Fic: we’re not here to take part (we’re here to take over)

Summary: Everyone calls him PL. Only Julien really calls him Luc.

Luc is starting to realize that there are a lot of things that fall into the “only Julien” category. PLD/Gauth. R

Notes: THE MEM CUP STARTS TODAY SO HAVE SOME FIC. Not quite Mem Cup fic though, more like WJC and Q fic rolled into one. Literally the longest, most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever written

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STEPH, Vampire!Luc to go with your Siren!Nolan? Dumb boys bonding over supernatural stuff, Nolan letting PL nibble away and Luc getting water or whatever Nolan needs. Plus Nolan sitting through Luc's worried rant on getting too into Julien and accidentally biting him.

YES, BRINGING BACK SIREN!NOLAN, I SEE. Does this mean we bring back siren!Mat too because uh. Luc and Mat have some Differences you see. Not really Big Differences but Mat is kind of not Luc’s favorite person. Nolan goes to siren!Mat for relationship advice but he goes to vampire!Luc for companionship bc Luc is happy to chill and listen to Nolan goes on and on about Nico. You know how when you’re laying on the grass, your friend sometimes rips up grass and sprinkles it on you? Luc does that with Nolan, except with water

They’re pretty good friends, really supportive of each other, and Luc talks about how Julien lets him bite him but Luc doesn’t want to get too freaky and scare him away, and Nolan makes comforting noises at him. Maybe they talk about how sometimes they get the random, vague urge to eat their boyfriends but of course they wouldn’t do that. They just mention it offhand sometimes

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Vampire PLD who likes to come up behind Jules when he's talking to someone, wrap his arms around his shoulder and nibble on his neck while making awkward eye contact with the person he's talking too until they leave and he gets Jules to himself

Lmao PL would probably only do that with the French boys he’s very familiar with, bc he’s not exactly the PDA type? Like he might not stop if someone walked in since they’re interrupting him, but he wouldn’t really initiate in front of someone else. Unless he was very drunk, in which case there was that time at a house party when he literally climbed into Julien’s lap and began making out with him while Julien was mid-sentence in a convo with someone else. (Except that happened in my canon-based verse, not in vampire verse)

Vampire PL making bold, awkward eye contact with Jozy as he runs his lips over the back of Julien’s neck, making Julien startle and falter mid-conversation. Jozy is like “Right” and beats a hasty retreat bc he has zero time for PL’s bullshit. Julien is like “Was that necessary?” but he’s turning around and pulling PL into his arms, and PL melts against his chest all pleased and self-satisfied

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awww!!!! i love little vampire PL so so so much!! augh he probably loves cuddling his big warm boyf and nibbling on his shoulder and neck and fingers and anywhere else jules will let him get his mouth on. PLD's probably pretty careful at not leaving hickeys bc if he wasn't, they would be EVERYWHERE and that would be awkward. jules doesn't mind bc PLD's mouth is warm and wet and plush and feels more like a kiss than anything else (it's also super cute bc sometimes PLD does it w/out even noticing)

It’s mostly the shoulders and neck that get covered in little bites. PL doesn’t usually leave marks, sometimes he does indulge in a bit of suction but that’s mostly bc oral fixation and the fact that he likes watching Julien’s skin pink under his mouth before fading. AND YES CUDDLING IS GOOD. Julien really gives the very best hugs bc he’s so ~large~ (no seriously, anyone else thinking about that time they hugged during the super series and my soul ascended)

(How do we know that Jules doesn’t have hickeys all over his chest tho hmm?)

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Are Jules and luc ones to cuddle? Jules is just so soft and intimate I feel like he would love snuggling up with luc. And luc has a thing for Jules huge arms wrapped around him

Yep!!! There was a part I think, from “we’re not here to take part”

Julien helps him up onto the bed afterward because cuddling is half the fun of hooking up with him, in Luc’s opinion. Julien is fucking great at cuddling. Like a marshmallow that is really good at hockey.

Luc absolutely loves cuddling with Jules. When they first started it was kind of awkward, bc there’s a difference between teammate cuddling and we-just-fucked cuddling, but they got used to it. Luc’s favorite is laying his head on Julien’s shoulder/chest while Julien drapes a casual arm over him. Or when Luc spoons him, bc there’s so much skin on Julien’s broad back and Luc loves it. Or when they face each other and tangle their legs but there’s space between their chests and faces, and they’re sharing air, and Luc can absently trace Julien’s arms and the muscles of his chest

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Okay so, I know Jules and Luc aren't the jealous type but Jules walking into Luc's room @ something Canada, and finding Nolan on his boyfriend's bed, head on his boyfriend's very big and nice thight. Luc def rushes to explain that look, it's been a long time since Nolan's been close to a big body of water, he's weak and tired and Nico is busy doing Switzerland-y things, so Luc is stuck pressing wet towels to his face. Jules thinks that's adorable af, god he's so in love with this dork.

Umm yes I love I approve!!!! Non-jealous boys who understand when their boyfs are comforting other people!! Julien doesn’t fully understand the siren thing bc he’s just started to grasp the details of the vampire thing, but he comes over and gently runs a hand through Nolan’s hair in a comforting sort of way, and Nolan says thanks in a really quiet voice

(And then, bc it’s summer - maybe World Champs? - they go on a daytrip to a lake, just run off for like the whole day to get Nolan near some water where he can slide underwater and feel better. Luc stays mostly in the shade bc his skin doesn’t tolerate sunlight that well. Julien spends a nice day in the sun though and Luc loves his sun-warmed skin, that slight glow when Jules is not yet sunburned but has been soaking in the rays for a while)

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my dude you have not talked about vampire pld before and you now have my interest. well like you always do because you come up with really good ideas and your writing is top notch but you have peaked my interest above the usual i gotta listen to what steph has to say because it will always be hashtag good content level. anyway vampire pld please carry on tyvm oh and does he have any supernatural pals to speak of or is he is just a dork vamp surrounded by dork hockey players

Argh I can’t believe I haven’t talked about vampire!PLD before bc it’s one of my favorite little hcs. Idk if you’ve seen him but his canines are pretty prominent?

(Source and side note: I love @phillymyers her gifs are amazing I love)

Also he’s pale as hell so. Vampire boy. At the time I hadn’t considered if he had any supernatural buddies but? he comfort nibbles people. Like not in a drinking blood kind of way where he bites, but when he’s happy and comfortable he. takes a little nibble out of his favorite humans (esp Jules lmao). Not enough to break the skin. I had him as a surprisingly docile vampire, for one so young. Very not-messy, esp considering how messy he is on the ice

I honestly haven’t thought out this universe very well, but I didn’t have him as newly turned, so I guess he was either turned very young and grew up, or he was born?? a vampire? which okay. He’s lived with it for a while and he doesn’t have any angst except for the dorky teenage boy type. Julien is his patient human boyf and PL is pleased that there’s so much skin there for him to bite

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Steph, coming to hit you with your own ideas: You've written PL wearing Jules jersey but, does Julien ever wear Luc's jerseys? Like the one from when Luc was /his captain/ or just casually wears his clothes around the house (or around the guys) and Luc's chest gets filled with this feeling he can't quite place yet

klsgsngln listen the super series gave us Luc with the C like DAMN. And his A was Julien (and Chabby and Nico but w/e) (gif source)

Julien wears Luc’s clothes yeah. I wanted to say his shorts/boxers but they’re probably too tight on Jules lmao so just his shirts I guess. Luc loves that, esp when Julien wears his Eagles jersey or omfg his Jackets one.

I’ve also def thought of like, Jules showing up to Luc’s games, wearing his jersey? Maybe while Jules is *hypothetically* injured long-term during the season (even though Jules is done with his junior career now). Luc is playing in Blainville which is pretty much Montreal, and Julien comes home to rehab his injury for a month but while he does, he watches Luc’s home games and wears his Armada jersey. And they hang out on the ice, and are kind of sad to part ways when Julien returns to Saint John, even tho he’s excited to be back on the ice and playing again

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I'm having all the Luc/Julien feels because I just read your fic again. Then, somehow, that pic of Julien and the DQ (+ shorts!!!!) came across my dash, so: Please tell me Luc yelled at him via text because that picture fucked him up too. Or better yet, tell us about all their summer plans because both of them have a lot of skin to tan (also, pool kisses and sleepy sun tired smiles, their families being embarrassing, being touchy and happy, teased by their shared canada boys)

Ahhh listen Julien has been coming with the summer content and I am thrilled. The DQ pic? The aesthetic “staring over a lake” shot? The father’s day post? The insta stories? Good content

Luc yelled at Julien about the shorts but then he came over to Montreal to hang for a bit anyway and they got DQ together and went swimming every day. They’re both pretty pale and they have lots of skin to tan, and there are probably very faint shoulder freckles and hot sun-warmed skin when they’re not burned yet. Luc is on Julien’s insta story a lot and the Team Canada groupchat gets to tease them plenty, and they go do…idk, fun things in Montreal, and brunch dates and Julien has his Cup day??? so they go out on a boat with the Pres Cup and go fishing and play golf. And skate of course

(Gosh!!! also so many poolside shenanigans bc I love poolside shenanigans. Hmu if you want the deets but they’ll take a while to write)

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Ok but what if they're in a bar or something and a random guy keeps hitting on luc even tho he's like "I have a bf who is literally sitting right over there" but the guy won't leave him alone and puts a hand on lucs ass right in front Jules and he... that's his boy... and some random guy is touching that ass... and he has lots of "get your hands the fuck off my boyfriends ass" feels

(Rip I told myself I’d go to bed but I am watching Luc vids in French rn)

Ahhhh see, if it’s a complete stranger, Jules is gonna get pretty…..well he doesn’t look mad but he’s pretty annoyed. He’s okay with friends and hockey guys, boys he grew up with or played with, being pushy and teasing him by tapping Luc’s ass as they walk by. But complete strangers? Jules might not do anything to the guy, but he’s gonna wander over and slide an arm around Luc, all casual-like as he finishes his drink. And Luc turns his body towards Julien in that very obvious way, and Julien might just slip his hand into Luc’s back pocket. Just to make it clear

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Happy things: luc taking a nap on juliens chest because he is big and strong and luc just loves every part of him

God I was just talking about Julien’s tiny jorts again, bless

This is soft??? Luc is pretty big himself, but he likes laying his head on Julien’s chest and hearing his heartbeat and feeling Julien run a hand down his hand or through his hair or curve it over his waist. Maybe he tucks his face into Julien’s neck instead and falls asleep

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Waaait so what's the thing with luc climbing into Jules lap while drunk? Was this in your fic?

Nah lmao this was in the general verse that exists in my head. I did a lot of hcing before I wrote “we’re not here to take part” and only a small portion of that made it into the fic? So there are a lot of random scenes that I never got to write. (Apparently I am a fan of poolside shenanigans lmao.)

So basically Luc is mostly easygoing and I think I mentioned before that neither of them is very possessive? Except when very drunk, and then one time Jules is you know, chatting with someone and has his arm around the back of the couch, lounging. And Luc is……unhappy with this? He isn’t jealous, shut up Svech, he’s just. gonna sliiiiiiide into Julien’s lap and bite Julien’s lip until Jules pays attention to him, which takes like 5 seconds. Probably bc Julien is a little intoxicated too and listen Luc’s tongue is distracting, sue him. The person he was talking to leaves, obvs, and Luc is pretty happy about that