gator problems

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Misty and Delia go grocery shopping and encounter people from Misty’s high school…who thought she was burned to a crisp.

Misty and Cordelia strolled down the produce aisle of the grocery store hand in hand. They had been dating for a few months now, having someone rescue you from the literal bowels of hell sure added an extra spark to the relationship. They literally couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Misty was bamboozled, everything she did with Cordelia felt like an adventure, even stocking up on snacks.
“Dee, we should make guacamole and have a fiesta,” Misty mused grabbing a handful of avocados and smiling as they grew ripe in the palm of her hand.
“And why would we do that?” Cordelia asked, she loved Misty’s random bouts of creativity but Lord knows she could never figure out their origins.
“To welcome the new girls and make ‘em feel at home. Everyone loves guacamole,” Misty quipped.
“Point taken, okay now we need to grab more bagels since you robbed us,”.
“Dee, that was one time,”.
Together they strolled to the bakery aisle when suddenly Misty heard the familiar celestial tones of a Fleetwood Mac favorite over the grainy grocery store speakers.
“Dee! It’s Stevie ‘n’ Christine and everyone,” Misty squealed twirling spontaneously and almost knocking over a cupcake display.
Cordelia laughed and couldn’t help but beam with pride at the sight of Misty twirling and shimmying in the middle the aisle just because she could. 
“C’mon Dee, sing with me! Ooooh, I, I I wanna be with you everywheeere,” Misty sang pointing at Delia grinning. Delia laughed and politely refused her girlfriend’s request for a spontaneous sing along. Misty didn’t mind though, she just kept singing until another slight cajun drawl interrupted her reverie.
“Misty…misty day? Is that you?”. Misty immediately stopped twirling and found herself face to face with her high school nemesis, Rayanne McIntire. It was Rayanne who filled her locker with frog guts during Sophomore year when she refused to do the dissection for biology class. Rayanne was also the girl who gave her the nickname “Swamp hag” other variations also included “swamp slut”, “bayou bitch”, and Rayanne’s personal favorite: “frog fucker”. 
Misty stood frozen, part of her wanted to throw up and the other part wanted to run like hell. Run back to her cabin with her garden and Stevie where it was safe and no one could find her. 
“H-Hi Rayanne,” Misty mumbled anxiously tying the fringe at the end of her shawl in knots.
“What are you doin’ here?” Misty looked around anxiously for Delia but she was gone looking for bagels.
“Well, I’m grocery shoppin’ obviously. What are you doin’? I coulda sworn I heard some crazy ass rumor ‘bout Mayor ellrich burnin’ you at the damn stake,”.
“Th-That’s nothin’, just crazy talk,” Misty mumbled looking at her boots. She could almost feel the cold splash of lighter fluid as it soaked through her white linen gown, the heat of the flames slowly licking up her legs.
“What are you doin’ now?” Misty grumbled hoping to take the focus off of her.
“Oh I manage a construction company. We’re actually just about to start building these new condos up near Burnin’ Tree by the swamp. We just have to take care of the gator problem first,”.
Misty’s heart cringed a little as she recalled the alligators who would peer inquisitively at her while she was grabbing water for her plants in her former home. 
“Whaddya mean ‘take care’?” Misty mumbled.
“Well we gotta kill ‘em, ain’t nobody want a gator in their backyard and besides, their bloodthirsty creatures,”.
It was then that Cordelia decided to return bearing a full cart.
“I finished the list while you were talking, who’s your friend?” Cordelia beamed up at Rayanne and Misty found herself thinking that Cordelia was truly a sweet soul if she could smile at someone with less of a soul than Fiona.
“I-I-I,” Misty started to mumble once more and contemplated hiding behind Cordelia until she remembered that she was the taller one.
“I’m Rayanne, Misty and I went to high school together,”.
“Oh really? Awe, Misty you never told me you went to school around here. Were you guys friends?”.
“Well you could say that, we were lab partners in biology, remember Misty? She sure hated dissecting that frog, sat out and made me do it all by myself,”.
“It had a life! It was a living creature,” Misty snapped livid.
Cordelia snuck her arm around Misty’s waist and pulled her close.
“She’s always had such a caring heart, I always hated dissections too,” Cordelia reassured her. Misty smiled slightly intertwining her fingers with Delia’s. She found herself thinking that it would have been nice to have someone like Delia with her during high school. Maybe then she would’ve had plans for prom instead of spending the night in her room listening to records and drawing plants.
“Misty…do you have a girlfriend?” Rayanne taunted snickering. Misty blushed and suddenly she felt like she was sixteen again scurrying down the halls hoping no one would notice her.
“Yep, my name’s Cordelia Goode. I work with Misty at Miss Robichaux’s,” Delia offered a handshake but Rayanne refused wrinkling her nose.
“Isn’t that the fuckin’ freak school down the road? Fitting that you would end up there,” Rayanne said snidely. Misty could feel hot tears bubbling behind her eyes she willed herself not to cry.
“Yeah, it is and you’re talking to the headmistress so if I were you I would shut up. What’s your problem with Misty? What’d she ever do to you?” Cordelia snapped. Rayanne stood there dumbfounded, no one had dared to stand up to her even as an adult.
“Well she was just fuckin’ freaky that’s all…always twirlin’ and rescuin’ birds and shit,”.
“Are you kidding me?! So you want to go ahead and torture her for the rest of her life? She’s one of the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful people I’ve ever met and she’s worth more than you’ll ever be. C’mon Misty, lets go,” Delia snarled, grabbing Misty’s hand and yanking her along angrily.
“Go to hell!” Delia called over her shoulder merrily.
“I hope some gator eats you for dinner,” Misty retorted quietly.
Delia smiled and kissed Misty softly once they were standing in the check out lane.
“What’s all this about?” Misty asked, she had never seen Delia so furious.
“No one deserves to be treated like that, especially you. I saw what she did to you when I met her. I’m so sorry,” Delia hugged the blonde witch close.
“It’s okay Dee, it ain’t your fault,”.
“If we ever have to go to your high school reunion I’m bringing Queenie and we’re poisoning the punch,”.
Misty laughed “Gosh Dee, since when did you get so viscous?”.
“You’re my Misty, when people mess with you…they mess with me,” Delia shrugged and adjusted the shawl on Misty’s shoulder. That was the first time Misty realized that she might have found her tribe…in the middle of the check out lane.