Sjögren 1900 patent self-loading shotgun

Designed by Swedish inventor Carl Axel Theodor Sjögren, manufactured by  AB Svenska Vapen- och Ammunitionsfabriken, Stockholm Sweden, and Håndvåbenværkstederne Kjöbenhavn, Copenhagen Denmark c.~1909 - serial number 5396.
12 gauge 5-shot tubular magazine, recoil operated/inertia semi-automatic.
A sexy shotgun, the Sjorgen action became the basis for a lot of automatic shotgun design, for instance the ones subject to Benelli’s patent that recently expired. This action was adapted to a 7,62mm military rifle design and offered during various military trials, but apparently not accepted for unknown reasons.

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" of the first things I want to do when Pillowfort comes out of bloody beta is make moderated communities specifically for people who’ve been hurt and gaslit and trampled underfoot by Purity Wank and all its associated nonsense." Thank you Rho <3

Honestly, if I knew for certain that I could convince people to sign up for a site that’s no longer popular, I’d make such a community on Dreamwidth right now. The site has all of the tools I want as a mod (ability to filter content and hide it from non-users, ability to ban users, ability to identify and track IPs without needing janky third-party tools, like on Tumblr, ability to screen and filter comments etc) and an overall fannish culture that’s very different from Tumblr and far more similar to what I knew as ‘fandom’ five or six years ago. 

I’m going to talk to some people and gauge interest, since Pillowfort still has something of a question-mark attached to it. 


Remington 870 MCS

The Modular Combat Shotgun is a variant of the 870 that is designed for different combat roles. Primarily a close quarters breaching gun, it comes with a variety of barrel lengths and stock options, as well as the ability to mount to an M4 with the proper adapter. One of the most sought after parts on the MCS is it’s unique forend, which has an integrated handstop. The MCS is not readily available to the general civilian market, instead the main customer demographic are LEO and military buyers. (GRH)