gauntlet of gamelon


New project!  Continuing with the theme of creating models off of sparse reference material, I’ve decided to make things a little more interesting.  No, we’re not going to do Zelda herself, we’re keeping it relatively simple and only focusing on the Gauntlet of Gamelon itself.

But why?  It’s just a glove!  Sure, it is just a glove, but there’s a couple important details.  For one, there isn’t a model of it already, in that it’s not in a game, like something from a canon Zelda title.  Second, it is strictly concept art, in that we’re not looking at precise measurements, so it’s even further removed from the previous two projects, where we constructed a model off of first a physical object (GG), then a mass produced object theory (BMO).  Third: As best as I can remember, these are the only three images that have been ‘officially’ produced.

At this point I should introduce the subject matter, we’re looking at Aaron Diaz’s re-imagining of the Zelda franchise.  Diaz is hands down my favourite web comic artist, with his amazingly good work over at, he also has a presence here on tumblr as well at  The Zelda franchise is obviously the IP of Nintendo, created by Shigeru Miyamoto.  I make no claim of ownership over either the source material, Zelda, or anything to do with Diaz’s work.  This is fan art, after all.

So, what makes this build interesting?  Well, we’re going to diversify things a little bit.  This won’t just be one build, but two.  Because of the video game origins, we’re going to be making one version of the Gauntlet in a style that’s optimized for a game engine, one that you would realistically see in a video game.  This puts limits on polycount, rig complexity, and texture resolution.  We’re also going to construct a high rez version, more suitable for something that isn’t being rendered in real time.  At least, that’s the plan.  We’ll see what ends up actually happening, but I do have an end goal in mind.

Update - March 30th

WIP - Fi’s Gem

For Fi, I’m currently playing around with paper folding to get the perfect shape for her giant gem. Once I get the measurements down, I’ll transfer the setting to cardboard and découpage gold paper on that, and the gem to a pretty, blue, reflective scrapbooking paper.

WIP - More gems!

Since I’m remaking the Gauntlet of Gamelon, I wanted to improve the gem as well. On my previous version, I just used a large plastic gem I got out of a kit of craft gems, since I happened to have them in my craft hoard. :-p

This time around, I ordered 2 large, clear cabochons, and intend to paint them with a bunch of nail polishes I have. Above are two tests I made with a couple different greens, orange, gold, and red crackle polishes (representing the Earth and Fire gems). I love how they turned out, so once my cabochons come in, I’ll jump right in to painting them.

Once those are done, I’ll glue them to a gold, foam setting, and glue velcro to the back so I can switch them out on the Gauntlet!

(Illustration by Aaron Diaz)



I needed a break from Fi, and decided to get started on embroidering the Hylian Crest on the Gauntlet of Gamelon. It’s a little messy (my first time embroidering, after all), but I’m still happy with it! And since that’s done, I started embroidering a design on Zelda’s sleeve (reference artwork can be seen here). It’s very similar to the design on the hem of her dress in Twilight Princess.

Update - May 12th

Fi Progress

I haven’t started taking-in the dress yet, or sewn on the puffy bottom hem, but here’s the dress in all its safety-pinned glory. The tights (once leggings) are sewn up, and I’ve spent too many hours trying to cover the teal lines at the bottom with ink, sharpie, paint, you name it, and they still show through! So my last idea (for these leggings at least) is to cover the feet with the ends of another pair of opaque black tights. On my crossed over foot, you can see the tights over the leggings, and on my other foot it’s just the inked out lines (you can still faintly see them, and it’s even more apparent when taking pics with flash).

If all else fails with the leggings, my backup plan is to fabric paint onto opaque black tights. :)

Now on to…

Zelda Progress

Here’s where I am with the Gauntlet of Gamelon. It’s all painted and I started to add a tiny bit of black paint to weather the “metal.” The black velcro piece is for switching out the gemstones. Once this is all done, I’ll move on to embroidering the Hylian Crest on brown fabric and attach the “metal” to the fabric.

Gauntlet of Gamelon 2.0... GO!

RIP in peace, first Gauntlet, but you needed to be sacrificed because I’m too lazy to make another pattern from scratch!

Well, I started the new Gauntlet of Gamelon, since my new gloves came in! These gloves are a little more “leathery,” and a little more form-fitting. The old ones were literally the cheapest pair I could find on Amazon ($3 Captain America gloves) that could ship the quickest, because the con was a week and a half away!

This version will still be made out of craft foam, but certain aspects (the edging, triforce, etc) will have another layer to make the whole piece look more dimensional. While I loved the old Gauntlet, my main criticism is that it ended up looking rather flat. It was also really awkward to move my fingers, since the flat foam was glued to the glove, which was too big for my hand! So hopefully the new version will look more “real” with the raised details and how I end up weathering the paint job. Fingers crossed!