gau 18

please help me (kansas area)

i have waited years to do this, and i might not be able to go through with it even now. please signal boost if that wont bother you. this is directed toward anyone near hays, ks or scott city, ks (the two cities i can travel to)

if i leave soon i will lose my health insurance, but i dont care. i need to get away before i try to do something rash. or my mom does.

my name is gau, i’m 18, trans, autistic, severely mentally ill (severe generalized anxiety, major depression, schizophrenia, ptsd all diagnosed) mixed, and disabled. i have a horrible home situation and i need to get away from my mother. i’ll be kicked out within the next few months because she’s moving to houston and has finally loosened her grip on me bc she’s basically humiliated i exist and doesnt want me around her new family. in my past 18 years i have been through horrible physical abuse (that’s left me disabled), emotional/mental abuse (typically related to my mental illness), and sexual abuse bc of the men she’s been with in the past

once my mom moves to houston she will also possibly be putting all of our pets into a shelter to be adopted or euthanized so that she can move on with her life. all of these cats range from ages 4-14 and there are 6 in total. they all mean so much to me. one of them is physically/mentally disabled, one is my therapy animal, and two others basically cant function without me. the other two would function well outside at my grandma’s but i dont like putting cats outdoors

you dont have to house me bc im not capable of taking care of myself and my grandma is willing to have me crash in her living room. i cant bring the cats with me until i get a small trailer of my own. if anyone compassionate towards animals would be willing to house me or any number of my cats until my grandparents can afford to get me a small camper trailer to put on their property, i’d be more than grateful

i will also edit this post eventually if i can manage to open a bank account or paypal in order to help pay for cat food, litter, any vet bills (some of my cats are in moderate to slightly bad health), and the camper, as well as possibly clothes for me if i have extra because i dont have many at all from living with my mom