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Full-Auto Gauss Gun

also check out his Portable 1.25kJ Coilgun


Gauss Machine Gun

Power Source: 2x 22.2V, 3600mAh, 50C Li-Polymer Battery Packs

Switching: IGBT

Weight: 4.17kg

Projectiles: 6.5x50mm Caseless Steel Slugs

Capacity: 15 Rounds

Rate of Fire: 7.7 Rounds/Sec

Muzzle Velocity: 42.03m/s

Muzzle Energy: 10.87J

Total Efficiency: 7.0%


Full-Auto Gauss Gun (by Larsplatoon)

Dude. Fucking Engineering, man. 


Very cool tech.  A gauss gun. 


This is a Gauss Cannon painted in the style of Dieselpunk and video games like Destiny and Fallout. It features a weathered look with red cowling, rusted exhaust vents, and yellow warning bars on barrel.

This great prop comes in two variants: a) the plain Gauss Cannon with terrific paint job and b) the deluxe version with blue tinted lights on vents. A small AA battery pack with on/off switch switches lights on and off.

was poking around at some of my super high-powered weapons so heres a list of some of my faves:

  • laser musket that does 74 damage/crank (444 for six cranks) + another 10 cryo damage, for a total of 454 damage/shot (i always have this one on me)
  • missile launcher that does 50 radiation damage (supposedly), actually does 100 (idk) which means it does 271 damage/missile
  • plasma rifle that would do 200 damage but ALSO does 100 extra radiation damage, making it do 300 damage/shot
  • chinese officers sword that does 25% more damage, and is electrified, so it does 175 damage/swing (i always have this one)
  • minigun with 25 points of bleed per projectile (which adds up to 34 damage/shot. yeesh)
  • gauss rifle that does 338 damage/shot… plus 50% more on limbs (507 damage/shot)

i have a lot of vats-enhanced guns on my ‘top weapons’ list too but those are boring so

other fun facts: i dont have a single gun chambered for .50 rounds that has a legendary effect active on it