how to correctly greet people in other countries:

england: ‘allow gav'na
usa: howdy cowboy
austria: küss die hand sissi
france: salli gsait
italy (+vatican): ave caesar (+morituri te salutant)
switzerland: durch diese hohle gasse muss er kommen
russia: m'gorbatchov
germany: halt stopp jetzt rede ich
australia: m8
scotland: steel is heavier than feathers
netherlands: 🍊
sweden: we made a mistake setting pewd*epie free
ireland: küss die iren sissi

Achievement Hunter has helped me so much

okAY BUT, honestly achievement Hunter is so much more than what most people give them credit for. Every says they’re only in it for the money, publicity, ect. But honestly they’re not. They do these videos because they enjoy them, and because other people do to. If they were only in it for the money then you wouldn’t see the spark in gave eyes when watching Micheal do a date he bet money on. You wouldn’t hear the joy in jack voice when he tells gav to go fuck himself because he burnt up his house in Minecraft. Jeremy wouldn’t of made a secret room for no one to find just for his own joy. Geoff wouldn’t let everyone horse around and have as much fun as they do not paying attention to the actual point of the video. And I love that about them because they’re so lively in every video that I forget about my shit day for half an hour. For that hour I can hold off on worrying if my dad’s pissed off my mom, or if she’s high again. I forget out why I’m so upset if only for a little while and I smile and laugh and I turn my headphones up louder and end up rewinding the video six times just so I can hear what Gavin mumbled to make Jeremy laugh so hard. And I wish so much that I could buy merch and attend rtx and help them out, but I can’t and I’d be more upset but honestly they’ve made it so clear that we do t have to buy their merch or give them money because liking they’re videos is enough and I really appreciate that so much. And I’ve talked about achievement Hunter but roosterteeth too, they’re so great and let’s play and funhaus and honestly all these other channels surrounding them, they’re all here for not only our enjoyment but theirs as well. Because they love what they do, and that just makes it all ten times better. Honestly I just love them all. I could go on and on but rant over for now.

hero-ofcanton  asked:

i'm just really into soft eposette, with morning kisses and stayng in bed on the weekends, cosette hanging out with gavroche and azelma and them all being a family. also, eponine being a sarcastic asshole with r until cosette comes back into her life and i mean, she's still herself but now she admits she loves cuddles and flowers

hello! im finally getting round to answering this! well done me!

Yes I support this so hard! Eponine being like super worried initially and building up the courage to ask cosette if it would be ok for Gav and Zelma to stay with them bc ya know, Cosette didn’t sign up for this but Cosette DID sign up for this bc Cosette signed up fo rEponine’s huge protective heart and this all comes with the deal. Eponine goes to work and comes home to find them all playing scrabble Azelma is furiously flicking through the dictionary trying to prove that whatever Cosette put down for 67 points is NOT a word and Gavroche is laughing uncontrollably bc he’s managed to spell ‘penis’ with his tiles. Eponine is so proud and taken aback and full of love.

Eponine being super duper defensive about everything and ALL her walls are up but R knows… R knows she likes extra sprinkles on her ice cream. they know she sleeps with a blanket wrapped around her like a burrito for maximum coziness. She’s afraid she will be vunerable if she admits this but then suddenly here comes Cosette. It starts with Cosette going on and on about the merits of extra sprinkles and Ep under her breath just mutters “ok but this only stands if you are talking about rainbow sprinkles” and Cosette’s face just LIGHTS UP. Cosette gives Eponine time and breathing space for these comments to occur but every one is locked away in Cosette’s chest. They eventually start dating and Eponine’s defenses are officially. lowered. They have so many blankets on their bed its disgusting. 


les mis moments that break my heart: 1/?

combeferre, bahorel & the rest of les amis trying to stop courfeyrac going after gavroche

Grantaire is like a big brother figure to Gavroche but can you imagine Jehan as an older sibling figure to Azelma

Braiding her hair with flowers during the spring because she saw Jehan do it to their hair and loved it

Both of them bingewatching tv dramas and bouncing commentary off each other

Azelma grows to love poetry because Jehan recites it a lot and introduces her to so many authors. She usually scours their bookshelf when she’s over at their apartment

It works out when Eponine is beyond busy since Jehan and Grantaire are roommates, and she trusts them more than anyone to look after her siblings.

This also means that there are so many nerf wars and competitions between Team Azelma/Jehan and Team Gavroche/Grantaire