gatsby style


“The city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Morbid High-Maintenance
  • * DISCLAIMER We were told we had a life expectancy of about 2 years. So funeral talks were weirdly enough a pretty normal topic in our house!
  • Li: I think I'd want it to be like one big giant cocktail party! Great Gatsby style, you know? No crying allowed, and people can only be sarcastic.
  • Jess: OOOH nice! I want nothing too big, just a decked out glass coffin, MAYBE floating on top of water or something. OH and I want to be in a smoking red dress too.
  • Mom: You know what I sort of thought of for you guys when you were kids? I would have hired a children's choir to sing all the Disney songs you loved.
  • Jess: Wow mom that's so extra! Like REALLY dramatic...
  • Li: Ya, be realistic!

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