so I watched Gattaca for my cinema studies class

and someone asked about what the hair in the card at the end meant. and I was like well…. you traditionally give a lock of your hair to your lover so I though it might have that subtext.

and I said this very cautiously because I was afraid everyone would be like “stop trying to read into it like that. stop trying to put meaning where there isn’t any” (etc. etc.)

but my teacher was like “oh yeah, that is totally subtext of the film. the male characters have more chemistry than the male-female relationship”

and I was really happy

and also trying not to cry because I have a ton of fucking emotions about vincent and Jerome.


Day 2 | Favorite Scene from a Movie

“I got the better end of the deal. I lent you my body, you lent me your dreams.”

Had a bit of a struggle with what I wanted to do for the prompt today but I decided on a scene from Gattaca. This is honestly my favorite movie, and this line really kills me. If you’ve never seen the movie, I highly recommend you do so!!