Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1887, replica 1908). Kenyon Cox (American, 1856-1919). Oil on canvas.

Cox and Saint-Gaudens met in Paris in the 1870s and exchanged portraits in 1887: an oil painting for a bronze relief. Saint-Gaudens is shown in his New York studio, modeling in clay a portrait relief of the artist William Merritt Chase. A bronze likeness of the sculptor’s son, Homer, hangs on the wall. Cox cleverly echoed his friend’s portrait reliefs by showing him in profile.


▪The Bryant Vase.
Designer: Designed by James Horton Whitehouse (1833–1902)
Manufacturer: Manufactured by Tiffany & Co. (1837–present)
Decorator: Chased by Eugene J. Soligny (1832–1901)
Designer: Medallions by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American, Dublin 1848–1907 Cornish, New Hampshire)
Date: 1875–76
Place of origin: Made in New York, New York, United States
Culture: American
Medium: Silver

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Found in the pocket of his scarlet waistcoat, run through with a bayonet.

My mistress resides at No. 14 Rue Sainte-Geneviève, my family at Bouniagues. Take to the former the news of my death, and to the latter my body. Tell them I remain theirs,

Joachim Bahorel

Never a lawyer


Here lies Jehan Prouvaire, son of Madame Camille and Monsieur Mathieu Prouvaire of number 41 L’Hospitalet, Rocamadour. Bear my corpse to they who bore me.

Poca favilla gran fiamma seconda.


Found neatly folded in his pocket-book on the morning of the 7th of June by Musichetta, who knew him among the wreckage by the bald man by his side.

This is the body of M. Joly. Please bring word of my death to Mlle Musichetta, Rue de la Fontaine No. 9, and to M. and Mme Joly, Rue Jacques-Laurens No. 38, Montpellier. My body I donate to the Polytechnic.


Found on a body slumped against a wall opposite the Corinthe.

Carry news of my fate to any who survive under the following names, to be found in the Café Musain, Rue Saint-Michel: Citizens Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Prouvaire, L’Aigle, Joly, Bahorel, or Grantaire.

Honoré Feuilly


Found in a sealed envelope in the remains pocket of what was perhaps a well-tailored coat.

My name is Aurélien Courfeyrac, my family home that of Monsieur de Courfeyrac of Rue des Peupliers no. 18, Saint-Gaudens. Send word that I would be buried in Paris alongside any of my comrades who wish the same.


Found folded between the pages of an ink-stained notebook, in the pocket of a blood-stained apron, untainted.

Please return my body to my mother and sisters in Bordeaux, Rue d’Artagnan, No. 12.

Julien Combeferre


Pieced back together by an officer of the National Guard, who ensured his wishes were carried out.

Bury my body in Paris, and send word to M. and Mme Enjolras, Rue Bienvenu, No. 89, Marseille.

Alexandre-Michel Enjolras, native of Marseille, citizen of the Republic.


Portrait of Mary Louise McBride (Mrs Homer Saint-Gaudens), 1929. Louis Buisseret (Belgian, 1888-1956). Oil on canvas.

The sitter, Mary Louise McBride, was the second wife of the critic, stage director and writer Homer Saint-Gaudens;  they were married in Pittsburgh in 1929, the year this portrait was painted, so it may be considered as a twentieth-century contribution to the long tradition of marriage portraits.  


John Gauden (attrib.), Eikon basilike, The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Maiestie in His Solitudes and Sufferings (Sam: Browne), 1648.