This is Zeek! Another Gauntlet Girl character of mine revamped! I should make side by side comparisons when I get more of them drawn out ; v ; I really like how he came out even though his face is a little longer than i hoped. Its hard making a tiny face with such big eyes without them looking too young FFF

Gave him buck teeth cause those are cute as fuck and since he turns into like..a robot bunny I thought it would be appropriate haha.


I dont know what your new tumblr is but I remember seeing you do a cosplay of my Gauntlet Girl character AND I WAS WONDERING IF YOU WERE EVER GOING TO GET RID OF THE COSPLAY IF YOU WERE WILLING TO GIVE IT TO ME??? IT WAS SO GOOD AND I STILL LOVE IT! If you ever plan on tossing it, please let me know! I’d love to take it off your hands!! Q A Q!!! <3333333333333