Once Hanzo has some equilibrium with Genji and Overwatch, his dragons refuse to stay hidden. If Genji is around, they’re all over him and his dragon, so fucking pleased to be reunited. Hanzo is frustrated as hell with their lack of calm, but he can’t really do anything about it because there’s a difference between calling the dragons to smite his enemies and getting them to stay put.

The rest of Overwatch starts using the dragons to gauge Hanzo’s mood because there’s a strong correlation. If he’s happy, the dragons play. If he’s brooding, they curl up and can only be prodded into motion by a mission or Genji’s dragon.

This is also how nearly everyone figures out that Hanzo has a crush on Jesse, because his dragons *adore* McCree. Like, fly over to him as soon as he walks into the room and start winding around him like affectionate cats levels of adoration. Jesse is oblivious and thinks it’s just because he as a way with animals. He figured out what kinds of treats spirit dragons can have and where they tend to like getting petted from when he used to interact with Genji and his dragon back in the old days. 

Jesse remembers these kinds of things: favorite foods, the way people take their morning beverages, little things that will make them smile when their mood is teetering on the edge of bad, because he’s gotten used to being unable to reliably celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other socially-significant events. It’s the way he shows he cares, but he thinks nothing of doing these small (inconsequential, he insists) things for people.

He doesn’t even consider that Hanzo could read these gestures as flirting or even courting. Hanzo is so far out of his league that they’re playing different sports in different parts of the world, after all.

Gabriel is after the hot lifeguard

  • Gabriel going along with his younger brother Castiel to the pool after seeing the hot lifeguard Sam. Cursing his brothers for not telling him about the hot piece of candy that was working there. Just staring at him from a distance and thinking that he wouldn’t mind being manhandled by Sam.

  • Gabriel always going with Cas to the pool and signing up for swimming lessons, despite being a pretty good swimmer, because he’d seen that Sam was the swimming instructor for the adult lessons . Wanting to take advantage of having Sams hands on him.

  • Gabriel wearing various different swim suits varying from modest and roomy swimming trunks to a brightly coloured pair of speedos that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Gauging Sams reaction to each of the swimsuits and pouting like a child when even his most revealing pair doesn’t elicit a single look of interest. Unbeknown to him, Sam was having a difficult time holding himself back from staring at Gabriel too much.

  • Gabriel  ramping up his game plan and deliberately bending over in front of Sam whenever he can, because he knows he has an ass that just won’t quit. Doing his warm up stretches right where Sam can see so he can show off how flexible he is. Licking over his lips teasingly and gazing at  Sam, inwardly cheering himself on when his display, coupled with his tight assed swimsuits, causes a very visible reaction in Sam. 

  • Gabriel aiming playful smirks at Sam all throughout the lesson after Sam had come back from his ‘break’. Knowing that he was definitely the cause of their instructors need to deal with something for over 10 minutes. Making sure to innocently brush up against Sam while they were in the pool. ‘Accidentally’ bumping his ass into Sam after he pretended to slip, doing it again as soon as he heard a moan slip past the mans lips. 

  • Gabriel returning home the next night; Cas had left on his own once the pool had closed. Happily ticking off something in his ‘How to snag a sexy moose’ notebook. All of his hard work and planning had finally paid off. Not only did he have a date with his Samwhich the next day, but he’d also spent the last few ours in absolute blissful pleasure. Sam had let loose all of his sexual frustration on Gabriel and he loved every single moment of it.

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Wisdoms of Hera
  • “Gather your wits, as the traveller gauges the depth of the river crossing with the fallen branch, before wading into waters wary.” - Codicil MX-VII-IX.i: The Wisdoms of Hera

Now, I’m normally prone to finding very obscure parts of the lore that are buried deep within the depths of the Lexicanum, and this particular snippet from the Codex Astartes has proven to be very interesting as it has several implications:

  1. There’s a female Space Marine that is considered wise enough to get added to the Codex Astartes, which is a pretty big deal for any Codex-Compliant chapters.
  2. She’s probably an Ultramarine, judging by the obviously Hellenic themes of the Ultramarines and the fact that she’s called Hera.
  3. There’s a TON of her wisdom.

So yes. @sisterofsilence

One of Them

Requested: Dialogue prompt #93: “If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them.”

“I just wanted to say goodbye. Starting on Tuesday I’ll be working with Crimes Against Children in the Washington field office. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything sooner,” she adds. “Leaving is harder than I thought it would be, and I didn’t want that to get in the way of work.” She fiddled with her bag nervously, trying to gauge the reactions of her teammates, all of them gathered in the bullpen. A range of emotions played out on their faces.

“I get it.” Morgan is the first to speak up. “You have to do what’s best for you. But it doesn’t have to be goodbye forever. I mean, we’re friends, right?”

A look of relief crosses her face. “Yes. Absolutely we are. I love all of you, I just can’t keep doing this job without it getting to me.”

Garcia sniffs, trying not to cry. “You’ll stay in touch? We’ll meet up on weekends, and holidays, and you’ll still have us over for movie nights? Because I can’t let you go until you promise that.”

Y/N wraps her up in a hug. “I promise, Penelope.”

It all feels so sudden. Each member of the team processes the information in different ways. Hotch is the only one who seems completely nonplussed by it, but he was the first person she had to tell about the transfer. Rossi and JJ both offer encouraging words, but Reid stands there, bristling with anger, the fury plain on his face.

“So that’s it? You’re just walking away?” He speaks with far more spite than even he was expecting, and everyone turns to stare at him. Perhaps the bitterness seems harsh, but he can’t contain the feeling. It pounds in his ears, rushing in his blood like a drug. Anger is intoxicating, but unlike a substance, he can’t claim not to be responsible for his actions as a result.

There is hurt in her eyes, and a part of him rejoices at that. “I know this is short notice, but-”

“Yeah, you’re right! You’ve been on this team for two years, and you couldn’t tell us about this sooner? Clearly we’re not friends, because you don’t treat a friend this way!”

“Reid,” cautions Hotch. But Reid ignores the warning.

“Honestly, what the hell? This isn’t okay! This is selfish, and this is wrong! And you know it. This is cowardly.”

It’s a verbal slap in the face, and she recoils as if he had hit her. For a moment, he thinks she’s going to respond, but then she thinks better of it. Turns on her heel, and starts towards the doors. There’s just one problem – this conversation isn’t over yet, not for him. With legs far longer than hers, Reid easily catches up to her.

“What do you want?” she demands. “I wasn’t trying  to hurt you!”

“Well guess what, you did! I thought we were close. Y/N, I thought you were my best friend. All that time we spent together, working on cases, going to museums, marathon watching Doctor Who… we’ve stayed over at each other’s apartments. And in spite of all of that, you’re still transferring! And I get it, if you didn’t want everyone to know. But what I don’t understand is how you could keep this from me!” He doesn’t realize he’s begun to yell until it’s too late.

Profilers learn how to recognize emotions. With a single glance he can analyze her expression: lip quivering, hands shaking, tears threating to spill from her eyes. Everything suggests sadness. Sorrow. When she speaks, there is a hint of frustration.

“Look, Spencer, I’m sorry! You are my best friend.” She takes half a step closer, gazing up into his eyes. Willing him to understand her intentions. Damn her intentions. “Spencer, do you remember that night you walked me home from the park? All the streetlights were on, and it started to rain, and I didn’t have an umbrella.

“Of course I remember that night,” he hisses. Remembers it all too clearly. The evening shines in his mind like the imprint of a camera flash when you close your eyes. Recalls with total clarity the smell of the rain, the glow of the lights, the blue dress she wore, the feel of her hand in his. He wishes an eidetic memory had a delete button, so he could forget the more difficult things. “I remember it. And I thought it meant something, but clearly I was wrong. Because the person I was with that night would never treat me like this.”

“I have to go,” she says, her voice falling quiet. Y/N steps towards the door, but he grabs her arm and pulls her back.

“Everyone leaves me like this. Without a real goodbye. Just like Gideon, just like my father. And I’ll never forgive them for leaving like that.” A sharp inhale alerts him to the fact he’s squeezing her arm just a little too tight. “If you walk out those doors, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them. I’ll never forgive you. I’ll never speak to you again. Everything we had ends the moment you walk out that door.”

That’s enough to garner a reaction from her. Y/N whirls around, the sadness replaced by pure anger. “Damn you, Spencer Reid! You don’t understand anything! I thought you would get it, but you’re too focused on yourself to see how anybody else feels!” The tears brimming in her eyes finally spill over, just as she yanks her arm from his grip. The doors are pushed open with as much defiance as she can muster. Two glass gateways to mark before and after. Us and them.

He listens to her footsteps echo on the floor. Watches her stand in the elevator. Just as the elevator closes, when she thinks he can’t see, her face crumples into a sob.

And he doesn’t get it. His emotions are too tangled to sort through anyhow. Why would she transfer like that? Why would she leave? There has been a revolving door, so to speak, of team members over the years. There is always somebody leaving and somebody coming. For some reason, he thought Y/N was different. That she would stay. Stay with the team, stay in his life. He wanted her to stay.

Instead he’s only pushed her further away.

“Spence.” JJ’s voice is an unwelcome sound, interrupting his thoughts with a tone of accusation. “Was that really necessary? To make her cry?”

It reminds him of a child being scolded by their parent, or perhaps a teacher. Jennifer isn’t his mother, and he doesn’t need to be handled like a kid. Even so, like most small children, he can’t seem to explain his actions properly. “She’s leaving,” he mutters. “She didn’t bother to say anything until now.”

JJ crosses her arms, and says nothing. Only looks him over with prying eyes, attempting to discern his thought process. “Did you ever stop to think,” she asks, “why she decided to transfer?”

The question doesn’t make sense. She gave her reasons only minutes ago. The work was getting to her. Too many mutilated bodies, murder victims, psychopaths devoid of any shred of humanity. She needed a change of pace. She needed a fresh start.

“God, for someone with an IQ of 187, you can be really stupid. How do you not see it?”

Reid racks his brain, but can’t seem to understand just what he’s missing. JJ’s exasperation makes no sense to him. Why is she angry at him? Y/N is the one to blame. She’s the one leaving.

JJ pulls him into the corner, lowers her voice so that only he can hear her. “She told me, Spence. She told me about the night you walked her home.”

Caught off guard, he blinks quickly, bites his lip. Nervous habits have a way of slipping out like that. “She – she did?” His voices comes out in an anxious squeak.

Everything about that night.”

He winces. So JJ knows. Knows how he reached for her hand as they navigated crowded streets, and couldn’t seem to let go when it was once again just the two of them on the sidewalk. How it started to rain and he was the only one with an umbrella, so she squeezed close to him. Smiled up at him and put her hand on his arm. How they reached her building and they stood there trapped in some unnameable feeling and unable to look away or pull apart. How finally she stood on her toes to kiss his cheek, and when he leaned in her lips found his. For just a brief second, before whispering good night and darting up the steps to her building. How neither of them ever spoke of that moment again. Every now and then, his hand would find hers. On the plane, in the field. He made up excused for the gesture, and she did the same. But they both knew.

He could feel it, and surely she did as well. If she did, why did she go? Why would she leave like this? She’s been his best friend for two years, and recently he has held out hope that perhaps she could become something more. He sees no way for that to happen if she doesn’t even think he deserves to know she’s leaving the BAU. Did she tell JJ simply to make fun of him? Is he the reason she wanted to leave? To get away from him?

“Remember those rules about fraternization?” asks JJ. He nods meekly. “Was this job hard for Y/N? Yes. But she also knows how much it means to you. She would never ask you to risk that.”

In his mind, he sees an equation forming. All of Y/N/s actions compiled into something that can be computed until it makes sense. What JJ is telling him now further muddles the puzzle. Fraternization? Risking his job?

The metaphorical lightbulb goes off as the pieces fall into place. The solution confuses him though. It’s too good, and he has been raised with a great sense of suspicion and skepticism. Good things don’t happen to Doctor Spencer Reid. Good things fall apart in his life.

“Are you saying…?” He stops, too afraid to voice it. To speak it out loud might squander it.

“Y/N is in love with you. That’s why she left the BAU, so you could keep your job and still have a chance to be together.”

“Who else knows?”

“We’re profilers. We’ve all had a hunch. But if it helps, I’m the only one she told about that night.”


He stays at work despite every instinct screaming at him to chase her down. That would be too obvious. Besides, it’s better if he has time to find the right things to say to her. Their relationship means everything to him, and he’s desperate to patch it up.

Once the day is done, he goes straight to her apartment. Unsurprisingly, she doesn’t answer when he knocks, but he knows she’s in there. Remnants of Frozen can be heard from the hallway. When she’s upset, she always watches Disney movies. Says they make her feel better. Y/N subscribes to the belief in the healing powers of those films the way some do chicken noodle soup or green tea. Upon discovering he never watched any, she’s forced him to sit through nearly every Disney – and Pixar – film there is. Frozen is one he finds tolerable.

“Y/N, it’s me. Please, I know you’re inside. I know you’re angry, but please just open the door. I need to talk to you.”

Apparently she has turned off the movie, because the snowman’s singing is cut off abruptly. Waiting in the hall a while longer, his patience is rewarded when the door swings open.

Her eyes are red-rimmed, but she manages to put on a brave face. “What do you want, Spencer?” She’s tired.

“I wanted to apologize.” Y/N raises an eyebrow, skeptical, and leans against the doorframe. Waiting. “Can I come in?” He doesn’t want to do this in the hallway, where everybody can hear them.

She considers this. The decision pulls at her, both possible answers tugging at her heart. Finally, she nods, and he follows her into the apartment gratefully. They settle into armchairs in her living room, both looking a little uncomfortable. Hours he has spent here, always feeling right at home. This is not one of those times. Everything about her body language is hostile, telling him that he is an unwelcome guest in a space that is clearly hers.

“I’m sorry for what I said this morning,” he tells her. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“Obviously,” she scoffs. Reid pretends not to hear it.

“I don’t react well to losing people, and I thought you were walking out of my life. You’ve been my best friend for a long time, and I didn’t want that to end. I never stopped to consider why you were transferring. And I’m sorry. But I – uh, I talked to JJ.”

For the first time her façade of indifference falls. “What?”

“She told me why you wanted to leave. Listen, we need to talk about that night. When I walked you home.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” she replies. Keeping a safe distance from the topic. “It was a slip in judgment. Whatever JJ told you, she was wrong.”

“You know, I don’t think she was. I know you. You don’t do things like that.” Her judgment is sound, he has always been able to count on her mind to be clear no matter how crazy things get. It’s one of the things he most respects about her. “Maybe this is my fault,” he says. It’s hard to admit, but he knows that if they’re going to fix this, he needs to be vulnerable. Honest with her. “I never mentioned it after that. I didn’t do anything about it. And I should’ve, because that kiss meant something. To me, it meant something.”

For weeks on end he replayed all seven seconds of that kiss. Her eyes fluttered shut. She leaned in. Her lips were soft, her skin smelled like the rain. It was over far too soon. That’s all he has, but it has been enough to sustain him. To feed a small fire of hope still burning in his heart, fueled by desires he’s afraid to speak.

“That kiss meant something to me, and if you feel the same way, then I want to talk about this.” He leans towards her slightly, willing her to meet his eyes. “Let me ask you this – how do you feel about me?”

And then he braces himself for her response.

To say he wants her to answer positively would be an understatement. He needs it more than anything, has to know that what he’s been feeling all this time is reciprocated. It’s one thing if they’ve both been denying it, it’s another if he’s been denying something that isn’t there.

She takes a deep breath and lets her eyes wander up to the ceiling. “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life, even though we’ve only worked together for two years. I feel like you’re my best friend, and the person I can go to with anything. Right now, I feel angry with you, but that night I felt like I wanted to kiss you.”

“How do you feel about me?” he prompts once more. Hoping and praying for the answer he needs.

Y/N almost whispers the words, but it’s loud enough for him to hear. “I love you. I love you, Spencer.” His heart soars, and he can’t contain the grin that spreads across his face. There are some physical reactions you simply can’t control; elation is one of them. She turns to him now. “How do you feel about me?”

He feels like maybe it’s worth believing in soulmates. Feels like he’s flying and falling all at once. Feels like she’s the most remarkable thing in his life. Feels like finally, finally something good is happening to him.

None of these things does he voice out loud. At times like this, words aren’t enough, not when he’s hurt her with them already. Reid stands, crosses the short distance to where she sits, and kisses her. Kisses her the way he has wanted to ever since that night, cupping her face in his hands and completely losing himself in the act.

When they pull away, breathless, he knows that what he feels isn’t going away any time soon.

“I’m sorry,” he tells her. “I’m sorry for what I said today. I could never go without speaking to you, and I want you in my life. Y/N, I love you too. And I want to make this work, if you feel the same way.”

The seconds of silence that followed were stifling.

“What you said hurt,” she replied. He held his breath. “But I left because I wanted to try and make this work. I know I won’t technically be one of the team anymore, but all of you are very important to me. I don’t ever want that to change.”

“You’ll always be one of us. Always.” A tiny small graced her features. “So, is that a yes?”

She leaned in, pressing her lips to his once more. “What do you think?” she laughed.


So I decided that I want to sell my sizable (around 30 or so) collection of FE doujin. 

They’re all from the older games - mostly Tellius (both 9 and 10) some Elibe (both 6 and 7), and… one lonely FE8 book, lol (though I’m also selling my FE8 novelization, as pictured in the last photo). There’s a huge assortment of characters and pairings featured, and nearly all of them are SFW. I can provide more detailed lists and/or photos for anyone interested, but I figured I’d post this now to gauge interest.

I was thinking maybe $5-10 USD each (depending on how big/nice they are), plus shipping, with discounts for anyone buying multiple books. I’d prefer to do payments through paypal, and I can provide my ebay feedback (I have a 100% positive rating) for anyone who wants it. I’m not really looking to make a ton of money from them; I’d just like to get back a little of what I paid.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you’re interested! Signal boosts are appreciated too. :)
The 14 Weirdest Quantum Leap Episodes of All Time
Time-traveling problem-solver Dr. Sam Beckett experienced plenty of bizarre situations over five seasons of Quantum Leap, but certain episodes stand out as pushing the boundaries of weirdness to the extreme. They are, of course, our very favorite QL episodes, and with a little help from Ziggy, we’ve gathered them here.
By Cheryl Eddy

Hey @allisonpregler, how accurate would you gauge this list to be?

is it just me or does evan really enjoy pushing del’s comfort zone in a very nondescript & casual way? like it dawned on me from yesterday’s video that evan is becoming fucking ballsy & dropping whatever personal inhibitions he may have just to prod @ del & possibly gauge del’s reactions? he’s testing the waters so to speak lol that’s a very evan thing to do & there’s no doubt in my mind he knows what he’s doing & seeing how far he can take it 

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Way of the Sword / Chivalry

What if Elsword and Elesis’ Way of the Sword and Chivalry are more like two different spirits following them, or two different ways that they can think?

It would also explain why skills consume their own gauge and feed the other.  They can only stay in one line of thinking for so long before the other side of their brain starts screaming, “YOU’RE DOING THIS ALL WRONG!”

Destruction/Annihilation is the reckless thinking, the thoughts of staying alive through killing opponents.  Attack is the best defense and all that.  Increased critical, the ability to stoic everything - it’s the Seighart ability to just push through everything and keep going.  This line of thought makes them more reckless, more proactive, and more likely to take risks that will leave Aisha and Raven in the dust going “what the fuck just happened”.

Vitality/Gale is the time they take a step back from the fight and start thinking defensively.  It’s a more mental state instead of Destruction/Annihilation’s pure physicality, and it makes them more hyper-aware of their consciences outside of a fight.  Mana regain, less cooldown time, it’s all a mental thing.  (CrA’s healing could come from this as well, since she could be bypassing the Shade’s influence to try and keep herself alive).

Both in fanon and canon, the Seighart siblings are either portrayed as reckless and powerful, or honorable and (while still powerful) a bit more cautious.  Which one they are could depend on which mode/school of thought they’re closest to at the moment.

Their special abilities really don’t make much sense in any other context, honestly.