Hey guys!
I made some rough sketches for a new collection of my MysMe ∼Baby Sheep∼ Charms! ☆
Please let me know if you’re interested as it will take me some time to make these.

I also have a poll up on my Twitter (@cerithe) where you can vote for a third design!
If you can’t vote through Twitter, feel free to comment your choice here as well (*´∀`)

Anti before the video:

(•◡‿◡ •)

(•ʘ‿ʘ •)  “What͘ di҉d͝ ͏D̸ark͡ ̸s҉a̢y͠ ̕'̨b͠ou̢t̀ me???̀ ”

(ʘ‿ʘ)ノ • •  “Ho̡l̛d͘ ̡m̛y ̷ǵa̧u͏ges.̷”

• • \(。-_-。)  “Kick his ass bro, I got yo gauges.”



Italian dual action 12 gauge shotgun that can switch from pump or semi with a push of a button. This example is one of those oddities that are sometimes referred to as a Marine model due to the anti-corrosion nickel plating. Others have speculated that these nickel SPAS-12′s were limited edition models sold do high performing Franchi dealers. Most people simply believe they’re normal SPAS-12′s that were refinished by an owner at some point. Note the scope mount which appears to be homemade or possibly an early prototype. The real SPAS-12 scope mount attaches to the two bottom pins. (GRH)

Winchester Model 1897 riot shotgun

Designed by John M. Browning and manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Co. c.1898-1935.
12 gauge 5+1 tubular magazine, pump action repeater, riot-size 20″ barrel, slamfire capable.

Used by police forces and the American Express mail company, the riot grade M1897 predated the trench model and lacked the later’s distinctive heat shield and bayonet lug.