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a/n: Hi everyone! Here’s the third chapter! Everything starts to pick up from here on out! Super exciting stuff! As always, feedback is always appreciated! And for people asking, the imagine I’ve been working on just needs a read through now! So it will be posted soon! Enjoy :)

ALSO: Italics are flashbacks!

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Much like the night sky four years ago when Laurel left Nova, it was still the same when the University of North Dakota’s selected students from the school of business and law landed in Nova in the early morning.  Laurel had to contain any nerves she had because she could not allow them to show.  Looking up at the night sky, she saw all the colors swirl together, but this time, the early morning stars were fading in the distance and the colors were duller.

Grace ran up to Laurel, with Jude tagging behind, and gave her best friend a hug.  Grace wouldn’t stop rambling about how excited she was to be in an actual Kingdom ruled by nothing but royals.  Rolling their suitcases behind them, the university group stood by the end of the terminal and waited for everyone to board off the plane.

“Stop your sweating, we’ve landed.”  Jude came up behind Laurel, which caused her to jump.  “You’re safe, Addy.”

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anonymous asked:

You implied that both wrestling gators AND meth heads was relevant to Croc. Are you saying Croc does meth? Because I could totally see that.

probably krokodil, and that’s why they call him croc. also he’s a gigantic mutant crocodile. he says he just has a skin condition, but. buddy. pal. listen.

that’s not how skin conditions work.

assassins redecorating

edward filling the house with bottle ships

haytham just taking all the TVs out of the house

connor replacing the rugs with bear furs

ezio being too lazy

arno dragging the TVs back inside

aveline secretly putting a little gator head in everyones rooms

adewale putting a little lego figure of everyone on the fireplace


Time lapse video of the new mid field logo. Gator Football starts tomorrow!!!

Go Gators!


I met Dan and Phil! :D they were both really sweet! and they wore NASA shirts for houston! 

They hugged me and then asked if I had anything i wanted them to sign and I gave them my papers and while they were signing I said “omg you guys re so reallll” and Dan said “Yeah ahha we are”. And then Phil asked how my day was and I stumbled over my words and I was like it’s great i’m just speechless right now and i’m so amazed, and Dan sort of laughed at me and they both awed.

and then Dan asked if I wanted a picture and Drake handed Dan the gator head hat I got for him to wear and he was like “oh this is for me because of the gator girl hat” and I said “yuppp”.  Phil put on his headband and Dan said he would take the pictures because he had the longest arms, and then Drake said wait didn’t you want to wear one too? and held out the other headband and I said “Ohhh yeah!!”  and I put it on and we took the pictures. 

And Dan was like oh are those for us (I was holding letters which had their names written in japanese on them) and I was like yeah! so he took them and said “awweee is this are names in japanese? that’s cool!” And i was like coollllll.

and then it ended :’( and the lady handed me my bag and my legs were so wobbly and the other security guard laughed at me lol.

the show was amazing too! It was hilarious~! :D

Also if you can’t read their or my handwriting it says:

Please draw a tattoo for Dan/Phil: and I think phil drew a shib or a cat and idk what dan drew 

Protip for life? 

Phil: Popcorn is your friend. 

Dan: Memes are life.