gave me you

You changed my life in so many ways; You gave me a reason to live, you filled my emptiness and replaced it with so many good things that no one else could’ve wished for. I cannot wish myself anyone better than you. You have made the previous things in my life mean nothing compared to what you have given me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I still feel that way every single day even if we are arguing with each other from time to time, because I know the truth deep down in my heart. I will always take care of you, look after you and always be there for you through everything.
—  Poets Love Her
whatsontv interview: what's next?
  • Interviewer: What’s next for both of you?
  • David: “I’ve done a film called You, Me and Him. It’s a modern romance, produced by my wife [actress Georgia Moffat]. It’s exciting working for the missus.”
  • Olivia: “I’ve done a voiceover for a new BBC version of Watership Down, but I keep crying. I promised my mum I’d never watch it because she knew I wouldn’t cope, but now I’m seeing it when I record.”
  • David: [Starts singing the theme from the original 1978 film] “Bright Eyes, burning like fire.”
  • Olivia: “Stop it!”

                          i   couldn’t   reach   you   with   a   spaceship.  
                         (  alfred foster jones   &&   ivan vremyaevich braginsky.  )

a little aesthetic thing for fiftystars because i’m trash for space gays.

You’re one of the people I never asked from God, but still, he gave you to me.I asked him why, he said, “because he can fill your life like no one else can.”


We were so diffrent yet so similar
Everything I hated about myself I fucking loved about you
Sorry I brought you into my life, a life of sadness
Thanks for letting me be a part of yours, so full of happiness
Sorry for leaving this world
I just didn’t belong
Sorry for not saying a word
But how could I have stayed when I deserved death and you gave me life with every move you made ?

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Hinata and Komaeda are just chillin outside, enjoying the fact that the weather is cold, but then a breeze comes by and Hinata doesn't have a jacket so he shivers, and then Komaeda hugs him and they stay warm that way

yes, this is a Whole Good…… hinata wasn’t expecting it to be as cold as it was, so he’s just kinda shivering there like “this is fine,,,,,,,,,,” (tsundere lil shit..) but komaeda cuddles up anyway so their bf can be warm n toasty!!!!

its EVEN BETTER if hinata doesn’t have a jacket on bc he gave his to komaeda….. cue komaeda going “Well, since you gave me your jacket, the least I can do is help warm you up, Hinata-kun!”

the ask box is: open!

Birthday present for ...

… my lovely @aleclightw0od​! You gave me Sterek and Malec as your OTPs and while I have a (very) rough idea about Malec, this is a Sterek fic.^^ Maybe next year it will be another one. Who knows? Anyway, I hope you have just as much fun reading this as I had fun writing it. 

Stiles pushes the door open and stops.

The room that lies before him doesn’t look any different than it had the last time he’s been there, a little over three years ago. The sofa is still shoved a little too far to the right side. The coffee-table still has that crack down the middle from where Jackson lost control once. Further back, through the hole in the wall, Stiles sees the overturned chair. A leftover from when he and Derek had argued about the monster du jour and he had stormed out in a huff.

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Has anybody noticed that all Juliet has posted about is either her new music video or her love for Andy? It's gotten super annoying. We get it! And in the one Insta post about tattoo removals, she sounds like one of those annoying rich kids that have never actually had issues. She talks about it like it's some sort of relatable problem, and that it's so hard on her. Here's some advice my dad gave me: If you're thinking about a tattoo, wait for a month. That way, you'll know if it's worth it.

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It's meh bday today =w= What you gave me already from the past months: Entertainment - every time you stream/upload new vids, laughter - funny cringy arts (BETTY), New Art Techniques - you taught me better ways to draw (i studied your ways e3e ), CRINGE - *throws all yo sin posts in le trash can c:* Thank you for making me happy through out the year Tiff/Kit!! OwO

Oh. Your welcome!
((Sorry today’s I don’t have any special give for your birthday…))
But … I hope you have a wonderful day with loads of love and surprises! You deserve all of the good things that come your way, so Happy Birthday, dear!! X3 🎉🎂🍰


a couple weeks ago I was so grateful for 300 followers, but now im 2x as grateful beCAUSE YOU GUYS GAVE ME 600 FOLLOWERS! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME I JUST-

(I made this crap gif but it successfully represents my reaction)

I find it hard to cope with the fact that i spent so much effort and time devoting myself to one person and believing that we were going to end up together. 

I focus on the thought of us instead of trying to move on from it. I’ve been clinging on and waiting for time to pass until we can finally be together. Unfortunately, that time never came. 

It hurts to think about the times we talked about our future and to hear that you want that with another person was so painful that i couldn’t even bear to talk to you anymore.

You gave me false hope and now i’m doing whatever it takes to get over you and forget. I hope by posting this and letting out my frustration will finally get me some clarity.

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You gave me a heart attack when you joked about closing the blog. I would cry if this blog closed for good. I love all your art work and comics. And I understand about the school work. You totally got this!

Oh my god you’re such a sweetheart 💖💖 if i could hug you, i would 💖
Sorry for scaring you !! Its just my humor 😂😅 /so guilty