gaturo's art


Maids! Because it’s a May…. yeah i know. Smart.

Characters involved by: @siebedraws , @cruxia , @deepfriedthingsstuff , @gatodelfuturo , @gro-ggy , @etopeto , @tangdraws , @starmanjrblog , @nicodile , @saasu , @kurxo , @themsjolly , @nuclearmime , @cibastion .

They are transparent. I also have them in singles that i may share on demand.


I made some animated sprites of the characters of my favorite artists.
I really appreciate the work of all of them besides they are a great inspiration for me.
Here’s a list of the owners of each one of their respective character accompanied with their names in order of the sprites. (left to right)

@dabbledraws -  Reese
@missbutlerart  - Tidbit
@gro-ggy -  Iku*o
@marcosclopezblog - Angus
@gatodelfuturo - Mina
@chelostracks - Viri (NSFW warning)
@shenanimation / @shenaniganza - Sally
@theartmanor  / @hi6s  - Molte
@hernyart - Priscilla

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