i remember one night my father brought home a huge bucket of beautiful orange syrup and my father said “here is gatorade”. i took a sip of the gatorade, i could feel the electrolytes turn my body into strong wild garbage. i started screaming “the sour taste! the sour taste of gatorade!” and at the same time my father was screaming “I knew you would understand!”. when i was finished with the orange gatorade i said to my father “i have tasted the sour sweat potion, i now need a new flavor of gatorade. bring me a gatorade that is bitter instead of sour” and my father turned to me sadly and i saw tears in his eyes and i knew the terrible truth, there was no bitter gatorade…

  • nyx: i was walking down the street in insomnia, and i had just bought a gatorade.
  • nyx, genuinely confused: and i was drinking it and this guy screams at me from behind and he says,
  • nyx: "gatorade me, bitch!"
  • nyx: and i throw him my gatorade
  • nyx: he catches it, starts loosing his mind
  • nyx, contemplating life: and then i think to myself; why did i give him my gatorade?

I love the different universals we have in the black community. The fact that we all went through school learning how to make music with just our palms, knuckles, fists and pencils in classrooms and lunch tables is something that is so beautiful to me. I mean just think about it. I could travel to the entire other coast of this country and find me a elementary, middle or high school and start playing something as simple as the Gatorade beat and there could be kids around me joining, adding to the beat. I’d hear pen clicks, little adlibs, a dude getting ready to freestyle and who taught us that? It’s just something we have inside of ourselves. That little speck of black culture is so widely understood throughout the culture and we all went through it. It’s a microcosm of the bigger picture of why I love black people.

History FanFiction

Abraham Lincoln glomps Henry the VIII.
“Feed me gatorade, Justin Bieber really knows how to party” Lincoln cackled

Shout out to my mom.

I woke up at 4am and started violently getting sick. I threw up 10 times in 3 hours. Even now my stomach is killing me and I am miserable but slowly getting better.

I texted my dad at 5:45am because I knew he’d be up. Immediately my mother called me and said she was at the store and she’d be there.

My mom came over around 6:30am. She had worked an overnight shift and was exhausted but still wanted to try and help me. She bought me everything I’d need and sat with me until I dozed off.

I woke up maybe 45 min later and she did all my dishes, she took out the trash, and picked up all around. Then made my doctors appointment for me. She bought me Gatorade and soup. She even surprised me with flowers. My favorite kind… I saw those and just cried instantly.

She left not too long ago to go home and sleep. She works another overnight shift tonight. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mom. I love her so much.

“I am not hungover…. but if you’d like to pass me that bottle of water that’s sitting beside you or if you’d like to purchase me a gatorade from the bodega across the street… well I wouldn’t say no.”

Care For Me - Barry Allen

Summary : Barry is sick and you care for him.

AN: I wrote this a while back and decided to share it. SEND REQUEST!!

Pairing : Barry Allen X Reader Warning : sickness? Rating: G - nothing happens really

No,“ Barry groaned, "don’t leave me!” Your poor speedster was laying on the couch, bundled in a cocoon of blankets. He claims he’s sick and has a sore throat because of the cold weather.

As you were trying to get up, Barry wouldn’t let go of you. “I need to get you some Gatorade and soup. Let me up,” You struggled more before his grip finally loosened.

You walked over to the kitchen and started to heat up the chicken noodle soup. When it was done, you poured it into a bowl and grabbed Barry’s favorite kind of Gatorade. You walked back over to Barry, set the soup on the table and handed him the bottle of Gatorade.

Barry sat up so he could drink and eat without choking as you took the opportunity to sit where his head had been resting. Once he finished his soup, he laid back down and let his head rest in your lap.

You ran your fingers through his hair as you both continued to watch whatever movie was playing on the TV. A few minutes later you looked down to find that Barry had dozed off. You moved your fingers and gently traced down the bridge of his nose, up his cheek bones and back down his jaw.

You memorize the shapes of his face and how his lips look. You trace your thumb over his lips and up the other side of his jaw. Just as you’re about to go back to his hair, he grabs your hand and kisses each finger.

“I thought you were asleep,” you say watching him kiss your pinky.

Barry smiles, “I was resting my eyes.”

“That’s the same thing!” you laugh and he joins in. “Come on, it’s getting late and you should sleep since you’re so sick.” You stretch your arms up in the air and then turn off the TV.

Barry sheds his blanket cocoon and stands up, stretching. He offers you a hand and you take it, standing up. You both walk down the hall of your apartment and into the bedroom.

Since you’ve both been in your pj’s all day, you climb into the bed and pull the covers over yourself. Barry turns off the light before getting in bed.

He pulls you close, wrapping his arms around you and rests his head on your stomach. “Thanks for taking care of me.”

You smile and comb your fingers through his hair once again. “Well we can’t have the flash incapable of saving Central City, can we? Besides, I like taking care of you for a change. Its nice.”

You rarely get to take care of Barry. He always heals quick but when you get the chance to take care of him, you never turn it down. He always takes care of you and not to mention the rest of the city, he deserves someone to take care of him for once.

Barry squeezes his arms around you. “Maybe I’ll get sick more often so you can care for me,” he chuckles.

“I wouldn’t mind it,” you smile.

He picks his head up and gives you a kiss. The goodnight kiss he always gives you.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” He says as he puts his head back on your stomach.

“Goodnight, Barr.”

My husband saw my earlier tumblr post without me knowing. (How I ranted about wanting a new MK bag, sephora makeup, Gatorade and flowers) When I picked him up from work he bought me a Gatorade. I thought woah weird coincidence, I’ve been craving this all day. He then said we need to go somewhere and just gave me directions. It ended up being a flower shop. I was speechless. He then said we needed to go to the mall so he could pick up a few things. When we got there he brought me to sephora and said to get whatever I wanted. I then caught on and was so excited and couldn’t believe he was actually doing it all for me. After I picked out makeup, he took me to Michael Kors and bought me this gorgeous new bag. He said “You don’t want anything else? What about this bag too?! Do you want any more Vera Wang perfume?” He then took me out to dinner and filled up my tank. And when I asked him why he was doing it all he said “well beautiful, it’s Thursday the 26th, so why not?”

It’s not that you bought me everything, it’s the fact that you listened and paid attention to what I said.

I have the perfect man.