fic: intertwine our ways

so this is something i’ve owed @tiredapollo for an absurdly long time now (don’t ask it’s embarrassing) but! i’m finally finished! and it’s here!

they asked for a prompt about apollo’s birthday and left the rest up to me, so i decided to write pre-relationship awkward klapollo where klavier isn’t sure where they stand. it’s some fluff, some angst (more than i intended sorry apollo welp) and it’s super long. like. 23.5k words long. i don’t know what happened either.

an important note: written from klavier’s view, so there’s references to emotional abuse, childhood and adult. mostly vague.

also on ao3!

Gav- Klavier,” A familiar voice called to Klavier from across the way, and Klavier stopped dead.

It wasn’t exactly ideal. He didn’t have the time to stop moving. His arms were brimming with important documents and there was a meeting he was already almost late to waiting to start, waiting for him halfway across the office. People had been trying to catch him all day to talk about cases or clients and he had to shrug them all off, leave them with his already desperately overworked secretary while he darted about and tried to keep the place under control with Herr Edgeworth currently away-

Despite all this, he still found himself halting. He supposed he was never much good at denying Justice.

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The rate at which Gavin finds himself in potential trouble in this AU is pretty amazing, but to be fair without him Jack would of never met the rest of the gang.


This is sort of the ‘middle part’ of how they met Jack.The two (Geoff and Gav) took a bit of a trip to a nearby swamp not expecting it to be inhabited by a monster, and apparently an average human. So of course the logical thing to do was clean him up and take him back home. Some stitched up Brit may have grown a sort of fascinated fondness to the creature . And thus Jack joins the team! (along with Caiti who moves into town and helps Jack cope with society)

It gets more detailed than that but i’ve already written too much <v>