gatsby gifts

“Leo’s incredible, you know? Like, Leo’s probably…one of the biggest movie stars walking the planet earth today. And it’s amazing how you meet a lot of people who are really good at what they do. They spend a lot of time just talking about themselves, and I think most actors assume that a conversation goes -  ‘You ask questions and I tell my stories,’ you know? And Leo’s not like that.”

“He seems more curious and inquisitive about other people, about real things, about normal things. I think he’s just been a movie star for that long that I think the idea of talking about how big a movie star he is would probably bore him to tears. So I think he just seems like one of the lads, you know. He reminds me a lot of Australian buddies of mine actually. He just happens to have 50 million more dollars than all the other guys I know.”

–  Joel Edgerton on his "The Great Gatsby” co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio 

Photo: Joel and Leo at the 2016 Directors Guild of America gala at which Joel was nominated for the award for Directorial Achievement of a First-Time Feature Film Director for “The Gift”

  • nick carraway: there was something gorgeous about gatsby
  • nick carraway: gatsby had an extraordinary gift for hope
  • nick carraway: gatsby had a rare smile that you might come across only once in your life
  • nick carraway: i had a renewal of complete faith in gatsby
  • nick carraway: "they're a rotten crowd. you're worth the whole damn bunch put together."
  • nick carraway:
  • nick carraway:
  • nick carraway: that was the only compliment i ever gave him, because i disapproved of him from beginning to end.
  • me: well. there's something ur lying about.

I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go // F. Scott Fitzgerald.


“Maybe that’s something to think about with actors…you know, the adage that ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul.’… You find that the camera doesn’t lie, and that what the camera is really reading is being conveyed through the eyes. And if an actor has the kind of trust in themselves to not try and relay too much over the top of who they really are and what they’re really thinking, but just trust their thoughts, then their thoughts will be conveyed.“

"The camera comes to you and you don’t maybe … I’m only supposing it because I always try and constantly evolve myself into being an actor and what I think about it – but maybe it’s about letting the camera come to you and not letting, making, forcing you to go to the camera.”

–  Joel Edgerton