gave her another chance

I really love the timing of Kylo Ren’s outbursts. They don’t come when things go wrong. Most of the time, he maintains a rather calm demeanor. At one point, he even taunts General Hux that a clone army would be better. His outbursts happen when he gives into his own weakness. 

BB-8 escapes Jakku. He doesn’t bring out his saber until the messenger reveals that it was Finn who helped the droid. FN-2187. The same stormtrooper who he saw in the village. The stormtrooper who Kylo knew wasn’t behaving the way he was supposed to. The stormtrooper he could’ve had killed or sent away or done a number of things to. But instead, he let his suspicions go and gave FN-2187 another chance under Captain Phasma. 

Rey escapes her imprisonment. He knows it’s entirely his fault. Leaving a single stormtrooper to guard over someone strong in the Force? He could’ve knocked her out, done something to her legs so she couldn’t have moved, left droids to torture the information out of her. But he left her as ‘his guest.’ Restrained but unharmed with someone nearby to help/guard/move her in case something went wrong. 

He doesn’t lash out because he’s angry at others. He lashes out because he’s angry at himself. Because he failed. Because he was weak. Again. Because, despite his desperation to be like Darth Vader, he is still being swayed by the light within himself. And it’s breaking him apart. 

Okay but just think about it for a second.

Efi just witnessed Doomfist wreaking havoc and destruction.

Efi saw how the OR-15 were unable to do a damn thing.

Efi, a little girl, saw how dangerous the world truly was and decided to make it safer.

But rather than simply creating a robot, she saw the surviving OR-15 and, when everyone gave up on them, she decided to give her another chance to do that which she was meant to do.

Efi decided to believe in Orisa when noone would. if that is not heroism, i have no idea what is


felicity smoak week | day 7. free day (or the ep that made me give arrow a second chance)

i’m pretty sure i said this ages ago, but i couldn’t watch another episode of arrow based on the pilot. i suppose it’s because it lacked emotional depth. also, i wasn’t rooting for the intended ship. but on the night of christmas eve, my brother was on this episode (or maybe the episode before, i can’t recall), and he said, “she talks in a very particular way, doesn’t she?” or something like that. in my mind, i was thinking, “who is that? i don’t remember seeing her from the pilot,” and then the Iconic Elevator Scene happened. i thought they had chemistry, and i thought what they had was just different and special — because of her. she was so lively, smart, and witty, and, yes, people, i was smoaked

so, it is because of her (and olicity, i’ll be honest lol) that i gave arrow another chance, and then i was graced with her presence on episode three. i’m not gonna lie — i waited for her to appear with every single episode from then on.

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can we talk about how in one of the attempts TAHANI was Eleanor’s soulmate? because same

I said it once & I’ll say it again: WE!!!! WERE!!!!!! ROBBED!!!!!!!

 I have so many questions!!! How many giraffe-related names did Eleanor come up with for Tahani?? How long before Tahani tried to give Eleanor a glam makeover??? Did Eleanor immediately shack up in Tahani’s mansion??? They both hate being around people “better” than them so did that get in the way of them getting along???? How did Eleanor’s “I’m not supposed to be here” reveal & subsequent charade go???

Did Tahani take it upon herself to help hide Eleanor’s secret because it gave her another chance to help someone & be the better person?? And then slowly grow to like Eleanor??? And realize that they’re actually more similar than she thought they were?? And then they have a heart-to-heart about being surrounded by people better than them and how it made them feel super insecure?? And then they’re totally ride or die for each other??????? We deserve answers!!!!!


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Rated: M for Smut, Angst.

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader xYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deciet and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): I know. I’m terrible, I’m really sorry for being so late.

Mini Masterlist

She sat in her office the next day, looking down at the picture of her beside her father in the paper. She sighed deeply, unaware of whether it was of relief or regret. After a long time of just sitting there, alternating her gaze from between the wall and the different newspapers on her desk, she pushed up her chair and pressed down her intercom.

“Could you get me a tea?” She informed her assistant and shoved the papers to the side, sorrow doesn’t win elections.

She was reading the reviews of a focus group when there was gentle tap on her door.

“Come in.” She spoke without looking up, “Could you get me the polls of the last governor from his first few days of office?” She spoke with competent distraction.

“I was hoping we could talk.” The timid voice made her head fly up immediately, Jaehyun stood at her door with two cups in his hand and the weakest gaze she had ever seen on him. It both worried and angered her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked with confused brows as he shut the door behind him and sat down opposite her.

“No one’s talking about us anymore.” He informed her and she nodded, waiting for him to continue, “But it’s not fair to bring up your father like that.” He sighed and she had to look away from him.

“It doesn’t matter Jaehyun. As long as controversy doesn’t surround you.” She went back to her work, underlining something she found important.

“He’s your father!” Jaehyun wanted to protest.

“And he’s a criminal. I’ve been through all of this before Jaehyun, I was even in court for his trial. You don’t need to worry about me. I’d be more worried about the election.” Her eyes were searching her desk as hastily picked up her phone, “I need the polls of the last governor from his first month in office now.” She intimidated her assistant.

“(Y/N),” He sighed but she only hummed and turned her chair to the computer, “(Y/N) look at me!” The pen she cradled between her teeth dropped on her lap and rolled onto the floor.

“What?” She looked up at him and swallowed, she had never seen his eyes so weak.

“I’m sorry, about everything. I’m sorry that it feels like I take everything from you and have nothing to offer in return.” His gaze fluttered down.

“If you care, you’ll win.” She said simply. Jaehyun’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door, her assistant entered with the files she had asked for. After she left, (Y/N) opened the file and searched for something.

“This guy, Yuta was it?” His voice fell even more and she looked up.

“Jaehyun-” Her voice was at it’s best, convincing.

“No, I know. I said it didn’t I? I wanted to win with you beside me. At any cost right?” His smile was regretful.

“It’s not what you think.” She sighed, but he only laughed.

“When you walked down from the set that day, you looked so lost. In that moment all I wanted to do was hold you. I wanted to be there for you, I wanted to know that I could for once give you something for a change. But I lost didn’t I? He put me in my place.” He laughed again, looking away from her. She silently swallowed a lump in her throat and waited, watching him grieve with patience. He took a gulp from one of the cups he bought and sat up straight.

“So what are we doing wrong in the campaign.” His voice was professional and detached.

She sat inside the coffee shop with a milder order than usual as she tapped her nails on the table rhythmically in wait. Not one to sit idly for long, she picked out her phone and started looking at news articles when someone sat down opposite her.

“Everyone is looking at us.” Yuta spoke with a nervous laugh.

“If it’s any consolation, hardly anyone disapproves.” She spoke with dull eyes as she placed her phone on the table.

“It’s been silently chaotic. Some news platforms are saying our timing is convenient at best, but then people who saw us at the bar spoke up. It’s just a push and pull.” His lips tugged at his memory, but he was being professional.

“It doesn’t matter Yuta. People are already moving on, no one cares about the love life of a staff member unless there’s a scandal involved.” She took a sip from her coffee, the too hot liquid burning her upper lip and making her wince.

“Careful.” He warned and she laughed at the concern in his eyes.

“You’re incredible.” She sighed honestly.

“Did you ever imagine yourself here? A servant to politics?” She asked off-handedly.

“I’m a journalist.” Yuta smiled quizzically.

“You’re a political journalist, and a correspondent at that. You’re more knee deep in politics than most of my staff.” She explained and he laughed.

“I don’t mind it. It’s interesting, and it’s more important.” He smiled.

“Idealistic.” Before he could question it, she spoke up again, “I always despised it. It’s this twisted game where the winner loses the most.” She sipped on her coffee as Yuta listened thoughtfully.

“That does bring the question of why you’re here.” He asked with confusion.

“Exactly, see Yuta I like to believe that you and I are similar in many ways. And I think neither of us really realised how addictive this game is, no one warned us at the gate did they? Now here we are, the stakes are high and it’s your turn to place a bet.” She smiled as his confusion cleared. He gave her a smile, standing up.

“I think I’m confident.” He stood in front of her, making her look up with skepticism.

“Gambling is a game of chance.” She spoke, he gave her another dazzling smile and leaned down.

“Not if you bet on the winner.” He whispered against her temple and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. She thought she heard the sound of a few feminine squeals.

He offered to walk her back to her office and she accepted, pretending that the few flashes and camera clicks were not present, they walked down the street close together.

“I wanted to ask if you’re willing to have dinner with Jaehyun and Sulhee.” She turned to him before they reached.

“Dining with the boss.” He grimaced, making her laugh.

“He’s not that bad, you’ll like him.” She assured him and he chuckled.

“I’m not sure he likes me much.” He cowered and she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t assume, I’m sure he’ll like you. Either way, his opinion of you doesn’t matter. He’s not my father.” She teased him but Yuta seemed unconvinced.

“Thank you for doing this.” She squeezed Sulhee’s hand gratefully and she gave her a short smile. The restaurant that was buzzing with voices, dropped to hushes. She knew the restaurant she chose, people who could afford a table here were inclined to care about the political hierarchy. She glanced around and already had a head count of donors and other political figures.

A few more steps in and she smirked as two figures walked towards them from different sides. The current governor had an obvious obligation to the candidate he was backing and she assumed the platinum donor was coming to state his grievances to her and make a larger donation.

“Mr. Lee, it’s been too long.” She smiled at him brightly, shifting closer to Yuta who extended his hand for a polite shake.

“How are you (Y/N)? A real pity to see you in the papers under such circumstances. The media can be such vultures sometimes.” He clicked his tongue to amplify his pity and she offered a grateful smile.

“All a part of the game right? Can’t blame someone for doing their job, and in any condition, I can’t bad mouth Journalists can I?” She laughed and placed a hand on Yuta’s arm.

“Ah yes, quite the admirable company.” He laughed and she nodded.

“We should meet for lunch soon (Y/N), I’ll have my assistant call yours.” He was already taking out his phone and she smiled again.

“It would be an Honour Mr. Lee, I’ll free my calendar whenever you ask.” She nodded and he gave her a satisfied smile, and turned away with his phone against his ear.

“That was unusual.” Yuta whispered against her ear and she smiled.

“That’s how it is, all the money in the world and they still have to bow for power. That was the face of a man who wants something, his divorce took his factory in the state away, I assume he wants it shut.” She spoke with a low tone, looking up at Yuta who looked impressed.

“(Y/N).” A voice made her turn with wide eyes.

“Mr. Governor, how are you.” She gasped, leaning in for a polite embrace.

“It has been quite a while since I’ve met you, but thankfully Jaehyun’s father tells me of your talents whenever we meet.” He laughed and she joined.

“He’s too kind Mr. Governor, I’d take what he says with generous grain of salt.” She laughed again, the governor nodded but his eyes landed on Yuta’s arm around her waist, both of them didn’t miss it.

“I guess I’m interrupting you young kids.” He turned to Jaehyun who smiled and shook his head.

“You’ve known us since we were hopeless law students.” Jaehyun placed a hand on her shoulder, his hold on Sulhee’s arms loosening.

“We’re always glad to speak to you.” She finished his sentence. The governor smiled at them thoughtfully.

“It’s a pity, I always thought you both made a fine team. Did you get my files (Y/N)?” He turned immediately and she pulled on her fading smile.

“Yes, thank you so much.” She spoke gratefully as she pushed forward to hold his hands, Yuta let go of her waist as a result.

“You do know where he’s missing out don’t you?” The governor spoke softly when she came closer, she only nodded.

The four of them sat in a conveniently placed table, all of them acutely aware of the hushed whispers and stolen gazes from the people around.

“So Yuta,” Jaehyun turned to him with a dragged sigh and Yuta turned to him with a noncommittal smile. “I heard you moved from print to television. How is that working out for you?” He spoke, taking a gentle sip of his water.

“It’s less than cameras than I ones I see outside.” They all laughed as Yuta tilted his head towards the crowd of reporters standing outside the glass windows of the restaurant.

“Naturally, everyone is curious about the newcomer.” Jaehyun responded, his chin resting on his slender fingers with a thoughtful gaze that made him look intimidating.

“So tell me, I don’t know much about you.” Jaehyun sat up at turned slightly to face Yuta.

“There’s not much, I’m just a reporter. I report things people like you do.” Yuta spoke politely.

“I seemed to have missed out on how the both of you met.” He leaned on his arms.

“We met at your charity event last month.” Yuta placed his hand on hers affectionately and she gave him a smile.

“Not a long time is it? I’d love to know how both of you came to show interest in eachother.” (Y/N) looked up with an annoyed frown, but Sulhee stepped in.

“He’s just messing with you. He’s very protective of (Y/N).” She turned to Jaehyun with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“I can see that.” Yuta said with a nervous laugh.

“Trust me you’ll see much more.” Sulhee spoke with ease making both Jaehyun and (Y/N) reach for their water glasses.

“Can I interest you in the wine menu?” The waiter spoke after everyone made their orders.

“Will you get something good?” Jaehyun spoke to (Y/N). She turned to Sulhee instead.

“Sulhee, why don’t you have a look?” She smiled at her and passed the small card.

“I’ll have a vodka tonic.” She told the waiter pointedly. Yuta’s lips twitched into an amused grin.

“In that case, I’ll have a scotch. Feel free to get what you like.” Jaehyun turned to (Y/N) who just asked Yuta what he wants.

Conversations were forced and hardly pleasant, but she kept a smile plastered on her face for the sake of the cameras pointed at them. Jaehyun was on a dangerous path with his fourth glass of scotch. He interrupted Yuta every time he spoke and his words started to be less subtle in their displeasure.

(Y/N) watched with brewing anger as Jaehyun spoke to a waitress with incredible friendliness, whispering something close to her that made her blush. Her gaze turned to Sulhee who was watching the scene, her own eyes then landing on her with unspoken words both of them shared.

“Baby I’m tired let’s go home.” Jaehyun turned to Sulhee and gently placed his head on her shoulder, her entire frame stiffened visibly but she gave him a nod and a small whisper of affirmation. Jaehyun’s eyes were watching (Y/N) innately as she spoke to Yuta, smiling about something he said and nodding. Her eyes briefly glanced and them, but she turned back to Yuta immediately, her soft smile almost heartbreaking.

“Our car is here, come on sweetheart.” Jaehyun spoke eagerly and pulled Sulhee up. She nodded and turned to (Y/N), thanking her for the dinner before being rushed out.

“I’ll call a cab.” She told Yuta seemed to be breathing easier now.

The both of them walked out after a moment, the cold air outside immediately assaulting her senses as she shivered. She rubbed her hands together and placed them on her cheek, the harsh weather not bringing the frown on her face that came when she saw a familiar car still standing at the curb. She saw two of Jaehyun’s security detail, standing at the gate, uncomfortable on spotting her. It didn’t take long to understand why when she walked further and saw Jaehyun kissing Sulhee inside the car.

“Are you okay?” Yuta asked with concern and she peeled her eyes away, burying her face in his chest.

“I’m cold.” She mumbled and felt the vibrations of his laugh as he pulled her closer.

The cab stopped in front of Yuta’s apartment and he hesitated.

“Do you want to come upstairs? I make a mean hot chocolate.” He asked sheepishly.

“I’d love to.” Her response was almost immediate.

She sat on his sofa, drumming her fingers on the cushioned arm rapidly. She listened to the sounds of him moving around in the kitchen, humming an unfamiliar tune.

“Do you want Marshmallows, Cinnamon or both?” He spoke from the kitchen.

“Anything is fine.” She spoke with a distracted voice.

“I gave you both.” His voice emerged from the kitchen, two cups in his hands, he walked up at sat down beside her. She felt his gaze on her as she took a delicate sip of the hot drink.

“You seem tense.” Yuta mumbled, making her pause.

“I’m just a little tired. This hot chocolate is really good.” She turned to him with a gracious smile and he nodded.

“You just seem a little quiet today.” He sighed and she shook her head.

“I’m just not used to all this media attention.” She sighed, placing her cup down on the table.

“You have all of my attention.” His voice was cheeky, she turned to him with a look of disbelief and erupted into a heartful laugh, Yuta grinned with satisfaction.

“You have a nice laugh.” Yuta sighed and she rolled her eyes and looked away.

“I’m already here, you don’t need to flatter me.” She chuckled.

“I’m just saying what I feel.” He protested and she turned back to face him, pushing closer to him till their knees touched.

She gave him a slow smile, her handing landing on his thigh, the heat radiating from it making him shiver, her smile grew into a grin.

“How does that feel?” She raised a brow, pleasantly surprised by his blush.

“(Y/N)” He blurted his nerves. She tilted her head and hummed and he whimpered.

“You’re tired, I-” He was holding onto his wits , but her hand slipped up his thigh and he bit down on his lip.

“You didn’t answer me.” She spoke slowly, tightening her hold on his skin making him jump a little.

“Good, it feels great.” He spat, a moan slipping out without permission.

Her hand drew closer to his growing length, pleased at his arousal she hummed.

“What is it baby? Do you not want me?” She asked and his eyes scrambled open with confusion.

“Are you crazy?” His incredulous tone mixed with his breathless made a short laugh leave her lips. She rewarded him with her palm working on him.

“I just want it to be special, more meaningful.” He breathed out and she frowned.

“Does this not feel special?” Her voice was low.

“Every moment with you is special, but it just feels rushed.” He whimpered again. His eyes shot open in shock when her hand left his erection.

“You’re more of a romantic than I expected.” She scoffed. She sighed with defeat but Yuta scrambled up from his relaxed state with eager need, grabbing her neck and pulling her into a hasty kiss.

Their teeth clashed twice but she pushed closer to him, a smile playing at her occupied lips. His hands hesitated till she grabbed them at the base of her neck and slid them down to her own waist, he pulled her into him immediately and groaned with satisfaction.

“You make it fat too hard to be a decent person.” He growled as his lips down her throat. Her laugh was breathy is response, hand going into his hair. His one hand held her neck while the other drew circles at her thigh.

The hand on her neck moved to her back as he fumbled for a long while, huffing in frustration against her neck, making her open her eyes in confusion. His fingers kept dancing around her back till she realised his intentions.

“The zip is on the side.” She breathed out, hand slipping to the side to pull her zip down but he stopped her hand. He then got up, watching her playful smile.

“We should finish our hot chocolate.” She grinned mischievously but his eyes were blown out and serious as he extended his arm to her.

“I’ll make you more tomorrow.” His voice was low and she shivered.

He sat her on the bed slowly, kneeling in front of her. He kept his gaze on her eyes as he kissed the palm of her hand. His fingers grazed under her dress and he smirked with satisfaction when she bit down on her lip and drew her head back with closed lids.

“You’re so beautiful.” He breathed out as his lips brushed against her knees, his tongue teasing at her thigh. She breathed with uneven vigour as his hands pushed her dress higher and his lips followed behind with precise obedience. His fingers were inches away from her waist, his fingers brushing under the elastic band of her underwear. She dug herself deeper into the mattress and waited with baited breath, when he raised his head. She opened her eyes and looked down at him.

“May I?” His eyes were nervous but laced with lust and she could only nod.

“Please.” She groaned and her head fell back when his fingers brushed against her heat. He dragged his fingers up and down two more times before his finger hooked onto the material and slowly tugged at it. She lifted her hips and he pulled it down smoothly.

His finger pressed on her clit and she shivered so intensely that her toes dug into the carpet. He dragged his fingers around with slow beats and she bit down on her lip till it stung. She wanted to let him take his time, to enjoy his moment but she felt tired and needy. She lifted her head when his finger was pushing in and out of her slowly and grabbed his wrist.

“Please, I can’t anymore.” She whined and hoped more words weren’t needed, he stared at her needy eyes for a second and nodded. When he got up from his knees she pushed back on the bed, unzipping her dress and pulling it off. He discarded his jacket as she sat up on her knees and came up to him, grabbing his neck to pull him into a kiss. He treated her like a fragile china doll and she hadn’t decided how to feel about that yet.

He traced tantalizing patterns on her side and she undid her buttons. One hand of his held her hair and kept her close as he slowly tasted her tongue. She nibbled on his bottom lip as she pushed the shirt off his lean shoulders. He drew away from the kiss and walked towards the table beside his bed. She lay back on his bed, breathing deeply as she watched his every movement. He picked up a foil packet from the drawer and undid his belt.

She turned away and closed her eyes to breathe better and focus on the moment, till she felt a figure lean over her. She looked up and raised her arms to wordlessly bring him into a kiss. She could feel his hesitation, but whether it was from nerves or from rethinking his decision, she couldn’t get herself to care. When he came closer to her, she felt his erection and bucked her hips up which made him groan.

He caught her lips once more as he pushed in slowly. He buried his face in her neck and let out a heavy groan as he pushed in the last few inches with one quick push. Their hips touched and he held himself there for as long as it took for her to adjust. When she raised her arm and held his arm, he moved again.

The air was full of whimpers, groans and the distinct sound of skin meeting skin. He left distracted kisses on her temple and cheek as his pace got beyond him and was commanded by need. His hand travelled down and he massaged her clit till she gasped and her legs shook with the tell tale signs of an orgasm. Yuta stilled over her for a moment before thrusting once more with a groan that vibrated against her neck. He landed his weight on her shortly after, staying still for a moments before getting up. Both of them were relatively quiet as he cleaned her up and himself.

 He offered her his shirt and she got up to take it as he slid back into the bed, this time under the covers. He watched her back with pursed lips as she covered it.

“Talking about my father in the interview was your idea wasn’t it?” She spoke without turning back, only glancing after the silence extended, “I don’t believe that morning show mouth has the intelligence for such a well planned move.

“It was the only way to protect you.” Her lips twisted at his choice of words but she turned around to face him.

“It was a good idea. And since you didn’t tell me, my reaction was genuine. I’m not the best at acting.” She spoke casually and Yuta’s gaze faltered.

“I wasn’t exploiting you. I just knew you’d resign over those rumours. People needed something more sensational to move on.” He chewed on the inside of his cheek. She sat up on the bed and smiled, leaning down and giving him the first genuine kiss.

“I know, I’m not mad. Let’s go to bed, I’m going to take you up on that hot chocolate tomorrow. But maybe mix some coffee in it, it’s almost 3am.” She shifted into his hold and the colour seemed to return to his face. He sighed with satisfaction and pulled her closer to him, throwing the blanket over her.


TW: Mentions of Attempted Rape

Morgan was going down tonight and although I wouldn’t be witness to it, I’d have the pleasure of knowing what was going to happen.

No one liked Morgan… well that’s a lie. Lots of people liked her. I did not. Neither did my friends. She was a waste of space and nothing special. Except for the fact she wanted to suck off Satan.

She was a witch.

It wasn’t like I saw her wearing a pentagram or chanting in tongues. But how else did she get everyone to like her? She was so boring. She was nice to literally everyone, even the shitty algebra teacher. She had all these friends, and no one had anything bad to say about her. Even when she ‘forgot’ to do an assignment, her teacher excused her and gave her another day.

Fat chance they’d ever do that for me.

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Request : go to a party, lose track of Kian, find him with another girl. He texts and calls and eventually shows up at your door, you forgive him with cute fluff.

“Babe, we have to go!” I shouted up the stairs. Me, Fran and Kian were heading off to a party at Trevor’s house and we were supposed to leave twenty minutes ago. “I’m coming I’m coming!” He runs down the stairs and kisses my cheek. Twenty minutes later were pulling up in front of Trev’s house, which already has well over 200 people partying. We walk in and Kian goes off to get us drinks. We find someone with some shots and I do a couple shots with Fran. “I’m going to go find Kian” I shout at Fran over the music “you coming?” She nods and we walk off arm in arm to go find my drink & my man. We have checked all over and can’t find Kian. Fran taps my shoulder and points behind me, I turn around and see Kian’s arms around a blonde girl in shorts and the shortest crop top I’ve ever seen. She’s laughing at he’s whispering something into her ear. My drink is on the table next to him. I grab my drink from his hand and throw it at him before I turn and walk away with Fran. We get an Uber and head back to my house. “I can’t believe he would do that to me.” I’m crying. “I know babe.” Fran says trying to comfort me. “Guys suck.” We finally get to my house and we walk in. I haven’t even been here in six months since I moved in with Kian and his roommates. I open my door and lay down on my couch. “There’s more tequila in the freezer.” I tell Fran. “I need to be drunker than this” she gets up and grabs it from the freezer and brings some shot glasses to the couch. “You deserve the world.” She looks at my sad face.

My phone keeps going off, Seven texts from Kian.
“Baby wait, let me explain”
“Please y/n”
“Y/n talk to me”
“Babygirl please”
“Y/n I love you so much please.”
“Come home baby please”
“Princess I am so sorry please just pick up the phone.”
I hand it to Fran, “I can’t deal with this, can you just take care of it please?” I beg. She kisses my cheek “anything you need.” I hear my phone ring again and she answers it this time, speaking before he has a chance. “You fucked up Kian. Big time…. no you can’t talk to her…. because she doesn’t want to talk to you!! You’re an asshole. Your fucking girlfriend is sitting on the couch drunk and crying because you can’t keep your dick in your pants for ten minutes while you’re away from her.” She hangs up the phone and turns it off. “No more Kian tonight.” She promises.

We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know my doorbell is ringing. I get up and answer the door, I don’t exactly remember why I was so upset last night, but as soon as the door opens and I see his face I remember everything. I try to close the door but kian put his foot in the doorway so I couldn’t. “What.” I glared at him. God I fucking hate him right now. “Get tired of Blondie so you came crying back to me?” I knew I was being mean, but fuck him. “Babe please, nothing happened, ask JC. I shouldn’t have been anywhere near her, I know and I’m so sorry, but nothing happened. I didn’t kiss her or anything. You threw your drink at me and left and I called JC to come get me so I could chase you down. I would have came last night, but Fran answered the phone and I thought I should wait until today, please y/n, I need you, please don’t leave me.” I looked down at his face unsure of what to say. He started crying as he realized that I wasn’t just going to jump back into his arms. “I’m so stupid. I fucked up the best thing in my life. I’m so sorry, please.” He kept begging. I started to cry, but it wasn’t because of what he did, but because of his reaction to me possibly walking away. Kian never cried. I’ve only seen him cry once and it involved a snake. Other than that in the past two and a half years he has never cried. “I don’t know kian. You broke my heart..” I trailed off trying to choke back the tears that were forming behind my eyes. He pulled me into a hug “I am so sorry that I hurt you Princess. I swear it will never happen again. Please just give me one more chance to prove myself.” I paused before I answered looking at his tear stained face. I leaned in and kissed his cheek, wiping away the tears that were still falling from his eyes. “Okay.” I whispered. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, and I trusted that he wouldn’t do anything stupid again. He picked me up off the ground and held me tight. “Frans going to kill me” He whispered in my ear. “Probably, but you kind of deserve it.” “I know I do, I love you so much Princess. I won’t let you down again.” “I hope not”

I let him inside my house and went in the kitchen to cook breakfast. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here dickwad?” I hear Fran yelling. “Fran I’m sorry.” I hear Kian try to explain himself and what happened on the porch but Fran cuts him off, “How fucking dare you try to come back and hurt her again, I swear to god kian you have lost your fucking mind.” I walk into the kitchen and give her a hug. “It’s okay franny, I let him in. We talked, I’m going to give him another chance.” I gave her a squeeze and went back into the kitchen before my pancakes burnt. “I swear to god Kian, if you ever fucking hurt her again, I will personally kick your fucking ass.” “I know, I wouldn’t expect anything else Fran. Thank you. Thank you for taking care of her always, even against me.” He walks into the kitchen and wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to him. “I love you babygirl. Forever & always.” “I love you too Ki.”

burn me with fire

Author’s Note: This one really got away from me! I didn’t expect it to be over 6,000 words, but I am pretty proud of the way it turned out. So, I am back with my second story & have plans for my third one! So, thanks for reading! <3

Warnings: MATURE. A lot of swearing, smut, oral sex, um various other possibly.  

Pairing: Dash Wilder x Reader 

tags: @randyortonstattoos

—- —- —- —- 

With a look around the crowded bar, Y/N wondered just how she ended up getting roped into this evening. She was annoyed with the fact that she was here, because it had been a long week and she just wanted to spend her night curled up in her hotel room with room service and some shitty movie that was playing on HBO. She had the next day off, so a movie marathon and room service blueberry waffles seemed like a nice way to kick off the event, which was to be followed by her actually sleeping in for a change. She only had a chance to do it once maybe twice a week, so she liked to take advantage of it whenever possible.

No, this was not how she imagined spending her night in the slightest. Carmella and Bayley had all but begged, but it finally took her good friend Dash to convince her to come out with them for the evening. He had all but told her that if he had to go, she better be there too. It was enough of a motivation for her, because here she was and just because it gave her another chance to spend some time with the guy that was completely filling her mind as of late.

So, because of Dash, here she was. In some crowded bar. With terrible music. Alone off to the side, away from the group. Holding a pink shot with an umbrella, and she wasn’t sure if she had the courage to drink it. She had kept an eye on the group, watching as everyone went their separate ways pretty early on. Carmella insisted the girls got a drink together, which was why Y/N was holding this pink drink to begin with.

She had spotted him right away, talking with some blonde in a blue dress. It didn’t really bother Y/N, or at least she wasn’t really ready to admit if it did bother her. Dash was her friend, and that was a good thing for her. She valued him as a friend, glad to have him watching her back. She never meant to complicate things, and tried to justify that the heart wants what it wanted, but she wasn’t sure if that was a good enough reason to ruin a friendship. She wasn’t honestly sure how she felt, just that it wasn’t really all that friendly anymore.

She didn’t want to blur those lines, just to risk their friendship. So, she just didn’t let herself go there. She swallowed those feelings and reminded herself of how good of a friend he was. She let it be enough, because hope for anything else was just setting her heart to be broken.

“You look deep in thought.” The voice startled her and she turned to see Bayley standing there, also holding that same pink drink. Maybe Y/N wasn’t alone in being pretty nervous about Carmella just handing them a drink.

“Nah,” She wasn’t about to spill her heart in some bar, even to her best friend. “Nothing like that.” The look on Bayley’s face told Y/N that her friend didn’t believe her.

“Sure,” Bayley snorted. “You must forget who you are talking to.” Y/N laughed slightly. No, she certainly didn’t forget who she was talking to, nor could she. Bayley read her like a book, but sometimes she just wanted to keep something to herself and not have her best friend pick up on it right away.

“It’s not.” She insisted, but knew that Bayley probably wouldn’t buy that. “I’m just sore and tired. It’s been quite a week. Plus this headache–” She trailed on, not really bothering to finish it. Bayley just nodded, before a grin played on her face.

“Hey, Dash.” She said and Y/N turned to see him standing there, a beer in his hand. She was almost jealous. She’d much rather be drinking a beer then holding this drink. Carmella was too close to the bar though, she was afraid she’d get roped into a second one or admitting that she wasn’t too keen on drinking the first one. “Alright, I gotta find Sasha.” Bayley said before taking off, a smile on her face. That grin told Y/N that maybe Bayley once again was able to read her easily.

Damn it.

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I think you're stupid for not blocking Gitte when you knew it was her tbh.

I’ve had a few of these (nice to wake up to…) and I intended on ignoring them, but I guess answering might actually shut them up….

I’m going to spoiler this, because I really wouldn’t want to see this on my own dash….

tl;dr, I like to see the best and people and give second chances. I always will and I don’t think that it’s a sign of weakness.

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Who do you like more and WHY, Archie or Jughead?

I honestly like them both exactly the same amount. And here is why:

They are both kind of polar opposites. What one lacks, the other one has. Kind of like Betty/Veronica in the comics (although not in the show, those two characters are written on much more blurred terms). 

What I mean is, I like Jughead because he’s strange, because he’s a loner. He owns that, and he almost prides himself on it- he doesn’t shy away from those labels at all. He’s complex and he’s dark and this is what makes him interesting. 

I like Archie because he’s open, he cares about everyone, he’s your seemingly “boy next door” with a  big heart. He wants everyone to like him, everyone to confide in him, and desires to be the reason everyone is happy. 

What I don’t like about Jughead is his judgmental nature. It’s not even an “inability” to let people in, it’s just that he has no desire too. I wouldn’t want him walking the halls high-fiveing everyone he sees like Archie would, but it frustrates me that there are people within their inner circle that he doesn’t even try to get to know or befriend, even though they have continuously proven to be upstanding types of people. It genuinly rubbed me the wrong way when he said he would actively be shunning Ronnie and Kevin if it weren’t for Betty and Archie. He takes it almost too far, just for the sake of things. 

Archie, on the other hand, refuses to accept that maybe he’s flawed (sort of like Betty in many ways). He needs to please everyone and therefore doesn’t take the time to sit back and say “maybe I have issues”. He’s jumping from girl to girl to girl without even considering why. Jughead would probably write a 3,000 word thesis on the inner workings of his psyche if he was acting the way Archie does, yet Archie just keeps pushing full steam ahead, unable to face his inner demons (which lets be honest, Cheryl was right when she said they stem from his issues with his mother). 

But Archie isn’t a fuckboy, there are motives for why he acts the way he does. And he legitimately cares for everyone that crosses his path, and that’s super endearing in my eyes. It gets him in trouble sometimes, sure, but that doesn’t make his heart any less good. And being someone who has a strong desire to help the people around me (I am an empath, after all), I understand where he is coming from. Other people being happy makes him happy. He wants his Dad happy, his mom, Ronnie, Betty, Juggie and even Cheryl. And someone who can want the best for Cheryl? Well, that’s a pretty good person. 

Plus, now that we see Archie in the bigger plot lines, he’s gaining complexity. I loved when he told Chuck to “leave Betty the hell alone” and got angry on her behalf, and when he stepped up to help his Dad with his business, or even when he eavesdropped on the Blossoms about their involvement with the Lodge’s. He’s growing a pair of balls, and I like that. What I don’t like (even though I am happy he’s with Ronnie now) is the obvious desire to still keep a squeaky clean image (i.e.: didn’t tell Betty about him and Ronnie, won’t confronts Mom issues, etc). I would like to see him grow a little bit before he get’s into a real full blown relationship with Veronica. Like, as in, falls in love with her. Because Val is right, he’s a “hot mess” and for that to just happen, with no development from his past female ridden mistakes, then he stays flat. I think we will see it though, especially after they canonically wrote Cheryl calling him out for his girlfriend hopping and had her connect it to his Mother. 

I would like to see Jughead be a little less “doom and gloom” as Betty said. I mean this in the sense that he doesn’t have to let anyone in, but he can still like…chill the fuck out a little bit sometimes, you know? And again, I think we are going to see that, from what the writers gave us this past episode. The Pops scene between him and Betty where he admits what she did was nice, and he had overreacted was lovely, but we already knew he could be sweet with Betty. What I really loved, was him saying that he doesn’t even really like Veronica or consider her a friend, but then in the same episode, has a pretty touching conversation with her (without really having to say much). We see him let her in a little bit, and in that moment, I think they kind of canonically cement their free standing friendship. It’s not because she’s Archie’s potential girl, or because she’s Betty’s friend, but just because they shared a moment of understanding with one another. And honestly, if Jughead gave her a chance, he’d probably see they have a LOT more in common than he assumes. 

 I am excited to see them continue to develop both of these boys in the future, and I think it’s easy to gloss over Episode 10 because of the party aspects but there was SO much meat and character/plot development in this episode, it made me so happy to see(dialogue still made me cringe at times, but whatever, I’ll take what I can get). 

So, yeah….I like Archie and Jughead the same amount. Ha!

Every Bone // Wolffe x Reader

Wolffe had never been afraid of the army doctor that had been assigned to the Wolf Pack. In fact, he thought she was cute: always greeting people with a smile, cried during animal shelter commercial, was painstakingly innocent(or at least appeared to be), the whole shebang. Or at least until now.
They had chased down a soon-to-be terrorist into a shoddy alley onto one of the mid-levels of Coruscant. Wolffe had tackled the Rhodian separatist and handcuffed him to a pipe that was bolted to a building. The Commander stared down the terrorist, hoping that he could intimidate him(He usually could- apparently the cybernetic eye was unnerving), but unfortunately he was met with a green Rhodian smirk.
“Listen, you separatist scum, if you tell us where the bomb is, you’ll get a fair trial instead of immediate execution.” Wolffe seethed lowly, holding him face to face by his collar.
“If getting paid too much for this job to be scared of an exaggerated lab experiment and a- what are you?- a wh-” He was cut off when Wolffe’s fist cracked across his snout(?).
After dragging Wolffe away from the smug criminal, the doctor whispered. “Commander, I think I can make him talk.”
The commander stared at her hesitantly. “Uhh, (Y/N), I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”
“Well, we’re running out of time. And the intimidation approach isn’t working.” She reminded him in an ‘I’m gonna do it anyway’ tone.
“Go ahead, just be quick.”
She walked up and kneeled in front of him, looking him up and down. Wolffe repositioned himself so he could see both of their faces, and he was shocked. The bubbly nurse he once knew had vanished, and had been replaced with a doppelgänger with cold, calculating eyes.
“Ohh, are you good cop? Come to save me from the big bad clone? I’m not buying it, I’m smart-”
“Shut up.” The wolf pack doctor huffed, “I’m going to give you one chance before I do something drastic. Where is the bomb?”
Wolffe was taken aback with her tone, it was
flat, menacing, and almost predatory. The worst he had ever heard from her was reprimands of shinies who ripped open their stitches. From the looks of it, her voice wavered the Rhodian’s cool and collected facade. Now he looked unnerved.
“I ain’t tellin’. You’ll have to torture me.”
“Well, Mister…,” she paused to dig around in his jacket, triumphantly she pulled out an ID card and continued, “Cran Xell. I believe you.”
The terrorist looked relieved when she stood up, but paled a few shades of green when she dropped back down beside his free hand. Before he could move it, she snatched it in hers. Holding it with at the wrist, she gave him another chance.
“Tell me where the bomb is before I start breaking bones.” She hissed. Suddenly Cran’s cocky demeanor returned.
“You don’t have the guts to do it. You’re a girl!” He taunted. Wolffe watched as she rolled her eyes.
“I’m a girl who is also an army doctor. I’ll break every bone in your body and name them as I do so. “ She smirked before bringing her other hand up and position it to the bone under his index finger.
“Last chance, where’s the bomb?” She offered, the Rhodian shook his head defiantly. The doctor shrugged. Wolffe didn’t see her move, but he heard a crack quickly followed by a loud yell of pain. “Third Metacarpal. Where’s the bomb?”
“Think of the money. Think of the money.” The terrorist muttered under his breath. With a roll of her eyes, she moved her hand to the side. This time he saw it, she pressed down with her pointer and index fingers and then up with her thumb. A sickening snap and another yell of pain:
“Second Metacarpal. You have 204 bones left, and I know how to break everyone of them: the easiest for me, and the most painful ones for you.”
“No.” He grunted, she didn’t even ask that time. Just a snap, a scream, and:
“Fourth Proximal Phalange. Where is the bomb?” She said the clenched teeth, eyes narrowing dangerously. He was crying now, and shaking his head.
“No. I can’t tell you. I won’t.” He whimpered. Wolffe tried to feel sorry for him before remembering the hundreds of women and children in that hospital. He then tried to build up enough fucks to give to tell the doctor to stop, but the way the shadows danced on her face, and the way the minimal light reflected in her eyes, Wolffe was too entranced to stop her. She moved her hands so fast Wolffe hardly noticed the two separated breaks.
“Left Triquetrum, Left Trapezium.” She added monotonously. The separatist looked to Wolffe, eyed pleading for help.
“I thought Doctors helped people, not hurt them! You can’t let her do this!” He wailed, hand limp in hers.
“I’d tell her where the bomb is.” Wolffe shrugged as the woman moved her hand slightly. CRACK. The terrorist turned and threw up because of the pain, or maybe the color brown his hand was turning.
“Fifth Distal Phalanx, I’m going to facial bones next, and they’ll never heal the same.” She threatened after he quit puking.
“It’s under the heater in the basement. The pass codes to unlock and disable it is are my coat pocket! Take it! Lock me up! I don’t care! Just get me away from her!” He hollered and he was met with a smirk.
“Thanks for your cooperation, Cran. I’ll come during visiting hours.” She smiled, as if back to her sweet old self. His eyes widened and his breathing quickened.
“No stay away!” He gasped jerking himself back so hard he hit his head on the wall, he then fell limp.
“I’ve never seen you so intimidating.” Wolffe smirked at her, as she wrapped the unconscious Rhodian’s hand and wrist. He had already commed people to handle the bomb.
“I usually don’t have a reason to be.” She shrugged, tying off the bandages before standing back up and dusting herself off, “That should hold them until he gets where he’s going.”
The commander walked up behind her before snaking arms around her waist. Now that they were (technically) alone and people weren’t in danger, he let loose a little.
“It was kind of hot.” He whispered in her ear. She leaned back into his armored chest, breathing out a laugh, before craning her neck up to look at him.
“You cheeky dog!” She laughed, peeling herself away. “Now you know how I feel all the time!”
Back was the bubbly, sweet (Y/N) he loved. He leaned down and kissed her lips passionately, before pulling back at the sound of a speeder.
Fifteen minutes and a debrief later, they found themselves in the engineer’s apartment ‘celebrating’ the lives saved that day.
Sorry, this isn’t my best work, but a little badass reader here and there never hurt anyone… My To-Do list is now empty… should anyone wanna request… just so y'all know…. *whispers*pls

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could you write a theo imagine, where the reader and him hate each other, but end up falling in love but soon find out it was only just a bet. end however you want xx

Was any of it real? Theo Raeken

A/N:Oh my god I’m sorry but I was extremely pissed writing this. It was my best and longest imagine but then I accidentally deleted it. So I’m sorry if this isn’t very good. KEEP REQUESTING AND MESSAGE ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THIS!

Originally posted by ksulenda

There was nothing more Y/n hated than cocky guys and Theo was just about the cockiest. Their hatred for each other had started in second grade when the two fought over who was right and who was wrong in front of the entire class. Since then the teasing and name calling between the two had been nonstop. The day Theo left Beacon Hills was a big relief for Y/N. But the day he returned the feud had resurfaced. That was until Theo made a bet. 

“Girls just love me like literally any girl would die to have a chance to date me.” Theo boasted. 

“Sure Theo.” a guy from the lacrosse team scoffed.

“I bet you 100 bucks that I can make any girl here fall for me.”

“You’re on Raeken.”

“Okay pick one.” Theo smirked as his friend looked around the room.

“Her.” he said pointing to a girl on the opposite side of the room.

“Y/N? You’ve got to be kidding me.” he grumbled.

“What? You said anyone.”

“Yeah Y/n just so happens to hate my guts.”

“Well this just got a whole lot more interesting.” his friend smirked.

“Whatever.” Theo said standing up.

“Go get her tiger.” his friend laughed as Theo made his way towards where Y/n was sitting. 

“Hey Y/n.”

“Go away Theo.” she said not looking up from the book she was reading. He pulled up a chair and sat next to her.

“So I was thinking isn’t it about time we get over this little fight of ours?”

“I mean I’m all for not getting over it if that’s okay with you.”

“Come on Y/n let’s start over. You don’t even know me.”

“Oh but I do Theo. You’re not very hard to figure out. You’re cocky, arrogant, and overconfident. You don’t care for anything but yourself and your ego. You’re really smart but you try to hide it. And the thing that really gets you is that you’re very social except your inability to conversate with someone and actually care about what they’re saying really drags you down.” she said still looking at her book. Theo smirked he likes a girl who has a little fire.

“Well Y/n what you don’t know about me is that everything you just listed is a facade and I want you to get to know the real me. So Y/n I want you to go on a date with me.”

“Theo there is about seven billion people I’d rather go on a date with.”

“Come on Y/n take a chance. Get to know the real me. I swear one date is all I’m asking. If you go on one date with me and still hate me then we never have to talk to each other again I promise.”

“If the real you is anything like the you now then no thanks.”

“Y/n I swear I’m not let me get a chance to prove that to you.”

“Why would I want to go on a date with someone I’ve hated since second grade?” she said looking over at him for the first time.

“Y/n I swear I’m not that same guy. Now please let me take you out on a date. I want to see if you’ve changed too.” she stared at him for a moment thinking. “The only rule I have is that we have to put everything behind us and start over. So what do you say?” he asked her with puppy dog eyes.

“Pick me up at seven.” she said then got up and walked out of the classroom.

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I feel so out of practice when it comes to writing so sorry if this sucks. I think it’s okay but you know, I could be wrong ha. I also didn’t do anything on my vacation so I’m trying to get to everything that I can before I start school again so please be patient! I’m trying to get the shorter stories out of the way so I can focus on my longer ones. As always, enjoy!


Feeling the sun shined on his face, Antonio opened his eyes and he smiled as he looked down at Sylvie sleeping in his arms.

His eyes then scanned over to the clock on the table. He knew they both had to be in work in an hour.

He took a deep breath as he leaned down and started to whispered in her ear. “Sylvie, wake up.”

He waited a few seconds to see if she would stirred, but not feeling any movements, he decided a different approach.

He moved his hands on her stomach and started tickling the side of her stomach.

In an instant, she jumped awake, hitting him instinctively. “What are you doing?”

Antonio couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, causing her to laugh. “Sorry. Damn, sorry. I was calling your name but you didn’t budge–”

She interrupted him. “So you thought tickling a person who was in a deep sleep was better?” She asked.

“I mean, it got you up.” He pointed out. “It may not have been the best idea but whatever works, right?”

Sylvie rolled her eyes as she laid back down on his chest. “I told you it was a bad idea last night for me to spend the night knowing we both had to work today.”

Antonio sighed. “Forgive me for wanting to spend time with my girlfriend.”

Sylvie laughed as she stroked his chest softly. “And you know I want to spend time with you too. But—” Her voice trailed off.

“But because no one knows we’re together, it’s hard.” He finished her sentence.

Sylvie nodded her head. “Yes, exactly.” She looked up at his face and noticed his sad expression. Every time they parted ways, she had to force herself not to look back because she couldn’t stand to look at his face; it always broke her heart. “I’m tired of being your secret.” She admitted. “I’m tired of seeing the sad look in your eyes when you know we’re about to leave each other for a few days, maybe even for a whole week.” She took a deep breath. “But I also love that this is our secret.”

Antonio listened to her and he sighed again. “It is hard.” He agreed. “I feel like if everyone knew our break up only lasted a month, they could break us up again.”

Sylvie raised her head to look into Antonio’s eyes. “Do you think our relationship is really that fragile?” She asked.

He shook his head. “Not anymore. But I also don’t want to find out.” He admitted as he leaned down and kissed her head. “I do know though that you’re my best kept secret I ever had.”

Sylvie laughed. “Those words are what every woman dreams of hearing.”

Antonio smiled softly and then a few seconds later his expression turned serious. “You know I would love to tell everyone that we’re back together. I hate keeping our relationship a secret when I want to tell everyone how happy I am with you and how lucky I am that you gave me another chance.”

Sylvie shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think anyone would blame me for getting back with you. You broke up with me so you could protect me in your own way. Besides, I don’t think we can really consider this a secret but more as wanting our privacy.” She admitted. “It isn’t like anyone asked me if I talked to you since our breakup.” She pointed out.

“And we know once people find out we’re back together, it’s like a jinx to our relationship.”

“No, no.” She shook her head.”But in any new relationship, it wouldn’t take much to break us up. Besides, I love keeping you to myself. It’s like I know when we’re inside your apartment, we’re in our own little bubble and no one can take that from us.”

“Hey, we’re much stronger than we were when we first started dating. Even now when we realized our love for each other was worth keeping this secret from everyone.” He leaned down and entwined their hands together. “But if you want, we can tell everyone soon. Maybe when everyone is at Molly’s?” He suggested.

She nodded her head. “And whatever happens, we don’t let them tear us apart again.”

Although she knew if she never offered to watch Diego and if Laura never came by acting like Sylvie was crossing a line by watching her boyfriend’s son, they would still be together. Gabby may have gotten a little freaked out by their relationship at times, she never tried breaking them up.

“Before we do though, I have to tell Gabby. If she founds out when everyone else does, she’d kill me.” He said with a laugh.

“You mean she’d kill us.” She corrected him. “Maybe I’d tell Gabby today. You have no idea how hard it is to work with her and not say anything.”

“What, you think it’s easy for me?” He asked. “I tell Gabby everything.” He shrugged his shoulders a few seconds later. “Well mostly everything.”

Sylvie smiled and she looked over at the clock. “I have to get ready to leave so I can stop by my apartment and get dressed.”

Antonio nodded his head and he leaned forward and started  trailing kisses along her neck towards her collarbone. “How about you take a shower here and I’d join you?” He asked as he moved his lips further down.

Sylvie almost lost sense of reality with Antonio placing soft delicate kisses on her. She bit down on her bottom lip, moaning softly. Luckily she was brought back to reality when she looked over at the time.

She pushed him off of her and she jolted out of the bed. “No!” She exclaimed. “If I’m late, it’s going to look suspicious. I have never been late and the times I was almost late, I was dating you.”

Antonio grinned, knowing she was right. “Okay. Let me get dressed real fast and I’ll drive you to your car.”

Because they both were worried about slipping up, Sylvie usually left her car a couple blocks away so no one would noticed her car in front of Antonio’s apartment. They knew they were being ridiculous but they were also trying to be careful.

“I just can’t wait until everyone knows we’re back together.” Sylvie admitted. “At least this way I won’t feel so anxious heading to work.”

As Antonio got ready for work, he realized they should have told everyone sooner, but he didn’t want to deal with Laura. Although now, he couldn’t understand why he cared. What was she going to do, take his kids away from him because he was happy? They were divorced and they have been for a while before he started this romance so in his eyes, their relationship was none of her business.

Chapter 25

Here comes the next chapter from @taulun ‘s wonderful AU. It is again a filler, but if my calculations are correct we only have a few chapters left until we will dig in constant actions and plot points. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta. 

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Marinette tapped her fingers against the cover of the book. It was pretty interesting, about a beanstalk and an ogre. She didn’t really understand what an ogre was, but she didn’t care too much either. The main character was a girl and she meets Prince Charming, but she doesn’t know it’s him till chapter three. It was such a wonderful and cute story, and Marinette was captivated. She flipped another page when noise from above caught her attention. Marinette frowned, glancing above. Singing. They were singing. She sighed, wistfully.

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A Swedish Light (Pewdiepie Poem Submission) ((This is probably really corny haha))

The black shadows were suffocating

Darkness swallowed her all around.

She couldn’t find a source of light.

Her hope was mute, and had no sound.

She discovered him quite simply,

Through a friend on which she could rely.

Together they watched a goofball Swede

Who’s name was pewdiepie.

It was the summer of 2012 

When he made her laugh and made her smile.

Through his crazy antics and horror games.

He broke the darkness for a while.

Time went by and he grew into

someone she didn’t really know.

It upset her at first, because she missed 

The goofy loud and crazy “bro.”

But she grew too, and realized 

He was himself; happy and true.

She gave him another chance

And felt that joy inside her, too.

He helped her discover more;

Another one to ease her strife

An irish man with a big heart

named Jacksepticeye.

Both these men lifted her up

On days shrouded in pain and sorrow.

They brought a flame of warmth and light

And gave her hope for a better tomorrow.

And she will always be thankful

to the man who dried her teary eyes

The pug loving, man with a heart of gold

Her Swedish light, Pewdiepie.

I tried so hard to be sweet and tell this story. I dunno you guys lol  0.o..


Yo…hear me out on this theory. What if Sala is just a reincarnation of Iwasawa from Angel Beats. My theory is that Iwasawa did her last performance and we thought she made her peace but really she was just reincarnated and became Sala Shane. Due to Sala finally realizing what she wanted to do in life, God decided to take her vision since he gave Iwasawa aka Sala another chance at being a musician. Now that is kind of a shitty deal, but it make’s Sala test her faith in God which has not faltered because she still performs and she is still humble.

Also Sala and Sawa are similar sounding as well.

Finally, I’m almost One hundred percent sure they share the same Voice Actor (Miyuki Sawashiro) So that plays into my theory as well.

Best Buds Part 6

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2700

Warnings: Angst…oops.

Note: Sorry that I’m not sorry about the angst! I intended to add smut to this part, but it just didn’t call for it. So enjoy the angst. muahaha.  Part 7 is going to be the last installment of Best Buds! It’s been a blast!

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Dean ignored you for most of the next day. He wouldn’t look you in the eye and didn’t even eat the breakfast you made for everyone. He’d leave every time you walked into a room and locked his door, which he usually kept open. You were wracking your brain, trying to figure out what was wrong. To you, the sex last night was intense and mind-blowing. Maybe you had been reading the signs wrong. Was it possible he wasn’t into this deal anymore? Did you say something out loud that was meant to be just a thought? Did he think you were in love with him after last night? You didn’t even know what you were feeling. The only thing that mattered to you was keeping your best friend in your life.

Castiel asked to hang around for a couple days and you were glad to have a friend to keep you distracted from the constant pestering your brain had in for you. Although Castiel often had his head in the clouds, he was also observant to details. He noticed you weren’t acting yourself and when you brushed him off when asked about it he didn’t pressure you to divulge in it any further. A few gusts of wind later and Cas was standing in front of you with a game board in hand.

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Why we hate so much on characters with negatively perceived human traits?

I have this theory about how fandoms usually go on full hate mode on any character that shows any kind of negative human traits. It’s like if we were reminded of our own faults when we’re just trying to have fun.

And I get it: Why would I want to be reminded of all the negative things that makes us human when I’m here pretending to be the almighty savior of the world?

That’s why I think characters like Vivienne, Sera or Blackwall are so easily hated and ignored, and that’s a funny thing because I’m absolutely convinced those type of characters are not written to be liked, at least, in the very beginning. You have to take your time to know them, take them with you and try to understand why they’re who they are, and for us, humans playing a videogame, its not very appealing because you’re just trying to have a good time and it’s much better to bring some you like from the start.

AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY OK AND NORMAL. Please don’t get me wrong.

And please, let me take this to a personal level; it’s taken me three playthoughs to tolerate and finally like Vivienne and Sera, and I’m pretty sure that would’ve been the case with Blackwall if I didn’t pursue him as a LI in the first place.

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