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Describe your first time bottoming?

Hmmm hard to remember the first time, but I think it was after a date. We went back to his place and started fooling around and one thing led to another and we gave it a shot. From what I can remember though, it didn’t really work out to well and we stopped trying.

But who care about the past.. all I know now is that it feels amazing.


I remember when I was getting out of school, I was like, ‘If they just gave me one shot. If they gave me the one shot, oh man, I know I can do it’. Then I got my first movie and it came and it went, and I was like, ‘If they just gave me one more shot, just another shot.’ Then I started getting work, and I realized it’s not about that. It’s not about the shot. It’s about work.


SKETCHY BEHAVIORS | Heather Benjamin (RH)

Through her dense and detailed packed line drawings to her more focused ink brush pieces, Rhode Island based artist Heather Benjamin’s work is visceral, cathartic, and autobiographical. It offers a completely unapologetic and unflinching look into an artists’ own struggles with life, body image, self confidence, and sexuality.  We find her and her art to be inspirational, honest and badass.

We recently ran into Heather at her booth at the LA Art Book Fair and caught up with her a few months later to ask about her art, her experiences at RISD, her influences, and her thoughts about her work and her life. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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I remember when I was getting out of school, I was like, ‘If they just gave me one shot. If they gave me the one shot, oh man, I know I can do it’. Then I got my first movie and it came and it went, and I was like, ‘If they just gave me one more shot, just another shot.’ Then I started getting work, and I realized it’s not about that. It’s not about the shot. It’s about work.

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you are one of my favorite writers and i was so happy when you said you would write riverdale scenarios too, i know you said that you have a long list of alec requests that you still need to write but can i pretty please have a Reggie scenario where he is jealous of the reader because she is good friends with Jughead? it is my birthday today so this would really make my day! i love your writing, hands down best writer!!!!!!

AN //
Happy Birthday babe.👸
Enjoy your day and if you’re legal, take it slow on the alcohol.✨

Reginald Reggie Mantle // Expression.

Reginald X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 3.7K

Credits to the rightful owners of these gifs @kulo-ren


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The Only Exception (Part 2)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,460

Warnings: language, fluff, hot firemen, drinking, (one) sexual innuendo, sarcasm, advice-giving for sad situations

A/N: I got so mad that I accidentally deleted my effing chapter. All your lovely notes and comments are gone; I’m sorry. This is a repost. I’m not retagging.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 -

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Fic update.

When I was in college, my boyfriend and I broke up. We’d been together for a few years, and the distance, amongst other things, came in between us. I remember I was eating lunch when he called me and said it was over. I didn’t bother trying not to cry. I was devastated. I was humiliated. I was just about everything you feel when the love of your life calls it quits.

We gave it another shot about a year later, and one of the hardest parts about getting back together was knowing there was a chunk of time missing between us. He’d tell me about friends he’d met or things he’d done or places he’d been, but it felt like he was retelling stories instead of getting to experience it together. I hated that I felt like I didn’t belong within that time frame; I hated that I couldn’t understand. And he felt the same way, told me he hated the way I’d grown in his absence, and he wasn’t there to witness the change.

I shut down a lot. So did he. Anytime he’d try to talk about the time we spent apart, I just felt uneasy and fucking sad. It was unwarranted, for the most part, and I struggled to keep my emotions in check. But it was like anytime we realized there were pieces of each other we didn’t understand on a personal level, it stung. A lot. That was where recovering got tricky. Awkward. One step forward, three steps back.

“We didn’t get to share that together. That’s a part of you I don’t know. I hate that there’s nothing I can do to go back and be a part of it.” - Something my ex said to me that I won’t forget, years and years later.

We never did fully recover, and eventually we realized we were completely different people than we were at the start, people who didn’t fit together anymore. We desperately wanted to mold our lives together, to make it work again. But we didn’t make it.

I wanted to write about a couple who did.

The fic is done. I plan to publish it tomorrow, if all goes according to plan x

I started by selling off my old legitimate card collection in college, a broke student fascinated by how much these little pieces of cardboard could sell for. One day, a potential customer falsely accused one of my Shivan Dragons of being a fake. It got me thinking of how easy it would be to actually fake these cards. So I went to a self-service Kinko’s and had a go at making a copy of a card I happened to own. The result looked … absolutely horrible.

So I started doing research. I learned the difference between bright white cardstock and digital cardstock paper, the different types of inks, the different options for lamination available to me. Once I’d learned all I could, I returned to the copy place and gave it another shot. The result was … again, absolutely horrible.

I needed a professional printer – and that was all I needed. 

Here are scans of two cards. One of these is a real card, and one of them is a fake that I made. I won’t tell you which one is real and which one is fake. That’s the fun of it.

My Fake ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards Fooled Almost Everyone

Never Have I Ever

Pairing: Sam x Reader 

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader 

Warnings: Drunk!Reader, reference to smut, swearing

Word count: 916

Summary: The Reader, Sam, and Dean have a fun night with a little too much booze. 

Tag list: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious @bambinovak @writingthingsisdifficult @aliensdeservebetter @spnfanficpond

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Little Games

PAIRING: reader x steve rogers (slight reader x wanda & reader x tony)


WARNINGS: SMUT, oral smut, orgasm denial, spanking, daddy kink, unprotected sex (keep it wrapped guys) dom!steve (slight dom!reader at the end)

Well this is quite the surprise to me as well. I don’t know where this came from I just decided to write something and then this happened. This is just pure smut and teasing and I’m not even sorry whoops! 

GIF NOT MINE (that expression tho *drools*)

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You were a woman of many things; you could take down a grown man with out even batting an eyelash. Stitching up a nasty wound with blood dripping down your arm, not a problem. Putting your body through physical pain with intense training schedules so that one-day, during a mission you were capable of saving lives, a walk in the park. You were a woman of many things but being ignored repeatedly was not one of them. Especially by Steve and especially when you were horny. Your relationship with the World War II super solder was complicated at best. The fact that you were both two very different people co-existing in a turbulent work environment only added fuel to the flames of whatever it was going on between the two of you. So yes naturally you fucked once, twice, three times. And again after a particularly hard training session. Sex had become something of a given between you and Steve. So when he started to ignore you and turn his attention to your other female co-workers you could feel the rage of jealousy raise it’s ugly head. 

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Call of repentance || Part II

Part I

Summary: reader is a member of the Golden Path. Under Amita’s command you have to sneak to the Royal Palace to kill Pagan Min. But when you’re about to fulfill your mission, you find youself unable to – under charm of king Min, you decide to switch the path and stand by the side of the Royal Army, becoming one of the leaders.

Word Count: 2211

Warnings: strong language

A/N: Part 2 of the story.

Author: Rouge

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I have realized that they were either flaky or not as enamored with me as they used to be, which honestly I don’t have time for. I caught myself trying to keep their attention rather than them trying to woo me and it caused me too much anxiety, worry, and insecurities regarding whether I was good enough or if they had started seeing someone better than me and had put me on the backburner.

 I went back to a guy that I had thought I wasn’t interested in months ago because I feared he liked me too much to be sane and honestly I am glad I gave him another shot! Not only do we meet once a week for dinner at super expensive restaurants in NYC ( such as Jean Georges, Nobu, Ai Fiori, Quality Meats, Milos) to which I have always been able to get whatever I want and then dessert if I have enough room, but he adores me and I honestly think I have finally found one that actually is in it long term. 

Our last date he had returned from a quick trip to Israel and brought me back a gift of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume and said that he’d pay for an apartment for me this summer to stay in the city into my next semester, so I can stay and see friends and go on vacations with him. The fact that he was thinking about me on his trip enough to get me something means the world to me.

He does not pay me compensation considering this is more of a spoiled girlfriend situation rather than SD. We haven’t even kissed or anything either because he said he wants to ‘court’ me by taking me to all the best restaurants and woo me before he even tries to make moves or date me. This past time we saw each other, I finally went back to his place to get my gift and he lives in the residences at the Mandarin Oriental hotel like WTF?! 

 So ladies find a man that adores you and stop fighting to stay in guy’s lives when they clearly no longer value you.

“Now Lexi, remember when we are talking to Professor Harris at the banquet tonight, you have to make sure to tell him that the changes have started to effect you mentally too. And that you want to change back, okay?” John was having to remind Lexi of just about everything these days. And John was more than a little concerned with the ethics of this experiment. His friend, Mike, had become a test subject and now was going by the name Lexi, admittedly it fit better. Despite John’s urging to reverse the changes, Prof Harris kept wanting to push things a little further. John was starting to worry that Prof. Harris had no intention of changing his friend back, and if that was the case, John was sure he would have to report him to the Board of Directors.

As John rounded the corner, headed for the front door, he came to sudden stop. The woman standing there in a tight green dress and flowing long blond hair took his breathe away, John couldn’t help but let his eyes roam up and down her amazing figure.

But the confused expression on her face was almost enough to make John remember what he had been saying before seeing her. “Effect me, what? I mean, like, I saw Harrisy just earlier today, and he said things were great. In fact he gave me another shot to help me.”

“What?!? He did what? Today?” John couldn’t believe it. Prof. Harris had given Mike/Lexi another dose of the experimental serum, just today. The effects of the original round of injections had been dramatic, and nearly immediate. In less than a week, Mike had gone from a 25 year old male to a young blond knockout of a woman. At first Mike was as startled as everyone at how dramatic the results had been, but after meeting with Prof Harris to be reassured that the Prof could change him back, Mike almost seemed amused that the serum was so powerful. But that was nearly a month ago.

Since then, Lexi had started staying with John. It seemed like she was forgetting things a lot, She had to go on leave from Mike’s job, besides the appearance change, she hadn’t even been able to work from home because of difficulty she was having concentrating on work. And since moving in with John, there was no denying that their relationship was changing. She couldn’t help herself, flirting was so much fun. And when she would casually brush against him, John was having a very difficult time thinking of this hot blond as his friend Mike. John hated thinking of her has ditz, but had overheard heard her being referred to as his bimbo girlfriend.

“Oh, and Harrisy asked me to tell you… Oh… what was it?” Lexi was struggling to remember as she looked at John, she could feel her body reacting. It had started doing that a lot more since the last few serum doses. “Oh, I remember. Harrisy said that I should take care of you. And you can take care of me, and that way, he won’t have to take care of you.” Lexi couldn’t help but giggle at the sound of it. “Sounds so funny doesn’t it?”

Hey guys, have some news about Avalon!

Basically she hasn’t eaten since october and since her environment was fine, I wasn’t too worried but she started regurgitating in Jan; I took her to a vet and they gave her a clean bill of health so I went with it.

She regurgitated 2 times after that, so I took her to a very professional exotic vet where she got some shots, and 3 syringe feedings (one everytime i went in for another shot) She finally gave me some feces so we sent it in for a fecal test yesterday.

I got the call not too long ago letting me know she has coccidia, a parasite living in the GI track. Tomorrow Im going to go in, they’ll give her an oral dewormer and some to take home to give her for the next two days.

Downside is I have to throw everything but her hides and waterbowl away, and what I don’t have to throw out will all have to be bleached.

Drink - Mark (36/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To read the other drabbles in my drabble challenge, click here

Prompt: Drink
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: Drunk!AU

Word Count: 841

This was requested forever ago by an anon! Sorry for the late post, but here’s a drunk!reader x Mark!

You stumbled up the steps of your boyfriend’s apartment, giggling to yourself as you tried to focus on each of the stairs in front of you. It had been a great night and your best friend had thrown an amazing party but there might have been a little bit too much alcohol. Whether it was the low alcohol tolerance or simply your friends pushing too many shots towards you, there was one thing you knew for certain.

You were drunk.

But there was no way you would ever admit that, so you had reassured your friends that you were fine to walk to Mark’s and had taken off. Your phone battery died at the beginning of the night, but you weren’t worried about it at all. In your drunken stupor, you never bothered to take into account whether Mark would be awake or whether he would even be in the apartment at all. All you knew was that you wanted to see him.

When you finally got to his apartment you banged on the door and then leaned against it, waiting for Mark to answer. When there was no response, you pounded again and called out to him.

“Maaarrrkk,” you slurred, trying to gain any semblance of balance. “It’s me!” you exclaimed, giggling lightly and tipping back and forth.

After a few moments, the door finally opened to reveal your sleepy boyfriend in a long shirt and sweatpants. His hair was thrown about in different directions and he was rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Y/N?” he stated, his voice low and cracking. “What are you doing here? It’s like 3 in the morning and –” Mark began, but you cut him off by throwing yourself at him and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“MARK!” you shouted as all of your weight was thrown onto your unsuspecting boyfriend. The act caught Mark by surprise and he took a few steps back falling back against the wall. You pulled back and grinned at him happily. “You’re here!” you exclaimed, squealing. Mark let out a sigh but then gave you a small smile.

“Who would’ve thought I’d be in my own apartment,” he chuckled, standing back up and pulling you up with him. You dismissed his comment entirely and grabbed his hand, swinging it back and forth.

“Let’s do something!” you stated. “Oh! We should go get food!” you exclaimed suddenly. Mark wrapped an arm around your waist as he began to pull you towards the bedroom.

“We can get food tomorrow, babe,” Mark said, kissing the top of your head. You tried to walk in a straight line, but it ended up just being you putting all of your weight onto your boyfriend.

“But I’m hungry! Aren’t you?” you whined, leaning your head into the nook of Mark’s neck. Mark hummed lightly and then gently put you down on the bed.

“Not too much,” Mark said, moving you so that you were laying on the bed with your legs dangling off. He pulled off your shoes as you told him the events that happened that night.

“It was so crazy, I didn’t know I could drink that much!” you slurred. Mark said ‘oh really’ before proceeding to pull your jeans off one leg at a time.

“And then, they gave me another shot!” you giggled as Mark stood up in front of you. You tried to sit up but fell back down so Mark helped you to sit up straight.

“Wow, babe. That’s really impressive,” he said, patting you lightly on the head. “Lift,” he commanded, motioning to your arms. . You shot your arms up in the air and giggled as Mark pulled your shirt off.

You teetered lightly on the bed but kept your hands up as he put one of his extra large shirts over your body. It was so big on you that it acted as a dress more than a shirt. Mark bit his lip and had to admit to himself that you were pretty cute.

Even if you did barge into his apartment at 3 in the morning.

“Yay! Now I can smell like you too!” you exclaimed happily, pulling Mark into a hug and making him fall onto the bed on top of you. You then rolled to the side so that you were both lying on the bed, face to face. He let out a laugh and then pulled you into him.

“You’re so silly, babe,” he said, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around you. You leaned back into him and felt your body relax into the large, soft bed. The tiredness hit you like a train and you immediately felt yourself begin to fall into slumber.

“Thank you,” you whispered, letting the calm and peaceful sleep take you over. Mark watched you lazily with one eye open and he smirked at how quickly you had passed out. He chuckled and shook his head, relaxing next to you and sighing heavily.

“This is going to be so much less happy in the morning.”

Not Dead Yet (Part 33)

*Hee hee hee*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: language

Before Peter and I left to grab more supplies I handed Candace off to Devin. She didn’t like that I was leaving her with some stranger but it was riskier taking her with me to another realm. We grabbed a handful of coins from the treasure chest before leaving.

I had to force Peter to go shopping before we went and started having fun. He complied but was groaning behind me the entire time as I picked out new blankets, tarps, cots, clothes, and canteens to replace all the ones we lost. In the end we had to steal a cart just to lug everything.

“I only came because you said we’d have some fun. It’s been three hours now and I’m still bored to death.” Peter grumbled as he pulled the cart alongside me.

“We’re almost done.” I assured him, “We just need candlesticks and matches. Where do you think those are?”

“How should I know?”

“I thought you said you’ve been to this market before.”

“I’ve been to the inn.”

“I’m not gonna say anything.” I rolled my eyes as we walked past a string of vendors. “I take that back, was the whore you shacked up with the last time you were here happen to be the candlemaker’s daughter because I cannot find the shop anywhere.”

I turned around but Peter was gone. “Peter? Peter?”

I spotted our cart near the corner and saw Peter browsing in a shop. There was a woman that looked to be in her late thirties showing him an array of pencil and charcoal sets. “Ahem,” I stepped up behind him, “I thought you were tired of shopping.”

“For dreadfully boring stuff.” He picked up a wooden case filled with pencils, quills, and an ink pot.

“You gonna get it?” I asked, “If you want it then get it. We have enough money.”

“No, just thought I’d look at it. We need more important things.” he set the case back down. “Do you know where the candle shop is?” He asked the lady.

“Down this lane, take a right, it’s next to the flower shop.” the woman explained.

“Thanks.” Peter walked out of the shop and headed in the direction of the candlemaker.


After Y/N was done buying the supplies Peter and her settled down at the local tavern for her promised drinks. Currently he was trying to show her how to down a shot to hilarious results.

“You are hopeless. You have to shoot it back not nurse it.”

“I tried the first time, it burned my throat.”

“Come on pet, stop being such a princess.” he poured her another shot. “Go.”

“You’re just trying to get me drunk and you should know that no amount of alcohol is going to get what you want from me.” she took the shot a bit easier this time but still coughed. “Can we stop with the shots? I’m just not getting it.”

“You are no fun.”

“I am tons of fun.”

“Prove it. You said we’d celebrate however I wanted and this is how I want to celebrate.”

“Not my words but I did say we celebrate.” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a little wooden box. It was the same one from the parchment shop Peter had looked at earlier. “Consider this a celebratory gift.”

“I told you I didn’t want it.”

“When do I ever listen to you? You treat yourself all the time, this time it’s my turn.” she pushed the case closer, “Take it. You’re gonna need it.”

“Why would I need it? I already copied down the Believer’s face.”

“Not for that. I know you like to draw. No one gets as good as you without practicing a lot. You just don’t because it’s not the kind of activity the others expect you to enjoy. Stop being the fearless Peter Pan and just be you once in awhile.” she handed him a ream of fresh parchment tied neatly together with string.

“I will take this if you chug a mug of mead right now.”

“How about this. You take it, I’ll chug the mead, but you also have to draw me a new picture since Candace burned my last one.”

“Deal. Two meads.” the bartender set two steins in front of them, “You go ahead and start and I’ll get started on this.”

“I am going to hate myself in the morning.”

“Should we get a room?” Peter asked as she started taking gulps of the frothing drink.

“You had better. I’m not going back to Neverland like this.” she grimaced in dismay at the half drunken glass, “Two rooms. I am not sharing a bed with you again.”

“One of these days you will.” Peter took a sip from his own drink.

“Yeah but we won’t be sleeping.” Y/N muttered and Peter choked. He caught the devious smirk on her face as she downed the rest of her mug. “There, now get drawing.”

“As the lady wishes,” He picked up one of the freshly sharpened pencils and set a piece of paper on the bar. What to draw? Last time he had just given her a portrait of herself but seeing as how she was leaning tipsy on the bar that didn’t seem the best muse.

Y/N is a strange one. Without any effort she can worm her way into his mind and make him do whatever she wants. Keep the phoenix that burnt down the camp? Of course you can. Come shopping for supplies for hours when he had more important matters to attend to? Sure. Get some drinks and stay the night but with little to no chance of finally having sex?  Why not!

He knew he had to respect her. Not doing so came with consequences. What he couldn’t stand was how she knew that she had a certain level of control over him. She knew and she stretched it. She crawled and fought her way into not only being his best friend but also his most trusted confidant and second in command finally knocking Felix from his long running position. She had her own little posse that were more her followers than Peter’s anymore. She was dangerous, strong, clever, sly, and confidant. He didn’t want to think what she could do if she knew magic. If he didn’t know any better he’d be scared she might try to overthrow him on the island. His vicious little Lost Girl.

There she sat giggling to herself and stealing sips from his drink. She had brought him out to celebrate and she was getting drunker than him very fast. “Slow down, pet.” he pulled the mead away from her, “You’re gonna make yourself sick.”

“I’m fine,” her words slurred slightly, “You really think I don’t know my limits?”

“The last time you drank this heavily was years ago. You don’t know the meaning of pacing yourself.” he took a long pull from the mug.

“Who’s the fuddy duddy now?” she leaned heavily on him, “I thought you was drawing me something. There’s nothing there.”

Peter stared back at the blank paper. “Just not inspired enough I suppose. Come on Y/N, I think you’ve had enough.”

“No.” she pushed off him and almost fell off the barstool, “I think I want to try another shot. Get me another shot.”

The bartender gave her an amused smile before setting a shot of whiskey in front of her. She picked it up and shot it back as if she was doing it for years. “See? I got this.”

“If you say so.” Peter packed the pencil set and parchment away, “You stay here, I’m gonna go get us a room. Okay?”

“Yes sir.” she gave a salute that threw herself into another round of drunken giggles. He was going to love lording this over her when she was sober again.

“Good girl. No more shots.”

“Fuddy duddy.” she stuck her tongue out at him before stealing his mug again.

Peter left to get the room. He knew better than to leave her alone and got a room with two beds for the night. He also paid off the tab for all the booze Y/N drank. The whole exchange plus a quick check to make sure their cart was still outside in the stables couldn’t have taken more than ten minutes. He grabbed the key to the room and went to collect Y/N.

When he got back to the bar though his Lost Girl wasn’t where he had left her but instead was hanging off some redheaded clotpole in a corner like some common floozy. Without a moment’s warning he tore the guy off her and pushed him away. “Whoa, what’s your problem?” the guy snarked.

“Back off before you do something you’ll regret.” Peter threatened through clenched teeth.

“Petey, what’s the big idea?” Y/N glared at him, “Why you gotta ruin my fun?”

“I am never taking you drinking again.” Peter muttered to himself and pulled her towards the stairs. “Let’s go.”

“No!” she ripped his arm from him and stumbled back into the redhead. “I was having fun with…this guy.”

“Sorry, looks like the lass has made up her mind, Petey.” the idiot mocked.

“Big mistake.” Peter used his magic and the guy’s neck snapped with a sharp crack. The inn fell into silence as they took a moment to process the dead body on the ground. “Upstairs, now!” he growled as he pulled a stunned Y/N up the steps and shoved her into the room. He doubted anyone would come to throw them out unless they wanted to run the risk of getting killed too.

“Way to go. I finally get some attention and you break his neck.” Y/N pouted as she collapsed back on the one bed. “You’re such a prat.”

“I’m the prat?” he snarled, “What the hell were you doing acting like a tramp for? I thought you were too good to let alcohol affect your judgement.”

She rolled her eyes and started to tug off her boots. “So what? You can go off slipping it to other girls but the second I lay eyes on some other boy and you get all jealous? Hypocrite.”

“I ain’t slipping it to other girls and you know that. There’s no reason for you to be looking at any other guys because if you want that kind of attention you just come to me. Got it?”

“Blah, blah, blah,” she chucked a boot at him, “You’re not so special y’know? Really looking what’s the difference between what he was doing and what you do?”

“Well how’s this for comparison?” he crossed the room and pushed her back on the bed. He pinned her arms up by her head before pressing a hungry angry kiss against her mouth. He was half expecting her to throw him off but given her drunken state she instead kissed him back.

Y/N broke her arms free and wrapped them around his neck to pull him closer. She was certainly stronger when she was drunk and a lot more clingy. All of which was fine with him.

She reached to tug off his shirt. “Not yet,” he pulled back away from her, “No need to rush things we have all night, pet.”

“I thought you liked me.” she mumbled.

“I do.” he pulled her up into his lap, “But you have to let me lead this time.”

“Okey dokey,” she ran her hands through his hair.

The heavy stench of alcohol on her breath hit him like a runaway carriage. She is really drunk isn’t she? Like, probably won’t remember most of what’s going on tomorrow level drunk. A part of him, a very loud part, told him to take advantage of this like he had been hoping to. Another very annoying voice told him that if he went through with this she would never forgive him.

“Son of a bitch…” he pushed her back. She gave him a confused look. “Sorry my dear, not tonight.”

“Huh?” she nestled closer into him batting her eyelashes, “Don’t you want me? Cause I want you. I really really want you.” she leaned in to kiss him again.

“I know you do.” he grabbed her wandering hands, “But you are very drunk and in the morning you won’t remember any of this. When we do get to it I want you to be able to remember every second of you giving into me and wanting me. Okay?”

“Boo!” she pushed off his lap and fell on the floor.

“Come here,” he helped her back up and set her on the bed, “Get some sleep.”

She rested back against the bed before the sound of her soft snores assured Peter she was fast asleep. He fell back against the other bed with a sigh. One day he’ll mute that stupid conscience of his for good. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t have a little fun. He looked back at Y/N as a devious thought drifted into his mind.


Oh sweet lord above. My head is killing me. I sat up slowly feeling like I was gonna be sick. I am never drinking ever again. This has to be a hundred times worse than the last time Peter and I went drinking. At least this time I didn’t do anything embarrassing. Or did I? I can’t remember much of anything.

I squinted against the harsh light streaming in through the window. Where was Peter? I could use a magical hangover cure. “Look who finally woke up.” Peter was sitting at the small desk near the door. “And it certainly is a good morning.” he eyed me hungrily.

“What are you–” I looked to where he was staring and yelped. I pulled the blanket up to cover my bare chest. Why the hell am I naked? “Peter? What happened last night?”

“You don’t know? I would have thought it was a night well worth remembering.” he smirked at me.

“Oh god,” I buried my aching head in my hands, “Did we…?”

“I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.” he reclined back in the chair. “After all last night you wanted me. Really, really, wanted me. Who am I to deny my Lost Girl what she wants?”

“I think I’m gonna be sick.” I rolled off the bed.

“Now that’s just harsh.”

“No, I mean I’m actually–” I clasped my hands over my mouth as a wave of nausea swept over me. I threw the window open and heaved over the side. Once the contents of my stomach were gone I sunk down to my knees and pressed my burning face against the cool wooden sill. “Kill me…”

“How about this instead?” he pressed his hands to either side of my head as my hangover started to abate.  “If this was gonna be your reaction I’m glad I didn’t actually go through with it.” Peter tsked.


“Y/N, do you actually believe that you and I had sex last night? I know you were pretty far gone but seriously, does anything feel different?”

Now that he mentioned it I didn’t feel any different. At least not in the way losing my virginity should feel I suppose. “But if we didn’t have sex, then why am I naked?”

“Just a bit of fun. I wanted to see how you’d react if you thought we really did the deed.” he dangled my knickers off his finger, “I guess you’ll be wanting these back.”

“You ass!” I snatched them from him as I rushed to put my clothes back on, “You inconceivably obnoxious asshole! Don’t do that!” I proceeded to smack him over the head with my boot.

“Hey! Ouch! Hey–Ow–Quit it!” he grabbed the boot out of my hands. “It was just a joke.”

“Not to me! You don’t joke about that kind of stuff with me!” I shouted at him. “You are so lucky that you didn’t actually go through with it because if you did–”

“You’d chop me into tiny bits and feed me to the wolves?” he sat down on the edge of the bed. “Hate me forever? Never forgive me?”

“Well…yes,” I shrugged, “But most of all I would just be disappointed that you wouldn’t have respected me enough to wait for my sober consent for something like that. I know it’s just sex but I have some self respect. I don’t need your opinion of me lowered any more by giving you an excuse to think of me as nothing more than some drunk common tramp.”

“Y/N,” he sighed with a smile, “If I thought you were just some common tramp last night would have ended much differently. But you are not. You’re my Lost Girl and all that implies. Also I just got you to start talking to me again, why would I risk your wrath by doing something so dimwitted as belittling your value to me?”

“I guess I have trouble remembering that you don’t hate me.” I sat down on the other bed and drew my knees to my chest.

“You aggravate me for sure.” Peter laughed, “You’re annoying and stubborn and nosey and incredibly disrespectful–”

“Does this have an ending anytime soon?” I snapped.

“Almost. You’re also very hot-tempered, reckless, condescending, cocky, but also very kind, thoughtful, protective of your friends, loyal, and intelligent. Also if it wasn’t obvious you are an attractive minx.” I hid my pleased smile behind my knees. He noticed and reached to pull my face from its hiding place. “What I’m trying to say is that all those tiresome and endearing traits of yours are what make you my Lost Girl. You’re my friend, I can detest you but I could never hate you. Not anymore at least.”

I cast my gaze around the room so he couldn’t see how happy his words made me. “I don’t hate you either.” I mumbled under my breath, “I know I say I do but I really don’t. Not even close.”

“I know.” he held my face in his hands pressing my forehead to his, “If there is anything I can do to ease your worrisome little heart that you are not in fact just some floozy to me, name it and it will be done.”

“Anything?” I quirked an eyebrow up at the generous offer.

“Within reason.” he was quick to add.

I let out a small chuckle as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Ironically, I can think of one thing.”

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