gave me soo many feels

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If you could have three wishes come true, what would they be?

A fucking difficult inquiry. But if choice had to be made and I could not wish for unlimited wishes then I would say …  

To have my brother with me once more. If it not possible to have all brothers and sisters of heart returned to world. 

A life of happiness for Nasir

To see all slaves free from bondage and shackles

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It's always a delight to see your art pop up on my dash, seeing all the different types of story lines you're currently invested in. I'm just curious (Because I'm not sure I've seen you mention it) but what do you think about Justice League: Gods And Monsters. It gave me soo many feels. Poor Batman ;_;

thank you!!! ^^ 

and about GaM, i drew fanart for it once??????? but mostly for a friend and i admit i haven’t watched the animated movie or read the comic

it just doesn’t seem to catch my attention somehow TTvTT