gatorade and windex

Redemption Arc Daniel Headcanons

  • From a young age he was taught to be pure and not express his negative emotions. When he did so, the punishments weren’t nice. Bruises, scars, all that fun jazz. It was effective in keeping him in line, however.
  • He loves scented candles. Every. Single. Scent. He hoards them in his cabin. Once he tried to light them all and nearly burned the camp down. He’s not allowed to light them without someone with him anymore.
  • Grape is his favorite flavor. Grape flavored anything. Juice. Candy. Popsicles. If there was grape flavored poison, he’d probably drink it. Oh, wait.
  • However, he hates the flavor of orange. Not oranges. Specifically things that are orange flavored.
  • He’s 60% leg and said legs are very flexible. He can kick his leg all the way to his head. Sometimes he does this for no reason. Just because he wants to.
  • He still has trouble thinking about things in a non black and white way. It’s a thing he’s developed from the cult, the idea of definite sides of right and wrong. He’s being taught to think otherwise, but it’s hard for him.
  • Another thing that’s hard for him is opening up. He’s been told his whole life to bottle up his emotions, and it’s a habit that’s hard to break.
  • Often times he’ll try to release these emotions in some way. However, it’s rarely healthy. Stabbing or punching trees, for example. His knuckles are pretty beaten up.
  • Oh, right. Technically, he isn’t allowed knives in the camp. Does that stop him? No. He steals knives from the kitchen, which annoys the other counselors because they have no idea why the knives keep going missing and they keep having to get more.
  • Despite being a “counselor”, he can’t stand children. Especially the ones at the camp. Why is this? It stems from jealousy, actually. A feeling of envy towards these children who get to have a normal childhood while he was in this awful place his whole life, stunting his childhood and its milestones.
  • After getting out of the cult, he gained serious trust issues due to the fact he didn’t want to be deceived like that again.
  • He has both terrible eyesight and freckles. However, he covers both of these things up with contacts and concealer. Why? They’re “impure”, of course. Due to the teachings of the cult, any flaw he has gives him regular insecurity magnified to absurd amounts.
  • He hugs his pillow when he sleeps. He needs something to cling to as he sleeps, and the closest thing is what he always snuggles up to.  If there’s nothing? Well, he does this to help with his nightmares, so you can connect the dots.
  • He almost never cries when sad. But when someone is even slightly nice to him, here come the waterworks.
  • Still a snarky asshole? Yeah. He’s definitely done that thing where you drink Gatorade out of a Windex bottle. Just to fuck with people.

(I posted this post specifically to give to @boodles-art but please. love my son)

I had an actor who used to drink Gatorade out of a windex bottle to freak everyone out or whatever. So one day I’m using windex on some prop and he comes up, grabs my windex off the counter, and starts to unscrew the top to drink. I just looked at him stone-cold and say, “that’s my windex, you left your Gatorade on the stage,” and I swear that kid’s life flashed before his eyes he was so scared he never brought that fake-ass Gatorade shit around my theater again.