gave him such a heart breaking headcanon


chamuco color refs for suzubelle-chan

i also headcanon him sometimes wrapping his wings around his shoulders to make a cape ala gargoyles. other times he has lava sleeves that extend to varying lengths depending on mood. (mostly i gave them to him to make his silhouette more different than xibalbi’s)

originally his lava skirt went from dark, breaking up lava rock to yellow magma but then when i colored him the dark rock blended too much into his armor, and it made more sense for his heart, his ‘core’, to be the hottest part of him under the armor, bleeding into cooler reds at the extremities. 

and i guess the fire-mantle around his collar only occurs when he’s got his armor on, or else is part of the armor

After finding out about Teddy being a puff and a head boy my heart broke i love this so much but imagine Harry telling Teddy how Remus always carried chocolate with him and gave it to students who thought needed a bit of a boost and how he talked to them and just telling Teddy how Remus was an absolutely amazing and caring professor.

Teddy as Head Boy going all out to help any student he could, no matter which house, barely ever giving detention but instead talking to everyone and being as caring and as amazing as he knew Remus had been and Teddy making sure to always carry chocolate with him just in case anyone needs a cheering up and man just Teddy Lupin finding a role model in Remus despite the fact that he never met him.