gauge transformation

So….. I saw an ask submitted by @fullmetaldonut to @thatsthat24 (aka Thomas Sanders one of my favorite YouTubers~~) about each of his sides having Keyblades….. I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorta sorry. In order it goes Logan (Logic), Anxiety, Patton (Morality), and Roman (Prince). I thought about flat coloring but… I like the lines. Continue reading for some of my thoughts on the blades

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ooc :: ah yes, i forgot to thank ibaraki for her amazing interlude in fgo. in which she and the protag decide to make an attempt at stealing from cas!gil. of course a king is going to prevent himself from being robbed and you get to battle him! except with the new gauge system you have to do it twice. after the first gauge he ‘transforms’ into archer!gil. i know it’s only for the sake of gameplay but i’m taking the idea that he can unlock his powers / the gate of babylon whenever he wants with me.

p.s. she also ends up comparing cas!gil to her mother.