gave into the tumblr trend

anonymous asked:

Hello! I used to follow you back when you frequently post about tokyo ghoul. I've fallen off of the fandom long ago and just got back to check on my sunflower boy (the trending on tumblr gave me a heart attack). I was reminded of you and checked on your blog. You've improved so much! I'm sure don't know me but I feel very proud of you. Keep improving my friend!

AHHHHH MY BEST BOY (because I love him!!!!!!!) jsdjfngkdn I can’t believe you remembered me :’) I’ve still been working!!!! Thank you for checking in and leaving a lil note :’))))) I hope you have a good day!!

So we got asked to do a Twitter trend and lovely tumblr user theoriginaldramaqueen    gave us this one.

#thankyoukatiecassidy We want to try to make it trend so everyone tweet your butts off. 

We want to do it an hour before the show so at 7:00 Pm Estern and 4:00 pm Pacific time (if my calculations are right the inernet helped)

A lot of hate and negativity have been going around in this fandom lately and we want to show KAtie that not everyone is this way, we do love her and Black canary.


thank you :)