gauntlet of power


Ok so! Let me just get it out there by saying I really dislike SU and it’s fandom. That being said, however, I love the concept, character designs, and what the show is all about. So.

Have Angel Aura Quartz and Rainbow Labradorite.

Also, that isn’t Jack’s gem on his hand. His gem is on his back, but he is a bit similar to Peridot in the way that he defected and then had his armor taken from him. He had big power gauntlets, now he has finger laser guns.


Infinity Gauntlet – Infinity Armor concept art

I can show you this concept art now that issue 4 has come out. The Armor first appears on the cover of issue 2 and at the end of issue 2 but I purposely kept it in shadow and out of focus. 

The idea here is that if you are a Nova and you have the Nova Gauntlet and that Gauntlet has at least the Power stone, then you can activate the Nova Armor. 

There are two versions here. The first shows the Gauntlet has remained intact and the second has distributed the stones across the whole suit. I chose to go with the first design.

Hello people, I tried to do  a Veigar (from League of Legends) redesign based on the modern Yordle designs

This started as a fast sketch….and I accidentally stylized and rendered it a lot more than I shouldn’t but…yeah anyway.

A few words about my way of thinking about this redesign.
For me Veigar is 3 things

- Big magician’s hat
- Big magical gauntlet surging with power
- Big magical staff with more power

…I think you get the point…and of course medieval attire as much as possible along with over the top fantasy elements.
As about his Yordle design I feel like he would be close to something of a stereotypical black cat with yellow eyes.

Hope you like it, cya.

The Invoker’s Regalia

Hang onto your butts! This is gonna be a meaty post.

Collecting the three artifacts grant the bearer the title “Prophet of the Invoker

• Robes of the Invoker: [Body slot]

Originally jet black when it was first found, the robes erupted into a brilliant crimson upon being dawned. Golden runes accentuated the hem of the fabrics and the bearer’s name is engraved onto the back in the ancient draconic tongue. 

These robes grant the bearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Int, Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcana), and Use Magic Device (+4 bonus to Int and +5 bonus to aforementioned skills with two or more of the Invoker’s Regalia) while having another mysterious power; each time the bearer casts an Arcane spell, the robes have a chance to produce a Mirror Image in brief likeness of the spell that had been cast, of which last 1 minute per spell level of the source spell (Cantrips are treated as Lv.1 spells for sake of determining duration). As a Swift action, the user may expend that mirror image to re-cast that spell in its entirety. If that spell had a casting time of Swift or Immediate, the mirror image may be expended as an Immediate action. The chance of producing a Mirror Image in this way is 10% alone, 25% with two of the Invoker’s Regalia equipped, and 50% once complete. 

Once the Regalia has been reunited in its entirety, the robes also produce the effect of Amulet of Magecraft

• Gauntlet of the Invoker: [Hand slot; takes up both hands despite being a single item]

A deep crimson gauntlet accented with copper, gold, and ruby studded knuckles. This worn, dented, scarred, and battered metal glove firmly sits on the edge of tasteless. 

This +1 Ghost Touch, Spell Storing gauntlet may not seem like much beyond its utterly tacky appearance, but its lone powers fiercely defend the wielder. When an enemy targets the user with a spell (albeit standard casting, casting as a spell-like ability, or with a power acting just as a spell) and that spell is the same as the one stored on the gauntlet, then the spell or power is instantly countered, expending the stored spell in the process. As an immediate action, the user may expend 1 use of Mythic Power to prevent the spell from being consumed in this manner. 

When joined with 2 or more pieces of the Invoker’s Regalia, the enhancement bonus increases to +3 and gains the Spell Stealing weapon property along with other strange powers. As long as the gauntlet equipped, all weapons the bearer wields (be they natural, manufactured, or otherwise) also share the Ghost Touch property. In addition, when casting a damaging spell, the bearer may expend a use of Mythic Power as a free action to coat the spell in a thin veil of force, effectively granting spells such as Fireball the Ghost Touch property. 

As the Regalia is completed, the gauntlet also behaves as Amulets of Spell Cunning and Spell Mastery, granting the user 9 additional spell levels to prepare spells with.

• Mask of the Invoker: [Head slot]

A blank, featureless mask where a section where the left eye should be had been shattered. 

The mask first feels heavy once dawned, blocking out all vision from where it isn’t broken, however, the weight suddenly lifts and vision is restored, as if the mask doesn’t even exist to its wearer. This humble artifact grants the user benefits of Ring of Wizardry Type I and allows the user to locate and read the Prophet’s Diary. With a second member of the Regalia is reunited, the Mask also grants the effects of Ring of Wizardry Type II while also feeling breath and vision clean regardless of the environment, much like a Necklace of Adaptation

Once fully completed, the mask then grants the effects of Ring of Wizardry Type III and the nourishment of a Ring of Sustenance

• The Prophet’s Diary: [Slotless]

A small, worn, yet sturdy journal found in a haversack next to the body of the former Prophet of the Invoker, previously invisible without aid of the Invoker’s Mask. To the ordinary, the journal is completely blank and the paper and covers are stained with time and decay, but through the visions of the mask its pages turn and flip endlessly as text appears, dances, and skitters away incomprehensibly. Attempting to locate direct information from this book is neigh impossible as its nature is to give snippets as the powers that be see fit. The function of the diary and the secrets it holds remain a mystery.

So yeah. There we go, I think.  Sorry for the sloppy and repeated wording on my part.

Kilgrave: A Linguistic Character Study

My obsession with Kilgrave comes to an end with my final post about him: a linguistic character study.

I will link you to the document on Google Drive because I am not going to make an 8-page long post here on Tumblr. You might already have read my former posts on Kilgrave; this study takes elements from them and go way beyond them.

IKilgrave and the linguistics behind mind-control 

This is what you may already have read (here and here) but I develop them a bit further. I discuss there two very different and mighty interesting implications of his powers: the fact that Kilgrave can actually mind-control anyone he speaks to, regardless if they understand English. This hints at a possible theory that human brains encode all languages the same way. This would tend put the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis in question then. Because if languages are managed the same way by the brain, it entails that languages do not act as a filter on our understanding of the world.

The other very important result is that the field of pragmatics is made completely irrelevant when someone is put under Kilgrave’s spell. Pragamtics study how phrasing and context can influence meaning and understanding of certain utterances. But because of Kilgrave’s particles, the victims are no longer able to perceive other, figurative meanings. Every word that Kilgrave addresses to his victims are taken literally. Context in which utterances are made have no longer an impact in the victim’s understanding of speech.

II. As Above, So Below: Kilgrave through the biblical lens

A fascinating facet of the character is how Kilgrave remind us of biblical and literary figures. Kilgrave’s speech is actually an example of performativity. What he wishes to happen, it happens. It might not happen all on its own but through the actions of his victims, but it remains nonetheless a type of performativty as his words make things come true. It changes the order of the world. Kilgrave’s verbal prowess are reminiscent of God’s “Let there be light”. But Kilgrave’s abilities are also on par with that of the Devil. Kilgrave, just like Lucifer, is able to corrupt by using words. Kilgrave corrupts young and innocent women like Satan does to Eve, for example. 

Kilgrave is also worthy of a comparison with figures like Iago, in Shakespeare’s Othello. Iago is the arch-enemy of Othello in the play; he manages to instill doubt and fear in the mind and heart of Othello. His mere words are able to bring down Othello and drag him through a gauntlet of emotional ordeals. Kilgrave’s powers have the same impact as he emotionally scars his victims once they are free from his influence.

III. What makes Kilgrave scary: disrupting social order

One of the most interesting things about Kilgrave is looking at him through a socio-linguistic lens. Kilgrave can order people around thanks to his powers but in real life, orders can only be given in certain specific situations. The right person has to show signs of authority in the right context for his “speech of authority” to be understood. However, Kilgrave does not obey these laws; his powers allow him to disregard the criteria necessary to give orders. There are social expectations and codes that individuals have to respect but Kilgrave does not. This is why in this regard I call him a social order disrupter.

IV. Kilgrave as a symbol of Anglo-Saxon linguistic hegemony

Finally, another interpretation of the character we can make is how Kilgrave embodies Anglo-Saxon cultural dominance. The fact that Kilgrave can mind-control and be understood anyone regardless of the victims’ language is a testimony of how the Anglo-Saxon culture has been imposed (linguistically, culturally, diplomatically) on other societies. This trait is rooted in the origins of the character who was created in 1964 by two men who worked in New York City. The character’s origins in the series have been revamped to make Kilgrave a Brit named Kevin Thompson. In the series, Kilgrave is a pure product of Anglo-Saxon linguistic hegemony since he fits the stereotype of English-speakers who only speak English and nothing else and who can get away with it since the world has adapted to them by learning English. This is very much in tone with what we have seen of Kilgrave in the series where he invades and imposes his presence in other people’s homes.

In case you missed it at the the start of the post, here is the link to the entire document.

Thank you for the read ! 

millenniumringspirit  asked:

What would be the Elgangs reaction be when they see Add ( DiE ) come back to life for the first time after he uses Seal Of Time?

Elsword is shocked. Beyond shocked. How can Add revive just like that? Is it because of this “Seal of Time?” that Add placed on himself? It takes him several minutes to shake off the shock and walk up to Add to pat his shoulder. “Never do that again.” He tells Add.

Aisha will shake in sadness as she stays by his side after Add dies. She reaches over to close his eyes and she will shriek when Add grabs her hand roughly. She does not believe that he is alive and will whack him over and over with her staff to see if he is a ghost. When Add screams at her later, Aisha will know that Add is alive and well.

Rena’s eyes will widen in shock as she witnesses Add sitting up after he was killed. She comes over to him to check on the wound that had killed him before, but finds no such thing on his body. She will sigh in shaky relief and hugs him tightly.

Raven stands in momentary silence of grief when Add falls, but then jumps in shock when he revives.  Before he quite knows what he’s doing, he’s thrusting with his blade to kill Add – surely a demon necromancer just took control of his body!  He gets yelled at for it.

Eve doesn’t really react in battle. She has other things to think about, like not dying.  However, she does drag Add aside afterwards and demand to know how he did that (he refuses to explain), if it can be replicated (yes), and if this now means she can’t kill him herself (he stares at her wordlessly).

Chung stops short in the middle of battle and just stares.  Add… came back to life???? But he was dead?  What??? He’s such a confused little Guardian.  His Freiturner saves his life yet again as a demon tries to stab him in the back while he’s shellshocked.

Ara squeals and also almost stabs Add.  Eun makes sure the blow doesn’t connect, seeing that Add is somehow… alive again.  They’re both wary of this new power, Eun because it reeks of magic she doesn’t know, Ara because Eun tells her to be.

Elesis almost drops her sword.  She excitedly asks Add what that just was and how it worked, and when she realizes she can’t follow his explanation, waves it away and demands it to be casted on her.  She finds out it resets skill cooldowns.  The battlefield is burning.  Elesis is laughing.

Add has been manipulating time and space so much lately that he actually forgot that not everyone can revive.  He’s honestly a little taken aback by everyone’s surprise and horror at his Seal of Time, then remembers they’ve never seen him use it before.

Lu hits him with a gauntlet.  Whoops.  That revival power reminds her of this one demon army she fought once, where the commander gave all his troops a rune so that they literally couldn’t die… She has bad memories of things like that.

Ciel freezes stock-still for a few moments, before asking Add in a frosty tone exactly how he did that.  He felt the jolt of sudden fear from Lu and his protective instincts are now activated.

Rose grumbles, makes a note that it’ll be hard to kill this asshole, and moves on.

Ain wonders if that Seal of Time can be used to save Elsword.  And, less importantly, can he use it as blackmail on Add?  No?  Okay, he’s not interested.

Topi’s Daily Card #1015:  Doubling Cube

Now this is one mana rock that takes excessive mana and raises it to an extreme.  Minus three mana to double everything in your pool is a nuts late game play, leading to mana that’s really tough to get.  You’ll see this card more often in blue and black decks, as they’re the most mana hungry and often run things like Gauntlet of Power and Extraplanar Lens to get their mana up to crazy levels.  This is another cog in the piece and is a great addition to any mana hungry deck.

ncristelli  asked:

Has anything in particular surprised you as you've been building/uncovering/learning about metas and Veda City?

You know, seeing as Metas have been around for 7 years in my head - ever since the very first iteration of TMI, even if they haven’t always been called that, you’d think that I would be done getting surprises about them, but that’s not right. You know what the big thing I learned about metas this time around was?


Which might seem surprising, with how damn integral it is into the metahuman experience. Entropy affects all levels in different ways and to different degrees, but I had no idea it existed until I started playing around with Level 5s this time around. Then, I started to figure it out until I eventually worked it into Day 16: Magic/Powers. It actually ended up becoming a really important and central aspect of the series, with every book with Level 5s dealing with the implications of Entropy.

As for Veda City? Well, Veda City isn’t nearly as old as some of the things in it - namely, Griffon Academy - so I discover new things about it all the time. I think my favourite thing I’ve discovered about it so far is the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet isn’t new, per se, it’s been around for two years or so, but it ended up forming up a lot of the motivations of higher powered students and provided this central grounding point for summer activities, for motivations, for everything. I really like its existence and I like that I could play around with it so much.

And actually, there was a very key and integral part to TMI for years and years that now doesn’t fit the lore properly, so I’ve had to rework it to fit into this iteration of TMI. Which is kind of a bummer in some respects, but in other respects is pretty awesome. I love reworking things. But as for what it is? Tune in to WBJ, because one of the prompts near the end has it in its answer.

has anyone considered a soul eater au…

bakugou is this ridiculously strong flamethrower that no one can handle
he just ends up burning anyone who tries to partner with him, because of how uncontrollable he is
…if his shit personality doesn’t drive them away first, that is

until kirishima comes along

Bobby was having his morning coffee as always in the corner shop in gotham by his apartment. He saw some people come and go before seeing someone come in looking out of the ordinary, covering their face with their head down Bobby saw them reach into their jacket to pull out a weapon. When Bobby saw it he knew he had to remain calm, he wore the blue gem he got from the maze around his neck as a necklace, he got used to the power using it to help manipulate his ice powers. Bobby concentrated deeply on the gun trying to freeze it from within, to his surprise the gun went flying. “That’s not what was supposed to happen.” He said to himself.

     Red and black clad travelling warrior protagonists wielding scythes that transform into other weapons.

     Blue and white Ice-powered blade wielders who grew up under a high class family.

     Cat ladies.

     Android ladies with blade wings that have some kind of attachment to the protagonists.

     Yellow shot-gauntlet wielding miss-fanservice.

     Fire-powered miss-fanservice.

     Martial-artist miss-fanservice.

     Fire-based martial-artist.

     Red and black dress wearers who leave rose pedals in the wake of their instantaneous movement (teleportation/super speed).

     Laid-back yet wise and experienced mentors that trained/watch over the aforementioned protagonists.

     Giant Buster-Sword esque weapons That transform into scythes.

     (Comparing Beastkin to Faunus): Racially oppressed half-animal half-human species.

     Miss-fanservice the wizard lady. Also they served in a group of higher ups before everything went to shit.

     Short red blade. Weaponized shield. Redhead. Oh so obviously crushing on the one with short blonde hair.

     Liars and cheats who seek to make life an annoyance/living hell for the protagonist, though ultimately a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Also, trench-coats and fedoras.

     Katanas and vengeance and “I-love-to-watch-you-suffer” and all that jazz.

     They will see you suffer in their pursuit of power.

     Creatures of darkness that ravaged the world, forcing humanity to hide out in safe haven cities whilst developing special pseudo-mystical weapons to combat them (Ars Magus/Dust).

     The demon woman pulling the strings; Implied to have some sort of connection with major characters.