gave me too many feel


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The last chapter gave me too many feels and now I don’t know what to do w myself and all my feelings for BAKA-gou lets face it he can be such a baka sometimes  :-(

If you haven’t given Boku no Hero Academia a read just yet, you should bec omg it’s sooo goooooooood!!! 10/10 recommend!!! :-)))

Adoptive Family AU (aka that one AU no one asks for, but everyone needs anyways)

Because Rogue One gave me too many unnecessary feelings and all I wanted for Christmas is a happy family AU. 

  • Chirrut and Baze are married, hands-down. They don’t act like it, but really it’s way too obvious considering the way Baze motherhens the heck out of Chirrut. Wherever Chirrut wanders, Baze is one step behind him.
  • Chirrut is a monk at a temple (yes you can get married if you’re a monk; you just can’t have sex). Baze is more practical, so he runs a mechanic shop to support the family of two. 
  • There’s a thief living in the temple and stealing the monks’ food. Chirrut stumbles upon her (he coaxes her out with food) - a six year old little girl who lost her family in freak accident. She saw her mother get shot and her father disappeared to who knows where.

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Chapter 856 reaction

So this chapter gave me too many feels™ which I can’t possibly put into words so here’s some gif reactions instead

Me seeing Nami’s pouty face and chopper crying over his family fighting earlier in the day

Me seeing the Vinsmokes being trash as usual and shit talking about sanji and women in general

Me seeing Luffy’s face in the first panels (sorry but it was so funny, instead of being hungry he looked like an old man)

Sanji still acting so damn distant towards Luffy

Me dead with those Luffy/Sora parallels and Sanji being aware Luffy was lying unlike with his mother

Sanji still acting distant

Luffy punching Sanji

“tell me the damn truth”

Sanji crying and confessing and declaring the Sunny as “home”

“that’s just you”

Me after hoping all week they’d all get out of that island already but realising Sanji being the sweetest guy ever wants to save his “”family”” and shit’s still going down 

break next week

And finally, these are me knowing now Oda is a cold-hearted creature who hates drawing physical contact unless it’s for fighting and won’t give us the fucking Luffy/Sanji hug we’ve been waiting for 


Look, I know “The Gang Tends Bar” was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day-themed episode, but it gave me way too many feels.

Like, my body is in recovery mode right now.

If they keep going with all these feels I swear to God “Dennis’ Double Life” is going to put me in the hospital. XD