gauley bridge


Tonight, I enjoyed some German fare at the Glenn Ferris Inn. 

Yes, tonight I dined at the same location as Andrew Jackson and John Tyler. Well, not at the same time. I believe they ate there a few weekends ago… or perhaps a few hundred years ago. 

I went to listen to the waterfall before dinner. But sadly, I forgot my spare camera battery and it died after a couple of pictures. 

I looked around at the mountains that surrounded me and was reminded that fall is well on it’s way. 

Without my camera, I was relegated to my iphone camera. The photo below was the scenery just before I entered the restaurant. 

No, an phone camera does not do it justice. 

Once inside I decided to eat a little of everything. 

Jagerschnitzel, kilebasa, sauerkraut, German potato salad, potato dumplings, red cabbage, trout, German peppered prime rib, chicken in fennel sauce, and kohlrouladen.

I am now stuffed, much like the cabbage was. It was a delicious dinner and great evening out. 

Yesterday’s picture of the day was pretty much how I felt all day. A dizzying capture of my world. I am still rather dizzy and struggling. But improving slowly. 

At least I was able to enjoy this evening. The weather was perfect. A perfect chill in the air as I listened to the water rushing over the falls. That nice crisp fall feeling.