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you turn me on

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Soan schwedea dn zewa tdieap
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Soan schwedea dn zcwa tdieap

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Ma meeshka mow skowz

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Soan schwedea dn skatdieap
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Fea dugh toog fax

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#31 for the writing prompt with my blue bby 2d please and thank

“You weren’t supposed to laugh!” His voice cracked as he spoke, his mouth leaving your neck. Stu was definitely flustered as you stifled your giggle. “I’m trying to arouse you!”

“I’m not laughing, I’m not laughing!” You squeaked, definitely trying not to laugh now. “What you’re doing is great, Stu Pot. Keep on going-”

As his mouth touched the base of you neck and worked its way up for the second time, but you felt the same shivers down your spine and how his kisses tickled so much…

As you broke into laughter once more, he pouted, holding you away from him.

“Why are you laughing? Am I not doin’ well?”

“Nonono, Stu- I’m just ticklish, really ticklish, that’s all.” It took a second or two for this to hit the blue-haired vocalist, but you totally saw the devilish sparkle in his eyes. “Stu…?

“Yes, love…?” He responded, nearing your neck once more. “Try to stay still-

“Gaugh!” You squealed as he nibbled at your skin, making your body convulse in laughter. “Stop, stop, you’re gonna make me pee! Stu!” He embraced you even tighter, making sure to hit the spots that really made you crack up. After a minute or two, his mouth rested on your jaw, where you could feel his smile pressed up against your face.

“…You done?” You asked, a hand rested comfortably on his back. Catching your breath, you sighed deeply.

“For now,” he replied, his mouth moving against your skin, sending a chill throughout your body. “But I wouldn’t expect me to be done forever.”

Giggling, you leaned in a bit to kiss the top of his head. “You’re such a goof,” you exhaled, smiling softly. “But I still don’t know why you’re still trying to impress me even though you know you already stole my heart the first time I even looked at you.” 

Tell me what you want

~~So I have not read the newest chapter (111) of Kuroshitsuji BUT after seeing the beautiful art of Sebastian dancing with Meyrin, @queenofsebaciel convinced me to bring back our beautiful jealous baby boy, Ciel. So here it is, your prince doused in jealousy and rage. Enjoy~~ 

“Would you care for another drink young master?”

Ciel tilted his head to the side, acknowledging Finny with a slight nod as the blond handed him another glass of champagne. His gaze was fixed at the sight ahead of him and he had no intentions of letting it wander elsewhere. 

The Phantomhive ballroom was a spectacular sight to see. Christmas splendor covered almost every square inch of the massive hall. Wreaths prepared by Finny and Sebastian hung from the ceiling with a grand chandelier in the middle of the room, strung with ribbons and red poinsettia blossoms. The usual dark curtains were replaced with red velvet laced with gold trimmings. Music bounced off of every wall, the sound of a piano and violins creating the perfect dance scene for the holiday festivities. The air was bright and warm with the holiday spirit, laughter and happy chatter, the snow falling outside making the blissful occasion even more exuberant.

Ciel stood with his back propped up against the wall, sipping his third glass of champagne for the night. The little lord was dressed in his usual dark colors, a suit befitting only a king. Lizzy added ribbons every here and there on his jacket to brighten up the dark look. Annoyed as the boy was, he could not say no to her persistence.

Ciel let the bubbles from a mouthful of the honey colored drink play on his tongue as his eye squinted, focusing more on his object of interest.

Tch. Annoying.

Sebastian was absolutely flawless, dressed in a traditional suit that Ciel had made specially for this occasion. His under vest was candy striped with green and white, a matching open bow tie fitted around his neck. He looked extravagant with the spirit of Christmas. All of the servants were dressed to the nine tonight, as asked of by the queen for this Christmas ball. Everyone deserves some holiday spirit, dear boy. Ciel frowned as he remembered what the queen had wrote in her letter.

Did that really give Sebastian a reason to be all over his only maid, Mey-Rin?

Ciel’s brows furrowed lower. The girl was absolutely gorgeous. He wouldn’t even say she was dressed, per-say. It was more like her body was draped in a velvet red material, trimmed with plush white fluff, playing on the Santa Clause tradition. The dress came so low on her blossomed chest Ciel could hardly believe it was staying up on its own. She had radiant gloves to match her beautiful gown, coming all the way up past her elbows. The dark curls that were usually in messy pigtails were now pinned properly behind her head, complimented by a beautiful poinsettia flower. 

Sebastian held her close as they swayed across the dance floor to the music, everyone watching the two in awe. The fire in Ciel’s belly was lit ablaze once more when Sebastian tipped the woman’s glasses up and propped them on her head, revealing a beautiful set of eyes that wouldn’t stot falling for his butler. Sebastian leaned down and whispered something in the maid’s ear, causing her to blush before they ended their extravagant dance scene. Her face lit up, turning the color of her dress as she smiled and pried herself away from the handsome man who held on to her waist. The room erupted with applause as the two bowed.

Get a room.

Ciel gulped down the remainder of champagne in his glass, adjusting himself into a comfortable standing position as he watched.

Sebastian grabbed Mey-Rin’s hand right before she escaped and gave it a gentle kiss causing her ears to go red.

C h i n k

Ciel barely noticed when he completely snapped the stem of his champagne glass in half before Bard ran over and removed the glass from his hand.

“Young master! That’s dangerous, my lord, let me take that for you..”


“Bard. I am retiring for the night. Be sure you three take care of the guests and clean up properly.”

“You got it, young master. But.. do you need help up to your room? I think you’ve had quite a few glasses of bubbly to dri-”

“That is all. I wish to be alone.”

The boy straightened his jacket and began to slip unnoticed behind the backs of the crowd.

“, my lord.”

Ciel reached the door without Lizzy or any important noble members noticing. He glanced back only to receive one final billow to the newly found fire in the pit of his stomach that made him want to throw up with rage. Closing the door gently behind him, he tore his gloves off and immediately threw his hands into his hair.

He was drenched in jealousy.

And mad with rage.

The boy closed his eyes in an attempt to calm down before he threw himself into a fit of aggression. That and he was starting to feel the champagne go to his head. 


He stalked quickly to his room, flinging the door open as he arrived and slamming it shut in return. He needed to calm down. A bath. Yes, that will do.

And I don’t want help from that stupid demon. Ill do it myself.

Ciel’s clothes were scattered all over the floor, as his rage caused him to throw them off without care and drown his body in the deep basin of steaming bathwater. Once settled, he closed his eyes and sighed, letting the hot water envelope his small limbs and relax his mind.

Until he began to think about the scene. The one he had just seen downstairs. 


The fire was back, causing him to get angry all over again, his brow creasing over his still closed eyes. He gripped the edges of the tub and quietly slurred out fowl remarks to his unseen person of hate.

“Stupid demon.”

“My, my.”


The boy’s eyes shot open as he jumped at the voice, water splashing onto the floor around the tall man’s black dress shoes.

Sebastian knelt down by the head of the tub and grasped the small shoulders with glove-less hands, stopping the boy from wriggling as he began to massage them.


“My deepest apologies, my Lord. Had I known before that the young master wished to retire from the evening so early, I would have properly prepared your evening extravagances for you.”

The boy, mad as he was, could not help but let out a soft sigh from how good those hands felt on his shoulders. Until he remembered that red dress.

“Get off of me”

Ciel lunged forward in the water, ripping himself from the butler and putting his face towards the water.

“Young master..”

“Don’t touch me with those hands..”

“My Lord?”

“..those hands that were all over that woman. You bastard!”

Sebastian’s eyes grew wide as he put everything together. He smirked.

“Ah, what is this? A jealous young master? How very rare, indeed.”

The boy snarled, talking down into the water. “Jealous? Ha! Don’t make me laugh! Like I’d ever want to be touched by your filthy grip you demon.”

Sebastian moved to the side of the tub, still crouching on the ground, and grabbed the boy’s left wrist.

“Let go-”

“You’re bleeding. Breaking a champagne glass in one’s own palm is not a classy show for an earl of the Phantomhive estate, is it?”

“Shut up-”

The demon reached his other hand up and gripped the boy’s face, pulling it closer to his.

“You have had way too much to drink this evening. I should have paid you closer attention. My apologies, I was careless”

“I don’t need nor want you to watch me”

“You do”

“No I don-”

“Want me. You do want me.”

Ciel’s eyes widened as the red gaze from his butler bore into his. The seriousness on his face, the sound of his voice, the way his hair fell from behind his ear to cup his chin. It was all way too much for Ciel to handle. His self control was washed away after the second glass of whatever it was he was drinking, he couldn’t remember.

“Dont. Touch. M-”

“Say it.”

Sebastian kept his hand on the boy’s face as his other slipped from the injured wrist and down into the water.

“I..said..” Ciel felt a finger brush against the inside of his thigh.

“nng..I…said get..”

“Tell me what you want.”

The hand traveled slowly up the tender thigh, massaging as it went and stopping at the apex. The boy’s body shivered as his cheeks reddened now from not only alcohol but lust.

“Young master..”


Sebastian leaned in over the tub, causing his face to be a mere centimeter away from the boy’s now. He stared into lidded eyes, reveling in how the his young master’s mouth was slightly open and his breathing changed to more of a pant.

He hadn’t even touched him.


The hand slid closer to the center of two now spread creamy thighs.



“You bas..tard..”

“It…” The hand moved closer.

“I won’t..”

“Tell me” and closer.

“Ahh- I..”

“You want..” massaging.

“I- auugh! Sebas..”

“Say it, Now.” gripping.

“Sebastian I…” sliding.

“Say it.”

The demon wrapped his hand around the boy’s throbbing need underwater causing him to shriek out.

“mmugh! I want you!”



This one goes out to a friend who shall remain nameless as per their request! You are a doll, and I hope you like it! 

We did a short little reaction swap, and this is my end: a Danse specific reaction to the following prompt.

“What would be companions last words to Sole if they thought they were going to die because of injuries they had, assuming that they never revealed their feeling towards Sole? What would they say if they woke up a few days later, with Sole sitting next to them?”

It’s a romance reaction btw :3


“Sole! Watch- gah!” a well aimed bullet pushed Danse to the ground, and he groaned out. He could barely open his eyes, but he frantically scanned the horizon for Sole. “Sole! Sole!” He called out in a ragged voice.

There they were, running to him from over the hill. How were they running that slowly, and why was the sun so bright? Danse coughed, gripping the hole in his shirt.

“Danse! Oh my gosh Danse!” Sole dropped to the ground beside him. Frenzied hands flew over the gaping hole in his chest. “Danse look at me! Don’t you dare close your eyes! Focus on me!” They commanded, taking his jaw in their hands, forcing his face towards theirs. The man’s pupils fluxed while trying to fixate on the blue-suited wanderer.

“S-Sole.” He breathed; something salty slid into his mouth. Crying? Yes, yes he was crying. He was scared. He was so damn scared. “Sole I can’t, I don’t-“ He gagged on some blood and tried to hyperventilate through it. “Sole I’m af-afraid.” He trembled.

“It’s okay Danse everything is fine! Just keep talking to me okay? Keep talking and don’t stop!” Sole’s hands shook with a force almost too unmanageable to work with. Somehow they accomplished to stem the blood flow with strips of spare clothing.

Danse kept sputtering blood over the side of his mouth. “Sole, Sole…” He called out desperately. “Sole listen to me please.” Sole frowned and blinked away their own tears. They leaned over his face.

“I’m right here Danse, I’m right here! I’m not going anywhere I promise; just do the same for me okay? Alright Danse? Don’t you leave me!” Sole’s voice quivered.

The paladin gripped Sole’s wrist with what little strength that still lingered inside him.

“I’m such a coward Sole. I’m a coward and a machine.” He sobbed. Sole shook their head furiously.

“No Danse, No! You’re the most courageous man I’ve ever met! All you’ve been through would crush anyone else, but you fought past it, and you’ll fight past this! Come on Danse, work with me here!” Sole cried openly, holding Danse’s face in their hands.

He was long past being able to hear Sole, but his eyes kept refocusing on them.

“I have to tell- gaugh, I have to- to… I-I I love you Sole.” He managed to burble out.

“I love you too Danse! Danse? Danse can you hear me? Danse!” Sole pressed their fingers into his cheeks, desperately searching his eyes for something, some piece of Danse. They set their lips into a hard line and hit the dirt with their fist. “I’ll be damned if I let you die on me now soldier!”

Groaning, Sole heaved the man up on their shoulders. If they had to utterly exhaust themselves to get him back to Sanctuary, to help, to life, so be it.


Sole made it one step over the bridge before collapsing with Danse on top of them. They were never sure if the paladin’s pulse had stopped or if their hands had just gone numb from holding him there for so long.

“General? Curie! Curie get over here!” Preston called out.

Soon, Danse was hooked up to fluids in Curie’s makeshift hospital bed. Sole had recovered themselves and laid flush against the ex-Brotherhood soldier’s side, arm draped across his stomach with a can of water dangling from their fingers over the side of the bed. His breathing was soft but present, and that’s all Sole could have prayed for.

That spot remained Sole’s post for days on end: sleeping, eating, dreaming beside their friend.

One night, the man in the orange jumpsuit stirred, waking up the vault-dweller. Their eyes blinked open before their mind snapped to attention.

“Danse? Danse are you there?”

“Sole?” His voice was roughened from days spent in stasis.

“Danse!” Sole hugged the man around his waist. “Danse! I thought, we all thought- but you’re here now. You’re here now.” Sole repeated, trying to convince themselves of the reality of it, even though the man himself sat right there with them. A weak arm pressed itself against Sole’s back.

“Sole. It’s you. I was afraid I wouldn’t-“ He stopped to breathe. “I was afraid I would never know what it feels like.”

“Know what what feels like?” Sole looked up at him.

“This.” He said, pulling them closer. “I… I love you Sole.”

“I know Danse. I love you too.”