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Hiii guys, so I get many asks asking if I have a masterlist so I decided to make one now. Welcome to my crappy masterlist which has only two fanfictions on it so far, (yup) I will be updating this masterlist each time I write a new fanfiction so you can find them all in my description box :)  Enjoy XD

Dark Obsessions

Rough (ish) Jungkook smut and angst fanfiction. You’ve involved yourself in a FWB relationship with your neighbour Jungkook. The only problem is that he is your older brother Taehyung’s best friend. Will both of you be able to keep up your secret or not?

Deranged Secrets

Rough (ish) Jungkook/Jimin smut and angst. Two boys, both the worst of enemies. One boy gave you everything he had and took nothing. The other boy took everything you had and gave you nothing in return. It started from a broken heart which led to a twisted game of lust and desire and ended with one single secret that could shatter and destroy you both.

Dally's Little Sister Pt.3
for the first two parts search the tag “thingsaretuffalloverdallyslittlesister”

Dally was a hard guy who really didn’t care about much but despite all that he had been through, deep down he was still just a kid. And that kid wanted a family. It’s why Dally always stayed so loyal to the guys and it’s why-despite what he tells his friends-he’s interested in knowing his sister. Most people even his friends would think he wouldn’t care about stuff like that but then again most of them at least know what it’s like to have parents. Even if some of them aren’t so great. That’s why Dally always got along so well with Johnny. Most of the guys in the gang had at least had one half way decent parent in their life time except Johnny. And Dally figured the one that could most understand what it was like having no parents is the one who had two no good parents.

He had been thinking a lot about family ever since Bea invited Dally and Steve, and all the other guys over to her house for dinner. She wanted a way to thank Steve for fixing her bike for free and she had started becoming friends with Ponyboy and Johnny after seeing them around school a little more. She even started talking to Two-Bit who loved to make her laugh more than anyone. She figured dinner at her house would be a nice way to really become friends with these guys while showing her appreciation for all that they had done for her at the same time. She invited Darry and Sodapop too because she knew how close all the guys were and didn’t want to leave anybody out.

She also really wanted to thank Dally in person for what he did for her. The next day at school after Steve had fixed her bike and she had fought with Dally she saw one of the guys that used to ruin her tires with a black eye and one of the others had a split lip. None of them could make eye contact with her in the hall and the youngest one even came up to her in the hall to give her a quick and timid apology.

She knew it was Dally who did that but she could not figure out why him- or any of those guys for that matter- had taken such an interest in helping her. But still while she didn’t generally condone violence she appreciated the thought behind his actions.

The night of the dinner was Saturday because her parents always had date night on Saturday. They knew she had friends coming over that were all boys but they truly trusted their daughter to make good decisions and didn’t mind that they were coming.

The night was going well. Bea had set up the backyard so they could all sit around a fire and eat. She was a really good cook and they were all surprised to find out the pizzas she had were homemade. When she brought out the chocolate cake they all just about wanted to marry her right then and there.

Dally excused himself inside to use the bathroom but it was just an excuse so he could look around their house a bit. He couldn’t help it. Since he couldn’t bring himself to tell her and ask about her life he wanted to snoop and see if he could find any pictures of her from when she was a kid. When he stepped into a room that was painted bright yellow and was covered with flowers and books he knew it must be hers. He tried to leave, the last thing he wanted was to invade her privacy, but something on her dresser caught his eye. He walked over to take a closer look and there it was. A picture of him from when he was a kid. It was all worn out and it looked like it had been crumpled to the point where Dally wouldn’t have recognized himself if it weren’t for his mom in the background.

Suddenly the door creaked from behind him and in stepped Beatrice looking confused.

“Okay, creep, this isn’t the bathroom..”

“Sorry..” Dally muttered and tried to put the picture back secretly but she saw and immediately rushed over looking angry. She snatched it from his hands and took a step away.

“Don’t touch that.” she told him defensively and slid the picture into her nightstand drawer.

“Sorry..” he muttered again lamely and she shrugged a bit.

“It’s fine. It’s just.. it’s a fragile picture and it’s important to me is all.”

“Why?” Dally asked.

“Why what?”

“Why is that picture important to you?” he asked getting impatient. She got defensive again and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t know.. I just.. I’m curious alright?”

“Curious about a picture you found while creeping around my room?”

Dally looked annoyed and shook his head. “Whatever. You’re right. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to come into your room.” he said and began storming over to the door but his hand stopped once it hit the handle because she spoke.

“It’s my brother.. Not the one you saw picking me up that day. It’s one I’ve never met.”

“If you’ve never met him then why do you have that crappy picture?” Dally asked turning to her.

She thought for a moment if she should tell him. She had no idea who this guy was but somehow she found herself telling him. “I never knew my real mom. All I had was a shoebox full of stuff that she gave my dad when she had me and that picture was in it. I’ve always lived with my dad and my step mom. My step mom is amazing and she’s always been in my life taking care of me.. but I always thought finding him would bring me closer to my real mom or something so I looked him up a lot. I found out he went to juvie a lot and they said now that all they could tell me that the last record of him was a few arrests in Tulsa. So when my dad’s job offered him a new position anywhere in the country I asked him to move here. He knows how much it means for me to find him but so far I’ve got nothing but that stupid old picture of him and a name.”

Dally was looking down at the ground. “What’s his name?” he mumbled.

“Dallas.. Dallas Winston.”

Dally nodded a bit and looked up. “I’ll keep an eye out for him, kid.” he said and Bea smiled a bit. She had some tears in her eyes but she nodded at him.


The two of them went back out to the fire and sat with the others. They were all joking around and having a good time with each other. They were jumping from one conversation to the next and getting to know each other really well. Bea was laughing as she asked Sodapop and Ponyboy something.

“Are you sure those are your real names and not some nicknames like Two-Bit?”

“They’re real.” Sodapop grinned. “You can even check our birth certificates. Darry’s is a nickname though. Short for Darrel.”

“What about you?” Bea grinned and tried to pull a silent Dally into the conversation. “Is Dally your real name or is it short for something.”

Dally stared at her for a long moment before responding. “No.. No Dally’s my real name.”

“No it ain’t!” Two-Bit called out laughing. “His name’s Dallas!”

Beatrice’s head turned quickly from Two-Bit to Dallas and she stared at him with wide confused eyes. Everyone got quiet and Dallas just got up to storm off. He was out of sight when Beatrice decided to follow him. Steve smacked Two-Bit’s arm for causing trouble as she shot out of her seat and ran after her brother.

Words Unspoken

Summary: They both thought it would be fine, just two strangers communicating with a bunch of post-it notes. Exchanging words and emotions written in words. It would be harmless and nothing is going to happen. Oh how wrong they are.

Will’s post-it notes

Nico’s post-it notes

Regular talk

There it is again. A random post-it note that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Okay, it’s posted on the exact same spot as before but still. Will Solace, rolled his eyes -a gesture he barely does out of being a generally happy person- at the small piece of paper. As if it had been the bane of all things positive and beautiful.

Seriously, had people stooped so down low with laziness that they can’t possibly discard a measly piece of paper with something quite depressing written on it. Towards a trash bin. Preferably one with the recycle logo? And save mother earth on their own little way?

Wait. Back track to a certain previous thought.

There had been something depressing written on it.

-I’m breathing but I’m barely alive. I’m alive but I don’t exist. I exist but I’m not exactly breathing.

Okay, wow. That was really pessimistic and a whole new level of depressing.

And that made Will really concerned.

Now Will felt rather stupid. How come he didn’t pay attention to it earlier? Those other post-it notes he had oh so conveniently thrown into disposal. Had it been written with words too?

Turns out, it does.

-Who made it so that people should be obliged to wake up with the sun? Oh yes, someone whose not much fond with the idea of sleep. I really don’t care but who made law that you actually need to drag other people with you? I don’t even like sunrise nor sunset for that matter. At least not anymore.

-“I am going to be okay” good lord, how many times have I repeated that to myself? And yet, I’m still not okay.

-Can’t the world just shut up for once?

-There’s enough happiness for everyone. People just need to share" Yeah? So where’s my share?

-It would have been really nice to know how it feels to live and not just breathe.

-The world is wide and beautiful and I just want to exist.

“You’re starting to become obsessive with those notes, Will” Kayla sat beside her half brother and stared disgustingly at her school cafeteria lunch. “Ugh. Thought we’re supposed to go healthy?”

“I am not” Will defended himself but made no move to pry his eyes away from the bundle of post-it notes he was holding. Reading the written words over and over again that as if by doing so, he’ll be able to figure out something.

Maybe the identity of the person who had been writing them.

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Comfort Zone

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Summary: Casual sex was never a strong suit of yours, so you really should have expected you’d get caught on your own feelings for a particular man with a killer smile who just so happened to live upstairs.

Notes: italics are the reader’s thoughts. This fic is based off of the song ‘sex’ by EDEN.

Song: sex by EDEN

Word Count: 1.3k+

Warnings: implied smut (nothing graphic because this is me), maybe a lil bit of cussing, Sam Winchester is a life ruiner.

“I haven’t even met my new neighbor and I already hate her,” you announced as you took a seat, handing a mug of your special homemade hot chocolate to your best friend and taking a sip of your own. “She was blasting music until 11 at night and I heard really loud footsteps up until then. It was obnoxious and I swear I came close to marching up there and telling her to cut it out.”

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  • dad: hey interesting necklace, where'd you get it from?
  • me: oh this? my brother, sammy gave it to me when he was 8. pretty big deal actually, some crappy christmas in a motel, you know, it was a miracle he got me anything at all but you know what that kid's like
  • dad: what
  • me: gotta tell you a secret though, it's actually a replica this girl gave me. i threw the damn thing away. it's nice though, having it back even if it's not the real one. like a symbol you know
  • dad: you... you don't have a brother called sammy
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: god i love that kid

What I hate about this show? Damon is the one who actually man pains about everything. Stefan is the one being there caring for him actually giving a damn. And you know what? Screw this. Damon doesn’t deserve a friend when he’s talking someone else’s friends too, and Stefan’s only friend with the actual nerve of making a joke about it. Damon doesn’t deserve not even a little of kidness, or pity. Because he’s a piece of shit.

Stefan’s the crappy brother?

  • Stefan was the one saving Damon from the fire on 1x22. “He’s my brother Bonnie”.
  • Stefan was the one who saw her best friend, the only one who’s been there for him, being killed by his brother on his birthday. (1x08)
  • He had the nerve to come to Stefan´s life, mess with Elena’s loved ones for boredom and made Stefan deal with it.
  • Stefan’s always the one waiting and belieiving there’s something good on Damon, while Damon? He’s always giving up on Stefan.
  • We forget Stefan gave his own life for Damon. 1) He gave himself over to Klaus to expose him to be darkest part on him, the ripper side. The one he was trying to repress for years. For his brother to kiss the love of his life in return. 2) He offers himself for torture not knowing if he’s gonna be fine just so his brother, the same who stole his girlfriend stop being a ripper, with again - nothing in return or a thank you, just more sex with again his ex girlfriend.
  • When Stefan broke up with Elena, Damon’s first worlds were “I’d say that I’m sorry but I’m not”, and slept with her. Stefan could have done the same… yet he choose to stop and say “This is wrong, you and Damon just split up”.
  • When Stefan was gone on s3, Damon told Elena, his girlfriend who was desesperate: “Stefan is gone and his not coming back, not in your life time”, but oh when Damon was gone on s5, Stefan told Elena, his ex girlfriend, the woman he’ll probably love the most “You never gave up on me, so don’t give up on him”
  • I remember Damon and Stefan agree on leaving MF if one of them isn’t choose by Elena. She choose Stefan. Damon didn’t leave. Instated he took the opportunity to screw her over with the sire bond, lied to is brother over “setting Elena free”, Stefan had the dignity to walk away on s4, to being screwed over anyways.
  • Oh, and Damon blames Stefan for not noticing he was missing for 5 years, but when he hear the story’s of “The ripper of Monterrey” his brother, and that was actually his foult in the first place. Did he look for him? NO. Or, funny when he was in the botton of a late for 3 months and he was too busy sleeping with the woman he stole from him, actually calling him “your ex boyfriend” instanted of brother. Hilarious. 
  • What it’s even funnier is that Damon man pains over dreams and connections, when he wasn’t the one sitting on a chair listening to the love of his life confess her love to another man, no other man but his brother, with her death best friend supporting him, that was also taken away from him for the same person standing there taking away what he loves the most. 

So, tell me again who’s the crappy brother. Are those baised writers doing this on propose or they’re trying to be sarcastic?  Why can’t Stefan man pain over this? And call out his brother? No, cause he’s actually too good, and he’s no seaking for attention and pity.

Even if Damon saves his life on 5x22 (justice) it’s too late. Stefan lost his best friend, the love of his life the woman who made him feel alive and happy. Expose him to kill people over summer, turn off his emotions to feel guilty for the next century. He died over and over again over summer, hoping his brother will be there, he wasn’t. He mentally suffer with the experience of the safe alone. While Damon was again, fucking Elena. Stefan is broken, devastated, lost, he lost the woman he loves, his heart… 

but Damon had the worst year.


For you it was a somewhat normal day, beside the fact that you were wearing a very revealing cop two piece outfit in front of lots of grown men and some women. It wasn’t particularly your choice, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get this hunt done.

You put on your short brunette wig, added some more glitter to your chest and walked out with the rest of the girls. Tonight wasn’t exactly what you’d call a full house but there was a good amount of people. It was your turn to go up. The music was already playing and all you had to do was dance, very very provocatively. The outfit helped, especially the blood red lipstick, it helped your lips pop and attract more attention from people, and hopefully the Siren you were hunting.

You scanned the crowd, looking for any sign of the supernatural creature. Since it was basically a mimic of the person of your dreams it wouldn’t be that hard. Especially since most guys that came in here were in their mid 40’s or 50’s. Sometimes however there was the occasional hot guy that would walk in, asking for a lap dance by one of the other girls. If they did ask for you you declined, lap dancing wasn’t your thing.
There was something that caught your attention. A pair a piercing green eyes, but the thing that was more attractive was the person attached to them. He was a tall man with light brown almost dirty blonde hair, wearing a burgundy flannel with a black t-shirt underneath and jeans. He caught your gaze and winked at you, you kept dancing, doing your best to attract him.

After all, he looked like he could be the Siren…. looks like you were gong to find out soon. He started walking over to you and sat down right at the front table. It made perfect sense for a Siren to hunt in a strip club. One reason being that most girls here are willing to do the dirty with lots of people, and if you look like the person the their dreams chances are they’ll go with you.

He smiled and shoved a twenty in your bottoms. You smiled and danced a little more till the song was over.
You walked back off stage and went to go walk around serving costumers and declining requests for lap dances.

That was until one of the girls called your name, startling you and making you drop the beer you were holding. “Hey Lily, guy at table 6 want a lap dance.” Lily was your alias, you were about to decline when you looked over to table six. It was the siren from earlier.
As you walked over to where he was one of the other dancers whispered in your ear. “Lucky.” You laughed in your head, yeah lucky till I have to kill him, you thought.

“Hey sexy.” He said when you approached him, you smiled and straddled his lap. No, you never gave a lap dance at the club, but you had done it on many other previous nights if you know what I mean.

You started grinding your hips against his when he threw his head back. You smirked and picked up the pace, whispering dirty things into his ear. He groaned. Yes, it was quite sexy but it also made sense, guy of your dreams = Siren. He leaned forward and put a bundle of 1 dollar bills into your top. You got off him and smiled. “See ya.” You walked away with the swing of your hips and the clack of the high heeled boots you were wearing.

Your plan was simple, wait till your shift is over, follow him to where he was going, then take that son of a bitch out. You smiled to yourself and looked at the clock. 12:26, you got off at 12:30. You then looked over at the man, panic stuck you. He wasn’t at the table anymore, you searched frantically for him, your eyes rested on him at the bar. He was talking to the bar tender, when you walked away to go to the back room where you were going at take off your outfit and wig.

You changed into your normal clothes and let your H/c hair fall down. You grabbed your keys and left through the back door. You walked around front just in time to see the man from earlier get into a black car.
You quickly rushed to your car and followed him.

You guys drove for a while only to come to a dirt road, you smiled to yourself, could he be anymore cliché. You followed him at a reasonable distance, with your lights off to an abandoned wear house. Okay you take it back, this was the most cliché thing ever.

He got out and walked around the car and into the wear house. You got out of your car, going to the trunk and grabbing a bronze dagger, you had already stopped by the crime scene of a previous victim and collected some of its blood, you dipped the blade into the blood and held it in your left hand as you gathered other stuff, including your gun which was your prized possession.

You walked inside with your gun and the dagger in your belt loop under your jacket. You walked further in, you heard a noise behind you, you turned around to see a black shadow move behind you. You grabbed your gun from behind and held it up, ready to shoot.

Someone came up behind you and held your arms behind your back. You elbowed it in the chest and grabbed a throwing blade from your boot, you chucked it at whatever it was then missed.

“Good thing your a terrible shot.” The Siren from the strip club said, you scoffed and grabbed your gun from the floor looking around for any sign of the creature.

He stepped out from behind a pile of wood, and smirked at you. He walked towards you. “Why do you do what you do?” He asked, waving his gun around. You shrugged “Because I like it.” He chuckled. “All you freaks are the same.” He said walking closer.

“I get that a lot.” You said before pulling the trigger so the bullet hit his shoulder, that was connected to the hand holding the gun. He shouted in pain, but not before you were behind him, hands behind his back and the dagger pressed to his throat.

You would have slit it too if it wasn’t for his instant reaction to it. “Woah, woah, woah. You think I’m a Siren.” He said trying not to move to much. “What do you mean ‘think’.” You said as he pulled your hands away from his throat. He reached behind him self and pulled out a bronze dagger, similar to the one in your hands.

“Guess we thought the same thing.” He said putting his knife back, same as you did. “Look, I’d love to stay and chat but I have a monster I have to go kill.” You said walking away.
When you got to the door, a phone rang. It wasn’t yours but it was the other man’s. You stopped walking.

“Yeah Sammy I kinda figured it out.”
“No I didn’t kill her.”
“We’re on our way!”

The last part seemed worried. “What do you mean we.” You asked turning around to look at him. He smiled. “That is why you stopped walking, right.” You felt a smile tug at your lips but you kept it held back.

You followed him out the door, you walked to your car when he stopped you. “Aren’t you coming, it’ll be easier just to take mine.” He gestured opening the door. “And why would I get into a car with a stranger that just tried to kill me?” You asked him. “The names Dean, see I’m not a stranger anymore. And to be fair you tried to kill me too.” He reasoned, you shrugged and walked over and sat down in his car.

You guys had gotten a little bit down the road when you looked over at Dean, as you now knew his name. He was bleeding from where you had shot him. Without thinking you took off your flannel exposing your black tank top. He looked over at you. “I usually don’t get this friendly till the second date, but I’m not gonna decline.” “Don’t get too excited big boy.” You said as you leaned over and pressed the flannel to his shoulder, he winced.

“Doesn’t look like the bullet went all the way through.” You said looking at his back. “You think.” He said sarcastically. “So, where are we going now.” You asked, leaning more onto Dean, for the pressure of the flannel of course.

“My brother thinks he knows where the siren is living for the time and he wants us to meet him there. Honestly something seemed very off about this, but you let it go.

You guys pulled up to a crappy looking gas station, it also looked like no one had been inside for years. There was no other car there which was odd. You looked at Dean and he gave you a confused look, obviously questioning this too.

You guys walked inside, guns drawn. “Dean!” Said a voice, catching your guys’s attention. You looked over to where it was, you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. “ Sammy.” Dean shouted as he ran over to hug him. Sam however didn’t hug back, Dean pulled away looking at him awkwardly.

A girl wearing a glittery two piece outfit, walked out from behind Sam. “Oh Dean, he doesn’t like you anymore.” She said smirking at him, you pulled his arm back so he was standing next to you. The siren looked at you. “Oh, and little miss Y/n, on to the next Winchester I see.” She chuckled walking down next to Sam.

You recognized her, she was one of the girls from the strip club. “What?” Dean asked, turning towards you. “She didn’t tell you? Well that’s too bad, but now ‘I’ get to tell you.” She said happily, smiling. “It was back when you and Sammy boy had an argument. Sammy left, as you know, and started drinking his feeling away.” She paused and looked at you. You didn’t dare looking up at Dean. “Y/n here was hunting one of my sisters so they happened to end up in the same town. Anyway, they got it on and had a little….hmmm, fun.” She said smirking. “And you left without saying bye to poor old Sammy, but not before you got him to pour out all his feelings to you..” She finished.

Dean looked down at you, still slouched over from his wound. “Go get them Sammy.” She said smiling at you and Dean, she paused. “Oh, and Y/n. You really shouldn’t have let me use your lipstick…. Why don’t you team up with Sammy to kill Dean, then you two can kill each other.”

You looked down wiping your lips off, but it was too late.

You kicked Dean’s gun out of his hands, and punched him in the jaw, sending him stumbling backwards. “Y/n, Sammy! Fight it, this isn’t you.” He yelled. You chuckled. “Oh baby, then you obviously don’t know me.” You said kicking the back of his legs making him fall to the ground.

Dean got up stumbling backwards. Sam walked up, sending another punch into Deans ribs. He took his hands and dug his fingers into Deans gun shot wound. He winced. “Sammy I don’t want to fight you.” He said, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Sam kicked him again. Dean grunted, blocking Sam’s punch and twisting his arm back, he kicked Sam to the ground. He hit his head on the corner or a shelf, getting knocked out.

Now, you came towards him, dagger in hand. You stabbed at him, he dodged your attempts and punched you in the stomach. He took this time to grab the dagger and run off, going to find the Siren.

It felt like hours had gone by but in reality it had only been minutes, you were still doubled over in pain clutching your stomach.

You heard a groan, you looked over and Sam was starting to wake up. You fell down to his side. “Hey, Sam you okay.” You asked, helping him sit up. He looked at you and in the slightest he pulled away. “Look Sammy, I’m so sorry for what I did, I’m sorry I didn’t say good bye.” You poured out. He looked at you, puppy dog eyes and all. “It wasn’t just that Y/n, it was that you let me pour my feeling out to you, then you were gone, without a trace.”

He looked down at you, clear pain on his face. “I’m so sorry.” You said going to hug him, he didn’t hug back straight away, but he did eventually.

You heard foot steps stumbling back, you grabbed your gun off the ground and aimed it at the door. Dean came into view, you sighed helping Sam up off the floor.

“Well, that’s one more Son of a bitch down, and a lot more to go.”