gave saporta

"Gay rumors ruin a friendship"

Are antis that keeping saying gay rumors ruined their friendship aware that Harry and Louis are not the only band members to be shipped together? Do they know Fall Out Boy? Do they know that Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz have been heavily shipped together by a lot of their fans. And yet, as the years have gone by, they are still each other’s best friends. And there’s so many other bands this happens with.

Gave Saporta and William Beckett? Still friends.
Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta? Still friends. PETE GOT A TATTOO OF GABE’S FACE. HIS ACTUAL FACE.

Gerard Way and Frank Iero? You guessed it, still friends.

And there’s sooooo many more that I haven’t mentioned. Harry and Louis are not special snowflakes. They are not the only best friends that have gay rumors surrounding them. You genuinely believing that these rumors destroyed their friendship is fucking stupidity. I wouldn’t be friends with my best friend anymore if gay rumors were that threatening to a friendship. The friendship has to be really fucking weak for it to be broken because fans think they’re romantically involved.

And I’m going to mention ryden(Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie) only because I saw some dumb ass comment under the article about “Louis” saying fans ruined his friendship with Harry. This person says that it’s what happened with Panic! At the Disco and that’s why “Ryan and Brendon don’t talk anymore”

No, sweetheart. Fans shipping them didn’t split up the band. Regardless on your opinion on whether or not those two were romantically involved is irrelevant. Those two guys alone are responsible for ruining their friendship. They themselves destroyed whatever relationship they had. Don’t put that on the fans.

Don’t you dare put that on One Direction fans either. I don’t care if you believe in larry or not. I don’t care if you believe that Louis is a dad or not. But don’t fucking come and say that larries are responsible for Harry and Louis “not being friends anymore.” Because that is utter bull crap.

How about, instead of putting blame on us, you take the time to think about why it is that Louis never says these things himself on camera. Because you know what his response to this was on video? That fans are allowed to think what they want. HE HAS NEVER SAID VOCALLY THAT FANS RUINED HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH HARRY. NEVER HAVE I ACTUALLY HEARD LOUIS TOMLINSON VOICE THAT IN SEVEN YEARS.