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Edge, how did you react to Wingdin's story? With how Sans was premature?

That story was real tough to hear… but I’m glad she trusted me enough to hear it. No monster should ever have to go through somethin’ like that…

I mean, I’ve only known Sans when things were goin’ good… but seein’ the old photos? How small an’ fragile he was back then, an’ how his mother is still tryin’ to smile… ? It’d break this old man’s heart…





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You implied that both wrestling gators AND meth heads was relevant to Croc. Are you saying Croc does meth? Because I could totally see that.

probably krokodil, and that’s why they call him croc. also he’s a gigantic mutant crocodile. he says he just has a skin condition, but. buddy. pal. listen.

that’s not how skin conditions work.

We made it back from North Carolina! More than twelve hours straight driving 🚙, good heavens. If we ever lost track of which state we were in, we could just judge how close we were to Louisiana by how many ceramic alligator heads 🐊they sold at the truck stops (once you get halfway through Mississippi, they sell real gator heads and jewelry made from the claws and teeth). We were in Georgia and Alabama for what felt like decades. Seriously, I’ve traveled through countries that didn’t take as long. But! I didn’t know what peach farms look like until this trip so at least I learned something. How are Georgians not utterly sick of the sight of peaches? They’re *everywhere* in that state.🍑
I’m very tired, but Twin is flying in from out west tonight, so I'ma stay up until she gets in!!! Haven’t seen her for months! Very excited! 🏜🛫✈️🛬🌃🚗🏡🎉

assassins redecorating

edward filling the house with bottle ships

haytham just taking all the TVs out of the house

connor replacing the rugs with bear furs

ezio being too lazy

arno dragging the TVs back inside

aveline secretly putting a little gator head in everyones rooms

adewale putting a little lego figure of everyone on the fireplace


Time lapse video of the new mid field logo. Gator Football starts tomorrow!!!

Go Gators!


I met Dan and Phil! :D they were both really sweet! and they wore NASA shirts for houston! 

They hugged me and then asked if I had anything i wanted them to sign and I gave them my papers and while they were signing I said “omg you guys re so reallll” and Dan said “Yeah ahha we are”. And then Phil asked how my day was and I stumbled over my words and I was like it’s great i’m just speechless right now and i’m so amazed, and Dan sort of laughed at me and they both awed.

and then Dan asked if I wanted a picture and Drake handed Dan the gator head hat I got for him to wear and he was like “oh this is for me because of the gator girl hat” and I said “yuppp”.  Phil put on his headband and Dan said he would take the pictures because he had the longest arms, and then Drake said wait didn’t you want to wear one too? and held out the other headband and I said “Ohhh yeah!!”  and I put it on and we took the pictures. 

And Dan was like oh are those for us (I was holding letters which had their names written in japanese on them) and I was like yeah! so he took them and said “awweee is this are names in japanese? that’s cool!” And i was like coollllll.

and then it ended :’( and the lady handed me my bag and my legs were so wobbly and the other security guard laughed at me lol.

the show was amazing too! It was hilarious~! :D

Also if you can’t read their or my handwriting it says:

Please draw a tattoo for Dan/Phil: and I think phil drew a shib or a cat and idk what dan drew 

Protip for life? 

Phil: Popcorn is your friend. 

Dan: Memes are life.