gave me her card

Commissions are still open, just doing a few quick ones.

I’m not going toi make a huge explination because I know a lot of people won’t care but:

TLDR: I had 3000 dollars in grant money from school in which the school took back for ‘tuition’ (Which makes no sense because I have a 17000 dollar student loan which should have aid for my tuition. This was my grant money. Money I could keep and spend on anything and I had everything portioned out and money in my savings and things ready to go. Until the school took 1950 of it now all I can afford is my tattoo because my mom knows how much it means to me to get my tattoo and gave me the 500 back that I gave her for her credit card payment to help her out.)

I have a small list of people already so there will be a bit of a wait, however, I need 40 dollars more to get one of the things I was saving for with my money, which is my Plutia cosplay.
Which, I know, means nothing to no one but me, but I really want to get her ordered so I can do a few shoots I have planned in the coming months. When I told my mom I had a good chunk of the money now, she was really happy that the idea for my costume wasn’t completely trashed.

So, yeah. That’s the short version. I need 40 dollars more for the costume itself. This doesn’t include the wig (I was able to get the seller to sell it to me for 130 rather then 170+ which is hella nice of him)

My art tag is

the prices are as followed (All fully colored)

Busts: $15

Waist ups: $25

Full Body: $30-$40 (depending on complexity)

$5 for an extra character

However if you can only spend so much money and need to lower the price please feel free to ask because I will do this for you. I know what its like to have a budget.

Thank you! Please boost if you can!

so today at work i got stopped by a customer (AFTER WE WERE CLOSED TOO) so that she could try to convince me for a good five minutes straight that i NEEDED to go to her church service. she fucking gave me two business cards so that i could call/email her and help me reach jesus :)

i cant believe this shit

Was mesmerized by the pace of change in the KL skyline around KLCC Park. A lot of new buildings completed already.

Also met some of my travel blogging friends and had a wonderful time exchanging travel tips etc. If you’re ever in KL or need advice in travel do give @anisfivefoot @rambleandwander @byy4 and @daniaryezel a shout. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help. Also thanks to @byy4 for lending me her card that gave me a 15% discount for a new set of coloring pencils! by tendtotravel

PKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY I just came back from a panel for English majors and I told a lady there I. Was interested in becoming a stand up comedian and she told me she knew a place where I could perform and actually knew the guy in charge and gave me her card so I could contact her for information

So weird, I was waiting for the bus and a woman approached me she was in her late 20’s and carrying a baby. She gave me her business card and said she has her own food company. Looked online for the website and there is nothing! Weird!

One day I will look back on these times and laugh and cackle until my sides hurt. Life is so up and down, but mostly down and it keeps chugging along so slowly until it’s behind me and then it feels gone too soon.. Today I felt so fucking defeated and then without even realizing Id lost my debit card (because there wasn’t even any money in there anyway) a lady approached me in the grocery store, the place I hate going to the most, and said she had it and remembered me. And then she gave me my card and I thanked her profusely and we parted ways. After a string of bad hard frustrating days what a strange thing. The sun don’t shine on one dogs ass all the time, but every once in a while it does.

soooo my therapist gave me a card w her number n extention and the centers 24hr crisis line and i wanna call the crisis line  but i dont know how they work ive never called one before like do you have to be in like imminent danger of killing yrself or can you just be overwhelmed w life and need someone to listen. you can rb this to answer. i dont know

grumpygrandpa asked:

aa! but so are you!! im actually a mega lameo and awkward mess !! like today my mom sent me in to buy milk and gave me her credit card ((yikes)) and i swiped it the wrong way, like, 7 times before the cashier told me to turn it over,, it was a m e s s. i could feel her judgmental stare as i walked out of the door

OK but that’s kinda funny (sorry) BUT NO YOU’RE REALLY COOL and wow you dress nice too?? Yes. Also I can’t even say like 2 sentences in class without fumbling on my speech

Imagine this didn’t just ruin my day. :(

Past Log:19 July 04

Past Log:19 July 04

This chick named Angel (who looks alot like (Lady T) called and she wanna get on wit a Nicca also this week. I met her at “Shakin” show and strip club, gave her my card and told her to holla at me about 3 weeks ago. I told her I don’t know if I’m gonna do anything this week, but I told her she is at the top of the list if anything goes down. Just got another call from some chick named Ms. Ella.…

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My mom bought too many SD cards, apparently, so she gave me one of her extras.  I enthusiastically stuck it in my camera, ready to take pictures!! only to find out that the camera couldn’t read or format the card.  I didn’t realize that my 64 GB SDXC was in a different format than my old SDHC card.  The camera’s over seven years old now, so it figures that it’d only be able to read older formats….

On a whim, I looked up the format of an SDXC card to figure out why it wasn’t working.  XC cards use exFAT, and HC cards use FAT32.  Since I just formatted a 500 GB hard drive to FAT32 recently, I figured I’d give it a try.

It worked, and now my camera is stuck saying that I have 9999 pictures left on the highest quality, regardless of how many I take.  Ha.