gatsby and scout corgis


I just finished up another set of paper cut pet portraits - this time they were of @gatsbyadventures, Scout and Gatsby! Both corgis were named after literary characters.

Since Scout was named after the sassy character in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, her mom wondered if we could incorporate the ham that book!Scout dressed up in. Design a paper ham? Hell yeah! The hatching on the ham took about an hour but it looks soooo good! I’ve never been prouder of a paper meat product!

Gatsby was named after Jay Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby”, a story and movie dripping with 20s glitz! His name and champagne are glittered and his lapel is made with pearlescent paper, so they really shine and sparkle! Figuring out how to make a glass out of paper was tricky, but after a night of experimenting, I think I figured it out!

I’ve learned something new with each portrait as they all present their different challenges. That’s part of what makes doing this so fun! Everyone has ideas for something simple or way out in left field - I get excited by them all!

If you’re interested in a commission, your best bet is to get me on Instagram (@arescuenamedloki) or send a message here. Heads up, though, that I’m already booked into June, but if you don’t need them ASAP and are still interested in getting one made, let me know!

We took Gatsby and Scout to lure coursing yesterday and they both passed!

Gatsby had a little bit of trouble in the beginning (he’s not used to corgdad as his handler), but he was able to get back on track once I ran out there to tell him what to do.

Scout was AWESOME! She was 100% focused the whole time. I think we finally found an activity she likes.

Looking forward to the next one!