gave me unrealistic expectations


Cliff: Many years ago… a teenage boy, very, very early in his teens walked with his girlfriend, and they went to a drugstore to share a soda, and his girlfriend looked at a barrette made of wood with a glass stone in it… cost about 50 cents. And she admired that barrette, but the young teenage boy had no money to buy it, however, for tonight's occasion I was fortunate, I called and called I found a collectable store that had one of these same wooden barrette with the glass stone in the centre. And so, I feel that it’s important for my bride who admired that barrette to open it and wear it tonight.
Clair: You remembered that.
Cliff: Yes.
Clair: You called long distance for that barrette.
Cliff: Yes.
Clair: That’s very sweet of you, Cliff.
Cliff: Thank you…

Happy 47 Years of Marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Huxtable!

Everyone has always said how easy bone breaks are compared to soft tissue, and while I’m very sure that’s true, it gave me unrealistic expectations for how fucking long it’s gonna take me to walk again 😣 broken bones suck ass. Even if other injuries are worse.

You know all the skinny boys with lil tiddies in their binders gave me unrealistic expectations of what binders can do
I mean I know it makes sense now - like I can’t be flat when my chest is as big as it is - like the mass has to go SOMEWHERE but mannn just seeing skinny guys with flat chests makes me feel like it should be possible for me too