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Harry Styles - “Office Flirt”

So @blueeyedsoulme and I were having a chat about working in an office and just jobs in general and then it turned into imagining someone like Ed Sheeran or Harry working in an office. It ended up in a full on swapping of ideas for what Harry would be like in an office job. We both began to fangirl so much over picturing our ideas that I decided to write it. Enjoy!

Harry Styles was the talk of the office. He always had been. He was funny, smart, attractive and a complete flirt. He was that guy that had every girl in the office wanting him and every guy wanting to be him. He would have several of the girls huddled together a distance away from him, whispering about the unique and slightly ostentatious pattered pants, silk shirts and multiple gaudy rings on his fingers. He loved every bit of the attention as he was a self proclaimed narcissist. 

He would ask female co-workers to join him for lunch, shoot the group of giggling women a smirk causing them to break into a round of whispered giggles. He lived for it all.

There of course was one person in the office seemingly unaffected by his charm and good looks. There was no denying that he was attractive but for whatever reason you didn’t seem to care. And that drew him to you even more. At first he thought he was drawn to you because of your lack of care towards him but he quickly realized it was something more. 

He was attracted to you, your smile, your drive, your dedication to your job and that office. You were beautiful and he wanted to be close to you as much as possible. 

He was acting like a teenage boy in love. He would take the long way back to his desk just so he could pass yours and take in how you looked that day, the way you wore clothes that flattered your figure and brought out the gorgeousness of your eyes and how focused you were on your task at hand, making sure it was done to perfection. 

He would make sure to take the seat beside you as often as possible in staff meetings. He was caught up in you and wasn’t sure how to go about letting you know that, if he even should. The lunch dates with other co-workers was just a past time. He never did anything more but flirt, no matter how much they all but begged him for more. 

“Hey, Y/N,” He stepped up to your desk early one Monday morning. He leaned his hip against the side of your desk, looking down at you, attempting to draw your attention to him but your eyes stay focused on the monitor before you. 

“Hey,” You would answer back, still not looking up at him. 

“Anything fun happen over the weekend?” He questioned, hoping to strike up a full conversation with you but all you did to show you were listening was glace up at him before turning to a stack of folders beside you, studying the information printed on it. 

“Not really,” You eventually answered before you finally turned towards him, swiveling a bit in your chair. You look up into his green eyes but again, he notes how unaffected you seemed to be. “Finished a book from my seemingly never ending stack.” You answered, giving a shrug. You then turned back to your monitor and Harry knew the conversation was over as you didn’t make an attempt to ask how his weekend was. Not that he did anything much, but he would have still talked about it anyway. 

“Okay, well…” He stood up straight and decided to call it finished and head back to his desk. “Have a good day.” He turns then, grimacing a bit at what you surely thought was an awkward conversation and took a few steps towards his desk that was across the large open space. 

“Oh hey, Harry!” His heart skips a beat when you call after him. He turns back immediately, noting the group of girls standing a few desks over, eyeing the interaction but offers them no sign that he cared. 

“Yes?” He questions, giving you a small smile. 

“I accidentely grabbed these from the printer when I got my things earlier, they are yours, right?” You hold out a small stack of papers that Harry had in-fact printed out earlier when he saw you heading for the printer. He had planned on meeting you over there to to strike up a conversation but got held up by the boss coming over to ask what was going on with a certain client. 

“Oh yeah, righ’, thanks.” He grabs for them and you turn back to the computer after offering him a smile. He sighs and heads back to his desk, feeling a big dejected. 

It was a few days later, after a few more short encounters, that he finally decided to make an actual move and make sure you were aware of how he felt. He went to Starbucks that was next door, ordering the drink you got every morning - yeah, he had memorized your order. Was that creepy? Possibly, but he hoped you would see it as a kind gesture anyway. 

He saw you there when he walked in, drink in hand, seated at your desk already. You were pouring over a file, a small crease formed between your brows as you also bit at your lower lip. He came to a halt a few steps away from your desk, his heart beating rapidly against his ribs as he thought about what he intended to say. He finally took a few deep breaths, building up the courage to do this. 

He simply places the drink beside your keyboard and waits for you to notice. When you do, you turn towards him, a frown on your face as you glance down at it. 

“What is this?” You question. Harry, or anyone in the office for that matter, had never gotten you coffee.

“You’re favorite.” He comments with a small shrug of his broad shoulders, offering you up a smile. 

“Oh,” You noted how he had in fact gotten you the correct order. You were slightly flattered as you reach for it but also more so confused. “Thank you.” You take a sip of it then. “Why, though?” You ask him, eyeing him over the rim of the cup as you take another drink. 

“I wan’ to talk to you about somethin’.” He reveals, moving a stack of papers from your desk to take a seat. You eye him cautiously, not sure what he was getting at. 

“And what is that?” You look up into his green eyes, feeling yourself needing to suddenly take a deep breath of air as you got short of breath. You wondered what he had to say and why you could basically feel the nerves radiating off of him. Harry was always so confident with the other girls in the office, you saw how he was with them, had seen him flirting with them and having lunch with them, making them laugh and giggle. He had even asked you to lunch multiple times but you had said it was going to be a working lunch that day and simply couldn’t. You didn’t want to just be another one of those girls he flirted with, that just wasn’t you. 

“Come to lunch with me today.” You sigh but he continues on. “I know, I know, I’ve asked before and you don’ wan’ to, but I’m no’ askin’ you like how I do anyone else in the office. ‘m askin you because I wan’ to spend time with you, I wan’ to ge’ to know you. I like you, Y/N, I mean truly like you.” 

“Harry,” You shake your head, giving yet another sigh. “Even if you like me more than how you like the other girls, I don’t want to get involved with the office flirt.” Harry knew he deserved that reputation. There was no reason to deny such a thing, that’s what he was. 

“I told you, it’s no’ like tha’ with you.” He tries assuring you but he could still see the hesitancy. “Okay, jus’ one lunch with me. Give me the chance, at least to ge’ you to see it.” You sigh then, staring up at his face, seeing that he was seemingly being completely sincere. 

“You’ll stop flirting with everyone if I agree to go to lunch?” You question. Maybe not seeing him constantly flirting with every girl he passes would help you see he did have feelings for you. Maybe. You did like him, you were attracted to him, and he was sweet and funny, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to maybe do this with him. 

“O’ course. It will jus’ be you.” You give him a smile then, seeing his face light up with hope at the sight of it. “You’ll go with me?” 

“I mean,” You shrug. “You seem pretty sincere so I’ll give you a chance. I’m not promising anything serious but we’ll see how it goes.” He grins then, that adorable boyish grin that actually made a flutter happen in your chest. 

“So how abou’ dinner tonigh’ instead?” He questions, it turning to a slight smirk but you laugh and shake your head as you stand from your chair. 

“We’ll start with lunch, don’t push it.” You tell him but offer him a smile. “And then we’ll see about dinner.”

“I’ll take wha’ I can ge’.” You give him a small smile, shaking your head. What had you just gotten yourself into? Whatever it was, you were excited for it. You smack him playfully on the chest before you turn and walk away, turning back to shoot him one last grin, seeing him still smiling widely. 

Many girls had gotten lunch with Harry, but this was more than that, you felt. This was somewhat of an actual date, Harry had feelings for you. And the idea made butterflies flutter in your stomach. 

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rose would totally do something totally extra like write an entire book secretly about torrid vampire romance and write it for kanaya and on the last page it would say will you marry me kanaya? and rose will jump out with a fabulous vampire outfit and a gaudy bat ring carved out of obsidian and kanaya would be so touched and crying

it has to be a vampire romance bc its the only one of roses books kanaya could ever finish

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I would love a rebelcaptain fic where Han and jyn have to go undercover as a married couple and cassian and leia get jealous

@rinsantago wins the money for picking the Era of this AU:

1920′s AU: Espionage, Jealousy

“Tell me again why this is a good idea to have them out there, and us back here?” Leia drawled, popping a couple of berries into her mouth and leaning against Cassian’s shoulder.

“Because we’re more useful as back-up. And they have a natural chemistry that is more convincing. And they look like they’re goofing off all the time and that apparently is enough of a cover now.”

Leia’s hand stilled, glass of wine half tipped to her lips.

“You could have just said we’re just following orders, Captain.

Cassian grumbled, taking the binoculars from her hands. He secured his sights on the couple again. She had no idea who that was helping, because watching Han and Jyn play at being married seemed to aggravate him beyond words, so much so that it was as though a sniper sight was trained on them.

They were dancing, filthily, Jyn being liberal with the drinks, limp fingers plucking cocktails off of passing waiter’s trays as the smuggler swung her around. Han was constantly at her ear, whispering things that made her laugh. She threw her head back and cackled unguardedly. They were all over each other, hands brushing under layers, Jyn showing off the gaudy ring her fake husband had gotten her to anyone who so much as glanced at her, Han sniffing the flowers pinned in her hair when she turned her back on him for even a minute. Cassian hadn’t pegged Jyn as a good dancer, but they had secured a pretty good jazz band for the event, - for white people, Cassian had grumbled darkly when Jyn initially pointed it out- and she was vibrant and athletic, writhing against Han, who was also deceptively good. He kept surprising her with sharp twirls, where she laughed heartily as she stumbled.

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Escape Verse: Put A Ring On It

This is a prequel, for @ninzied, who generously also betaed for me.

Graham goes ring shopping and employs literally the worst person to help him in said endeavor - lovesick puppy dog Robin.

It is also on

Chapter 1 is here

He hates this guy.

He hates to even give him a name. Unless he absolutely has to, he refers to Graham as “him,” “that guy” or “Regina’s boyfriend” as much as possible, because his name tastes like ash in his mouth.

He really, really, intensely dislikes him.

In every occasion where he’s had the, uh, pleasure of Graham’s company, he finds himself wanting to get away from him as fast as he can. He humors him, chats him up and occupies him, because he’s important to Regina, and hell, what’s important to her should be important to him, right?

When Regina mentioned Graham felt left out of company matters, Robin sucked it up and started inviting Graham golfing with the guys. He shared his baseball and football and basketball tickets with the man, because well, it made Regina smile.

But typically, Robin only sees Graham when he is Regina’s date to black tie events, where he always ends up acting like a neglected child, begging for Regina’s attention, when she needs to network. Robin finds himself playing babysitter, keeping Graham occupied so Regina can schmooze in peace.

Graham’s just a child. An ungrateful, pathetic child.

It doesn’t help matters that Regina recounts his antics with him over coffee. She’ll show up, frustrated and sleep deprived, admitting she had spent yet another night arguing with Graham over god knows what.

Graham doesn’t like to go to those black tie affairs her job dictates she attends. He complains about the long hours of her job, yet when she has time off, he’s always made plans of his own.

He blames her for their lack of intimacy, and Robin hates it.

And Regina’s revealed that there is a lack of intimacy, sadly. He knows Graham hasn’t shown much of an interest in her sexually, which could just about make Robin lose his mind. He’s terribly jealous, and terribly frustrated because this man has the whole world in his hand and doesn’t even appreciate it.

So, he hates Graham. And to be quite honest, he’d assumed the feeling was mutual.

Which is why he’s extremely puzzled to find Graham calling him in the middle of a work day.

“Hey it’s Graham. Ya gotta moment?”

Robin frowns. “A few I guess. But I got to be going—”

“It won’t take long. I just…need your advice on something.”

“You want my advice?” Robin asks. What pearl of wisdom was this man trying to grasp from a single father who spends his days pining over his coworker and best friend?

“You’re her best friend, right?” Graham asks. “I need shopping advice.”

Oh, well. Years on television have taught him more about women’s fashion than any man should know, but oh well. Such is life. “She likes jewel tones and black. She’s a size two, though if it runs small in skirts or pants she can be a size four.” Because she has the world’s greatest ass, he thinks. But he’s not going to mention that. Besides, Graham knows that, the bastard has held her ass in his hand — god he hates that man. “The set dressers always describe her style as sleek and sexy sophisticated. Go to Neiman Marcus or Saks and tell a saleswoman. She will help.”

“Not clothes,” Graham grumbles, “god why would I ever bother shopping for clothes, she’s impossible and too damn picky.”

Robin bites his tongue.

“What then, mate?” he asks, trying to stay cool.

“A ring.”

Robin nearly falls out of his chair. He never saw it coming. They don’t seem there yet.

“Engagement ring, I take it?”

“Yeah. We’ve been together forever, and she’s always saying that I don’t make an effort… well this is a helluva effort, isn’t it?”

Robin rolls his eyes. “I suppose…”

“She’s picky, I figure you’re her friend, you know about this stuff, you’re always complimenting her hair and jewelry and outfits, so you must know what she likes. You’re like her gay best friend or something. Though, obviously you’re not gay, I’m not saying that. Anywayyyy…. any chance you can come meet me at the mall for lunch and help my pick something out?”

Robin groans and wipes a hand over his face. God, this guy. “ Not the mall. Go to a proper jeweler. Kings on Second Street. And it’s not something you’re gonna be able to figure out during a lunch hour.”

“Really?” Graham asks. “It’s just a ring. How complicated could it be?”

He really hates this guy.

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Alright but what if more sneaky manipulative Gavin?

  • Jeremy makes Gavin a coffee most mornings, on autopilot, without thought. Jeremy doesn’t even drink coffee, and it’s not like no one else benefits from the pot but it is absolutely always made to Gavin’s preference and no matter how hard he tries Jeremy can’t fathom how that started, or quite manage to break the habit; not when Gavin is always so overtly pleased by his offered mug.

  • Geoff sends Gavin off to sort some things out with Burnie when he’s pissed off, when Burnie swears he’s coming down hard on them this time friends or no, at least until Gavin starts getting choked up and Burnie knows - he knows - Gavin doesn’t cry, he just doesn’t do it, these are crocodile tears if ever he’s seen them but still, without fail, all it takes is a little upset hitch in his breath, the slightest wobble in his voice, and Burnie just crumbles ‘Fucking christ Gav, shit, it’s fine don’t worry, i’ll get it sorted alright? It’s fine, just come look at this nice diamond Barb brought me ok?’

  • Jack is honestly delighted with Gavin’s ability to talk people in and out of things without them realising what he’s doing, verbal wizardry few properly appreciate. If one of the others notes Gavin lazily trying to prod them in a certain direction their responses tend to be either outright annoyance or exasperated acceptance that it’s easier to just give in. Jack though, she’s generally just kind of disappointed. She knows Gavin can do better than that. In return, while Gavin normally arranges people to best suit his own interests, or the interests of the crew, he generally only messes with Jack to entertain her, flashy and outlandish to best display his talents. When it comes to the big reveal, the moment she realises she’s been had, he’ll turn to her with the biggest grin, eager and hopeful and expectant, like a little kid presenting a shiny new finger painting. 

  • Gavin bets Jeremy $100 that he can’t steal the gaudy ring he spots an important contact wearing during one of his meetings. Gavin might be the resident thief but Jeremy’s not bad at all thank you very much, he gets his hands on it before the day is over and presents it to Gavin with a flourish, expecting amazement and the satisfaction of winning the bet. He doesn’t expect Gavin to merely smile and pass over the cash before walking off, skip in his step as he slips on the near priceless jewellery Geoff made him swear he wouldn’t pinch after catching him eyeing it up. 

  • The FAHC have a full blown feud with a gang out near Liberty City. They can’t actually do anything about it, the gang is allied with Burnie so they are both completely off limits to each other but the passive aggressive (and covert aggressive aggressive) interactions are off the chart, and being forced to work together is the ultimate hell for everyone involved. The cold war has been going for so long, with so many little infractions drawn out over the years, that no one really remembers how it started, and every now and then Burnie has a go at Geoff about letting it go. While somewhat reluctant to put aside his own simmering anger Geoff has to admit it would be more efficient to let bygones be bygones, and deep resentment or not it shouldn’t be difficult; smoothing ruffled feathers is right up the alley of their resident deal maker after all, but regardless of who brings it up Gavin outright refuses. Which is how they all begin to remember that it was Gavin’s anger that started this in the first place, some altercation leading to furious dislike which has somehow spread to encapsulate them all. 

  • Gavin goading Michael into fighting for him is old hat at this point, they’ve all seen it a million times, Gavin plays it up and Michael knows full well whats happening and still plays along, so no one feels the slightest bit of sympathy for him. With Ryan it’s far more dangerous. Insidious. It’s quiet conversations and incidental revelations, no notable persuasion and just enough information to push Ryan into action. When Gavin wants Ryan to play muscle for his entertainment, boisterous and overly dramatic in his demands for assistance, Ryan is just as likely to leave him hanging as he is to leap into the fray, if only to make a point. But when it is, instead, the mercenary he’s after; when Gavin whispers loaded suggestions, dark and violent and utterly machiavellian, the Vagabond will go to war for him, a nightmare decked in blood and gold. 
Some uhhhh Dakota HCs

-hairy af; chest arms legs u name it
-has a very slight unibrow, not too drastic but if ur really lookin it’s there
-comes from Boston, then eventually moved to the Bronx sometime before his time travel gig
-flirts w Cav constantly; sometimes it gets him somewhere ;) , sometimes it’s just fun to watch the ol man get all riled up
-relatively short like 5'7 or 5'8
-fake fits. Is it real Nike? Real adidas? No tf it’s not
-wears a lot of gaudy rings
-curly/wavy hair (like Steven Hyde)
-is somewhere in like the super late 20s (like 29) to early 30s (31-34)
-considers Cav his bff
-is it edible? Then he likes it
-Italian and Jewish
-loves corny 70s memorabilia like lava lamps, phones with the coils, boogie shoes, huge collars, vinyls U NAME IT
-he’s the “yo yo yo” type of New Yorker (u know what I’m talking about)
-tries to fit in with he and Cavs dress by using outdated slang (“far out” “groovy” “[insert] is a gas” “jive”) (so much so that it’s not forced anymore it comes natural now)
-he and Cav hold hands sometimes

The Littlest Winchester - Makeover

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 744


           Dean tries his best to hold as still as possible while his four-year-old daughter applies a thick layer of blush to his cheeks. It’s just play makeup, easy to put on and easily rinsed off, which is a good thing because the kid has no makeup skills. She does have perseverance though.

           “Done!” She announces happily and puts away the blush.

           “How do I look?”

           “Good.” She pulls out a small plastic mirror.

           Taking the mirror, Dean admires his daughter’s handiwork. Pink lipstick smeared across his mouth matches the patches of blush on his face, and lopsided purple eye shadow tops off the look. It took her half an hour to do this.

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Breaking a husband

Here’s my first story. Probably my best as well. This happened several years ago. I had met this woman at the gym and we hit it off really quick. She wore a huge, gaudy engagement/wedding ring set up but was always very forward with her flirting. One day we decided to meet up for a drink after work and that led straight to fucking in her car that night. She straight up told me how she loved fucking around on her husband but most men were nervous about getting adventurous with it. I was loving this so we got really ballsy. We fucked in their bed, his car, his beloved recliner. Anything he held dear or loved, we soiled it. She would film us on a digital camera and loved to have it laying around the house right under his nose. We would be fucking while she was on the phone with him setting up their “date night”. She’d text me after, telling me how she felt my cum dripping out during dinner with him.

Eventually the dumbass started getting suspicous. He checked the camera to confirm his worst fears. By this time, he and I had met. He started telling her that he was going to let my girlfriend know what I was up to. Lol. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t give a fuck. I respected her about as much as I did him. Jess and I would sneak into her house and fuck in her bed while Jess wore her lingerie by this point in things. So, as a reply to his threats, we took video of us fucking in their bed. We made sure he got a good look at me cumming on her rings and their wedding pictures.

This sent him over the edge obviously. He started talking about how he was going to kick my ass and put me in my place. I was not a badass by any means but I knew this guy wasn’t doing anything like that. I went over to their house and the bitch hid. Lol. Jess got a evil grin going and led me to their bedroom and started sucking my dick. We made sure to leave the door open for him. We fucked doggy facing the door, watching him pack his stuff. Jess swore she heard him crying. We tried to make eye contact but he looked down and away everytime he walked by. Jess talked crazy shit to him while we fucked. Telling him he was a failure as a man and a husband, that she’d never been faithful. Basically letting him know that she’d always considered him and their marriage a joke.

She and I kept fucking for awhile after that. She tortured him more as well. I’ll talk about that later. This is long enough as it is.

Solstice - Chapter 8

This is Chapter 8 of my entry for @sincerelysaraahh‘s So This is Love January Challenge.  


Summary: The reader is on a cruise to Alaska - her graduation present from college - when she finds out that she is to marry someone of her parent’s choosing.  Can a stranger on the ship help her find happiness and escape her family’s expectations?

warnings: angst

word count: ~1580

“Y/N,” your mother practically growled.  “What is the meaning of this?”

You were frozen in place, your mother’s hand grasping your arm tightly, her long fingernails digging into your skin.  Your heart was beating a million miles a minute, both from hearing Dean’s speech and the fact that your mother had heard Dean’s speech.  

You felt as though your entire world was closing in on you, and all you could do was watch it implode.

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Cas brings up marriage and is surprised when Dean gets angry and stomps off. Proposal fic.

“Should we get married?” Cas’s question rolled off his tongue long before he had time to think about what he was saying, which wasn’t really so unusual for him. He was staring up at the television in the corner of a humdrum convenience store they’d come across following a hunt. On the screen there was a news anchor. She was interviewing two young men, both of whom were clearly happy about their decision to get married despite the controversy circulating the country pertaining to gay marriage.

“What?” Dean was standing beside him, pausing in his search for potato chips.

“Marriage,” Cas repeated, finally looking away from the television to take in Dean’s furrowed brows. “After an allotted amount of time, human couples normally get married, don’t they? Should we get married?”

Dean blinked, silent as he tried to digest what was happening. Sam too, who was on the other side of the aisle, paused to listen in on the conversation. It’d been a year since Dean and Cas had finally gotten together, but their time knowing each other extended so much further that it seemed like much longer. At least to Dean. Cas’s idea of time was somewhat skewed, what with him having been an angel and all.

“Are… are you asking me to marry you?” Dean practically balked, still uncertain of what to make of where this conversation was going. “Are you proposing?”

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If you're still doing the ship thing could you do one with Jason Todd, he doesn't get too much love

*cracks knuckles* this is what i’ve been studying for 

Gives nose/forehead kisses

jason is The Worst about this. he’s a secret closet romantic that can’t decide how to kiss you before he goes to prowl the streets. he melts when you act before him and give him the nose/forehead kisses

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Do you have any favorite male "looks"?

In a single word? Mafioso.

I like the type of men who wear a bracelet on the same wrist they wear a Rolex and looks like they love Cartier more than they could ever love you. I like a man with a suit that fits him so well that it looks like his second skin, and he knows he looks like hot sin because he made a pact with the devil Himself.

I like a man with bad tattoos all up and down his strong arms and a few he regrets on his fingers that he tries to cover with big gaudy rings that only draw more attention to them. I like a man with a knife in his pocket that he flicks open and closed when he’s waiting for his ‘baby’ to make themselves pretty for him. 

I like a man who likes the sight of his girl in lace so much that he tears it off of her with manicured hands (but the manicures can never really hide the bloodstains) because everything he touches he leaves in glorious ruin. I like a man who shoves his boy into the wall because he’s so eager to have his tongue down his throat and gets his diamond cuff links caught in his honey’s hair. 

I like a man who smells like cigarette smoke, sex, and too much cologne and tastes like coffee, Cristal and blood.

The Standard Job, VI - Girl's Night In (2)


Percy had started young. They all had.

 He hadn’t even had a terrible home life, or anything so cliché – his mother had loved him more than anything in the world, and she’d done her best with her rambunctious child as a single mother, but Percy had just never been able to sit still – or keep his mouth shut, for that matter. He’d always been getting into scrapes and fights at school, mostly with bullies who’d delighted in wiping the floor with the weak timid: well, Percy was a lot of things, but timid wasn’t one of them, and he’d end up more than once on the wrong side of the principal’s desk, until one day, the fights had escalated to landing him on the wrong side of the law.

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So, what does sewage look like once it reaches us? It’s not a bunch of turds floating about in a stream, if that’s what you’re picturing. Solid waste breaks up pretty quickly in the sewer lines. By the time it gets to us, it’s this uniform gray-green stenchwater with bits of toilet paper and other foreign bodies scattered around. I see a lot of corn. And glitter, for some reason.

We see other weird stuff, and we catch and filter it out using a bar screen. If you take a solo field trip to your local plant, you might well find a display cabinet showing off various items they’ve nabbed. There’ll always be some old coins, a somewhat gaudy ring, Happy Meal-style toys. At our plant, we totaled up the money collected from the bar screen one day. It came to $75. Once, someone flushed a driver’s license, and I heard a plant employee found it, washed it, and returned it to the owner.

The absolute strangest thing I’ve heard about was a live python. Their plant operator retrieved the little guy, checked up at the veterinarian, and kept it as a pet. Yes, it survived the trip, like those alligators that some swear live under New York.

Poop Is Worth More Than Gold: Realities Of Sewage Treatment

Waking Up in Vegas || fourthstateofbeing

continued from here


What the hell was going on? Why did he feel like double death was upon him? His head felt ready to explode and he couldn’t think of any reason why it should. Someone was next to him and talking. Maggie? That was probably Maggie.
“ ’m not Vlad and the mercy of death only comes quickly to those who aren’t fuckin blanket hogs.” He accentuated his point by trying to tug some blanket away from her.

“But you’re basically a space heater!” she whined, shimmying a bit closer to try and absorb some of that heat. “You don’t even need a blanket.” Moving to rub her eyes, she just about gouged one out with– With a giant, gaudy diamond ring? What the everloving hell?

“Plas, you didn’t happen to catch what happened last night did you?” she asked sitting up. It was still hard to see through all the spots in her vision, and in a dark room, but it looked like things had gotten a little crazy. 

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: So just an FYI the next chapter will be posted on Monday July 25th, 2016. If you have any questions my ask box is open and I’ll answer anything that isn’t too spoilery.


Wyatt lay on Alex’s bed, staring at the ceiling, “I can’t believe your posters are still held hostage.”

“Mom wants to make sure I don’t back out on Reese.” Alex came into the room wearing a black party dress, her hair in soft curls.

He knew it was Alex his best friend in front of him, but he couldn’t understand why his heart was racing, his palms suddenly felt sweaty. “You look amazing; Al, good thing the boys won’t be there or they might start treating you like a girl.”

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