gatsby fashion


If you are looking for ideas for our Gatsby-themed event in a few weeks, we got you covered!

Men: Bow-ties, colored-ties, linen-suits, canes, spectator loafers, pocket kerchiefs, wingtips, boater hats and newsboys.,default,sc.html

Ladies: Beaded bags and dresses, cloche hats, vintage earrings, pearls, silk, shimmy-dresses, elastic headbands, garnet or red lips and nails, gloves, sequins and satin.



         The Roaring 20s..for lack of a better word, went HAM. Women were wearing looser clothing, Liquor was cheap and every night was a party. For the first time in America, women were embracing their sexuality, drinking with the boys and truly experiencing what life can be like without the demands of being a mother and taking care of family. The 1920s were an exciting time for women and their Fashion choices definitely made a statement. Everyone was trying to “make it” in the twenties, or at least get a piece of the action.

        The Great Gatsby has been turned into a movie several times ; but us fanatics of the book have/had certain expectations of how Fitzgerald`s novel should be portrayed. Not only authentic to the book, but visually also. My sophomore year in High School, I selected F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby as my term paper. What I learned, as any reader of this book, is that it is FULL of symbolism. From the characters to the scenery, everything is symbolic. Hell even Gatsbys name was symbolic, “Gat”= slang for gun..and we all know that Jay Gatsby was, well..somewhat of mobster. 

      I know at this point, you`re thinking, “What the hell does this have to do with fashion?” I say all of this to say that Baz Luhrman had huge shoes to fill when it came to taking on this novel. The clothes, the set decoration, the dialogue, it all had to be perfect.And to me, it was. Costume Designer, Catherine Martin, did an incredible job of creating these characters exactly the way the reader imagined. With the help of Brooks Brothers,Prada, Tiffany and Co. etc, the fashion was OUT OF THIS WORLD.

    Everywhere I turn, there are Gatsby themed parties and weddings. Most recently, tips on the internet on how to create the “Gatsby” look,just for a night out on the town! Pearls, headpieces, tailored suits and fringe never go out of style. The glamour and elegance is timeless. It goes to show, that just like in the 1920s, everyone is still trying to get a piece of the action.