gave my heart

My blood had always run with wanderlust
Always searching the grass that is greener still
A more effervescent life
Full of dalliances with people I never gave my heart to
People I never allowed myself to care for

But then I met you.
I was filled with a new simplicity and a new descriptive word:
I felt myself change.
The wanderlust drew itself to a halt as my blood rushed faster
My heart full of an effervescent love
Dalliances with strangers became lost in the shadows of memories
And was you
And I
And kisses that put a wild mind to rest

—  A change in two verses

Written for Day 2 of @zutaraweek

Disclaimer: I own as much as Jon Snow knows

“Are you for real?!” Katara’s blue eyes shone with excitement. “There are underwater caves around Ember Island?”

Zuko shrugged. “So I’ve been told. Thing is, I don’t actually know where they are. Lu Ten said he would show me when I was older, but…” he trailed off, and his eyes became haunted.

“Lu Ten knew a lot about Ember Island, huh?” Katara asked quickly, before he could withdraw into his bad memories (the only person Zuko talked less about that Lu Ten was his mother).

Zuko blinked, and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “Oh yeah. He knew the island like the back of his hand. Uncle too. Because I was so young, he was only able to show me a few things around the house, like how to climb on the roof – nearly gave my mother a heart attack when she saw us up there – but like I said, he was going to show me more when I was old enough.”

“I think we should go looking for them,” Katara rested her head on his shoulder. “Perhaps not right now; we have a war to win and an Avatar to train after all, but when we come back to Ember Island, because I for one would love to come back and see the island properly. Maybe it could be honouring Lu Ten’s memory, in some way. And we can start with those underwater caves.”

“I would like that,” Zuko replied softly. “Of course, underwater caves aren’t the only hidden things around here. Lu Ten also told me about hot springs deep within the forest, volcanic caves where you can find all sorts of gemstones, and reefs deep underwater which you can’t see from the surface.”

Katara’s eyes widened. “I had no idea there was so much hidden under the water.”

Zuko hesitated slightly, before reaching over and squeezing her hand. “That’s the thing I’ve noticed with water. While it appears to be one thing on the surface, it has depths that you didn’t even realise were there. They can really change your perspective. And to find them, all you have to do it look.”

I'm a hopeless romantic

You hold your paint brushes
like a heart holds a soul.
Each fine hair on the handle
somehow makes you whole.

Green and yellow and blue and grey
your name stretches across my lips like a two-syllable Irish dancer
And wiggles between my teeth.
your name splatters upon every canvas,
in the ashes of every ashtray.
Can I see the insides of your soul?

Two orders:
A black coffee and a mocha with whipped cream.
A dream,
I asked for chocolate sprinkles
to match the freckles on your nose.
You make me feel like coffee tastes.
like wiggling toes
and hand-me-down clothes.
without control-
can I see the insides of your soul?

Gazing at your face directly in the sun
may be the best thing that I’ve ever done,
because your watermelon wedge smile
makes my body tingle.
makes my heart concave
and I thought I was brave
until you made me stand on stilts.

the hopeless romantic has hope.
may the mystery of your soul be a legend-
finger cuts and hand soap.
I’ll pack away your supplies,
whilst packing away mine:
your paint brushes and my storyline.
You won’t answer,
so ill play our song.
I’ll call-
and you won’t respond.
And I’ll hope that the next time my heart runs away with me,
next time,
there will be someone willing to come along.