gatorade showers are my favorite thing

Basically badmooonrising said derek hale running in sweatpants commando and we came up with a bunch of dialogue and I kinda wrote it into this. enjoy! disclaimer: i know nothing about science. Science and I are not buddies. sorry

“I’m sure he’s a shower and not a grower. Otherwise, that guy has a horse dick, and I’m not sure my ass can handle that.”

“I would rather not know what you can fit in your ass,” Lydia says without looking up from her notes. “The real problem is, why haven’t you tapped that yet?”

Stiles shrugs even though she can’t see it as he bends over to look through the microscope. “Don’t even. You know I once tried to fit a Coke can.”

From his peripheral vision, he can see a flick of strawberry blonde hair. “…I would rather forget that.”

“So why don’t you, huh?” Stiles challenges, sitting up and spinning his chair to face his friend.

“I will never be able to forget that let alone that you have a butt plug shaped like a pylon,” she says dryly.

“Fair point.”

“Or that you buy lube by the tub,” she adds in.

Stiles winces at that one. “Okay well maybe you know a little more about my sex life with myself than you should.”

“In bulk.”

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