentine’s fluff

Zelink week: Sunday

Part I

By your side

She ran as if the bloodthirsty hounds of the dark one were panting at her heels. She ran despite her rapid intakes of breaths, accounting for her sudden onset of dizziness, and the heavy panging of her racing heart, threatening to burst from her chest. She ran because there was no stopping.

Because if she stopped she would most certainly meet death.

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Jungkook had his face in Taehyung’s hair, arms on either side trapping him. “You smell like cinnamon and marigolds.”
Jungkook gave him another sniff, while Taehyung shot Jimin a ‘get him the hell off me’ look.
“Ah, Jungkookie maybe you should calm down for a bit. I think your scaring Tae Tae a bit.” Jimin said reaching for his shoulder.
Jungkook turned around near craze in his eyes. Oh Hell, Jimin heard come from behind him. Jimin turned to see Suga standing with a cup of coffee, glaring at Jungkook. Jungkook was conflicted with respecting Suga and displaying his own dominance.
“You can’t work here if you’re an Alpha.” He stated.
Jungkook immediately backed down. “No Suga hyung. Please, I really need the money.”
“Yeah, I know kid.” Suga sighed, tossing Jungkook a bracelet. “Take this until you can get to the doctor’s after work?”
Jungkook placed the bracelet on his wrist and Jimin noticed the sudden change. His breathing was a lot calmer and his scent was only half as strong now. Jungkook, now embarrassed, avoided making eye contact with Taehyung and slunked behind the front desk.
“Well that’s one way to start the morning.”Suga sighed. “Follow me kid.”


She made a mistake. It was a terrible mistake with horrible consequences but she didn’t know. All she was trying to do was save the world (and sacrificed her friends to do it, I might add)

Finally - Elena gave up her shot at the afterlife so that Aelin could have another ten years of life. She gave up her eternal rest and the chance to see her children or mate again. 

Elena Galathynius Havilliard desrves a break.


“I remember when I was getting out of school, I was like, ‘If they just gave me one shot. If they gave me the one shot, oh man, I know I can do it’. Then I got my first movie and it came and it went, and I was like, ‘If they just gave me one more shot, just another shot.’ Then I started getting work, and I realized it’s not about that. It’s not about the shot. It’s about work.”

So, about a year ago, I tried No Game No Life as one of my first anime. I was turned off (particularly because I read that there was supposedly romance between Shiro and Sora).

After watching ~50 other anime throughout 2016 and the beginning of 2017, I gave it another shot. Came back for the pretty colors, and stayed because I simply couldn’t take my eyes off.

I’m not that person who’s all like “omg, I hate unbeatable MCs” and all that. I don’t require a series to be 20 layers deep with meaning. And while I’ll admit, fanservice is a bit annoying, I’m pretty much indifferent to it at this point. So as a series I could just watch and not have to overthink, I particularly enjoyed it. Yeah, it was overly fanservice-y at times (especially with Shiro; don’t do that to the lolis please), but the rest made up for it by far.

Oh yeah, and I never did see that “creepy romance” that was shoved down my throat before I watched it. I mean the characters verbally deny it and call it weird? Unless people didn’t pick that up?

Anyways, thinking of picking up the light novels, since I’ve heard that a full second season isn’t likely (yes, I’m aware there’s a movie, but that skips some of the LN content).


I remember when I was getting out of school, I was like, ‘If they just gave me one shot. If they gave me the one shot, oh man, I know I can do it’. Then I got my first movie and it came and it went, and I was like, ‘If they just gave me one more shot, just another shot.’ Then I started getting work, and I realised it’s not about that. It’s not about the shot. It’s about work.


I remember when I was getting out of school, I was like, ‘If they just gave me one shot. If they gave me the one shot, oh man, I know I can do it’. Then I got my first movie and it came and it went, and I was like, ‘If they just gave me one more shot, just another shot.’ Then I started getting work, and I realized it’s not about that. It’s not about the shot. It’s about work.


I remember when I was getting out of school, I was like, ‘If they just gave me one shot. If they gave me the one shot, oh man, I know I can do it’. Then I got my first movie and it came and it went, and I was like, ‘If they just gave me one more shot, just another shot.’ Then I started getting work, and I realised it’s not about that. It’s not about the shot. It’s about work.

Nalu AU 5


~“You’re a really hot doctor who’s checking my lungs and heartbeat and oh shit I think you can hear how fast my heart is beating because of you oh shit oh sh-“~


-Prompt by me :)-


Most people hated the annual doctor checkups, whether because of the cost, or the tedious scheduling, or even the fact that it was basically useless. I, for one didn’t mind in the least, I actually sort of looked forward to the occasions. I had to go more frequently since my niece, Wendy, was sick for a long while with some symptoms that stumped most of the doctors assigned to her. She was almost marked terminal before they gave another doctor a shot at treating her, and thank God, the guy fixed her up good as new. I was really forever in his debt, I remember as soon as he diagnosed her he had to tell me to stop with the ‘thank you’s’ already.

So yeah, he was sort of my knight in shining armor, but he’s totally not the reason I always jump at an invitation for a doctor’s visit. I liked making sure I was healthy, and plus free candy. Only reasons, I swear.

He wasn’t usually a children’s doctor, but I really preferred him to be. I saw the way he acted with the sick kids and it made my heart swell up,  he was goofy and sweet and it made me so mad when the adult patients of his got him in trouble for being ‘unprofessional’ and for ‘wasting time’ by playing with the children. He really was a good doctor, I admired him so much. I got to know him a little while Wendy was being treated and I honestly couldn’t find something I disliked about him. Okay, he wasn’t perfect, but pretty damn close. He could be a little absent-minded from time to time. And dense. Like, really dense.

I stood in line at the check-in counter, my palms sweating just at the thought of seeing him again. I needed to relax, there was a chance I wouldn’t even see him this time around, I could just get some other doctor. There were probably dozens; the chance of him being the one was slim. I exhaled as my turn came up.

Could I request him? Would that be weird? God I really wanted to see him. How long has it been? Four months? Six? I couldn’t keep track anymore.

I signed in, but they didn’t tell me who would be coming, so I waited patiently in the examination room. I still hated these beds. I know they were trying to be sanitary and use those little tissue paper sheets on top of the mattress, but really, that made everything so uncomfortable. And I ripped it as soon as I sat down. Oops.

A knock on the door jolted my eyes up to the door, but a tiny female nurse came in with a big smile.

“Hello!” She said, flipping through the massive file in her hand, “You must be Lucy Heartfilia correct?”

I nodded. Please don’t tell me you’re my nurse. C’mon lady.

She sat down on the rolly chair and proceeded to ask me questions, stuff about my medication and previous checkups and sicknesses and things like that. After she was done she stood up and gave another huge smile, “Alrighty, all done here.”

Wait, what?

She pressed the red button on the wall by the door and opened it, “Doctor Dragneel will be here momentarily to test your lungs and things like that.”

I nodded blankly. Dragneel! She meant Natsu Dragneel! Yes!

I couldn’t help the gigantic grin on my face after she left. Holy shit, I was really going to see him again. Would he look any different? Cuter possibly? No, that was impossible. Wait, did I look cute? I snapped open my purse and checked out my appearance. Okay, I looked fine. Phew.

My palms felt sweaty again. Okay, okay, just act normal and not like you want to jump off the bed into his arms.

I heard a knock on the door and my heart stopped. It cracked open and I saw him walk in, grinning at the sight of me.

“Lucy, hey,” He said happily, letting the door close behind him. “Good to see you again.”

“Hey Natsu,” I said just as joyfully, before shaking my head, “Doctor, I mean.”

He only smiled, “It’s fine. I heard you were here for a check-up so I wanted to take a look at you.”

I felt my heart swell up again, “You volunteered?” He nodded at me and sat down, “How sweet of you.”

I gave a sheepish laugh; I could feel my cheeks burning. Was I being obvious I had the world’s biggest crush on him?

Natsu searched through the drawers and took out his stethoscope and a flashlight. “So how’s Wendy?”

He came over and wrote something down in his file before stepping up to me, “She’s great actually, very healthy.”

He plugged in the earpiece and smiled at that, “That’s good to hear.”

“Thanks again, for what you did for her.” I said softly, looking at him through my eyelashes.

He only shook his head, “When are you ever going to stop thanking me for that?”

I merely shrugged. I opened my mouth to retort something, but all the thoughts in my head flew out as a gasp got caught in my throat. His hand when underneath my shirt, around to the back and I felt the cold metal on the stethoscope in the center. I looked up to him in a daze.

“Sorry, is it cold?” He asked. What’d I say? A little dense.

I nodded silently. Jesus, I could feel his hand on my skin. I felt shivers run down my spine and tried to focus to make them go away.

“Take a deep breath for me.” He said quietly.

He was so close. I could feel his warmth emanating from him. I took a shaky breath in and exhaled slowly. He moved the metal further right. “Again?”

I breathed in through my nose and exhaled out. I could feel my shirt riding up more across his wrist. Try not to faint right here, please?

He moved it again and I took another deep breath. I gazed up to him hovering over me, his eyes looked glassy down to the floor, listening carefully, I suppose. He pulled away and let my shirt fall back around my waist.

“Your lungs sound good,” He commented, clearing his throat. “Have you had any heart problems lately?”

You mean erratic beating? Yeah, they started right when you walked in.

I shook my head, “Nope.”

He nodded and I brushed a hair out of my eye. I felt his hand on the top of my breast and I jumped, whipping my eyes up to his.

“Sorry,” He said, holding up the stethoscope again, “Can I listen?”

Jesus, Lucy, get a hold of yourself. Did you really think he was coping a feel? My heart sped up just at the thought.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry.” I laughed it off, “Just cold.”

He nodded solemnly and gently pushed aside my shirt around my heart. Good thing I wore a V-neck today, I don’t think I could have taken his hand all the way up my shirt without fainting.

I felt the cool metal on top of my skin again and I heard him inhale. I glanced up to him nervously, seeing him smiling about something.

“Your heart’s beating really fast.” He said softly, staring into my eyes.

I blushed and looked away, “Sorry, just nervous I guess.”

It’s alright, just try and calm down for me.” He said, giving me a sweet look, “No need to be nervous.”

Plenty of reason, in my opinion. I felt my heart swell up again.

I closed my eyes and forced my heart rate to slow down. Shut up, shut up, I told my heart.

Slowly, my heart came to a regular beat, and I felt him press down harder. I opened my eyes and mistakenly met his gaze. I felt my heart start pounding again. Like, crazy. It was slamming against my chest, he was just so close and so handsome and I couldn’t help it any longer. I saw his eyes widen a touch.

Oh no, he knew. He knew it was him making my heart go off like that. I had to look away, but something kept my eyes locked in his. I saw his dark green eyes switch between mine, he stared at me in a way I couldn’t figure out.  No matter how open with his emotions he was, trying to read what was inside his head was nearly impossible. I saw him swallow.

My gaze fell to his lips, and I didn’t know what I was doing until I felt my lips on the corner of his. He immediately stilled, and I could hear his voice get caught in his throat. I let my lips linger, before slowly pulling back, returning my eyes to his again. He looked astonished, yet confused at the same time. I felt his hand fall on my chest.

He leaned forward towards me, his eyes staring at my lips and mine on his. I felt his breath on my skin, on my lips, before a knock on the door jolted him away.

Are you fucking kidding me lady??

Natsu spun on his heel and leaned over the file across the room as the nurse from before peeked her giant stupid smiling face in. She saw him pretending to read a paper and called out to him, “Hey, all done here? We have another appointment coming up.”

Natsu nodded quickly, “Yeah, just finishing up here.”

I kept my gaze on him and saw him rubbing his hands on his pants. Sweaty palms too?

“How is she? Will she live?” The nurse joked, walking up to me and letting the door close.

Natsu scratched his head, “Yeah, she sounds great. Her lungs and heart seem perfect.”

“Great,” She commented, pressing her fingertips against the veins in my neck to check my pulse.

I let my eyes drift to Natsu over her shoulder and saw him gazing at me, his eyes glazed over again. He licked his lips and looked away from my stare. God, I wanted to kiss him so badly. I almost had him, I was so close. Would I ever get the chance again? Would I have to wait another six months or something?

“Yep, everything sounds healthy.” The nurse confirmed, letting me go. “I think you’re ready to be checked out.”

I opened my mouth, but closed it. I couldn’t exactly say I wanted to stay to kiss the really hot doctor, now could I?

“Have a nice day, Ms. Heartfilia. Natsu I think there’s someone here for you to check out.” She nodded him towards the door.

He pushed himself off the counter and sauntered towards the door behind her, leaving quietly.

I groaned loudly as the door shut. I shouldn’t have done that. I just made everything super awkward now, didn’t I?

But he looked like he wanted to kiss me, didn’t he? Did I only imagine that? I shook my head of my thoughts and threw on my jacket, dragging my feet towards the check-out counter. I stared at the bowl of lollipops. Sugarfree. Ew.

I took one anyways and stuck it in my mouth, signing the papers to release me and sign up a new appointment. I started down the bleach white hallway and rubbed my temples, trying to rid myself of the really crappy feeling in my chest now.

“Lucy!” I heard someone call.

I turned around and felt my heart jump in my throat. Natsu waved at me, the old, sweet smile back on his face. I tried not to choke on my sucker.

“Can I see you in my office for a second?” He asked casually from down the hall.

Holy shit. Holy shit. Was he going to ask to only be my friend or something?

I took the lollipop out of my mouth, “Yeah, sure.”

I blushed as people walked by me and tried not to rush by his side. I shyly sucked on my lollipop.

He waited for me and opened up the door, walking inside first. I stepped in hesitantly, looking around the room and stepped out from the door swing. He hadn’t said anything since, so I assumed it wasn’t good.

I heard the door slam shut beside me and my back against it before I could even switch my eyes to his. I felt him take the lollipop from between my lips and press his in its place, his fingers curling through my hair to bring me closer. I inhaled sharply, I felt a pulsing shiver down my back as he dropped the lollipop on the floor and pressed his hand to the small of my back, bumping my chest into his and deepening the kiss intensely. I twisted my hands into his shirt to keep my legs from giving out. He made me feel absolutely weak in his arms.

Nonetheless, I kissed back. I felt his tongue graze against my lips and I felt this urge to do just the same. I gripped his hair, tugging at his strands and felt him lose his footing for a second, tripping over his feet until I was the one who had him against the wall. I laughed against his lips, pecking them over and over. He grinned at that and I felt his hand drift down my sides. I felt him pull my jacket off my shoulders and fall to the floor. His hands kept moving until he felt my skin beneath the fabric of my skirt. My skin shivered at his touch. He lifted me up until my legs wrapped around his hips, tripping over his feet again towards his desk.  He kissed me deeply again and tried to clear his desk before he set me down, but failed miserably.  I shrieked a laugh as I sat on a bunch of pencils and groaned of pain.

“Sorry,” He laughed, breathlessly.

I panted as well, finally noticing how desperately we both needed a breath of air. He stared at me, breathing in and out, before finally grinning as wide as I’ve ever seen.

“Your heart’s beating really fast.” He said quietly.

I nodded solemnly, my cheeks a rosy pink. “You make it like that.”

He gave a sheepish laugh, pressing his lips against mine again, “Mine too.” He couldn’t wipe that grin off his face. “I’ve wanted to kiss you for a really long time.”

I couldn’t get rid of mine either. He started kissing me again, but I reluctantly had to pull away.

“I have to go pick up Wendy from school.” I said, pouting.

He bit his lip, “Alright. I’ll  see you again though right?”

I stepped off the desk, my heart still racing. Damn, he should bite his lip more often. Really.

“Definitely.” I breathed.

I picked up my jacket and purse and let him walk me to the door, opening it up for me. I flattened my hair before I stepped out and felt his hand grab mine. I turned and saw him glancing around me before he pulled me in for a quick kiss, pulling away with that goofy smile he always had.

I let him close the door and leave me dazed in the hallway. Like, literally dazed. I felt my heart soaring up into the sky and so much excitement inside me I couldn’t see straight. I swayed down the hallway, using the wall to help balance myself and sighed blissfully.

Yeah, check-ups were definitely the best.