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i dont know if youve mentioned this before in one of your posts..but i think the reason why centipeetle broke down in monster buddies is because she saw a flash of light (the light reflected off garnets gauntlets if im not wrong) which might relate to the final attack the diamonds unleashed upon the earth during the gem war. idk just something i noticed.

If I recall, Steven mentioned that Centipeetle was reacting to the Gems’ drawing their weapons! He asked them to put those away and when they did, Centi was more calm, and even calmer after they left. 

So I’d say it was that same sentiment later in the ice caves, because when Garnet took out her gauntlets, Steven quickly tells her not to :D



Bet You Didn't See That Coming

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by psychopathjack

He didn’t realize Cap’s eyes were blazing red until Cap twirled him against the wall, pressing a kiss to the helmet’s mouth.

“Cap!” He tried, grabbing at Cap’s arms to push himself free. Cap simply took hold of his wrists–gauntlets be damned–and pinned his arms to the wall.

“Please,” Cap said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Words: 2910, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of Bee-I-en-gee-O 2k16, Part 2 of tiny reverse bANG! ‘16

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What are your least favorite boss fights of sonic and what are the reasons you don't like them

Most hated bosses

1. Twinkle Snow boss (Sonic Advance 3)

Bottomless pit? Check! Temporary floating platforms? Check! Eggman has the ability to fire a large mace exactly where you’re jumping? Check!

It’s all a game of using the platforms cleverly, thinking before you jump so not only are you not faffing-about in one area and therefore leave yourself wide open to be nailed by the mace but so you’re actually hitting Eggman with the falling platforms. If you’re within range of the mace when it fires or miss a single platform?

Well, sure sucks to be you :(

2. E.G.G Station Boss (Sonic 4 Episode 1)

Running a gauntlet of previous bosses is neither fun nor original.

And bosses that require precision timing and evasion at the very last moment then killing you if you don’t do it right is the equivalent of the game giving me the middle finger.

Also, the music is as annoying as hell due to it’s repetition.

3. Super Ix (Sonic Chronicles)

Chronicles’ ending was the absolute epitome of an anti-climax in the series’ history.

This boss encapsulates this.

It’s impossible to lose, all that is required is a single series of incredibly crappy touchscreen inputs and there’s no aplomb, no excitement, no finality. Just a crappy fan character sitting there and taking punishment from an incredibly lame, unflashy Super Sonic.

4. Sonic & Diablon (Shadow the Hedgehog)

This one is hilariously bad for multiple reasons.

I mean FFS, if you’re going to portray Shadow as having an edge over Sonic because he’s a “Badass”, at least make it so Sonic provides an actual challenge and intelligent opponent and not a ridiculous way of exploiting Diablon’s weak point. Not to mention it was annoying and boringly repetitive if you choose to not go for the guns and homing attack your way to victory.

Then again, it’s still boring as hell using guns against it as well.

5. Robot Storm (Sonic Heroes)

Fighting off hordes of Eggman’s robots in waves when Heroes’ fixation on having the characters engaged with ‘bots with HP bars was overall detrimental to the gameplay does not a good boss make.

The fact you have to do it 8 times throughout the game….argh.

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About that Centipeetle ask, um, no, Steven never made a note when Garnet summoned her gauntlets. Centipeetle just started screaming and Steven said: "No! No, not now!" And Garnet was saying, "Something's wrong." But they never specified what was wrong, though yes, it's heavily hinted to be the weapons themselves. Does this mean that corrupted gems have far more fear inside of them and are conditioned to get defensive and hostile towards any violence, perceived or real?

Yup! It was heavily hinted at, and I doubt it would be heavily hinted at for no reason. As for corruption rendering gems feeling more vulnerable and as consequence defensive and hostile, I covered that in my corruption post and agree :)

After Training

Ara limped her way back to her rooms. She’d gone to training tonight to meet the others and hopefully get some practice in. Mr. Darkwalker had caught her off guard with the sweep to her knees. If she hadn’t already been stuck in the tar from his trap, she might not be in quite so much pain.

With a sigh, she closed the door to her room. The sword and shield were the first to be set down. She noted the scrapes on the shield. The gauntlets came off next. A small dent. The pauldrons came off next. A dent near her neck. A few inches closer and the training might have turned deadly. She unhooked the breastplate and marveled at the lack of dents there. She groaned as she sat. The boots would most likely have to be fired to removed the tar. She looked at her personal armor would have to take priority tomorrow morning.

She pulled the boots off and added them to the pile of armor. Looking down at her right knee she grimaced. The armor was going to have to come off she knew but she hesitated. The metal was probably all that was holding back the joint from swelling. She limped to the kitchen and gathered ice into a cloth. Moving back into the sitting room, she took a deep breath and loosed the plate from her legs. Her knee immediately began to ache.

Sitting down she raised her injured right leg and placed the ice pack on it. She closed her eyes trying to center herself before the Light encompassed her hands. She covered her knee with her hands focusing and praying. She sat back drained. Her knee ached less, she placed the ice pack back on her knee. Shifting she placed a pillow under knee and sat back with a sigh. It would have to do. Hopefully it was just a sprain. It didn’t feel more serious but she had probably done more harm than good walking back without assistance.

Ara reflected back on the training, she felt like she’d made a good showing. The spear had thrown her off some. She hoped Mr. Darkwalker would agree to spar with her again. The dwarf had been strong, but she’d surprised him with her strength. The worgen had done some damage to her armor but a lucky hit with her shield had turned the tide of the battle in Ara’s favor.

She grabbed her notebook from the table beside the couch. She flipped to a blank page and began drawing out weapons thinking about each of her opponents. Her hand moving swiftly over the page as the designs came to her. She paused as she thought about Lady Addington and the Commander. Then she drew once more, making notations as she went.


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take it as your due penance for that time you ruined my career

Did I ruin it? Or did I add an exciting frisson to your every business meeting now and forever no I ruined it, I’m sorry. 

arrogantemu replied to your post “siadea replied to your chat “Pargile: nah but like I’ve seen people on…”

and it doesn’t get much better when you explain to what it actually refers…

Pargile: wait wait wait google suggests that Annatar is another Sauron name  and then this thing lists it as Sauron as well…. is Silverfisting just Sauron jerkin’ it? like with a gauntlet or something

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hey there edith! i've always wanted to get into comics, especially cosmic marvel type stuff, but i'm not sure what a good starting place would be? i can handle confusing timelines and such so that's not the issue, i just don't know where to start with it. do you have any recommendations for some first comics?

Hello!! :^) I have reading lists for both Thanos and Adam Warlock HERE actually + a list for guardians of the galaxy/the annihilation saga HERE!

Personally though I think the overall easiest starting points are probably:

  • Warlock by Jim Starlin
  • Thanos Quest + The Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War & Infinity Crusade (in that order, there’s also Infinity Abyss and Marvel’s The End but those are a little less relevant tbh)
  • The Annihilation Saga (Guardians of the Galaxy v2)

Warlock & The Infinity storylines are pretty self contained and easy to jump into without prior knowledge. Annihilation is really rather long and features a lot of characters but I think if you sit down to actually read all of it it’s not that confusing and I highly recommend it. Those reading orders I linked detail Thanos & Adam’s entire chronology though with my recommendations and the Annihilation one lists every issue involved with the GOTG appearances marked so if you want you can pick and choose from there! (I am rather biased with Warlock/Thanos/GOTG though so if you’re looking for the Inhumans/Captain Marvel/Silver Surfer etc I’m not much help, though they do cross over onto the stuff I know more about occasionally haha)

If you’re confused or have any questions feel free to shoot me a ask tho I’m always really happy to help!!

(Excerpt for interview here)

Fusions’ weapons are a combination of who they’re fused of. Is [Garnet’s weapon] Ruby and Sapphire’s or is it just Ruby’s gauntlet?

Rebecca Sugar: That’s a really good question. There’s a Sapphire influence on Ruby’s gauntlets. The combination of their abilities is a little more cerebral for Garnet. Her future vision is specifically their combined power. There’s a way I like to think about Garnet’s future vision: Sapphire can see the future if she is completely passive. When you see her in the past and she knows what’s going to happen, it’s what will happen if she doesn’t intervene with anything, she’s a completely passive character at that time. Ruby is extremely impulsive and was able to derail what she knew would happen by changing it. Garnet’s future vision is not Sapphire’s future vision, it’s a series of possibilities based on what would happen if she did do something. Sapphire on her own would never do something but they can track possible outcomes of their combined personalities. That’s why her power is not always flawless, but a lot more expansive.



Question 21: For Rebecca and all of the actors - When you started the show, did you know about all of the characters’ backstories, or did you learn along with the audience? (49:25)

Rebecca says it was a mix. She knew all the Fusions, she knew about Garnet, all of that was planned. Some things were planned, other things weren’t. Rebecca talks about how she was really interested in some of the superficial ideas, like how Pearl’s spear and Garnet’s gauntlets would be a big hammer, before she knew Sardonyx’s personality she really wanted that hammer. So it was a mix

Rebecca talks about how when the team came together and talked about how they felt about all the characters, influenced the story. For example, a lot of Amethyst’s backstory grew from working on the show as a team. It came about naturally as they just realized of the original pre-Steven Gems, she was the youngest, in like personality. And sometimes things just click into place, like the Kindergarten episode.

Ian comments that Michaela was an influence as well. Rebecca agrees and says getting to know everyone really changed things. Michaela talks about how she didn’t learn the backstory with the audience, but she didn’t know it as Rebecca “because I’m not in her brain”, but she learned a little before the audience. Michaela talks about how she is adopted and she can tap into that for Amethyst’s storyline.

Ian talks about how aspects and behaviors (affectations) of the characters came about from getting to know the actors. Like,  they found out Zach could speak Italian so they’d throw in some Italian words so they could hear him speak it. Zach jokes how its the only time he gets to practice because nobody speaks Italian in California. Zach has a brief conversation in Italian with a fan (which I can’t understand because the only Italian I know are curse words)

Ians asks Ben to talk about how sometimes when they’re talking about doing a story they’ll just decide on a really cool thing they want to do and then he’ll have to turn it into a story. Ben talks about coming up with “Cat Fingers” from Rebecca coming in with a drawing of Steven with a cat finger and saying “It could eat a grape”. Ben talks about how its sometimes like that, they’ll come in with one scene or one specific idea and they’ll try and hammer it out and talk to build out a story. Ben talks about how Rebecca often comes in and says “OK, I got this theory” and says this is a famous Rebecca line that she always says “I got a theory”