Cats of Largo di Torre Argentina

1. Temple D, devoted to Lares who protect sailors

2. Cat guarding seamen’s temple :-)

3. Temple of Feronia. There are actually two cat archaeologists in this pic. Can you spot the other? (hint: both are taking a nap)

4.A comfy roost

5. Temple of Juturna and a sleepy cat. Can’t blame it since it was pretty hot (+35 C)

6. A closeup of the Juturna cat

7. Cats will be cats

8. An early morning at Largo di Torre Argentina

9. A Cat encampment. Those towels on stones were probably rather useful, since once again it was very hot. Cypresses that can be seen in the background grow near the place where Caesar was slain.

10. Nightwatch looking towards temples C (Feronia) and D.

Rome; July & October 2007, July 2012 and July 2015

Ghaaa! The cats keep posing and looking cute with the Christmas decoration, I have no time to relax cause there are so many photo opportunities!! Aaahh!

Clearly Blake has already grasped the whole concept of Christmas Presents under the tree (despite this being his first time) and spread himself generously across and on top of all the gifts to emphasize his claim.