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Shakespeare (Part VI)

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Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

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Author’s note: Hi!! I don’t wanna give anything away, but let me know if you sort of saw hints before this part? Any and all feedback is appreciated. I hope you enjoy!

Harry’s hair is a weird length.

You play with your lower lip as you watch him run a hand through the mess of curls. Locks twist around his ears and hang over the frame of his glasses, despite his constant push to get them out of his face. You don’t know why he won’t just get a trim.

“’S my aesthetic,” he told you when you asked. “Poets are supposed t'look messy, yeah?”

Green eyes find yours from across the room and you watch as Harry’s blank expression is replaced by a smirk. You have to bite into your lower lip to keep from grinning at him. Your eyes only peel away from his face when Dr. Glasser dismisses the class and everyone starts to leave the room. You close your notebook and begin to pack away your things.


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'Dinner Surprises' - Bechloe

Aubrey sat forward in her chair at the dinner table, eagerly awaiting the remainder of the Bella’s to join her. It was their first day of their European Victory Tour and she had just spent an enjoyable forty minutes unpacking her suitcase and arranging her items into the small wardrobe provided in the small twin room which she had had no choice in sharing with Fat Amy.

The Australian sauntered over to her, plonking herself down in the seat to her right with a long sigh, “So where do you think everyone else is?” and Aubrey merely shrugged.

The hotel had a rule that before seating, guests had to order their drinks at the bar. She had specifically told all the Bella’s to meet in the dining room at 6pm sharp. It was now 6.03pm and gauging Amy’s tone they weren’t all up at the bar, where her roommate had just been. She felt sure that had Amy not been sharing a room with her than the Australian would also not be here.

The blonde sat up straight as Cynthia-Rose, Ashley, Jessica and Flo walked over to the table. Grins of greetings all around as they settled in seats to Aubrey’s right and left. She jumped as she turned to see Lily stood between herself and Fat Amy, having not seen her appear at all. Lily took a seat and she let out a small smile and a gentle wave saying something under her breath that sounded much like she’d just put sugar in all the salt shakers, but Aubrey couldn’t be sure. As she glanced around the table she noticed that the rest of the Bella’s had also struggled to hear what their quiet friend had said

Shaking her head slightly, as though to forget Lily’s weirdness, Aubrey smiled with a long exhale, “Well, five minutes isn’t too late.” She chose to ignore the eye rolling of her fellow Bella’s and looked at the two empty chairs on the other side of the table to her, “Has anyone seen Beca and Chloe?”

“You mean Bhloe?” Fat Amy said with a smirk, nudging Aubrey with her elbow as the other Bella’s grinned, looking at each other then over at the empty seats. A couple of waitresses arrived with The Bella’s preordered drinks. Aubrey’s heart sank. Was this ‘Bhloe’ nickname still a thing?

She’d be lying if she admitted she hadn’t become concerned the moment she’d found out that Chloe had decided to move to NYC with Beca eighteen months ago. She knew only too well how Chloe felt about the woman who was three years their junior. For too many nights over the three years since Aubrey had graduated she had listened to Chloe on the phone, the redhead bawling her eyes out because she loved Beca so much but Beca couldn’t possibly love her back.

She remembered how besotted the redhead had been over that alt-girl the moment they had first met her six years ago. Chloe had really pushed Aubrey to have Beca join the Bella’s, and if Aubrey hadn’t considered Chloe her only friend back then, she would’ve immediately said no.

Since then Aubrey hadn’t liked how selfish and rebellious the brunette was. The girl would forever put her feelings and her wishes before anybody else’s. And every time, Chloe would back Beca up. She would make excuses for her rudeness. Chloe would be let down again and again and still she would never hear anything against the brunette.

And in a small way, no matter how long the years went on, Aubrey still harboured a ball of dislike for Beca and the way she appeared to treat the redhead. Aubrey considered Chloe to be her very best friend, and as such she wanted the best for her. Beca was far from the best. If this whole ‘Bhloe’ thing continued, then Chloe would get her hopes up, which would only eventually end in upset.

“Okaaay, Bhloe is not a thing, nor do I want to hear any of you using that as a nickname for Beca and Chloe, understand? It’s only going to upset them..” Aubrey said with an air of authority and seriousness despite the sickeningly sweet smile on her face. The Bella’s screwed their faces up in confusion, wondering who had made Aubrey the leader all of a sudden.

But before they could say anything more, Chloe arrived at the dining table with a broad grin on her face, closely followed by Beca who gave the group a smile, raising her hand in a silent greeting.

“Hey ladies! Isn’t it great to be all together again?” The redhead said as she took a seat beside Cynthia-Rose while Beca took the seat on the other side of Chloe.

The table fell silent as the Bella’s stared at Beca and Chloe, both of whom looked back at them, “What?” Beca asked curiously and Aubrey thought she saw the brunette’s cheeks flush a little.

"Nothing! Erm…Beca tell us about how work is going? You’re now in New York?” Aubrey said hurriedly, hoping to save any embarrassment that may bestow Chloe, whose suspicious expression now relaxed into a smile as she didn’t take her blue eyes off Beca once.

"Oh…right…yeah. Well I’m still working for Residual Heat, within their production department…” Beca began, and Aubrey watched as a member of bar staff approached their table, handing what looked to be a gin and tonic to Beca, and a glass of rosé to Chloe,

"I’m in charge of a really small team who get to listen to all demos and work out if the artists are what Residual Heat are looking for…” the brunette continued as the bar staff placed a small glass of ice in front of her, and a small glass of ice in front of Chloe, before finally placing a large bottle of still water between them,

”…so while it’s not exactly what I’m looking for job-wise, it’s actually just acting as another stepping stone towards hopefully becoming a music producer…” Beca continued.

Aubrey couldn’t help her mouth slowly drop open as she watched Beca reach over to grab the small glass in front of Chloe and tip the ice into her own glass.

Meanwhile Chloe had reached out to take Beca’s Gin & Tonic and was in the process of using her fork to pull out the wedge of lime in the girl’s long drink, “Beca’s been in talks with her boss about potentially having a day in the week reserved exclusively for music production”

Aubrey watched on as Chloe returned Beca’s glass before the redhead gave her a little nudge, and the brunette nodded, “yeah, actually it’s a pretty big deal. If he agrees then I’ll be collaborating with one of the producers and learning the ropes on the job which would be awesome!”

The Bella’s congratulated Beca, though Aubrey noticed that each of them had been looking at Beca and Chloe in stunned silence as the two had so casually swapped ingredients of each other’s drinks. Fortunately it seemed neither of the woman had noticed as they took a sip of their own drinks.

Aubrey furrowed her brow. This type of interaction wasn’t one that she’d seen between Beca and Chloe before. Particularly not by Beca. When the group had toured during their US Victory Tour together two years ago, the two women had been nothing like this. They had rarely been seen together and that was because Chloe had admitted to Aubrey at the beginning of that tour that she was going to be taking a step away from Beca with the intention of removing her feelings for the brunette.

Chloe had admitted back then that Beca was never going to choose her, it would always be Jesse. The last time Aubrey had been aware of Chloe’s unrequited love for the brunette was at the end of the bootcamp she had ran for them three years ago.

Thirty minutes later and the Bella’s were sat around the dining table, listening to an outrageous tale by Fat Amy when their meals arrived. Aubrey glanced down at her dish of moussaka with glee, pleased to finally be eating after a long day of travelling. She looked around the table at her fellow Bella’s. Cynthia-Rose and Flo were picking through Flo’s salad to see if there really was plenty of avocado, whilst Lily had already begun tucking into her paella. She noticed Ashley and Jessica whispering to each other under their breath as they glanced at Beca and Chloe, and Fat Amy began tucking into a large steak that she’d proudly ordered “rare”.

"So the thing about steaks in Australia is that it’s mostly always alligator,” the Australian said casually, and Aubrey wondered if it was really the truth, but she let Amy continue, “but since being home I’ve had a massive hankering for…”

Aubrey looked at the woman to her right who had stopped cutting her steak mid-sentence and was now staring across the table in surprise. Aubrey looked at her fellow Bella’s all of whom were now staring at Beca and Chloe. Aubrey furrowed her brow as she followed their gaze.

Beca had slid her plate across to Chloe, who subsequently dragged the tomatoes from Beca’s plate onto hers. Whilst that was happening Beca was busy picking off every cube of feta cheese that was on Chloe’s plate and placing it on hers. Beca pulled her plate back once they were finished only for Chloe to sweetly whisper “ooh you missed a bit” and place a final cube of feta on Beca’s plate. The two began eating then looked up, surprised to see the rest of their party staring at them in shock.

”…what??” Beca asked, and Aubrey struggled to find the words to ask what the hell was going on. It was like they were perfectly synced with each other. Fortunately Fat Amy took control of the situation,

“Er, guys, what’s with the food swapping?”

"And the ice” Cynthia-Rose chipped in.

"Yeah and the ice?” The Bella’s muttered and agreed. Beca and Chloe looked from their food to each other then back to the Bella’s.

Beca shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal,

"Chloe hates feta. And ice.”

"It hurts my teeth!”

"Yeah it hurts her teeth.”

"And Beca hates limes. And tomatoes.” Chloe chimed, with an expression as though she couldn’t understand why they were having to explain things.

"So…why didn’t you order them without??”

"I dunno,” the brunette shrugged, “it’s just…easier.”

The Bella’s watched as Chloe briefly placed a hand on Beca’s upper arm and they were surprised to not see the brunette flinch away from the physical contact like she used to, “Beca loves feta cheese” the redhead said, before bringing her hand back down from her best friend’s arm.

"She’s right” Beca pointed at Chloe with a nod, “I’d be annoyed if she’d ordered her salad without it!”

Aubrey was lost for words as the Bella’s began a small debate about whether feta cheese was nice or not and what it was nice in, and all of a sudden the dynamics of the group returned to normal. She didn’t take part in the conversation, instead using the time to slowly eat her moussaka and watch the interaction between Chloe and Beca.

While there were many different things about the two in the way that they interacted one thing remained the same, Chloe still looked at Beca adoringly while Beca continued going about her life obliviously.

As she watched Beca picking at a piece of chicken whilst talking over the table to Fat Amy she saw Chloe staring at Beca with a soft smile on her face. The redhead had barely touched her salad, instead clearly blissfully content in watching the brunette’s every move and listening to every word.

Aubrey felt a dark cloud loom over her body as she realised that her best friend still had deep feelings for the petite alt-girl. All the progress the redhead had made trying to remove her feelings for Beca throughout the US tour two years ago seemed to have been completely eradicated in the eighteen months that the two had lived together in NY. Now Aubrey feared that Chloe would be falling even harder, and the only way to address this unrequited love would be for the redhead to tell Beca the truth.

The problem with that would be the inevitable heartache that would proceed that revelation, when the brunette would undoubtedly tell Chloe that she didn’t feel the same way. Things would get awkward. And the Bella’s truly would be over.

As the Bella’s raised their glasses to toast the first night of their tour, Aubrey took a deep breath as she looked at Chloe and Beca. She’d be keeping an eye on these two. The end of her Bella’s was in the palm of their hands, and they had the chance to crush it if Chloe ever revealed her deepest most feelings to Beca.

Excerpt from my fanfic ‘Two Years On’ - which is up on

to the military anon currently in my ask: yep. i have family members who joined up for exactly the reasons you’re specifying. it’s hard when communicating via text to gauge whether your tone is argumentative/defensive/accusatory or if you’re simply sharing your opinion in case you think i haven’t considered the other side of the issue, but just to be clear: nowhere did i come close to saying that every single person in the military is evil. people can be a cog in an evil machine/otherwise be complicit in evil shit with varying degrees of knowledge and intent, and equally varying degrees of mitigating circumstances that led to that complicity. shit’s complicated. 

i was speaking more to the regard assigned to the military by the culture of american patriotism, which is freaky and hypocritical and ultimately counterproductive to progress, including progress in terms of the concrete resources afforded veterans after they’ve served. i hardly think it’s “dangerous” to discuss the many enlistees who do join up for reasons as by turns basely terrifying and egotistical as “i want to shoot people and/or wear a uniform so folks will clap me on the back”, but i do appreciate where you’re coming from.

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Could you write a little ficlet about how Harry got the scar Rita says he has during the Quidditch World Cup commentary -and Ginny reaction to it-? thank you!!

“The famous lightning scar has company: Potter is sporting a nasty cut over his right cheekbone…”

The 2014 Quidditch World Cup was not, truly, a holiday for any of the Potters. (Well, except maybe for the kids.) A few days sightseeing around Argentina, falling in love with the country (as they did with every country they visited), then on to the campsite ahead of the final match: Bulgaria versus Brazil. Ginny had to work reporting for the Prophet, and quite a few other papers worldwide, too. Her writing was recognised as some of the best in the business; she didn’t merely report on what had happened in a match, she made people feel like they were really there, watching the game with her. Her interviews were just as prized - she was able to draw out confessions from her subjects whilst still keeping things light and human. When she’d played Quidditch herself, first for the Harpies then for England, she’d been regarded as one of the best players in the world. But in the few years she’d been working for the paper, she’d won more prizes—and been more proud of them—than in all her time as a Chaser.

Today, she was interviewing Viktor Krum, ahead of the final match in two days’ time. His coming out of retirement had shocked the world, and no one had found out the reason behind the decision. Yet. Harry had no doubt that Ginny would find out what he was up to. Harry was, ostensibly, working in the morning, too, but on nothing so exciting as Ginny’s assignment. He was, however, working in the same place as her for the first time since their Hogwarts days, and this was proving mightily distracting. It was very challenging to get anything done knowing she was close by.

He risked another glance pitchwards, and saw the two of them talking together. Krum appeared to be offering Ginny his broom, and… Harry held his breath. He hadn’t seen Ginny fly properly for a few years now, and he missed it. Sure, she knocked around in the garden with the kids, and sometimes flew to work in London, if the weather was nice but she hadn’t flown professionally, that he’d seen, in such a long, long time. She appeared to be declining, at first, perhaps out of politeness, but Krum insisted and, even at this distance, Harry could see her resolve weakening. She accepted the broom from him, hovered on it just above ground level, toes skimming the grass, then launched off so fast she was literally just a blur. She swooped and dived, turning and rolling and–

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delinquent!5sos night for tokyoluke and shitmike

Delinquent!Luke always showing up at your door at exactly 7:42 a.m. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to walk you to the local campus coffee shop before escorting you to your dreaded human sociology morning class. everyday, he wore his usual attire of his coveted leather jacket over some type of ripped up band teeshirt, paired with a pair of black skinny jeans and his black, beat-up converse. He looked the part of “bad boy” persona he kept up, he and his crew intimidating the vast majority of your school’s population; but you knew better. Somehow, some way, Luke had let you in. You’d never approached him, never singled him out, never really pried into his life or his intentions, and Luke supposed that that’s why he began trusting you. It started just as small talks outside of the lecture hall of the psychology 101 class you guys shared, turning into consistent text conversations followed by late night hangouts in your dorm rooms, watching old 80s movies and critiquing the horrible effects from back then. You never really understood why people were so quick to judge him and his group, considering they’d been nothing but kind to you. Even when you attended one of their parties and expected a bad reaction when you politely declined their offers to smoke and drink, they’d all simply just shrugged and continued doing what they were doing; not pressuring you to do anything at all. You’d grown fond of all of the “delinquent” crew, even if you didn’t know exactly what they did on nights you weren’t invited, but Luke earned himself a special place in your heart. 

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R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Greatest Actor of His Generation

Famous deaths invite hyperbole. The news that Philip Seymour Hoffman was discovered dead today in an apartment bathroom, with a syringe sticking out of his arm, seems like an occasion to overreact with some exaggerated summary of his career—something like “most talented and kaleidoscopic actor of his time.”

Except, in this case, the compliment isn’t hyperbolic at all. It’s just an accurate description, as true yesterday as it is today. And the competition isn’t even that close.

The first thing about Philip Seymour Hoffman—that is, the first thing most audiences saw—is that he looked unremarkable, even boring. He had a hangdog countenance, often sliced with the swoop of his receding blond mane, with small, firm eyes. He wasn’t strikingly handsome, nor strikingly unhandsome, neither thin nor obese, not blessed with any distinguishing gosh-wow feature that would make somebody watching an early performance in Twister or The Big Lebowski exclaim, “I think we’ve found our next Brando.” Instead of standing out in these early films, he stood within them—gauging the pace and tone of the action around him and blending in so delicately that it’s not uncommon for even Hoffman fanatics to look back on his career and think, I forgot he was in that.

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