The rate at which Gavin finds himself in potential trouble in this AU is pretty amazing, but to be fair without him Jack would of never met the rest of the gang.


This is sort of the ‘middle part’ of how they met Jack.The two (Geoff and Gav) took a bit of a trip to a nearby swamp not expecting it to be inhabited by a monster, and apparently an average human. So of course the logical thing to do was clean him up and take him back home. Some stitched up Brit may have grown a sort of fascinated fondness to the creature . And thus Jack joins the team! (along with Caiti who moves into town and helps Jack cope with society)

It gets more detailed than that but i’ve already written too much <v>

if someone asked me what it was like to be in love, I would tell them that it is terrifying in the best of ways. you are afraid to love them, but you can’t remember a time when you didn’t and just the thought of that being possible rattles your bones and paralyzes you with fear. when you’re not with them, you’re thinking about them, dreaming about them. everything reminds you of them. whistling winds sound like the earth whispering their name and the morning birds sing their favorite song as the sun rises and pours through the blinds of your bedroom. their touch is like a thousand lighting bolts at once, but it doesn’t hurt in the slightest. it’s electrifying and it makes you feel alive. if someone asks your favorite color, you bite your tongue before you can say the color of their eyes and when they ask where home is, you’re seconds away from muttering “his arms” because you were always told that home is where the heart is and you’ve never felt safer than when wrapped in his warm embrace. if someone asked me what it was like to be in love, I would tell them to imagine being blind their entire life and suddenly gaining vision to see the sunset for the very first time; the sky being painted with colors they didn’t even know existed. I would tell them it’s like the first day of summer, riding with the windows down and singing a song at the top of your lungs with the ones you love most. the feeling of the warm sun on your bare back. the familiar smell of home after you’ve been gone for weeks. I would tell them that yes, I am afraid, but you make all of this worth it. and if the time for regret ever comes, I will throw out every watch I own because I could never regret something that once filled me with so much joy.
—  going through journal entries I wrote about my boyfriend

Holy crap guys, this is a super adorable video! Gavin and Meg are crazy cute in it, and there’s tons of cameos from other RT people.