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Sorry. I'm drunk and I think your blog is cool.

right now I’m trying to figure out how you tame a fellbeast and picturing all the fearsome nine riders cloaked and darkness and wearing twisted parodies of crowns gingerly offering their gauntled hands out for these giant monstrosities to sniff

orcs waving stolen Gondorian flags and banging on shields to get the fell beasts accustomed to the chaos of the battlefield (though the attrition rate for that job was pretty fucking high, a startled fellbeast goes in teeth-first)

when they’re trying to break the fellbeasts to the saddle, every orc off-duty shows up at the training field—there really is nothing like watching a once-proud king of men thrown in the dust from ten thousand feet, watching them sitting up dazedly, collecting their scattered armor and mutter about more hassle than it’s worth

…so yes, the answer to your question is yes.


( comet is the short gal,june is the gal with star eyes and michi is the woman with color ) A Present Battle Was taking place in a cherry Blossom tree forest,three woman against a Creature larger than them. The Tallest Had Spiked Gauntles as Weapons,The short woman a Sword and The star eyed one Wielding a scythe like whip.

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Everything in rwby is also a gun

That Spear, its a gun.

That hammer, a gun.

That Sword, its also a gun.

Those Gauntles, They’re guns.

That Scythe over there, Guess What? Its Also A Gun.

That thermos. Its a gun.

That Notebook, its a gun.

That Cane, Gun.

That Umbrella? Gun.

That Rather Fashionable purse? You Guessed it. Its A Gun.

That Girl, She also happens to be a gun.

Everything is Two things in RWBY and one of those things is always a gun.