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allie--gator-deactivated2015040  asked:

I have a weird one for you. I am in a Godly relationship that has lasted about a year now. Since this relationship began, I have had dreams of my ex boyfriend. The dreams vary in content, but he is very frequently and vividly there. I just found out that he (my ex) has been having dreams about me. His started the moment he and his girlfriend dated. I have never heard of this and I have been told by a trusted mentor that she has had visions of us being married a long time ago. what do you think?

Ok, let me first say that I absolutely believe God speaks in dreams. I heard once that third of the prophesy in the old testament came from dreams. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I know there’s a whole lot of God-dreams in there. 

Anyways, I’m not good at interpreting dreams. Some people have a gift for that, it’s just not me.

But I do know some things, (ok, just one thing) about dreams. I know that they come in a few categories:

1) Sometimes it’s a dream from God and we understand it completely, and we can act on it with confidence.

2) Sometimes it’s a dream from God that we don’t understand. It takes either divine revelation, or an interpreter, or time to figure out.

3) Sometimes it’s a dream that comes from evil forces. These you can disregard. The devil is just a mouse with a megaphone. Pray for peace and go back to bed.

4) Sometimes it’s a dream that comes from our anxieties and stresses, desires and lusts. These can be useful in that they let us know what we’re fearful of or idolizing. It let’s us know what we should take to God in prayer and surrender.

5) Sometimes it’s a dream that’s random and comes from our brain unwinding from the day, storing all it’s important short-term memories as long-term memories and resetting for the next day.

6) Sometimes it’s a dream from the meat lover’s pizza we ate for a midnight snack.

Sorry, I can’t be more helpful. Relationships and desires of the heart are a tangled mess and can make us super passionate at times, and super crazy at others.