gaurdians of the galaxy


For people keep seeing and reblogging this (top one…which btw the end part with Cap and to the right is fake) the bottom one is real and was released by marvel studios themselves. Just thought I would post this cause all I see it the top one all over my dash and not the official one (bottom)

Gaurdians of The Galaxy: Volume 3
  • Mommy!Gamora: Groot, please go and set up that detonator.
  • Teenage!Groot *Gives her attitude*: I am Groot!
  • Dad!Peter: Hey, you don't talk back to her!

“and i’ll be what? your crime fighting maid?” you laughed, knowing how dirty his shit probably was.

“i was thinking maybe girlfriend,” Quill stated nonchalantly, “but i dunno, maids are sexy too.”

“I’m Mary Poppins y'all!”

Woohoo it’s finally done!! After days of work I finally finished my portrait of yondu!! I’ve been super obsessed with guardians of the galaxy 2 since I saw it heckkkkkk!! I wanna do one of these portraits of starlord and then maybe gamora? I doubt I’ll have the time but I’d love to try! In the mean time, have these!! I’m pretty proud of them!!