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Infinity Gauntlet – Infinity Armor concept art

I can show you this concept art now that issue 4 has come out. The Armor first appears on the cover of issue 2 and at the end of issue 2 but I purposely kept it in shadow and out of focus. 

The idea here is that if you are a Nova and you have the Nova Gauntlet and that Gauntlet has at least the Power stone, then you can activate the Nova Armor. 

There are two versions here. The first shows the Gauntlet has remained intact and the second has distributed the stones across the whole suit. I chose to go with the first design.

     Red and black clad travelling warrior protagonists wielding scythes that transform into other weapons.

     Blue and white Ice-powered blade wielders who grew up under a high class family.

     Cat ladies.

     Android ladies with blade wings that have some kind of attachment to the protagonists.

     Yellow shot-gauntlet wielding miss-fanservice.

     Fire-powered miss-fanservice.

     Martial-artist miss-fanservice.

     Fire-based martial-artist.

     Red and black dress wearers who leave rose pedals in the wake of their instantaneous movement (teleportation/super speed).

     Laid-back yet wise and experienced mentors that trained/watch over the aforementioned protagonists.

     Giant Buster-Sword esque weapons That transform into scythes.

     (Comparing Beastkin to Faunus): Racially oppressed half-animal half-human species.

     Miss-fanservice the wizard lady. Also they served in a group of higher ups before everything went to shit.

     Short red blade. Weaponized shield. Redhead. Oh so obviously crushing on the one with short blonde hair.

     Liars and cheats who seek to make life an annoyance/living hell for the protagonist, though ultimately a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Also, trench-coats and fedoras.

     Katanas and vengeance and “I-love-to-watch-you-suffer” and all that jazz.

     They will see you suffer in their pursuit of power.

     Creatures of darkness that ravaged the world, forcing humanity to hide out in safe haven cities whilst developing special pseudo-mystical weapons to combat them (Ars Magus/Dust).

     The demon woman pulling the strings; Implied to have some sort of connection with major characters.


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Imagine this for me...

My brain managed to conjure up some spectacular imagery for me before I completely woke up this morning. 

So imagine with me: a herd of tiny de Rolos or VaxLeth babies running around playing with VM’s less than lethal armament. Like, can you imagine the cuteness that would ensue if the itty bitties got their hands on Pike’s Gauntlets of Ogre Power? Or Percy’s Gloves of Missile Snaring or Spider Climb boots? Vax’s Boots of Haste? Don’t even get me started on Death From Above…

And we haven’t even gotten started on the absurdly cute thought of a bunch of little ones having to sit still for 30 minutes, just waiting with bated breath for the items to complete attuning. 

Just… picture it with me.

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has anyone considered a soul eater au…

bakugou is this ridiculously strong flamethrower that no one can handle
he just ends up burning anyone who tries to partner with him, because of how uncontrollable he is
…if his shit personality doesn’t drive them away first, that is

until kirishima comes along


Quick little action doodles because I’m experimenting with how Tadashi fights in darkpath au and armordashi au, and also because people were asking about how they fight. He’s actually quite different in each - his darkpath version is more of a messy street fighter, a mix of martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing. Though oddly, he prefers to kick things rather than punch them, probably because he’s afraid he’ll actually seriously hurt someone with his gauntlets. They’re pretty powerful, though the shotgun rounds they can fire off only serve to knock things back - they explode on impact, rather than pierce. His gauntlets also seem to be on fire sometimes, but only for brief periods.

Armordashi is a little different, since he wears heavy armor and has to keep a good eye on his leg braces (paralyzed from the waist down, don’t forget). Tadashi is much more defensive here, opting for a ‘pick heavy things up and throw them’, 'use shields for pure defensive strategies’, and 'punt things’. Since he has to keep a watchful eye on Hiro the entire time (as well as the rest of the team), he serves the role of the wall of steel guardian, with a bit of a medic thrown in thanks to Baymax communicating through his helmet and helping him apply proper dressings to injuries with the antiseptic built into his suit’s hands.

TL;DR: Darkpath is a rogue, Armordashi is a tank - both have a love for kicking people in the face for whatever weird reason. Added bonus, darkpath Dashi can also shoot off flare rounds from his gauntlets when he needs someone to find him:

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Punches Uni with shotgun gauntlets because ammo-powered weapons is more than just guns

What? Rude. How dare the anon punch her in the face! No worries, she has a special weapon for rude people who question her ranged gun superiority. THE POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL! There she goes, playing the Neptunia Hyperdimension Rebith 1 opening theme. 

Morrowind: This dagger, Keening, is a Profane Tool of Kagrenac. You need it to defeat the Big Bad Villain. You need to go on a great quest to acquire it. It’s the most powerful blade in the game. If you attempt to wield it without wearing a specific gauntlet of great power, you will die quickly and horribly. Misuse of this blade may have caused the disappearance of all the Dwemer (except that ONE guy but whatever).

Skyrim: lol this wizard bought it on ebay and dropped it when it made him vanish. all yours, no repercussions, have fun. it’s a decent blade, I guess.

616 tony is jUST such high level character porn jesus christ because like

“yes i am selfless and driven enough to wield the infinity gauntlet without letting its power consume me but also y'all don’t need to know i’m not gonna wish the gems out of existence ok that’d be stupid”

“i am totally the most qualified person to carry the SRA database and that may seem arrogant but on the bright side i do it because if shit goes south then i have a plan to DELETE MY OWN MIND”

“people call me self-important DID YOU KNOW THAT LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS MY FAULT IN SOME LEVEL maybe i am self-important i am totally self-important THIS THING THAT HAPPENED BEFORE I WAS BORN IS ALSO MY FAULT”

To counteract the notion that I hate fun, here’s a theory I came up with the other day.

Overwatch has multiple hints in-game and in assorted promotional material regarding the eventual addition of the character “Doomfist”, a hero who wields a powerful gauntlet that can “level a skyscraper”. As evidenced by the museum signs in Numbani, multiple people have wielded the gauntlet and gone by “Doomfist"over the years; the first, Adhabu Ngumi ("the Savior”), was presumably a heroic figure, while the second, Akinjide Ngumi (“the Scourge”), was probably a villain. The third, nameless Doomfist apparently “seeks to undermine the peaceful human/Omnic relations in Numbani”, carrying on the Scourge’s villainous legacy.

One could argue that the third Doomfist is nameless so that Blizzard doesn’t have to commit to a name for the character before release - and that’s probably true. However, a name does appear on the Numbani museum signs. The ony thing is, it’s written in the Omnic language.

What if the new Doomfist isn’t another anti-omnic racist, like Torbjorn or Junkrat? What if he’s an Omnic separatist, who wants to liberate his fellow Omnics from the oppressive society of organic beings?

Before our universe there was another – six singularities, each one a manifestation of different aspects of the cosmos. At the dawn of creation, as the new world destroyed the old, the power of these systems survived. Forged anew into precious stones, this infinite power was scattered throughout the universe.

Whoever would unite the stones would bend the very fabric of reality to their will. In his courtship of Lady Death, Thanos seeks to unite the gems and eradicate life from the universe in her name. Empowered by the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos’s power would defy comprehension.

Transparent Obstacle
Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata
Transparent Obstacle

Gauntlet IV (Mega Drive), 1993
Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata

WoooOOOooOOOOooo~! What could be scarier than F- … Frank Frazetta??

This is not actually a sequel to Gauntlet III: The Final Quest, but was only so-named as a marketing gimmick. In actuality, it is simply a port of the original Gauntlet. A port that might almost be described as having been ghost-developed (spooky!) by an entirely Japanese team, despite having Tengen’s name plastered all over it.

The big draw here is obviously Mr. Sakimoto’s contribution to this version’s original soundtrack. He has a way of making the Mega Drive sound like an entirely different instrument. The song’s opening is a great example of the influence both 70′s and 80′s horror scores may have had on Mr. Sakimoto, with the combo of the pianolike Oldfieldy PSG ostinato and huge, nasty synth pads. I’m not going to tell you which Mike Oldfield song it’s reminiscent of, but I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with cubular smells. Japan must be a big fan of that film, because soundalikes turn up in the oddest of places sometimes.