gators game

if i lived in the pokemon universe i’d probably have a really strong team filled with jacked up pokemon with great base stats and clever movesets and perfect IVs and stuff but THEN….

i’d also have like a little pool in my backyard for my magikarps and i’d put my hand in the water and stroke their bodies lovingly, along with some other smaller fishy pokemons like basculin and barboach

and i’d also have a place for my murkrows and spearows and pidgeys and all my other small bird pokemon to roost and i’d sit under a tree and feed them birdseeds

and i’d have a playset for my shinx and my clefairy and everybody because yknow what? they cant battle, but that doesnt mean theyre useless

they can garden and swing and dance and cook and clean and play and laugh and love and be my friend and thats all that they need to do

all pokemon are great and it always makes me sad lowkey when people say “this pokemon is useless though” because no!!! no its not! !! i’ll catch them nd love them anyways just watch me!!!