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“and i’ll be what? your crime fighting maid?” you laughed, knowing how dirty his shit probably was.

“i was thinking maybe girlfriend,” Quill stated nonchalantly, “but i dunno, maids are sexy too.”

A Little Pathetic

Peter Quill x Reader, fluff.

My first Peter fic ever, so be nice.

Fooled Around & Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop

Drax’s words ran miles in Peter’s head as he nursed a cold drink in a sleazy bar, on some planet they decided to take a break on.

There are two types of beings in the universe: those who dance, and those who do not.

Peter groaned into his drink, annoyed at the pulling in his stomach.

You need to find a woman who’s pathetic, like you.

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I feel like Spidey’s going to have a real problem keeping his identity (at the very least his name) a secret during infinity wars when everybody in the GOTG crew keeps yelling it.

Gamora: “Get your ass over here, Peter!”

Spider-Man: *whirls around bewilderedly* “W-what? Why? What did I…? Oh. Well…crap.”

Drax: “Peter, come look at this!”

Spider-Man: “Look at what? Wait–you’re not–ah, seriously? UGH.”

Rocket: “Peter! Where the hell did you put my bomb?”

Spider-Man: “Bomb? What bomb? I didn’t–oh dAMMIT NOT AGAIN!”

Peter: “Hey, Pe–”

Spider-Man: “I hate you.”

Groot: “I am Groot.”

Spider-Man: “….wtf.”


NEW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer - WORLD PREMIERE

All-New Wolverine #22

Following the events of “Immune,” Wolverine teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to hunt for answers about the devastating events that unfolded on Roosevelt Island.

* How did that alien child know who Laura Kinney was? Where did she come from?

* Wolverine has no idea what she’s gotten into…

“This is Mantis,” Drax excitedly introduced, grinning maniacally. “She can uncover your deepest secrets just by touching you.”

“Oh,” Tony immediately sidestepped the two aliens, Scott and Natasha following suit. Even Steve carefully edged himself away.

“Hello,” Mantis greeted with a slight bow of her head, as she moved closer, oblivious to the Avengers tensing. Just as she was to enter their space, Vision appeared from below, settling beside Tony.

“Oh, uh. Hey, buddy,” Tony nudged his arm. “Have you met Mantis?”

“I don’t believe so,” Vision responded before addressing her. “How do you do? I am Vision.” Vision offered his hand in the familiar greeting.

“Hello, Vision,” Mantis accepted his hand, smile growing. “You feel a great deal of loyalty.” Her dark eyes turned to Tony’s back as he hastily made a retreat.

“I beg your pardon?”

“When I touch someone, I can feel their feelings,” she explained.

Vision peered down at their hands, still clasped.

“But even that great loyalty, it is profoundly dwarfed,” she continued. “You feel love.”

“Can that be?” Vision whispered. “I am uncertain I am even capable of love.”

“It is,” she affirmed, antenna twitching. “Pure, unconditional love, for—”

Vision abruptly pulled his hand away, tucking them both behind his back. A polite smile formed in his lips.


From across the room, Wanda carefully eyed Vision and the newest alien as they chatted. The antenna woman spoke animatedly, pushing closer into Vision’s space as he beamed down at her.


“Forgive me, I’ve not felt such an overwhelming, unselfish love in quite some time,” Mantis sighed. “Your mate is very lucky.”

At that, Vision’s smile faded. “She is not my mate, I’m afraid.”

“No?” Her head tilted, confused.

“It is a … complex situation,” Vision frowned. Since their team’s reunion and call to action, he and Wanda had not been granted a moment of privacy. Thus, a time for apologies, for reconciliations, had not passed, though he desperately wished it.

It was odd. Previously, as the only full time residence of the Avengers facility, time spent alone together had been plentiful, and joyfully spent. Briefly, Vision wondered if this was irony at work.

Curiosity growing, her fingertips grazed his chest, searching. “Yet you love her still,” she breathed.

“I simply wish for her to happy,” Vision replied. “And safe.”

“We must tell her,” Mantis exclaimed, turning away. “She will—”

Vision instantly phased before Mantis, placing himself in her path. “While I appreciate your concern, your assistance is unnecessary,” he hastily explained.

Her face visibly fell.

Taking her hand in his, Vision added, “But thank you, Mantis, for your insight. I value our new friendship.”

“Of course,” her eyes lit up. “Thank you, Vision.”


As Wanda continued to spy, something deep in her gut turned. She’d always wanted people to understand Vision, to get him as she did. But this wasn’t exactly what she’d hoped.

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Peter Quill/Starlord x Reader : Relationship Preferences

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1)Who would be constantly kissing the other?
Peter would always steal really quick kisses from you whenever none of the others are looking.

2) Who’s the big spoon and little spoon?
You’re usually the big spoon and Peter is usually the small spoon.

3) NSFW Fuck or make love?
Make love.

4) NSFW Who’s on top?
Usually Peter.

5) Who wakes up first?
You do! Peter could sleep for a millennia if you left him.

6) Who constantly wants to hold the other?
Both of you do!

7) Who has a sweet tooth?
Peter does! He misses all the sweets and junk food from earth.

8) Who’s the singer out of the two of you?
Peter is!

9) Who’s the bigger nerd?
Both of you are!

10) Who’s terrified of horror flicks?
Peter is! The only experience he’s had with them was from when he was a kid.

11) Who wants to stay in bed the longest?
Peter does!

12) Who says the first ‘I love you’?
You did!

13) Who gets jealous?
Neither of you do.

14) Who would sing your baby to sleep?
YOU would take it in turns,

15) Who needs the most reassurance?
You do! If Peter needs reassurance then something is very very wrong.

16) Who just wants to be held by the other?
Peter absolutely loves being cuddled by you.

17) NSFW Who whispers the dirtiest things in the others ear at all the wrong times?
Peter Quill is a cheeky little shit.

18) Who knocks everything over?
Neither of you do.

19) Who brings home all the stray animals?
You would which nearly always ends in : “Y/N why is there a space dog sitting in the pilot seat?”

20) Who gets the most nightmares?
Peter sometimes does but not that often.

21) Who’s the complete flirt?
Peter is!

22) NSFW Who’s the kinkiest?
You are!

23) NSFW Who’s biggest tease?
Peter is!

24) NSFW Who’s the one who loves giving/receiving oral?
You are!

25) Who’s the most protective?
You are! Peter is incredibly chill and won’t really worry about you unless you’re in immediate danger.